News for Aug. 27, 1999

Concept Art From ToyVault!

8/27/99, 4:12 pm EST - Xoanon

Xoanon here,

I recently had the chance to interview Jon Huston, Creative Designer for ToyVault ( During the interview I let slip that I love concept art and would he be able to send some my way, and did he ever big time!

The 4 images are as follows: Concept (control) art for Galadriel, some more detailed drawings, a painting, and the final figure!

apparently Galadriel will come with her mirror, and Jon shows us what we will see in her mirror!

I love this behind the scenes type stuff.

The interview with Jon will be online here.

Toy Vault sketch 1
Sketch 1 - 122k
Toy Vault sketch 2
Sketch 2 - 86k
Toy Vault sketch 3
Sketch 3 - 189k
Toy Vault sketch 4
Final - 22k