News for Dec. 23, 2005

Third Austin C.S. Lewis Conference

12/23/05, 12:41 pm EST - Xoanon

C.S. Lewis Conference

Goodness, Truth and Beauty:
Apologetics and the Winsome Christ

April 29, 2006
St. Edward’s University
Austin, Texas

Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of C.S. Lewis’ Conversion

Mark your calendar and save the date for a Glorious Day of:

This feast for your mind and soul will be April 29, 2006, at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. Featured plenary speakers are William Lane Craig, Peter Kreeft and Frederica Mathewes Green. David Payne is our featured performer for the evening play. All Narnians are welcome!

The Third Austin C.S. Lewis Conference will follow the format of the previous locally organized conferences, which were held in 2002 and 2004. Seekers, scholars, artists, and Christians of all traditions enjoyed the time together to consider a Christian response to evil in the aftermath of the events of September 11, 2001, and C.S. Lewis and Ethics in the spring of 2004. Renew old friendships and make new ones with others on the journey.

William Lane Craig is a leading apologist and defender of the core of Christian belief:

The Resurrection and the Accounts of the Miraculous in Scripture. He is well known for his vigorous debates and his in depth research. Bill is an enjoyable speaker who draws upon his substantial training and resources to relate deep truths. His books include Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?: A Debate Between William Lane Craig and John Dominic Crossan, which was moderated by William F. Buckley; Creation out of Nothing: Its Biblical, Philosophical, and Scientific Exploration and Hard Questions, Real Answers.

Peter Kreeft is a well known author and speaker who was with us for both prior Austin C.S. Lewis Conferences. He is a frequent contributor to a wide variety of Christian publications, the author of over 40 books and a Professor of Philosophy at Boston College. Peter is highly regarded as a C.S. Lewis scholar and is quick to turn a phrase that will capture one’s imagination. Peter will speak on Goodness as an apologetic for the Christian faith. His books include C.S. Lewis for the Third Millennium, The Philosophy of Tolkien and Heaven: The Heart’s Deepest Longing.

Frederica Mathewes Green is a warm and engaging speaker on topics of current interest from a Christian vantage point as well as about spirituality. She is a regular columnist for, a movie reviewer for National Review Online, and a commentator for National Public Radio. She is a frequent leader of spiritual retreats. Frederica will speak on Beauty as a reflection of God in our world and the mystery of the faith as it is revealed in artistic and spiritual endeavor. Her latest book First Fruits of Prayer: A Forty Day Journey Through the Canon of St. Andrew is due for release this month.

David Payne of Rising Image Productions is an internationally acclaimed, British born actor who will entertain us through his award winning play, An Evening with C.S. Lewis. David has performed for audiences around the world, and a typical comment form those who see his work is “I have never before today seen your portrayals of C S Lewis. I must say, I was captivated.” David and cast performed Weep for Joy, a play on C.S. Lewis and Joy Gresham’s life together, at our 2002 Conference and it was a delightful evening. If you have not seen David perform, you are in for a real treat.

Please mark the date of the conference on your calendar and plan to join us.

The registration fee will be $60 through February 28, $75 through April 25 and $85 after that date.

The registration fee includes the full day with three plenary speakers, lunch and dinner (an old fashioned Texas barbeque) outdoors under a tent with live music, artistic interludes, a lively panel discussion and the play An Evening with C.S. Lewis.

For additional details and to register, please visit our web site,

We hope to see you in Austin on April 29.

Under the mercy,

Larry Linenschmidt
Executive Director
Hill Country Institute for Contemporary Christianity