Japan Goodies
Xoanon @ 1:54 pm EST
Tommy writes: I am not sure if such has been sent in before, but in Japan one can now purchase a ticket for the Two Towers, which will premiere in 2003.

The ticket is called a "Platinum Ticket" and comes with a tiny One Ring sticker and a great envelope/pamphlet etched in Elvish with "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" in the middle, all in gold lettering. The envelope/pamphlet is a nice heavy bond of paper like stiff parchment, and along the inside sports the map of Middle-earth along with a summary of the film.

The ticket inside is a map of Middle-earth with the title again but written in Japanese. I wish I had a scanner to show it off. The price is 1300 yen, roughly $12 American dollars. Compare that to 1800 yen at the box office upon release. Yes, Tolkien fans in Japan not only have to put up with late arrivals but also dreadfully high ticket prices.