News for Sep. 10, 2002

Sean Astin To Head 9/11 Ceremonies Tomorrow

9/10/02, 1:51 pm EST - Xoanon

Sean Astin (Sam) himself asked us to post this open letter to all Ringer fans, and specifically those in the DC area:

"First a big "Thank You" to all the fans for their support and concern.

I would love to have Ringer fans in the D.C. area come out and show their support. This event is all about the community and is very important to me. These people have asked me to help celebrate the idea of Community Service. I want to demonstrate with my own actions that Community Service is important, especially now. It means so much to give back to the community and I greatly appreciate you all coming to join the spirit of our gathering while we celebrate this idea.

I will be at the Pentagon in the morning, with the President. Then I hope to see all you Ringers come out to the Mall where we have our event at the Lincoln Memorial. -- Sean Astin" [More]