News for Jan. 17, 2007

Dominic Monaghan Talks 'THE HOBBIT'

1/17/07, 9:27 pm EST - Xoanon

Dominic Monaghan while promoting the next portion of this season of ABCís hit series LOST, stopped to comment to iF on the state of affairs with THE HOBBIT movie (prequel to the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy) which is locked in a battle between New Line Cinema and director Peter Jackson. When asked point blank what he thought of the bitter war over the rights to the Tolkien story, the actor very wisely stated, ď This is a very iffy subject that you have to be careful with professionally as an actor because Iíve worked with New Line Cinema and Iíve worked with Pete Jackson and I have good relationships with both of them. My personal feeling as a fan is I think itís a real shame that New Line and Pete Jackson donít seem to be able to work out whatís going to happen with THE HOBBIT. I think fans of that franchise would like to see New Line Studios attached with Pete Jackson directing." [More]