Los Angeles Fellowship Pub Moot
Tehanu @ 11:39 am EST
Well, the night went well and for some the night is still going on. We were joined by 75 Ringer's, Fan Club Members, members of TORN, Guests, and special guest, Dan Madsen, President of the Lord of the Rings Fan Club, and his lovely Wife-To-Be, Karen (you all might know here as DesertElf) were in attendance. The room was a warm and inviting, but a bit cozy for the crowd on hand.

Very nice goodies were give to all and even a few special presentations were made ... including a beautiful United Cutlery version of Sting to Dan. Primula was awarded with a beautiful Framed copy of the Poem she wrote for Howard Shore, a Picture of her with Howard at Torn Oscars Party, and personal, Hand-written note to her from Mr. Shore. Both Rosie and Irascian were given wonderful awards for there dedicated service to the Club and the Boards ... and Sauron's Truss, Rosie, and myself flung Posters, Buttons, and Trading Game Cards (in Polish and Portuguese).

FUN WAS HAD BY ALL ..... More tomorrow with details from the DVD Screening, Picnic, and Concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Signing off for now ... you faithful ... reporter... Baron