News for Feb. 24, 2000

Casting: Miranda Otto as Eowyn?

2/24/00, 14:02 EST - Xoanon

Word has fluttered to me regarding the possible casting of Eowyn. Rumor has it that Ian McKellen (Gandalf) has written people saying he suspects that Miranda Otto (The Thin Red Line, Dead Letter Office) may be cast as Eowyn.

Miranda Otto in 'Dead Letter Office'

I would call this a serious RUMOR since all my contacts couldn't say either way. And some other contacts could not yet be reached (people actually sleep? I should try that)

Other reasons I think this may not be true: Insiders in the production down in NZ tell me they've seen hide nor hair of ANYTHING regarding Eowyn, at this stage of the game that usually means something.

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