Pirate Translations.
Tehanu @ 1:01 pm EST
Recently we reported that the Chinese were having trouble following the plot of LOTR - one reason being that the pirated versions that are rampant in that country contain some of the most horrible translations imaginable. Ever wondered just how bad some of these pirate videos are? Now thanks to Natalya from Henneth Annun, we can give you some idea.

"Here is a collection of subtitles (in English) on a pirated Malaysian FotR video: I don't care if it's a bandwagon...

"It's absolutely hilarious (follow "Next" links to more pages) and absolutely misleading in regards to the meaning of the movie. I wonder how people who watch such a video could understand anything at all!"

Russian translators of pirated FotR videos are worthy competitors for the Malaysians, though. Here is her translations into English of pirated LOTR subtitles in Russia: Henneth Annun

The links above should prove to everybody why pirated videos are bad and shouldn't be bought, especially videos of such complex and language-heavy movie as LotR:FotR!