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Questions and Answers 11/23/99 Xoanon's Script Review

Many, many people have written me letters asking me more questions regarding the scripts. While I cannot answer them all individually, I am going to try and answer some of the ones that I am hearing the most often. I just want to stress however that these scripts that I reviewed are NOT the scripts that will be used in the films. These are the 2 film scripts that Peter Jackson and company wrote a few years back for Miramax. The addition of a whole 3rd film will mean massive changes to these scripts, but I do feel however that some things need to be addressed, and yet some need to be made more clear.

The Eowyn Situation

I feel that I have addressed all your fears concerning Arwen in the initial script review, she is not some Warrior Princess. And I also told you that she sneaks into battle, and does fight, although she is not knee deep in blood and guts. But now there seems to be an Eowyn fuss, 'Is she cut from the scripts?', 'Are Arwen and Eowyn 1 character?' the answer is no, Eowyn is her own character. She is in these films, although her role is toned down, she does still have the 'Proud Fighter' tone to her that I've always loved, but she does not appear in many scenes. This I think is due to time, now that PJ and company have a whole 3rd film to fool around with they will certainly add more to her character. And of Eomer? He does not appear in these films, Eowyn takes his place with the riders of Rohan, again I feel for time.

Sam and Frodo

Many of you were also worried about the handling of the Sam and Frodo relationship. While I refuse to give away the plot and story line of the ending, let me tell you this. Sam and Frodo are handled masterfully, where Peter and the rest messed up with Gimli, they worked wonders with the hobbits. I think I can see where PJ had his mind focused. Frodo is 1000% accurate with the books, as well as Sam, the relationship is close and loving. For all you folks out there who think people will view the relationship as a homosexual one, Rosie Cotton's role is also a tad beefed up. There are no more sexual underscores in the film than in the books, and no less as well. For all the things that have been changed and augmented (good or bad) the Hobbits are not something you should be worried about.

Battle Scenes

How are the battle scenes handled? Are they severely 'Hollywoodized'? Are all the major battles included? Well rest your fears...let me give you an example. Helms Deep in the script is one of the major battles. Thinking of the techno marvel that WETA will unleash on us in the near future amazes me. With the use of 'Massive', the program what will create thousands of warriors to pour over the battlefield...it'll be great. (check out SFX section). The numbers of warriors has been altered, which has me wondering why, but I guess PJ knows what he's going for. The Orcs are much greater in their numbers than the 'good guys', I'm thinking it's to create a dramatic situation. Outnumbered 3:1 (don't quote me on that) and the good guys look like they're in dire trouble, though we all know who wins in the end.

The action is fast and furious, with all the gore and guts that comes along with any medieval type battle. And given PJ's leaning towards horror, we can see some serious severed Uruk Hai heads here.

Gimli and Legolas

While I've already told you of my disgust towards the treatment of the 2 most intriguing and interesting characters and their relationship, I was a bit surprized that people wanted to know more. What more is there to tell? They messed it up! while elements of each of them are satisfactory, especially Legolas, I find Gimli to be nothing at all like he's supposed to be. And their relationship together mystifies me.

There are a choice few friendships that form during the telling of this story that I love, Sam and Frodo (which is fine in the script), Frodo and Faramir (not as close as I liked it to be, but ok), and Gimli and Legolas (#$%^^$!!). These relationships are important, our characters need to evolve and form friendships and enemies and some die and some come to righteous power, and these are all important. And PJ must have missed that.

How can I describe their relationship? They are two totally different people, born enemies. One an immortal Elf, born with wisdom and grace, the other a gruff Dwarf, born with a strong body and a warriors mentality. Yet they do become friends, but here, they are treated as comic fodder. How high can I get on the nearest building and scream at the top of my lungs NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the whole let me tell you this. Change is good. When PJ does it with responsibility, beefing up of Arwen, small changes in plot, the cuts made for time. But when he does it irresponsibly, you are left asking why? Why are Gimli and Legolas treated this way? Why does Gimli sound worse than Scotty from Star Trek? I just don't know, but I do know this. The addition of the 3rd film will mean a massive overhaul of certain elements of the script, and while I still worry that PJ's initial bad ideas will remain intact, I hope they will get ironed out.

But let me say it again like I've said it before. I have total trust in PJ's treatment of the books. Any of you folks who like my Rants will certainly enjoy these scripts. Many of the elements I guessed would happen are there. So I have a good feeling that he's on the right track.

Now, I certainly hope this answers a few more questions. I'm getting off the script subject, and getting back to my rants. I've got to get the Fellowship out of Moria!

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