TTT Trailer In Theatres This Month? More Info
Xoanon @ 7:13 pm EST
From: Criz

The Houghton Mifflin stand at the NYC Book Expo was playing the preview trailer of TTT on their 41" plasma screen over and over again (watched it about 5 times during the weekend), and they also had two flyers on their marketing campaign and how it tied the book releases and the film trailers and releases ending with TTT released in December of 2002.

What I first saw that was interesting was they had March 2002 preview trailer attached, and then below they had the line:

May 2002 - The Two Towers teaser trailer released in cinemas

I will try and get some scans to you tomorrow if you haven't already been sent them...BUT Later on I can't remember a specific month - (end of summer, beginning of fall), there is a SECOND teaser trailer being released. As I said, I will try and get appropriate scans for you.