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The Characters Xoanon's Script Review

On the whole I liked each and every one of the characters. They remained fairly true to the books, and were very lifelike and believable. I did have a few reservations on some of the aspects PJ added to a few characters.


In the first screenplay, PJ tends to make Gandalf an old and frail man. He's constantly complaining of being old, and is always slow and tired. He's unassuming at times and weak. Which is something I did not like. How can we expect this old weak man to battle the Balrog of Moria? Certainly, when Gandalf the White makes an appearance PJ makes him this strong force to be reckoned with, perhaps he was trying to create a great contrast there.

(Sc I P105)

Why did the Valar put me in this old
man's body? How did they think I could
serve Middle-earth in this decrepit


PJ's version of Boromir, unfortunately, has nothing to do! He doesn't tell his story of Rohan and his dream. He's bitter, overly evil and rather rude. I'm hoping PJ can give him more time to let Bean sink his teeth into the role.


Ah, poor old Gimli, one of my favorite characters in the books, and here he's being used as some comic relief. I say 'some', because overall the character is fairly well thought out. But yet again it seems important insights to this character are axed (hehe) due to time. And at some points he's given to have these one liner's that Bruce Willis would die for.

(Sc II P211)

Pick on someone your own size, yer
overstuffed buzzard!


Save those 3 honestly, the rest is fine, in my opinion. As far as the cast dialogue is concerned. Now, let's do this.

The Arwen Situation

I almost regret posting those cast descriptions a while back. The backlash on this poor Elf gal due to those things is tremendous, everyone now calls her XenArwen (no offence Lucy), and I KNEW that this had to be a mistake. So when I got these scripts, I carefully read the bits with Arwen in them, and you know what? No XenArwen, let me set the record straight right now. NO XENARWEN, I don't see it, and it doesn't happen. She leads no armies, she does not wear hell-bent-for-leather armor. Let me tell you what I read.

This is a woman, for the first time in her life, is in love. In love with Aragorn, whom she's known for ages. Aragorn refuses to giver her his love, but you can feel in his heart that he loves her dearly.

(Sc I P94)


ARAGORN (to Arwen)

Your people raised me as one of their
own. I cannot repay them by taking
away their brightest jewel...their

Did you come here to fill me with
despair? It is the mortal trait I least

I came here to try to make you
undertsand...Arwen, you must return
across the sea and dwell with your
people in Valinor. It is the way it
must be.

My life is with you, or I have no life!



Oh, you stubborn....Man!

While it is true that Arwen does fight in battle. She has a quiver and bow, and uses it with skill. She has to sneak onto the battlefield. It is somewhat akin to the film 'Mulan' where she must disguise herself as a man to fight. But when she does fight, she fights for her people and for Middle-earth, a land she loves. She also fights for the love of her man, and for herself. This is no 'FRRREEEEDDOOOOOM!!!!!' type of character. So I hope this can put the fears to rest.

Speaking of fears...[Continued]

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