Tolkien Sarcasm Page Scores Again!!
Tehanu @ 1:54 am EST
Somebody who reads German could confirm this story for us from Christoph, called "What happens when someone desperately tries to cash in on the hype - and fails"

Christoph continues: "We all laughed when a "London Sunday Times" author used the LOTR-synopsis from the Tolkien Sarcasm Page to spare himself the tedious task of doing research (a.k.a. reading). [Everyone remember the infamous 'Queen Beruthiel, evil sister to Galadriel' gaffe?] But now, there is something better: a complete book on Tolkien (named "Tolkines Welt" = Tolkien's world) which includes a synopsis of his main work. COMPLETELY taken from the sarcasm site (translated, of course). The publisher has withdrawn the book and apologized...

The whole story is on Tolkiengesellschaft tho' it's in German. A good translation would be appreciated by TORN!