News for Sep. 10, 2001

Averge Joe sees the ENTIRE film

9/10/01, 12:23 pm EST - Calisuri

Recently, we have been getting a lot of positive reports on the Cannes footage from reviewers and the Hollywood/NY crowd. But what about the average Joe? Well, a new spy, who we'll call 'Average Joe' just sent us a small tidbit of feedback. It seems Average Joe was lucky enough to see both the completed film and hear the final music! NOT the Cannes footage but in fact the entire movie! (before you dismiss the report, we have confirmed he has done both) What does he say?

I know nothing about LOTR and the hype surrounding it but I was completely blown away with the sequences that I saw and with the music. It was fantastic...

Thats a pretty good endorsement from a non-LOTR fan.