Set Report From Upper Hutt!
Xoanon @ 8:35 pm EST
Hutt river girl sends along this report from New Zealand. She's a new spy, so I'm not too sure if everything here is accurate, but hopefully we'll have some pictures to prove it soon!

I have just stood in a paddock of cow dung for the past four hours and watched the Master- Peter Jackson at work directing the heaven sent Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn).

Here is the scene:

Aragorn is lying injured on the river bank. His faithfull steed comes over to him nudging his face and upper body - rousing him obviously from his injuries. Aragorn comes to and grabs his mane in his fist he pulls himself up onto the horse and they walk away.

Aragorn is dirty and wet. He has a wound to his left shoulder - like a sword wound. His has blood on his hands and he is very wet.

Viggo was constantly asking for a spray bottle in which he sprayed across his face and hair. A standby person poured water from a bucket across his feet.

Aragorn's magnificant sword hangs from his hip, his clothes are very dirty and are covered in river soil.

During filming Peter Jackson sat on a little stage (pedestal) and directed things then for a different angle he sat on the ground on a tarpauline. He looked like a buddah.

The location is the Upper Hutt river, which runs behind our properties. We have been kept up all night as the generators whirrled making light so the scene could be set up.

After four hours of watching, I got cold and called it quits and came home but had to share my spy report with you all.

What an amazing experience to have a bit of Hollywood on your own back yard and filmed in a place which you love - the hutt river.

I am in awe of Viggo - he layed on the ground and let the horse nudge him constantly, then in his break he went up and spoke to a group of fans that were standing by. And he even let a little boy touch his sword which he had withdrawn from its bejewled casing.

I am not a dedicated LOTR fan but I do love Viggo he was my fav character - and are so proud that it is filmed near we live. And I can't believe I had the opportunity to see Peter Jackson in the flesh.

See you all. regards Hutt river girl.