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LIVE CHAT with Brian Sibley at Barlimans Chatroom

The Making of the Movie Trilogy - Brian Sibley
The Making of the Movie Trilogy - Brian Sibley
Brian Sibley: Author of "The Making of the Movie Trilogy" and adapter of the BBC LoTR Radio Series 07/12/02

A video feed of this chat was broadcast live on a webcam relayed via TORn. [
More]. Thanks go to Irascian for making that possible. :-)

<maegwen> Hullo everyone!

<maegwen> Welcome to TheOneRing.net's chat with Brian Sibley, author of "The Lord of the Rings: The Making of the Movie Trilogy", "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Insiders' Guide", and "The Lord of the Rings Official Movie Guide" among many other works.

<maegwen> The well-respected BBC broadcaster was granted unprecedented access to all areas of production during Peter Jackson's filming of the trilogy. Sibley's "Official Movie Guide" and "Making of the Movie Trilogy" put the reader alongside the films' creators as they brought the massive project to life.

<maegwen> While you will not be able to speak in the room, we do want your questions! Please type /msg jincey or /msg Arathorn or /msg Balin yourquestion here. Thank you!

<maegwen> Now, I understand we have a few questions already lined up, so I'd like to start by saying, HELLO BRIAN!

<BrianSibley> Hello guys...

<maegwen> thank you very much for joining us today !

<maegwen> We will start out with our first question, are you ready?

<BrianSibley> My pleasure...

<maegwen> Great :D

<maegwen> Aniron says: I wondered if he had thought about what he might like to have changed in his (brilliant) BBC adaptation? And did anything come up in the movies that changed his view?

<BrianSibley> Well, yes! Especially Arwen! I remember that Bakshi turned Glorfindel into Legolas, but PJ's decision to make him Arwen was inspired!

<BrianSibley> Inspired because it made Arwen a significant character in the movie story... I wish I'd thought of that

<maegwen> lol

<maegwen> indeed it was

<maegwen> Okay, our next question is from Eledhwen

<maegwen> Eledhwen asks: As well as the companions for LOTR, you wrote a Narnia companion many years ago. What do you like about the Narnia books, and how do you think they compare to Tolkien? thanks! It's a lovely book, illustrated by Pauline Baynes. Had it for years.

<BrianSibley> The Narnia books! I first read them when I was a youngster... In bed with measles! I was terrified when Aslan was slain and stoped reading the LION, but got over my fear, read the rest and fell in love with Narnia! It seemed to me as a kid so utterly real - as if I could actually get there... In fact (embarrassing admission coming up!) I tried to climb thru the back of my parents' wardrobe! Only succeeded in banging my head!

<BrianSibley> Next, please!

<maegwen> Okay, great!

<maegwen> We have lots of questions :D

<maegwen> Our next comes from Mallorn

<maegwen> Mallorn says: Hi! A little question: Did you gather your information primarily based on private interviews, visiting the sets, or information provided by external sources, or all of the above? And, where you allowed to add any of your own personal knowledge (such as of Tolkien) into the book, or did you have to rely solely on these sources?

<BrianSibley> All of the above - though most came from personal one-on-one interviews...

<maegwen> Folks, remember that Brian is a bit new to chat, so he's typing up his answer as we wait

<BrianSibley> I would have liked to relate the film more to the books, but that wasn't quite what the publishres - or New Line wanted... Next

<maegwen> Okay

<maegwen> Loressar asks: Were the tunes used for the Rohirrim's songs in the BBC drama based on Anglo-Saxon modes, or were they just invented for the drama?

<maegwen> Folks, while we wait for Brian to answer, you might want to visit the chat webcam at: http://www.theonering.net/barlimans/briancam.html

<BrianSibley> I'm not sure... I think Stephen Oliver was conscious of medieval music...

<BrianSibley> And of course we made up some new lines for the lay of the King... Next

<maegwen> Alright, Martha has a question about the movies.

<maegwen> Martha: What is your favorite part in the Lord of the Rings and who is your favorite character?

<BrianSibley> Hobbiton... Followed by Rivendell... Fav character...? Gandald

<BrianSibley> That was of course Gandalf! Next

<maegwen> Great, everyone's favorite wizard :)

<maegwen> Vana_Everyoungasks: Brian: What do you think of Peter's decision to cast Ian Holm as Bilbo based on your casting of him as Frodo? DId you think that was a good choice for Bilbo?

<BrianSibley> Wonderful! I guess he was a little too old for Frodo! I love his vulnerability! Next

<maegwen> I actually have a question of my own

<maegwen> What was your first experience with Tolkien's world of Middle EArth, and what was it that put such a tremendous hold on your imagination?

<BrianSibley> THE HOBBIT as a youngster aged about 8...

<BrianSibley> Then TLOTR when I was in hospital aged 21... The completeness of JRRT's world grabbed me - like Narnia and one or two other fictional realms it seemed - still seems - totally real... Next

<maegwen> wonderful :D

<maegwen> okay, our next question!

<maegwen> Obviously lots of people want to know about the filming

<maegwen> Plientje asks: What was the weirdest/craziest thing you saw when you was on the set???

<BrianSibley> Dead horses! NOT REAL! Natch! Then seeing everything in two sizes - big carts and small etc... AND the two scale sets for Bag End: you could decide if you wanted to be Frodo or Gandalf! Next

<maegwen> That must have been wild, I agree :D

<maegwen> Okay, our next question is from Loressar again

<maegwen> Loressar asks: In the BBC radio drama, Eowyn's Dernhelm disguise was much more difficult than in the book because we could actually hear Eowyn's voice. Does filming this present a similar difficulty... or in the film, is the Dernhelm disguise not *meant* to surprise the audience?

<BrianSibley> I guess it was hard for PJ to pull off the disguise... I gather it will be more of a surprise that we share in... The voice was a problem in the radio production... It is a very literray device... Next

<maegwen> mallorn asks: How difficult was it for you to keep your personal opinions/loyalties about PJ's adaptation from out of your writings of the movies?

<BrianSibley> Well..................................................... Next!

<Thorongil> LOL

<maegwen> LOL

<maegwen> okay, fair enough!

<maegwen> We seem to have a number of questions about Tom Bombadil...

<BrianSibley> What a surprise!

<maegwen> So, just to put that out there, lol

<maegwen> Razter asks: What is your opinion on who (or which) person Tom Bombadil is? AND Lord_Boromir asks: You didn't include Tom Bombadil in your BBC dramatisation of LoTR; neither did PJ in his film. Why didn't you include him?

<maegwen> Indeed :D

<BrianSibley> I think I've said several times...

<BrianSibley> And I know PJ has, that it is a digression...

<BrianSibley> The Ringwraiths are set up as the enemy in pursuit of FRodo and the ring and then we all go off into the woods for a lot of merry-dolling with Tom...

<BrianSibley> Fascinating chracter and JRRT admitted that he had found it hard to 'work Tom (whom he'd created before TLOTR) into the matter of the Ring...' Next

<maegwen> Brian, you've had a long association with Tolkien in your career... How did you first get involved with John Howe and providing text for his map series?

<BrianSibley> HarperCollins asked me which was nice... I guess, at the time, they wanted to tap into my reputation as one of the dramatists of the radio series...

<BrianSibley> It was a cool job - I love JH's work so much... John and I are working on a revised edition of all the maps to be published in one slip case (maps with less folds) and a new map of Numernor

<maegwen> Oh, that sounds wonderful!

<BrianSibley> And that was NUMENOR!!!! Next

<maegwen> Okay!

<maegwen> Eledhwen asks: Which LOTR character do you most identify with?

<BrianSibley> Hmmmmm.......

<BrianSibley> Radaghast the Brown????

<maegwen> Really? Why so?

<BrianSibley> No? With my forgetfulness these days - probably Barliman Butterbur!!

<maegwen> lol

<maegwen> Our favorite barkeep :)

<maegwen> I think they are both interesting choices :)

<maegwen> We have another question in that vein...

<maegwen> Martha asks: What is your favorite song/poem from the LOTR books?

<BrianSibley> Seriously, I most identify with Sam - so much of life seems to be about going somewhere (not sure where) and having to do something (not sure what!) and wondering if you'll manage it! Next

<maegwen> Martha asks: What is your favorite song/poem from the LOTR books?

<BrianSibley> Not in the books - but 'Bilbo's Last Song' So totally haunting... Next

<maegwen> Aniron asks: Is it better to be read The Hobbit quite young (as I read to my class) or wait till you can read it yourself? Or to put it better: Should a teacher read The Hobbit aloud to her class, or leave them to discover it themselves?

<BrianSibley> Read it to them! Tolkien told the original story to his children after tea... It is a story MEANT to be told - to be read aloud! Next

<maegwen> GeneralX: From your earlier answers it's clear that you understand the certain type of magic that fantasy worlds, such as narnia, can give to lives, especially young ones - listening to the radio series has provided a similar feeling for many of us... how does it feel to have given such a thing to people, having shared in the feeling yourself as a child?

<BrianSibley> It feels very, very, special... I love to think people may come to the books (Lewis' or Tolkien's) as a result of something I worked on... Thank you... Next

<maegwen> Rosemary asks: When you were adapting Lotr for radio, were your mental images of the world and the characters similar to those eventually found in the New Line film?

<BrianSibley> Yes, very much so - isn't that why so many people have accepted the films? One or two exceptions - a blond Legolas...! Next

<maegwen> Arwenelf asks: The filming, did it feel like a real world or fantasy being created? Maybe both. As a viewer/reader I saw/read a real world but recognised the fantasy aspect. It felt real, truthful, needed to IMHO to have me so enamoured with it, but the fantasy angle always there.

<BrianSibley> PJ was adamant that the fantasy HAD to be REAL... And he was so right: it's real when you read (like the best fantasies) but movie makers tend to muff it when they try filming fantasy... Next

<maegwen> Eledhwen asks: Have you enjoyed the book-signings and so on you've done to promote the movie companions?

<BrianSibley> Of course... It's been great meeting fans of the films and having the chance to compare notes... I find I learn and discover new things from everyone I discuss the movies with... Next

<maegwen> That's wonderful

<maegwen> We have a budding author here with a question

<maegwen> Martha asks: I'm interested in becoming an author. How did you get started in writing?

<BrianSibley> By chance...

<BrianSibley> Not entirely I always wanted to write (after I gave up wanting to act anf draw cartoons!) but I had to keep AT IT - sending ideas, scripts etc...

<BrianSibley> You need two things to be a good writer: one - tenacity (Sticktoitivity!) and

<BrianSibley> you need a built-in rubbish-detector - you MUST be your own harshest critic --- oh, yes, and L U C K! So, good luck! Next

<maegwen> :D

<maegwen> Knight asks: How long did it take to get Sam's voice actor to sing the lay of Gil-Galad correctly, and what did you think of the music / singing in general in the adaptation?

<BrianSibley> I thought Bill Nighy got it pretty quick... I much prefer his version to that of Oz Clarke's on the Oliver music CD...

<BrianSibley> The singing was pretty good, I'd say - except, maybe Ian's NON_SUNG version of 'The Man in the Moon'! Next

<maegwen> Folks have really taken the dramatization to heart, here's another question:

<maegwen> Balin asks: Did you expect the acclaim for yout BBC adaption as well as it's tremendous success?

<BrianSibley> NO! I knew we were making something that was good... But I did not know that people would take it to their hearts in the way they did...

<BrianSibley> I think it was special because we spent such a long time trying to get it right - but most of all because we were blessed with a great cast...

<maegwen> Folks, please visit http://www.theonering.net/barlimans/chat.html to see Brian chat in action!

<maegwen> I must say, I have had it for many years and it has long been a favorite of mine, so I thank you very much :)

<BrianSibley> Hordern is a great Gandalf (almost as good as Sir Ian McK!) and Ian H was perfect as Frodo - and Gollum - Peter Woodthorpe, a great actor: did you know he was in the first London production of 'Waiting for Godot'! Next

<maegwen> wow

<maegwen> Ok, our next question

<maegwen> Knight asks: Lotr has been analysed to death, people tend to find what they want in it, ranging from racism and lack of representation of the female gender to positive metaphor. Tolkien denied allegory quite strongly, and this rings true. Nonetheless, if you had to pick a message, what you choose?

<BrianSibley> Hope... Faith in the huge resources of courage found in small, humble people...

<BrianSibley> A wish that the world would take the thtraet of tyranny more seriously than it does until - too often - too late... Next

<maegwen> Yes, this is very true

<maegwen> okay, we have another question on the filming

<maegwen> Martha asks: Do the changes from the book in the film bother you? And what would you liked to have seen in the films that isn't in?

<BrianSibley> No, they don't bother me...

<BrianSibley> A film is a film... A book a book... I love the book of THE WIZARD OF OZ, I love the movie : they are the same and different... No book is ever 'ruined' by a film...

<BrianSibley> There are people who would like to see TLOTR filmed page-on-page ,but it wouldn't work...

<BrianSibley> Of course some people will only ever KNOW TLOTR by the FILM - but it doesn't matter because at least they will have had an encounter with Tolkien's incredible myth-making... Next

<maegwen> As a follow up to that of sorts

<maegwen> Thorongil asks: Was there one or more things that impressed you in the whole production process by Peter jackson and the cast and crew?

<BrianSibley> The dedication to detail...

<BrianSibley> Creating costume fabrics, pottery, rings, all manner of props...

<BrianSibley> Not bought but MADE to design and order - all unique and helping create that 'realistic fantasy' we've been talking about. Next

<maegwen> Well, to that end

<maegwen> Feanor asks: I was wondering if you could ask Brian if he has any idea what the most challenging part of the special effects process for Weta to accomplish???

<BrianSibley> Creating the Eye of Sauron...

<BrianSibley> Because, at first, no one knew how to do it...

<BrianSibley> Or what it was! But the most impressive was without doubt the Massive programme that we see in full flow in TTT...

<BrianSibley> That is pretty cool... I loved seeing how they made all these thousands of digital warriors...

<BrianSibley> follow Christopher Lee's orders! Next

<maegwen> TheRiverMaiden asks: Are you planning any further trips to NZ? And what further books from you can we look forward to?

<BrianSibley> I hope to go back to NZ...

<BrianSibley> My next book (now postponed until 2004) will be a study of the scripts

<BrianSibley> and the characterisations and is called From Script (or Book) to Screen... Next

<maegwen> That sounds like something to really look forward to!

<maegwen> mornie_utulie asks: Does brian feel that he has reached all his goals and ambitions regarding taking middle earth out of the books, or if he would like to do anything else?

<BrianSibley> What else could I do...

<BrianSibley> Choreograph an ice-show, maybe...

<jincey> wow hobbits on ice ; )

<maegwen> that would be very interesting :D

<BrianSibley> No, I'd, one day, like to write a book perhaps about how I see JRRT and the book but I guess there's probably enough books about JRRT out there already! Next

<Arathorn> Well, i think that we're coming towards the end of questions

<Arathorn> and I'd like to quickly interject

<maegwen> I for one would love to read your thoughts.

<Arathorn> and thank not only Brian for coming - but also to thank Irascian for providing the use of his computer

<Arathorn> and webcam, in enabling the chat :)

<Arathorn> (Irascian is the guy on the right on the webcam :)

<BrianSibley> Can I ask a question...

<maegwen> Sure!

<jincey> thanks Irascian : )

<BrianSibley> Why do I look so RIDICULOUS on the web-cam?????? And yes, I do have a Cheshire Cat on my sweatshirt!

<maegwen> LOL

<maegwen> I'm sure you don't look ridiculous at all

<Thorongil> lol

<jincey> you look fine : )

<maegwen> But, in my experience, most folks feel a bit silly :D

<BrianSibley> Hmmmmm..........................

<maegwen> Brian, i have one last question

<maegwen> from a fan of some of your other work

<maegwen> And then I'd like to open the floor to questions.

<BrianSibley> OK

<maegwen> Glover asks: I couldn't help but notice that you contributed to at least one episode of "Wallace and Gromit". Anything to say about that?

<BrianSibley> Yes, I got to know Nick Park when he was just out of film school...

<BrianSibley> And when he had made A GRAND DAY OUT and was thinking of making a second W & G film...

<BrianSibley> He asked me to work on the script with him... It went through many stages over several years...

<BrianSibley> but I did have a hand in THE WRONG TROUSERS...

<BrianSibley> And we did plan the train chase together...

<BrianSibley> Actually Nick showed me a drawing of a penguin in a milk-bottle (!) and said...

<BrianSibley> What we need to do is find out how the penguin got IN the bottle! Next

<Arathorn> lol

<maegwen> Brian, I thank you so very much

<maegwen> This has been wonderfully informative

<maegwen> and a great thrill for us all

<maegwen> Thanks again and now....

<jincey> we're going to open the room now for some general chat, please don't overwhelm Brian and Irascian with your q's ; )

<Thorongil> thank you Brian and Ian

<BrianSibley> My pleasure... Great fun... Thanks...

<Arathorn> the floor is open!

<Guest3> Mr. Sibley, I'm listening to the BBC adaptation of Lord of the Rings right now. Just wanted to let you know that I love it immensely, and am enjoying it so much.

<Aniron> Thanks for the BBC adapatation

<Rosemary> Brian, I just want to say THANKYOU for the radio adaption... I adore it so much.

<|CEMAN> i would like to ask if i may what was your most memorable moment during the filming of the trilogy

<jincey> thanks so much for coming in to join us today

<Rosemary> damn, Guest3 beat me to it, hahaha

<Pipp> Thank you Mr. Sibley for your time. Have a nice day.

<Eledhwen> Thanks, Brian!

<The_Ioreth> thanks for the BBC version! my first ever earned money went striaght to it!

<mornie_utulie> thank Mr Sibley!

<|CEMAN> and thank you MR Sibley i am a great fan

<RangerOfTheEast> Brian, can I ask a question, I dont know if this has been asked yet or not, but what will you be working on in the future?

<The_Ioreth> and I've played them that often that the sound was beginning to fade in a couple of spots :) on the tapes :)

<Tieno> Brian, what is your favorite character in The Silmarillion? And what is your favorite part in it?

<|CEMAN> i would like to ask if i may what was your most memorable moment during the filming of the trilogy?? thank you Sir

<BrianSibley> RangerOfThe Esat: I'm going to be doing a three part radio dramatiusation of --- NO! NOT the Silmarillion :-( but The Pilgrim's Progress.

<|CEMAN> pilgrims progress oh great

<Guest3> I can't wait to hear it.

<maegwen> that will be wonderful

<Knight> I'd sneak out now if i were you, they might not notice ;)

<BrianSibley> Tieno: my favourite parts of the Silmarillion are the opening mythological passages...

<JPB> Agreed, the Music of the Ainur creates some absolutely stunning visual images!

<Arwenelf> Brian.. I have a copy of Pilgrim's Progess from 1869, a much treasured book

<Knight> but I jest, thank you for coming.

<Loressar> Is an allegory like Pilgrim's Progress more difficult to adapt to drama than a story with fully developed characters like LotR?

<Arwenelf> I look forward to the adaption

<RangerOfTheEast> Oh, very interesting, The Pilgrim's Progress!

<RangerOfTheEast> great stuff

<big-ugly-bloke-from-angmar> i dont know if youve been asked this already...but for me sam is the real hero in the book ..whats your take?

<samsbestfriend> bye brian! keep up the good work!

<Guest3> Brain, was there a particular part of Tolkien's writing that you particularly enjoy?

<BrianSibley> Loressar, Yes, much more difficult, but it will be a challenge and I've got some ideas for casting: 'Talkative' Graham Norton, maybe or Jonathon Ross!

<elanor31> Brian, maybe this question was already asked, but.. which cast members would you have changed and why? Thanx

<Mike> BrianSibley: can you tell us anything about Robert Stephens? His Aragorn was incredible!

<JPB> BrianSibley: Have you ever read Lewis' Pilgrim's Regress?

<RangerOfTheEast> Jonathon Ross! Ye gods!

<RangerOfTheEast> :)

<BrianSibley> JPB, Robert was very nervous about the part...

<SilvanBuffyElf> Graham Norton would be wonderful :o)

<BrianSibley> He wasn't sure that he could do it justice...

<Mike> He certainly did; incredible vocal talent!

<BrianSibley> and he had a lot of personal problems at the time, but he captured somnething of Aragorn's majesty...

<Mike> Do you know what he's doing now?

<Aniron> I second that remark re Robert Stephens

<BrianSibley> and vulerability but he DID struggle with the Elvish rather!

<RangerOfTheEast> Brian, what do you think of Viggo Mortenson's Aragorn in the film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings?

<Eledhwen> (Robert Stephens' son is Toby, the current Bond villain - useless fact of the day.)

<BrianSibley> Mike, sadly Robert (like Hordern and John le Mesurier) is dead...

<Mike> Very sad to hear that; what a great legacy though...

<maegwen> :(

<maegwen> i did not know this :/

<BrianSibley> But Peter Woodthorpe (and, of course, Ian Holm) are still very much alive.

<Eledhwen> Regarding book to film adaptations - are there any films of other books, apart from LOTR, that you think are particularly successful?

<Mike> Do you think PJ might make a 'hobbit' with Ian Holm?

<Vana_Everyoung> just what I wanted to ask Mike

<BrianSibley> Rangerof the East, Viggo is brilliant...

<Knight> Ian Holm is a quintessential hobbit ;)

<RangerOfTheEast> Ah, Ian Holm is a living legend, wonderful actor

<BrianSibley> He captures the reluctance of Aragorn, the sense of doomed destiny. I love his portrayal...

<Knight> he had me thoroughly convinced in both roles

<Vana_Everyoung> There has been much debate on that topic...I'd like to hear the answer from someone who knows. Is Peter going to do a Hobbit?

<RangerOfTheEast> I agree Brian, Viggo has captured it perfectly

<Knight> Viggo is brilliant, but i might challenge Aragorn's portrayal in the film

<The_Ioreth> Have you seen any of ROTK? Can you tell something about it, at least some hints? ;-)

<Guest1> i don't think that they could have gotten anyone else to portray Aragorn so convincingly

<RangerOfTheEast> And from what I hear, he does a wonderful job in The Two Towers too

<BrianSibley> Knight, He and the other radio hobbits (except Sam) we all quite hobbity...

<Mike> Ian Holm is so versatile I'm sure he could pull off a young Bilbo easily.

<BrianSibley> Mike,

<BrianSibley> that would be a challenge - not sure Ian would want to go ALL the way to the Lonely Mountain --- and Back Again!

<Knight> it's been what? 4 years since filming his part

<Knight> i'm not so sure he's getting any younger..alas

<JPB> Ioreth: Spolier: It's the last film of the trilogy. The good guys win! :D

<Knight> lol

<Vana_Everyoung> lol

<Jaiken> lol

<The_Ioreth> JPB: LOL ... that I know too :-)

<BrianSibley> JPB, stop ruining it for everyone!!!!!!

<RangerOfTheEast> Brian, have you see The Two Towers yet?

<maegwen> JPB, tsk tsk ;)

<Knight> All that we do now is ruinous ;)

<Vana_Everyoung> bad bad, spoilers

<Guest3> Brian, do you feel that Peter Jackson's vision of Middle-earth does justice to the books?

<BrianSibley> RangerOfTheEast I see the finished film in Paris on Tuesday :-0

<RangerOfTheEast> fantastic!

<The_Ioreth> Brian: hints like if people like Ioreth or Imrahil at least have been filmed? :-)

<Tieno> LUCKY!

<Maroonie> oooooh lucky brian ;)

<Knight> nice :)

<Mike> Any thoughts of NOT filming the Scouring of the Shire? I'm nervous about the final film if it doesn't take the hobbits full circle back to the Shire again.

<RangerOfTheEast> Mike, I'm pretty sure they do go back to the Shire

<BrianSibley> That's if Eurostar goes to Paris. I may have to see it in Paris!

<Jaiken> they didn't film the hobbits returning?

<Loressar> Will your next book be released before or after the release of RotK? It seems from the title that it will have plenty of spoilers.

<BrianSibley> Mike, Well, yes, I'd like to see the Scouring...

<BrianSibley> But the story - dramatically speaking - does end

<BrianSibley> on Mount Doom...

<Eledhwen> that's true ...

<Vana_Everyoung> what?

<Vana_Everyoung> it does?

<Mike> But the Scouring is my favourite part!!!

<Auntie_Entwife> that's debateable brian

<BrianSibley> JRRT would not agree, of course. But don't fear...

<Vana_Everyoung> they can't do that!

<Vana_Everyoung> wait, they can

<Jaiken> if it's not in the film version it has to be in the dvd when it's released

<Guest3> Brian, what do you think about Elijah Wood's portrayal of Frodo?

<BrianSibley> We will - I am quite sure - see Sam return to Bag End... 'I'm back!'

<JPB> JRRT was writing a book. PJ is making a film - there is a difference, and so far, I can't imagine anyone handling it better, IMO

<Eledhwen> Hear hear, JPB!

<Ted> did Ian Holm pass on his experience from the radio serial to Elijah?

<Mike> But will we see Merry and Pippin raising Tookland and fighting the Big Men?

<BrianSibley> Loressar, The next book...

<Tieno> PJ has said no scoring of the Shire but also said that his favorite part both in the book and the movie is the 'Grey Havens'

<Maroonie> I agree JPB

<Knight> wasn't so keen on frodo in the film personally

<Maroonie> 100 %

<BrianSibley> Will be released in Autumn-ish 2004 (after the TROTK)

<Aniron> Thank you so much for your time Brian - could you say which version of FoTr you preferred the Theatre or the Special Edition

<Loressar> Thank you

<Heel> Hi Brian, I've just joined, and someone has already asked you this, but of all the sets that you have seen during the course of filming, which set do you like most and why?

<Auntie_Entwife> will there be extended DVD versions of TTT and ROTK, as there is for FOTR?

<RangerOfTheEast> yes

<Maroonie> There will be an extended TTT

<The_Dude> more than likely yes entwife

<Maroonie> as far as I gather....

<BrianSibley> Aniron, which version...

<RangerOfTheEast> Auntie_Entwife, howard shore has already composed the music for it

<Auntie_Entwife> that's settled then

<Aniron> Did you like the Special ed 31/2 hours

<BrianSibley> do I prefer? The Special Edition, although I understand from PJ...

<BrianSibley> That he wanted the theatrical version to be as Frodo-centric as possible...

<Jaiken> i loved howard shore's compositions

<Aniron> Thank you very much

<Mike> The final "I'm back" in the BBC version always brings a tear to my eye...

<Eledhwen> Regarding book to film adaptations - are there any films of other books, apart from LOTR, that you think are particularly successful?

<BrianSibley> Eledhwen, 'Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil...

<BrianSibley> Mary Poppins...

<RangerOfTheEast> Brian, what did you think of the Balrog in the film? Spot on?

<Guest3> Brian, what was the hardest part of preparing the radio dramatization?

<Aniron> Please no one ask about wings!!

<maegwen> mary poppins! my favorite :D

<Loressar> lol Ani

<Auntie_Entwife> lol

<Tieno> chicken wings?

<maegwen> !1420 BrianSibley

<Jaiken> mmm chicken wings

<Figgy> Gone with the wind :)

<BrianSibley> Can't think! Brain dead.... But I don't rate films like that : does it work AS a film is my criteria...

<maegwen> Yes, you have to separate the two, i think

<maegwen> book is a book, film is a film

<BrianSibley> Figgy, Yes, but many changes from the book, interestingly!

<Knight> You say you fell into writing by luck, though you wanted to do it. Many might say that for all those who want to.. writing is a calling that people more or less..fall into..

<Figgy> indeed

<maegwen> ah well

<Knight> would you call it your calling?

<Figgy> but it's the kind that work, and you can appreciate the film as a film, just like LOTR

<Figgy> five minutes through you dont even mind the changes, the movie is so good

<BrianSibley> Knight, No not my calling...

<Heel> have you had a sneak peek at what shelob will look like?

<Guest3> Brian, what was it like meeting Richard Taylor?

<BrianSibley> But then I don't know what WAS: maybe being an actor (i've never lost the desire to be on stage)...

<Jaiken> I was wondering how they would hangle shelob

<Knight> There's also a difference between being good at something, and feeling it is your life's focus.. we all have different ideas about what our life should be.. or achieve

<N9IWP> or Grond?

<Knight> I can appreciate that :)

<Eledhwen> I think at some point everyone wants to be an actor!

<Eledhwen> I know I did.

<BrianSibley> or in a pulpit - which I might have done if my faith had been stronger...

<Knight> even among those things i enjoy doing, and am good at.. i'd be hard pressed to call them the focus of my life..

<Maroonie> true knight

<BrianSibley> 'Calling' is to strong! Nurses, doctors have a calling - I'm just a jobbing writer who's lucked out quite often!

<Knight> I can definitely appreciate that :)

<Knight> typing is not my calling apparently ;)

<Guest6> Brian: what would you say is the most predominant theme in LOTR?

<BrianSibley> Guest 3, Richard Taylor?

<BrianSibley> The other genius behind TLOTR!

<Figgy> how did you end up writing the books on LOTR? were you asked, or did you have to ask :)

<Knight> I in particular ( in line with your earlier answer ) feel the scene where frodo and sam come upon the severed head of a statue of a king of old, was a symbol of that hope and faith. That it not only personified it in the book, but as a broader symbol. This was also in my opinion done well in your episodes, how do you feel about this? - a question that never made it

<BrianSibley> A fanatic!

<Maroonie> Brian, do you think WETA now has risen above the standard of other special FX houses..... i.e. some better known ones like ILM?

<BrianSibley> A man of wonderful vision and such infectious enthusiasm!

<The_Ioreth> Brian - do you know of any more detailed books / documentaries planned about the COSTUMES? *drools at the thought!*

<Knight> I wrote an essay referencing that scene some time back which received a fairly good reception

<Knight> hence the question

<BrianSibley> Maroonie, Way beyond the stuff done by othre SFX houses and without half the money!

<BrianSibley> Eledhwen, Costumes...

<The_Ioreth> I think Ngila's work is far too overlooked - alas ...

<Maroonie> Absolutley, Brian.... Just seeing the prologue in Fellowship proved that to me ;)

<RangerOfTheEast> Brian, what did you think of the Balrog in the film, was it how you imagined it when you read the book?

<Eledhwen> Yup, she deserved the Oscar last year without a doubt,

<Figgy> Ngila's work is breathtaking

<BrianSibley> Brilliant work by Ngila Dickson: the best? Saruman, Gandalf, Sam, Bilbo ...

<Figgy> have you seen that picture of Theoden in armor?

<Figgy> amazing

<BrianSibley> Oh, alright and Legolas!!!!

<Figgy> so much detail

<Eledhwen> re even better to see close-up

<The_Ioreth> and Boromir's costume ...

<BrianSibley> RangerOfThe East, The Balrog...

<Tieno> just copy paste the entire cast list, heh

<Auntie_Entwife> nice embroidery detail on boromir

<BrianSibley> Very hard to do and get5 right...

<Figgy> she did a brilliant job of not making Legolas look like some kind of fairy wearing tights and flowers in his head

<Loressar> Anyone who can turn Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler into elves is a genious.

<Heel> has MASSIVE been solely 'copywritten' for WETA, or can it be sold to any other production companies? Is any of them interested? (bound to be!)

<SUZanne2> Boromir had several layers that we were only able to have the merest peek of.

<Eledhwen> Loressar - they'

<Eledhwen> gah! they

<Knight> The BBC had the rights to make a film of lotr some time back

<Knight> unless i'm mistaken

<SUZanne2> His costume, I mean. Character, too, though.

<BrianSibley> But Weta's version is awesome... Fire and shadow...

<GeneralX> do you see anything profound in tolkien's work regarding religion, whether reflections of our religions or the religions existing in middle earth?

<Knight> did they ever consult you with regard to that, though i'm aware they didn't go farther with it

<Cuivienor> I just saw Peter Jackson at a conference, and he told us of all the difficulties he had to find a production studio: were u aware of it? And how long have u been in the movie project?

<Loressar> lol Eledh

<BrianSibley> Knight, didn't know the BBC had any film rights...

<RangerOfTheEast> yes, I agree, it's straight from Tolkien's description, a wonderful job by WETA

<BrianSibley> GeneralX, religion...

<JPB> Brian, a question: With all the supplimental 'how the movie was made' material on the DVD's, all the info on the official web site, what role do you see your books play to differentiate them from that? A special focus, a chance to provide a more coherent overview/info-flow than sound-bites and clips could ever provide, etc?

<Ted> Heel, MASSIVE is available for licensing, can't remember the URL for the site tho.

<BrianSibley> Tolkien was a devout Catholic and that informed his creation - but he steered very clear of allegory...

<Loressar> jpb, for one thing, the books were available first.

<BrianSibley> If it is seen anywhere it is those sequences with Galadriel.

<Arathorn> http://www.massivesoftware.com/

<Arathorn> for the record.

<Maroonie> Heel, sorry to answer in place of Brian about your MASSIVE question, but I'm fairly sure MASSIVE is software written by one of the guys on the W.D. Team.... not to say however that other CGI houses don't have similar codes or software algorithms

<Knight> Allegory in particular was a word he came down on a lot

<Jaiken> massive would be very fun to work with

<katie> Brian, which did you find more challenging a project, the BBC's radio adaptation of LOTR, or Peter Jackson's movie version?

<BrianSibley> JPB, my books...

<BrianSibley> Don't know why people want them when there's all that other stuff..

<Guest3> Brian, do you listen to your radio dramatization often? Or read your books?

<JPB> Of course! And I love the books and I have all of them! Please - it was not a critique just curious as to how you approach what material to provide in them, etc

<Vana_Everyoung> brian, I have a question. I don't know if you'd know anything about this, but my mother makes these adorable dolls, and they're unofficially called "hobbit dolls", which is fine unless she sells them. but the problem is, she wants to sell them as hobbit dolls and needs toget permission from the copyright people. WOuld she have to pay money or something? (You probably don't know about the copyrights, but I had to ask...)

<BrianSibley> But I hope in the new book, there is at least a very personal voice or what EMPIRE calls the irritating Sibley-was-there kind!!

<Maroonie> Hah hah

<Eledhwen> Because the picture quality is fantastic, the writing is interesting - and made me laugh - and, as Ioreth said, you can drool for as long as you want!

<RangerOfTheEast> Brian, have you seen much material from The Return Of The King while you were writing the book?

<The_Ioreth> exactly, Eledhwen ... and it's really interesting to learn new stories too :-)

<Eledhwen> It's those little anecdotes that are so interesting ...

<BrianSibley> Vana_Everyoung, Yes, if you make any LOTR Things you need a licence from New Line --- MONEY!

<Ide> and if there's a power failure and you can't watch the DVD, the book will still be there by candlelight. (it's on my Xmas wish list :-)

<Figgy> I love the books, they have some beautiful stills and stories, and provide a much greater chance of looking at detail (in costumes, etc) than videos and all...and are far more personal and easier to connect to, in a way

<Eledhwen> Packed full of spoilers though. :(

<Pegasus> can't carry the DVD on the beach :)

<GeneralX> do new line own the entire LOTR licence?

<BrianSibley> Figgy, Thanks!

<JPB> I agree - the books do allow the 'linger' - and they do provide a consistent (and wonderful!) voice to the material.

<Figgy> yeah :)

<Loressar> Fig, I love the close-up pic of Eowyn's sword in the newest book.

<Eledhwen> You wouldn't take the books to the beach?!

<The_Ioreth> and in a book (hint) you could include stuff like sewing patterns (hint) or construction advice (hint) :-) :-) :-)

<Heel> how was it meeting john howe and alan lee? what were they like?

<Eledhwen> It'd risk getting sandy and wet!

<Knight> i'm not sure on that point general

<Little_Wollepluis> Hay!:D

<Pegasus> where do you think I re-read LOTR last?

<BrianSibley> Eldehwen, Why NOT take the books to the beach. Wrap them in cling-film!

<Figgy> yup :)

<Pegasus> lol

<Eledhwen> One of my friends borrowed my FOTR once and took it to the beach, and when she brought it back the cover fell off.

<GeneralX> IS new line LOTR now, and the book just a footnote?

<Loressar> I use ZipLoc bags

<Pegasus> or buy another one if it get damaged ;)

<The_Ioreth> or buy two and have one indoors and one outdoors LOL LOL LOL :)

<MouthOfSauron> did Ted Nasmith have any role in the making of the movies? I noticed that some of his artwork looks recognizeable, for example the top of Orthanc

<Figgy> they are full of spoilers, lol, but you can get them after you see the movie as well ;)

<Seth> Brian, I've read a lot about the TTT and was wondering why the certain characters are depicted the way they are in the movie, namely Faramir?

<Eledhwen> An Unwin copy too. It had sentimental value!

<Mike> Brian, I have to ask: did PJ make use of your experience in dramatising the BBC production, over and beyond your chronicling duties? Did you have any specific inputs into any aspects of the movies?

<Knight> Obviously many people will read the books because of the film, but a great many people who read the books still look to the films as a better representation

<BrianSibley> GeneralX, Is the book a FOOT-NOTE? No, of course not! When the films are done...

<BrianSibley> The books will still be there.

<Knight> i heard one person call 'tolkien's characters' shallow

<Eledhwen> amen.

<Knight> referring to the characters in the books

<maegwen> lol

<maegwen> the books will never be a "footnote" imo

<Guest3> Gasp! They are as deep as deep gets.

<BrianSibley> MouthOfSauron: Ted Nasmith did not work on LOTR...

<Knight> negative and positive fallout for the books, in accordance with how people are naturally i suppose.. some people always react in such ways

<SUZanne2> Knight...that's so sad.

<Knight> others inversely

<Loressar> Knight, apparently that person wasn't an attentive reader.

<Knight> it was in referral to the two towers

<Knight> if i recall correctly

<Eledhwen> Which characters?

<BrianSibley> but PJ and the team saw many artists' work when planning the film

<The_Dude> i will say, the depth of the characters does require one to use imagination

<Knight> i agree with that

<Knight> i would call the books somewhat poetic..

<GeneralX> yes, but does new line own the entire LOTR name and world?

<Eledhwen> Very poetic, I'd say.

<The_Dude> and perhaps they think that characters who don't change are shallow for some reason

<SUZanne2> *somewhat*?

<Guest3> That's why I love them so much, knight. Very poetic

<Knight> yes, somewhat

<SUZanne2> 8-0

<Knight> in that poetry has a certain definition

<Knight> and a certain metaphorical extension

<RangerOfTheEast> Brian, did you travel to New Zealand while writing the books?

<BrianSibley> GeneralX, with regard to marketing the film images etc, yes...

<BrianSibley> Ranger Of The East, NZ ? Yes< i went there and loved it! Beautiful country

<Guest3> Brian, what's you favorite part of NZ?

<Knight> I've been told the climate is similar but more varied, compared to England

<Cuivienor> BrianSibley: don't know if the question was asked, but besides LotR/Tolkien, what r ur favorite books/authors

<Heel> for some reason, i'd love to know what christopher tolkien thought of the fellowship? Brian do you know if he watched them or has made any comment on them?

<Greeny> Brian how was New Zealand? Did you get a chance to travel a bit?

<Knight> that about right?

<RangerOfTheEast> Brian, it looks like an amazing place, such a contrast of landscapes, and so perfect for LOTR

<Loressar> Heel, I think CT is deliberately avoiding making public comment on the film.

<BrianSibley> Greeny, No, I didn't see a lot outside Wellington (nice city) - it's like that when you're working...

<SUZanne2> Brian---Peter Jackson has mentioned that he took a cue from the Bakshi version for the camera angle on the "ProudFEET!" scene. I saw other similarities, but he only speaks of this one...did he possibly do more--on purpose (i.e. the Hobbits Hiding by the Road scene).

<BrianSibley> Cuivienor, favourite books...

<Heel> i find it admirable that they are so private.

<Figgy> what about the Tolkien estate?

<Loressar> Agreed, Heel

<Knight> Someone once said narnia and lord of the rings could be said to share, it might have been general who said this- the qualities of 'hot meals'. A certain homeliness, as my copy of lotr's summary might have put it

<RangerOfTheEast> Brian, did you happen to visit the Minas Tirith set in NZ? Were you impressed?

<JPB> If you want to see what Tolkien Enterprises (Saul Zaentz) owns, see: http://www.tolkien-ent.com/new/index.html

<BrianSibley> Alice in Wonderland, Wind in the Willows, anything by Ray Bradbury, James Thurber...

<Heel> they could have really 'cashed in' on the films.

<Knight> needed the money at the time

<BrianSibley> Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast trilogy.

<Cuivienor> Brian: gosh I love Bradbury's books

<SUZanne2> Oh, Brian! The Night the Bed Fell!!!!!!!

<GeneralX> i did, they both have many instances of coming to homely houses and having amazing meals at the end of a journey, before starting the next one..

<Mike> I'd love to see a serious dramatisation of Gormenghast!

<The_Ioreth> but afaik the Tolkien estate still gets some share of the money, especially since it did that well ...

<Pegasus> Brian what did you think of the BBC adaptation of Gormenghast?

<Knight> That feels very british somehow

<Mike> (As opposed to the recent BBC one!)

<Knight> in that indefinable way.

<BrianSibley> Suzanne2, Bakshi's influence on PJ's LOTR...

<Seth> Brian, I've read a lot about the TTT and was wondering why the certain characters are depicted the way they are in the movie, namely Faramir?

<Greeny> I'm off. Thanks for coming BrianSibley and do return ;)

<Guest3> Brian, you have given so much to Tolkien fans over the years. Thank you, especially for the radio drama. Bye all, and thanks for giving your time Brian!

<Loressar> ty seth, I've wondered that myself.

<BrianSibley> Ralph B would say 'Yes!', PJ might be more reluctant to claim inspirations... The mood is very similar in places, but where it is it comes from the books, I think...

<RangerOfTheEast> Brian, do you get on well with John Peel?

<Knight> I remember the narnia specials at christmas as very magical, I agree with general's earlier point regarding the bbc radio edition of lotr

<SUZanne2> Brian, thanks for the answer....and from what I've heard of Bakshi....I understand!

<Knight> Such things are a rare and powerful shared experience for a generation

<Eledhwen> I loved those Narnia serialisations - made Sunday teatimes wonderful for quite a while.

<BrianSibley> Pegasus, The TV Gormenghast? Very Stylish! I did a radio version years before, starring Sting as Steerpike.

<Knight> that reap untold positive effects in how people grow up

<maegwen> okay, some of you might want to give brian a chance to answer, lol :D

<Mike> Is that radio Gormenghast available to buy anywhere?

<Cuivienor> Brian: about PJ claiming insipirations: he just did about an hour ago in the Fnac étoile in Paris, i was there :)

<Pegasus> really, got to find this (radio adaptation of Gormenghast)

<BrianSibley> Mike, Radio Gormenghast...

<Maroonie> Brian from being there, were there any MAJOR arguments between Wingnut and New Line?

<Knight> And there I've said enough

<BrianSibley> is avialble on cassette: cast includes...

<JPB> Brian: Got to go - thanks for your work on the books (on both LotR *and* CSLewis), and for the respect you pay us fans by spending time with us in this chat room!

<Heel> i love christopher lee. i've never seen an actor embrace a character quite like Lee embracing Saruman. Great stuff!!

<RangerOfTheEast> SUZanne2, I can see why you thought of David Bowie

<Heel> interesting question Maroonie

<RangerOfTheEast> Christopher Lee is wonderful, have you ever had a chance to meet him Brian?

<N9IWP> Any other radio Drama you were involved with/enjoy? I like some of the ZBS stuff (Jack Flanders) and Canticle for Liebowitz

<SUZanne2> Ranger---he was so cool as the Goblin King in Labyrinth...tortured and all that...even though the movie preferred to lean towards "silly" too often.

<BrianSibley> Bernard Hepton, Judy Parfitt, Stratford Johns, David Warner, Eleanor Bron, Freddie Jones and Maurice Denham who played the Professor in those radio Narnias!

<AduardaGreenleaf> I love the Labyrinth movie

<Mike> Excellent; will order tout suite!

<BrianSibley> RangerOfThe East, Christopher Lee...

<Eledhwen> Many thanks, Brian - fascinating answers! Looking forward to the next book.

<Knight> Ahem

<BrianSibley> We've met several times and had a number of long conversations. He really knows and loves the books and is a very gifted actor who has given us a remarkable Saruman! So devious and poewerfy

<BrianSibley> powerful.....!!!!

<AduardaGreenleaf> that's great! I wish I could meet him..

<Loressar> Mr. Sibley, as a fan of both Middle-earth and Narnia, do you feel Lewis borrowed alot from Tolkien?

<jincey> heeheee

<RangerOfTheEast> poewerfy, well I never!

<GeneralX> is he as scary in person?

<RangerOfTheEast> :)

<Figgy> lol

<Knight> do you miss the 'pardoning' of saruman?

<jincey> welcome to irc ; )

<SUZanne2> LOL Brian. I love how typo demons affect the Rich & Famous as well as us poor slobs. :-)

<Dunedain> lol

<Loressar> lol suz

<The_Dude> they both borrowed extensively from mythology and each other, seeing as they read their stories to each other

<Marigold_Gamgee> i just wanted to say Brian

<Knight> the mythological references are definitely there

<Marigold_Gamgee> YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!

<BrianSibley> Loressar, Yes! CSL borrowed MUCH from JRRT! Though it was probably pretty unconscious...

<Knight> in gandalf for example

<RangerOfTheEast> I would love to have a long chat with Christopher Lee someday, he seems like a great character

<Knight> whom i'm told was drawn very much from odhinn / odin / other transliterations

<Vana_Everyoung> yes yes indeed ranger

<Knight> the valfather ;)

<Jaiken> Knight

<Figgy> Tolkien wasnt abig fan of the Narnia books, though :)

<Vana_Everyoung> just their author

<BrianSibley> They were reading each other's work and Lewis picked up on all sorts of stuff - expecially names like BREE!

<Jaiken> Have you read David Day's books?

<Knight> tolkien wasn't a fan of many things

<Knight> i don't believe i have

<Loressar> lol thanks

<Jaiken> ah

<RangerOfTheEast> Brian, did you first meet Christopher in NZ or did you know him before then?

<Jaiken> you should

<GeneralX> CSL of course wrote with his own motive, namely a strong religious analogy!

<Cuivienor> Brian: how do u feel about Tolkien's main heir Cristopher who was and is since the beginning opposed to any idea of a motion picture of LotR?

<Dunedain> i have several of david days books

<Figgy> Tolkien wasnt very happy about Lewis's criticisms, lol

<GeneralX> which is why tolkien's world will always be better, at least to adults

<maegwen> hmmmmm folks, try not to inundate with too many different questions, ok?

<Knight> tolkien wanted to create a history, a thread that would unwravel naturally

<Mike> Off topic, but do you recall an excellent BBC radio version of the Lost World, also starring John Le Mesurier (Lord John Roxton)? I can't find any reference to it but I know it must exist somewhere.

<Knight> given the characters and elements involved

<Heel> every time i see him interviewed it amazes me how he consistently consumes the atmosphere. And to be 80 years old and doing what he's doing. Brilliant!!

<SUZanne2> I don't think Tolkien was a big "fan" of being a "fan". Hence, the reasons why he would be rolling over in his grave at the advertisements from Burger King, and the Bobble-headed Legolas.

<BrianSibley> Figgy, Not Tolkien didn't like Lewis's allegory in The Lion... OR the use of Father Christmas! I think Tolkien's creation is much fuller and more mature than Lewis' but the world of Narnia is so beguiling, sin't it?

<Knight> a symphony which wove both harmony and discord into a greater piece, to paraphrase

<Figgy> indeed it is!

<Knight> narnia was enjoyable partly because of those recognizable elements though

<Knight> i would say :)

<Figgy> I love both of them, though Tolkien will always be my hero, lol

<Knight> the feeling that narnia really was a part of the world as a child becomes closer for them

<Loressar> Agreed, Fig!

<Jaiken> i agree knight

<Knight> lotr is most real because it is so vivid

<Seth> Brian, I've read a lot about the TTT and was wondering why the certain characters are depicted the way they are in the movie, namely Faramir?

<AduardaGreenleaf> I agree Figgy AND Knight

<Dunedain> there was a physical connection between our world and narnia in those books...

<Rosemary> Lewis' tone as a children's writer was much warmer than Tolkien's a lot of the time.

<Knight> and the honesty of the portrayal comes through in the natural consequences of action and dialogue in the book

<SUZanne2> Seth.....keep going....he'll hear you sooner or later....!

<Vana_Everyoung> because tolkien did not mean to write for children

<Knight> not a matter of hearing ;)

<Jaiken> vana

<Loressar> Right, Vana

<Knight> there are a lot of questions here, and little time to answer

<SUZanne2> Vana--at least not later on...

<Jaiken> didn't he write the books for his children

<Heel> Brian, about how many people did it take to create gollum (apart from andi serkis)?

<Eglantine> I'vee wondered the same thing, Seth. (Hello, all)

<Jaiken> or something like that

<Jaiken> i believe

<Auntie_Entwife> yeah, Faramir!

<SUZanne2> The Hobbit is obviously for children.

<Jaiken> in the begining

<GeneralX> narnia is way better for children... it truly is heartwarming as a child when father christmas comes along instead of the witch... as an adult, you wince a bit... but it's still cool >

<BrianSibley> Seth, Ask me again when I've seen the finished movie! :-) But I can see why Faramir's transparent 'ggodness' would present problems to the film scenarist.

<Auntie_Entwife> the great Faramir controversy

<RangerOfTheEast> Brian, will you be coming back to do Talking Pictures?

<Knight> I don't even wince :)

<maegwen> Okay folks :D

<maegwen> I have to call an end to this wonderful time

<maegwen> Brian is answering one last question

<maegwen> and then he must take his leave of us :(

<maegwen> But before he does!

<BrianSibley> RangerOfThe East, Talking Pictures??? You remeber that?????? Sadly TP is now Back Row and with another usherette!!!

<maegwen> I know that EVERYONE wants to thank him for his graciousness in answering our many questions!

<maegwen> Brian, from all of us at #theonering.net, we thank you!

<maegwen> and Irascian also, who has been wonderful :D

<BrianSibley> Thank you all! Sorry for the DREADFUL typos!!!!!

<maegwen> lol

<maegwen> Brian, we all make them!

<maegwen> You have been great, and the best of luck to you in your next projects

<jincey> comes with chat ; )

<maegwen> And I hope you enjoy your dinner!

<BrianSibley> Thanks again! ;->

<maegwen> Goodbye :D

<jincey> jincey curtsies to BrianSibley

<Vana_Everyoung> namarie brian

<Jaiken> Goodbye Brian, and thank you

<maegwen> That's the end folks, thanks very much for coming :D

<MouthOfSauron> thanks for coming Brian :)

<Knight> Good evening to the both of you

<Rosemary> bye Brian... thanks for talking to us

<Knight> go get something to eat ;)

<The_Ioreth> thanks ever so much!

<BrianSibley> Namarie!

<Eglantine> Thank you and goodbye

<Mike> Thanks!

<Knight> I'm off to the pub.

<hama> goodbye Brian, and thank you :D

<jincey> woohoo fantastic chat!!!

<Knight> night :)

<Ide> aurevoir

<SaRuMaN> Looks like it

<Daegor> thanks BrianSibley

<Vana_Everyoung> Cuio nin mellon Strider

<Loressar> Namarie, all; see some of you in regular HoF later on.

<SUZanne2> Thank you.

<Heel> bye

<Vana_Everyoung> oops

<Cuivienor> au revoir et à la prochaine

<Vana_Everyoung> Mára Mesta Strider

<GeneralX> bye >

<hama> A bientot, j'espere

<Vana_Everyoung> Mára Mesta BrianSibley

<N9IWP> thanks Brian!

<SaRuMaN> thanks for taking the time out of your day to visit us

<Vana_Everyoung> Cuio nin mellon BrianSibley

<SaRuMaN> lol

<Figgy> thank you so much Brian :D

<BrianSibley> I'm off to the Prancing Pony!!!!!!!!

<MouthOfSauron> say hello to Barliman ;)

<N9IWP> not the Green Dragon?

<maegwen> have a great time brian :D

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