"Art of Middle-earth" Booklaunch in Wellington
Tehanu @ 10:13 pm EST
Tiranel gave us the low-down on what happened last night at the "Art of Middle-earth" book-launch held by Dymocks in Wellington, NZ.

"For starters, it was like a who's who of the technical side of things, make-up, design, effects - I was in heaven (cos this is what I eventually want to be doing... just have no clue where to start)

"I met Richard Taylor, who is very cool. He brought his little baby with him, and it was sooo cute, the baby had a specially made LOTR beanie... I personally think he was the star of the evening. [Ringers will remember that Richard's son was born round about the time of the Oscars.]

"Next person I spotted was Karl Urban - nicest celeb I have met so far, spelt my name wrong when he signed my book so he apologised in writing as well, funny.

"Then the formalities started, a chick from Harper Collins NZ spoke first, then introduced Jane Johnson (I think that's her last name....oops) from Harper Collins UK, and she talked for a while about putting PJ onto Alan Lee and John Howe. I love hearing about all this stuff, don't ask me why.

"Then Richard Taylor got up on stage and spoke for a couple minutes about the passion they had for the film, he thanked us for making the film what is had become (I personally think it's only himself and PJ he has to thank for that) and it was during that speech that I spotted Sir Ian Mckellen on the other side of the room.

"So when Richard was done, I made my way over there, and got within half a metre, when he left... [I was] gutted! Never mind.

"I was turning away from him, a little disappointed (but not too worried, cos I knew they'd been shooting all day and were most likely tired) when I literally bumped into Alan Lee!

"We heard from a news reporter that apparently Elijah and Viggo were "definites", but when 8pm rolled around and all the important people were leaving, we knew that they weren't coming, but by then I was too keen to go home myself to mind.

"So there you have it.

"I do have to say though - the book is beautiful, if you havent already got it, I totally recommend it!!!"