Preaching to the Rhythm of the Orcs....
Tehanu @ 10:44 am EST
Or should that be 'When the Orcs come marching in...." A couple of people wrote in to say they'd seen the FOTR being used as the background to a televangelist show. Elvestine wrote: "Hey- after finishing watching FOTR last night, I walked past my TV which was on "Praise the Lord" on TBN "The Trinity Broadcasting Network", which is a Christian channel. I thought I heard something familiar, and sure enough, behind Steve Muncie's preaching they were playing the LOTR:FOTR sountrack. Strange, but they were."

Stranger yet was the context. According to AquaDrake, "He was giving a message about overcoming fear with cheer, and about half-way through it I realized they were piping in music from the FOTR score. It was the Khazad Dum track..."

Right. "Be of good cheer," said Gandalf. "Do not be downhearted or sad or a little bit whiny and sullen, because I will fend off the Balrog, even though it be at the cost of my own life. So, toodle-pip, and remember, 'Always look on the bright side of life.'"