Art and music at the Ted Nasmith exhibition
Tehanu @ 6:59 pm EST
"I recently attended the opening of the Ted Nasimith exhibition in Camden, London, and I think there was not a soul there not totally blown away by Ted's art or just how nice and approachable he was. Now, my first and greatest reason was to see the art and meet the man behind the brush, but being a musician I was interested to see what the promised musical interlude would be like. I was enchanted! Casper Reiff is an excellent guitarist with great skill and heart. And as previously reported Ted's voice was wonderful, a soft and gentle tone that did wonders for the song.

Having the chance to do so I chatted briefly with Casper and regretted I had no money on me to buy his CD at the time. Happily he advised me that it is available through Tolkienensemble the official site of the ensemble themselves. I urge everyone at TORN to check it out and consider buying the CD, if Casper's performence is anything to go by it is well worth it."

Thanks to Paul for that!