News for Feb. 11, 2000

Four Months and Counting...

2/11/00, 09:19 EST - Xoanon

Well today, February the 11th marks the fourth month of filming the 'Lord of the Rings' Epic down in New Zealand. What has been shot so far? Well, and most of this is speculation, we think all the Bree shots are done, inside and out. In fact I've heard that the Bree set has been taken down. We know, thanks to Tehanu's set visit, about Hobbiton, and the scenes being filmed there. We also know alot about Helms Deep and the quarry sets. There has been the death of Boromir and supposedly a scene on a boat, which can be the breaking of the Fellowship.

All in all things are coming together, we've got 14 more months to go, and I bet things are only going to get more amazing and exciting right up until they dim those lights and we read 'New Line Cinema Proudly Presents...'