News for Sep. 08, 1999

CNN to do Small Report on Hobbits - Updated

9/08/99, 12:54 pm EST - Xoanon

lol, couldn't help myself. The truth to the matter is, a good friend of mine at CNN has told me that today's edition of 'Showbiz Today' (4 pm et) will have a small something on LOTR. This is something different than the simply the John-Rhys Davies confirmation.

But, my contact strongly warns me that it might not appear today, but in all likely hood it will. So get your VCR's ready and send me a downloadable verson! UPDATE - Alas they did not show the goods. My contact tells me that perhaps CNNfn will air it. I have asked him if we might see it tomorrow, but in any case, keep your eyes peeled and send me any info you may have!