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July 19, 2005 - December 06, 2005

News for Dec. 06, 2005

Narnia Music Press Release

12/06/05, 7:42 pm EST - Xoanon



(November 11th, 2005- Burbank, CA)- Walt Disney Records will release two versions of the soundtrack for Walt Disney Pictures/Walden Media’s The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe on December 13, 2005. The first is the Original Soundtrack, featuring score composed by Harry Gregson-Williams and songs performed by Alanis Morrissette, Imogen Heap, Tim Finn and Lisbeth Scott. The other is the 2-disc Special Edition Soundtrack, which includes a Special Edition CD, containing the original soundtrack plus a 40-page souvenir booklet, and DVD.

In 1950, the scholar, critic and writer C.S. Lewis published The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, the first of his seven-volume series, The Chronicles of Narnia, and established a modern legend. Adults and children alike fell in love with his stirring, action-packed adventure that was set in the middle of World War II bombing raids yet transported readers into an alternate and far more enchanted universe of mythological creatures waging an epic battle between good and evil.

Years in the making and meticulously created by director Andrew Adamson to match C.S. Lewis’ own vision of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe marks the live-action debut of New Zealander Adamson, who came to fore bringing worldwide audiences the Oscar®-winning Shrek and Shrek 2.

Harry Gregson-Williams reunites with director Andrew Adamson after composing the scores for Shrek and the subsequent box-office smash, Shrek 2. Gregson-Williams is well-known in the world of animation, having also scored the features Antz and Chicken Run. Named The Hollywood Composer of the Year 2005 by the Hollywood Film Festival, Gregson-Williams created the scores for a long and extremely varied list of films, including. Kingdom of Heaven, Veronica Guerin, Team America: World Police, Bridget Jones: The Age of Reason, and the recent theatrical release Domino.

Walt Disney Records will release an original soundtrack and a Special Edition CD/DVD package for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The soundtrack will feature the sweeping orchestral score composed by Gregson-Williams plus four original songs: “Can’t Take It In,” performed by Imogen Heap, “Winter Light” by Tim Finn (formerly of Split Enz, Crowded House, Finn Brothers), “Where” performed by Lisbeth Scott, who lent her vocal talents to the Shrek and Passion of the Christ soundtracks, and “Wunderkind” performed by Grammy® Award-winner Alanis Morissette.

The Special Edition Soundtrack set will include a 40-page collectible souvenir booklet filled with film imagery, liner notes by director Andrew Adamson and quotes from composer Harry Gregson-Williams. The package will include a DVD with a Film Art Gallery, Concept Art Gallery, the Theatrical Trailer, Behind the Magic of Narnia: Featuring the Score with Harry Gregson-Williams and Music Inspired by the Film. The latter features interviews and song samples from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe “Inspired by” album on EMI, featuring today’s top Christian artists Steven Curtis Chapman, Jeremy Camp, Bethany Dillon, Toby Ma, Nichole Nordeman, Jars of Clay and more.

C.S. Lewis’ timeless adventure The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe follows the exploits of the four Pevensie siblings -- Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter -- in World War II England who enter the world of Narnia through a magical wardrobe while playing a game of ‘hide-and-seek’ in the rural country home of an elderly professor. Once there, the children discover a charming, peaceful land inhabited by talking beasts, dwarfs, fauns, centaurs and giants that has become a world cursed to eternal winter by the evil White Witch, Jadis. Under the guidance of a noble and mystical ruler, the lion Aslan, the children fight to overcome the White Witch’s powerful hold over Narnia in a spectacular, climactic battle that will free Narnia from Jadis’ icy spell forever.

Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media present The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe in theaters on December 9, 2005. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Original Soundtrack and Special Edition Soundtrack will be in stores on December 13, 2005.

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia [ENHANCED] [SOUNDTRACK]

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia [ENHANCED] [SOUNDTRACK]

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia [ENHANCED] [SOUNDTRACK]

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia [ENHANCED] [SOUNDTRACK]

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia [ENHANCED] [SOUNDTRACK]

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia [ENHANCED] [SOUNDTRACK]

News for Nov. 22, 2005

LWW Premiere Report from NYC!!

11/22/05, 2:39 pm EST - Xoanon

Roger writes: "The Chronicles of Narnia" was premiered at NY City's Learning Annex at the AMC on 42nd Street to a sold out audience of 1000 people.

The movie is true to the book and according to Adamson he insisted on Aslan's moustache and started the film with the bombing of Britain to later influence Peter to use the eagles to drop stones on the White Witch's army.

Tilda Swanson plays an amazing intelligent White Witch and in discussions with Adamson they decided that adults who constantly change their attitude and minds is very scary to children. The White Witch frequently comforts Edmund so that her desires are met and then yells at him only to "apologize" thereafter.

The Stone Table scene where Aslan sacrifices his life to the White Witch is extremely scary and violent but Adamson and the ratings board felt that it reflected the book and even C.S. Lewis was criticized for this scene in the book.

The animated characters from the Shrek director are extremely realistic and believable. Adamson took measures to research each mythological character to decide if they were to be on the good or bad side.

Adamson claims to have first read the series at age 8 and recently has reread "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" many times and feels the book stands well from a non-religious point of view (although the film will make many religious people think about their beliefs).

Adamson is currently working on "Shrek 3 (not as the director this time) and looking at Lewis' "Prince Caspian."

News for Sep. 10, 2005

Narnia Music Audio & Video!

9/10/05, 1:52 pm EST - Xoanon

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EMI Music – the world’s largest independent music company – recently announced plans to partner with Walt Disney Studios and Walden Media to produce two soundtracks of music inspired by what is one of 2005’s most anticipated films, a live action adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ best-selling classic, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

EMI Music’s Nashville-based EMI CMG will release both “inspired by” soundtracks and has announced an all-star line up for the first in the series of releases: an Inspirational soundtrack CD, Music Inspired By: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, featuring recordings from artists that combined have sold in excess of 23 million albums.

Five-time Grammy Award Winner Steven Curtis Chapman leads the pack with the project’s debut single and video, “Remembering You,” which will release to Christian radio formats nationwide on August 5th. Jars of Clay, Jeremy Camp, TobyMac, Nichole Nordeman, Rebecca St. James, Delirious, Kutless, Bethany Dillon, Chris Tomlin and David Crowder Band round-out the line up thus far.

The Inspirational CD will release on September 27th. A second soundtrack of songs inspired by the film will release October 25th and feature mainstream pop and rock artists.

Audio Links (in 100kbps WMA and Real Formats)
Video Links (in 100kbps WMA and Real Formats)

Music Inspired By Narnia Trailer

Music Inspired By Narnia Trailer (Ram) Large
Music Inspired By Narnia Trailer (WMV) Large
Music Inspired By Narnia Trailer (WMV) Medium
Music Inspired By Narnia Trailer (WMV) Small

Track Listing

01. Waiting For The World To Fall - Jars Of Clay

Dan Haseltine (of Jars of Clay): I’ve been a fan ever since I was a little, little, little boy. I watched the cartoons and the books were read to me when I was a kid and I was always fascinated. As a kid you always wanted to find new worlds or explore. And I’d always open up my closet door and just hoping that maybe if I walked back far enough I wouldn’t just hit my head on the back of the closet but that there’d actually be something there and much in the same way that Superman would have caused me to want to try to fly and fall, this was a story that just captured my heart when I was really, really little. So it seemed, well it was real exciting to hear that they were making the movie and that we’d have a chance to maybe respond to those images in this version of it.

The song is really a song about discovery. It’s kind of being in a world where things maybe aren’t as they should be or kind of living a mundane existence and wanting something more and then getting a glimpse of what that really is like and having your world kind of shift, your paradigm change, and that’s what we loved about this story, was just the way there was this great movement and discovery of a whole new world. I think the imagination is something that you know we kind of fail to capture for kids these days and I remember loving the chance to just create this world in my own mind, and this song is really, I think, about just opening up a new landscape.

The name of the song is called “Waiting for the World to Fall” and it’s a song that talks about wanting to kinda be removed from maybe our regular mundane or grey kinda life. And move into just a whole other world of experience. Kind of have life, kinda breathe back into an existence that has grown stale.

I’m such a movie fan. I love movies. I’ve grown up… Storytelling, through generations, has taken on different forms. And movies…you know…I think it really came into its own in our generation in terms of people…just the special effects and the ways that they can tell a story. Being a part of that, even on this level, enhancing those things with music and what we do is just an amazing privilege.


'Waiting For The World To Fall' (WMA)
'Waiting For The World To Fall' (Real)


Waiting For The World To Fall - Jars Of Clay (Ram) Small
Waiting For The World To Fall - Jars Of Clay (Ram) Large
Waiting For The World To Fall - Jars Of Clay (WMV) Small
Waiting For The World To Fall - Jars Of Clay (WMV) Medium
Waiting For The World To Fall - Jars Of Clay (WMV) Medium
Waiting For The World To Fall - Jars Of Clay (WMV) Large

Multi-Platinum and three time GRAMMY Award winning band Jars of Clay launched its career with its hit, “Flood,” in 1995. Since then, it’s amassed more than five million in career sales along with several RIAA certifications (5 Gold, 2 Platinum and 1 Double Platinum) an American Music Award nod, 17 No.1 radio hits, and numerous film credits and BMI honors for songwriting and performing.

Jars of Clay was invited to participate in the world’s most impactful concert event, Live 8, where they performed before a live audience in Philadelphia of more than 1 million people while the event was broadcast to an estimated 3 billion worldwide. The band has also recently made appearances on Good Morning America, Extra, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, CBS Early Show and has received substantial coverage by print outlets including USA Today, Reuters and the Associated Press.

The newest contribution from Jars of Clay, Redemption Songs, is a collection of soulful recordings crafted from ancient 18th century hymn texts and spiritual songs. Redemption Songs debuted at No. 1 on Nielsen SoundScan and has already produced the No. 1 radio hit “God Will Lift Up Your Head,” while standing at #14 on Apple iTunes’ Top 100 Albums chart.

While celebrated for its music and writing, Jars of Clay is most concerned with the needs in Africa. Compelled to make a difference, members Dan Haseltine, Stephen Mason, Matt Odmark and Charlie Lowell founded the Blood:Water Mission in early 2002. The first effort of this non-profit was the “1000 Wells Project” with a goal of raising funds to build, rebuild and repair 1000 wells in urban and rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. To date, 42 wells have been constructed bringing clean water to more than 34,000 people. For more information, please visit jarsofclay.com and bloodwatermission.com

02. Remembering You - Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman: I was very excited to be a part of something that is this historic. It’s a real privilege to have any kind of connection to The Chronicles of Narnia, this film is going to be so massive and its going to have such an impact on our culture. Great stories never die. And whenever you find a story that has all the elements that make a compelling adventure like Narnia, it doesn’t matter what time period or generation it’s being told to or read to, it’s still a great story and it captures your imagination.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe leaves me with a constant reminder... that every time I experience spring or new life or a new day, that these are a picture of redemption and of restoration. I want to remember what that means and what that represents, and that this truth is not just for things in the past, but also this hope is for the future.

I wrote the song “Remembering You” that is from the perspective of a lot of the characters in the book, it could be Lucy, it could be any of the children at the end of the story saying, “Whenever I see the first signs of spring, I’m going to be remembering you. I’m going to be remembering Aslan, remembering the story and what is to come.”


'Remembering You' (WMA)
'Remembering You' (Real)


Remembering You - Steven Curtis Chapman (Ram) Small
Remembering You - Steven Curtis Chapman (Ram) Large
Remembering You - Steven Curtis Chapman (WMV) Small
Remembering You - Steven Curtis Chapman (WMV) Small
Remembering You - Steven Curtis Chapman (WMV) Medium
Remembering You - Steven Curtis Chapman (WMV)

Chapman has been honored with five Grammy Awards, an American Music Award, two certified Platinum and seven Gold albums, nine million total albums sold, 43 #1 radio hits, among numerous other honors. Add to that a staggering 47 Dove Awards in his 18-year recording career. His current recording, All Things New, is his 14th project with Sparrow Records as well as the title of his recent, and most successful to date, nationwide 70+ city tour. Chapman has performed at the White House and has appeared on such outlets as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Hallmark Channel and E!. He has also taken on the role of producer and record label founder, helping to launch the career of Casting Crowns. A passionate advocate for adoption, Chapman and his family have established Shaohannah’s Hope, a foundation providing information and financial grants to families who desire to adopt. He is currently recording for his upcoming holiday CD, set to release this September. More information can be found at stevencurtischapman.com and shaohannahshope.org.

03. Open Up Your Eyes - Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp; I’ve always been intrigued by C.S. Lewis and his writing – I just finished another one of his books called the Great Divorce. So when I got the call I was thought this is amazing, I was honored.

The character that stood out for me was Edmund. You want to get frustrated with Edmund, like how can you be so selfish, how can you have such a selfish desire that you forget everybody else and their discernment on certain situations. But how many times am I so driven by my own selfish desires, and my own things that I want to do that I forget the warning signals of, hey this could be a bad situation, but I don’t want to hear it because this is something that I want to do, it’s my thing. I relate to him a lot.

The song I wrote is about opening up your eyes to see the warning signals of “don’t get involved in this, this could lead to danger”. To really see beyond the blinders of the selfish things that we want we want to do, that get in the way sometimes.

I remember reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as a kid. My mom would explain the meaning of the story, but to me it was a cool story with neat characters and I was enthralled with it. It’s geared towards kids, but I read it recently, and adults can definitely dig into this book and get so many things out of it.


'Open Up Your Eyes' (WMA)
'Open Up Your Eyes' (Real)


Open Up Your Eyes - Jeremy Camp (Ram) Small
Open Up Your Eyes - Jeremy Camp (Ram) Large
Open Up Your Eyes - Jeremy Camp (WMV) Small
Open Up Your Eyes - Jeremy Camp (WMV) Small
Open Up Your Eyes - Jeremy Camp (WMV) Medium
Open Up Your Eyes - Jeremy Camp (WMV) Large

From sales to radio and from media to touring, Jeremy Camp is continuing to make a definitive mark in the industry with his hit songs and ability to capture audiences of all ages. He is enjoying his role as father as he and his wife, Adrienne, welcomed the birth of their first child, Isabella Rose, in 2004. With seven No. 1 songs under his belt, Camp has garnered praise from such outlets as Billboard, CCM, CRW and R&R, Campus Life, Christianitytoday.com, CMCentral.com, among others. He has graced the covers of Pollstar, CCM, Breakaway and Christian Music Planet.

Camp’s first-ever DVD, “In24,” released last spring, and his songs have also been featured on many of the WOW projects. He is also headlining his second tour this fall. For more information, please visit JeremyCamp.com and RestoredTour.com.

04. Hero - Bethany Dillon

Bethany Dillon: When I was actually learning to read, first and second grade, my mom and I would kind of go through books where she would read a page and I would read a page. And we went through the Chronicles of Narnia together. And I just remember late at night laying in bed with her and reading the story and it connecting with me so much as a kid. I loved that it was a chapter book and I could actually get it at that age. Even now, I’m not that much older, I just finished reading the first book on the plane and it just moved me in a different way. I just love how that has so shaped my faith and the way that I see our stories. I just love it. I love those books.

I think movies and music, they are alike because they don’t have to do with the head that much. I think they’re more just things for the heart. Music moves me a lot. And I love movies. Those are my two favorite things. I love reading, but just not as much. I just love getting lost in story. And music feels like a story sometimes… good music does. And I think they both just reflect truth. I think they make things clearer and at the same time I think they stir up mystery. My favorite thing in most movies is the music. Just cause they are one in the same. They’re both just so deeply creative. And connect with people. You know, all people.

Being a part of this is so humbling and such a huge honor. Especially, just being this young and knowing that it’s meant a lot to a lot of people. I just think it’s a huge honor to be a part of it and I’m excited to see the movie myself.


'Hero' (WMA)
'Hero' (Real)


Hero - Bethany Dillon (Ram) Small
Hero - Bethany Dillon (Ram) Large
Hero - Bethany Dillon (WMV) Small
Hero - Bethany Dillon (WMV) Medium
Hero - Bethany Dillon (WMV) Medium
Hero - Bethany Dillon (WMV) Large

Acclaimed Sparrow singer/songwriter Bethany Dillon had the top-selling female solo debut in Contemporary Christian music in 2004. Produced by Ed Cash (Caedmon's Call, Bebo Norman), the 16-year-old's self-titled album included the #1 Christian radio hit "All I Need" and the Top 5 single "Beautiful." Nominated for three GMA Music Awards this year, including Female Vocalist and New Artist of the Year, Dillon has also been featured on the covers CCM, Campus Life and On Course magazines. Her highly anticipated sophomore effort, Imagination, released August 16 with Cash once again at the production helm. Later this fall, Dillon will be a special guest on Jeremy Camp's 40-city "Restored Tour." bethanydillon.com.

05. Stronger - delirious?

Multi-million selling UK-based Delirious? is credited for setting the standard for global worship/rock anthems and is regarded as the forerunners of the modern worship movement. Since its introduction to the American audience with its Gold-selling album, Cutting Edge (1998), the UK-based band has written such international classics as “I Could Sing of Your Live Forever,” “Deeper,” “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble,” “Majesty” and “Shout To The North.”

Following the bands humble beginnings leading worship in their local church, Delirious? has since developed a reputation for having one of the best live performances in the industry and has traversed the globe. The band has also toured with such internationally renowned artists as Matchbox 20, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. Arguably the most recognized international band in its genre with its music in over 100 countries, Delirious? is currently in the studio working on the follow up to its widely-acclaimed 2004 release, World Service. Additional Delirioius? information can be found at delirious.co.uk.


'Stronger' (WMA)
'Stronger' (Real)

06. Lion - Rebecca St. James

Rebecca St. James: I was so excited and immediately passionate about being a part of this project simply because I’ve been so personally inspired by the Narnia adventures myself! Most kids at some stage read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and I was one of those. I’ve also read the book as an adult as well. I am really gripped by the power and the symbolism of the story. As a Christian it is awesome to recognize Biblical characters creatively worked into such a dramatic plot.

I can’t even remember not knowing about The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and all of the Narnia books. They become part of your life, they just grip you. From my childhood on, I think the imaginative and creative aspects of the story have really appealed to me.

When I was thinking about what to write about in my song, the character I was drawn to the most was Aslan. I wanted to write a song from the perspective of one of the children, and so I chose to see him through Lucy’s eyes. At one point of the song I’m singing, “Wise eyes you see the core of me/ your gentleness melts me.” That’s what fascinates me about Aslan - he’s so gentle but you respect him so much. There’s a line in the book that says, “Is he safe?” and the response is “No, he’s not safe but he’s good.” The last line in the chorus of my song is ‘Feels like I’m living in the lions’ mouth, but the lion is an angel’.

I love the song that we’ve had a chance to record for this piece. When I first heard about this whole idea of doing a song for the Narnia soundtrack, I was just thrilled because, to me, the whole concept is so inspiring. I have just been really jazzed to be a part of writing a song for this.

I love how the song feels. My producer Shaun Shankel did a great job of musically portraying the lyric. The first line of the song is “mysterious that’s what I call you.” And mysterious, that’s what I call this song. It really has an almost moody, ethereal sense to it. It’s very dramatic and it just draws you in.

When we were in the studio, Shaun and I had a unique way of testing the song to see if it was fitting the atmosphere of the movie. We would mute the sound and watch the trailer while playing our song. When we were getting goose bumps while watching the two played together, we knew that we were onto something!

It’s so exciting to me to be a part of such a powerful, moving epic project that has already done so well as a book. From the technology that they are using on this piece to the acting, to the cinematography - everything has been so beautifully done. To see such a commitment to excellence and then to be asked to be a part of the music has been thrilling.


'Lion' (WMA)
'Lion' (Real)


Lion - Rebecca St. James (Ram) Small
Lion - Rebecca St. James (Ram) Large
Lion - Rebecca St. James (WMV) Small
Lion - Rebecca St. James (WMV) Small
Lion - Rebecca St. James (WMV) Medium
Lion - Rebecca St. James (WMV) Large

Australian born Rebecca St. James has throughout the ‘90’s until present had a defining presence in contemporary Christian music. With sales of her music soaring around the globe, her signature blend of modern pop/rock sensibilities and lyrics of unwavering devotion have blazed straight to the heart of an entire generation. A multiple Dove winner, her groundbreaking album Pray was certified gold by RIAA in 2005—joining earlier honors for God –which was also awarded America’s highest musical award—the Grammy®. With a career track that has to date included 17 top 10 singles, 9 of them reaching #1 on the charts, she has in the last few years also been recognized as a best selling CBA author with major books such as Wait For Me and SHE to her credit. Often called the “voice of her generation” in modern media her impact has been diversely felt from television appearances ranging from Hannity & Colmes to the 700 Club. Rebecca St. James remains a passionate global spokeswoman for Compassion International children’s ministry.

07. New World - tobyMac

tobyMac wants to start a revolution, one that will sweep through cities and erase the divisive lines that keep people and cultures apart, this Grammy-winning artist sees his opportunity in the society-shaping power of music. As a true artist, it's not his impressive sales (7 million albums with dcTalk, two solo projects nearly RIAA Gold status) heights or awards that fire up his voice, but rather it's an unwavering quest to make songs that connect and inspire all who hear them. Crafting the perfect songs to match his vision, tobyMac ignited the first spark with his second critically-acclaimed solo effort Welcome to Diverse City, which bowed in October 2004, received a Grammy nomination in 2005, and has already spawned three No.1 singles with “Gone”, “Atmosphere” and “Slam”.

Accentuating his celebrated career with dc talk, tobyMac made his solo bow in 2001 with the Grammy-nominated Momentum. The disc marked a return to tobyMac's hip-hop roots, the very style with which dc talk first emerged, and yet the rapper-singer once again finds himself branching out from this base. As the title implies, Diverse City is an album bursting with musical flavors and nuances, and yet this stylistic blend finds unity through faith as it's threaded through a melding urban rock and hip-hop frame. Reaching into a world of different sounds and cultures, this album knits it all together with a genuine artist's touch.


'New World' (WMA)
'New World' (Real)

08. I Will Believe - Nichole Nordeman

Nichole Nordeman: I heard the word Narnia, and wanted to be involved in any way I could. It’s such an unbelievable privilege to be able to speak into something artistically that has captivated generations of readers.

One of the themes that kept popping up for me from the beginning of the book to the end is that notion that form Lewis’s story, nothing is really as it seems. Everything seems to have this slight of hand, magical element to it. From the minute that Lucy steps into the wardrobe and realizes this isn’t just a wardrobe…you can’t wait to see resolution.

You know the story itself has so many different layers. C.S. Lewis, I think, in understanding his audience of children, knew that children have a lot of different layers. Some of those layers can involve dark and scary stuff. You know, the story can be frightening in some parts, and really mysterious in other parts, too. But I wanted to capture the relationship between the four children. And really focus on the whimsical nature of what their experience must have been walking through those doors for the first time. I wanted to write a song that would shine the light on what each of them brought to this story, and how significant those dynamics are to their experience.

I’m an enormous fan like billions of other people across the world of this book and of this series. And C.S. Lewis understands his audience better than just about anyone. And he understands the heart of a child but I also think he knew that a lot of adults would still be reading this well into their middle aged years. I’m just thrilled to be a really small drop of water in what I think is going to be a huge splash with this film. And I hope that this song stirs up some of the magic and the wonder that maybe as adults we forget about from our childhood years.


'I Will Believe' (WMA)
'I Will Believe' (Real)


I Will Believe - Nichole Nordeman (Ram) Small
I Will Believe - Nichole Nordeman (Ram) Large
I Will Believe - Nichole Nordeman (WMV) Small
I Will Believe - Nichole Nordeman (WMV) Medium
I Will Believe - Nichole Nordeman (WMV) Medium
I Will Believe - Nichole Nordeman (WMV) Large

Nichole Nordeman is the two-time Dove Award-winning Female Vocalist of the Year and critically acclaimed songwriter who helped put the words "intelligent" and "introspective" back into the Christian music dictionary.

After the birth of a baby boy and a nearly two year sabbatical from all things professional, the woman known for writing evocative songs like "Holy," "Every Season" and "Legacy", reaches into her songwriter's heart and offers her newest work, BRAVE, and “I Will Believe” for Music Inspired By: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Her current offerings come from nearly two years away from the music scene and from experiencing the magnificent challenges of marriage and raising a child.

Nichole Nordeman continues to deliver the heart-bending ballads that have been the hallmark of her career since her first recording in 1998.

09. Turkish Delight - David Crowder Band

Stretching the musical boundaries of worship music and widely known for his engaging live performance, David Crowder has captured the attention of such significant media as the New York Times, CNN, FOX News and more. Nominated for three GMA Music Awards this year, the path of illumination has been an adventurous one for the band. Following its own headline tours, a major tour with Michael W. Smith and MercyMe and two very successful side recordings, The Lime CD and Sunsets & Sushi – Experiments In Spectral Deconstruction, their highly anticipated, third national release, A Collision, releases Sept. 27. The album follows the band’s No. 1 selling 2003 release, Illuminate. The first Christian artist to foster a partnership with M-Audio/Propellerhead’s Reason software, Crowder is also the namesake behind premiere guitar maker Tom Anderson Guitarworks’s Crowdster Acoustic. Despite the success, David Crowder Band makes it a point to get back to University Baptist Church on most Sunday’s, a church they helped found on the campus of Baylor University in Waco, TX. For more information, visit www.DavidCrowderBand.com.


'Turkish Delight' (WMA)
'Turkish Delight' (Real)

10. More Than It Seems - Kutless

BEC Recordings/Tooth&Nail band Kutless continues to break the boundaries of Christian rock music. With their self-titled release in 2002, Kutless became the top selling new artist of the year and fastest selling BEC/Tooth & Nail band in label history. Kutless has gone on to sell over 500,000 units to date while garnering 5 #1 Rock singles, 3 top 5 CHR singles, including the #1 “Strong Tower”, and 1 top 5 AC single. Kutless, a relentless touring band, has played 550 shows in 3 years and has been seen by over 1.5 million people. Kutless will headline their third tour this fall off of the success of their best selling record to date, Strong Tower.


'More Than It Seems' (WMA)
'More Than It Seems' (Real)

11. You're The One - Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin: This is the most relevant story of the world – it’s the story of all of us, of all mankind. That there is a place, a home that we all belong to, and all of us were created for it, and somewhere along the way we have taken off our own roads, and made decisions that have led us away, and believed lies and it has led us away from this place that we belong. There is someone that will make a way back for us, a hero that will save the day.

I think the song is pretty much there, finally. I sit at a piece of paper forever, and I’ve probably scribbled through so many different ideas – I’ve probably written five pages of lyrics to try to find exactly what I was trying to say. The song is called, “You’re the One” and it’s written from Edmund’s point of view – his wandering away and wondering if he can ever come back. I love this idea – that he knows in his heart that there’s more that he’s missing, and he’s wondering if he can get back to where everybody else is. They’ve found Aslan, and they know he’s the one, and Edmund also knows he’s the one, but he’s scared because he’s living as a slave. The idea is that he knows he’s the one and he’s calling out to the one who’s going to save him. The first verse, I’m very excited about, “I heard your song coming over a hill/ and know it seemed like the world stood still/ and you were singing and melody that caught me by surprise/ and it sounded familiar to me like I’ve heard it all my life.” It’s this idea that I know there’s something in me, I’ve heard this all my life, I’m hearing it for the first time but I think I’ve known it all my life, that there’s a place I’m going to and you’re the one I’m going to.


'You're The One' (WMA)
'You're The One' (Real)

Music Inspired By Narnia Trailer

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News for Sep. 02, 2005

Stansborough Fibres: Weaving Their Way Through Hollywood

9/02/05, 2:13 pm EST - Xoanon

Cheryl writes: We recently came across your Narnia link website with all the Narnia info etc and wondered if you and your fans would be intersted to know the following.

Stansborough worked directly with the costume creators for the wonderful production. We are a small unique weaving company in New Zealand and worked directly with Isis and her team to design and create suitable fabrics for many of the main characters for this incredible movie. Stansborough produces all its own rare and unusual yarns to weave authentic fabrics which fit specific eras for the movie industry. Their yarns are some of the rarest in the world and are the only ones which can be used to recreate these unique textiles to obtain the same drape, handle, lustre and vibrant colour so evident during the filming. These unqiue primitive fibres are also all traditionally woven on our looms which date back to the 1890's.

Stansborough is currently obtaining license from Disney to reproduce many of the authentic costumes and textiles designed and specifically woven for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

We cannot give out many details at this point in time , but we do have many images, taken during production of many of the actual cotumes being worn by these unique characters. We can tell you however, that Stansborough designed, colour coordinated and created the textiles for the following costumes. Stansborough's rare and origininal lambswool was used to make Lucy's cardigan and hat, the childrens's gowns, some tunics & jackets, Mr Tumnus's scarf, all the Red & Gold Dwarfs Tunics, all the Red and Gold Fabrics for the Centaurs (male and female). Orieus's tunic and sashes, many of stansborough's natural curly grey pelts were also used for several characters.

We are reproducing all these fabrics and some will be available as finished costumes, to give the fans more exact authentic replicas.

We would love to be part of your site and thought you should know of all our hardwork, hours of development and design during this production. It was wonderful to work with such a creative team and get such incredible feedback as the story unfolded during filming.

In case you are not aware, Stansborough also worked with Ngila Dickson on the Lord of the Rings, to produce many textiles, but the most famous of the 1,000 metres we produced for this, was the Fellowship Cloaks which we now have world wide license to reproduce. We also recently worked on a BBC production to clothe the main characters of their 1700's series of Kidnapped.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing your comments.
Kindest regards

Cheryl, Barry & Kiri Eldridge
Stansborough Fibres Ltd
PO Box 9120
New Zealand

Ph +64 4 566 5591
Fx +64 4 566 5592

Specialty Weavers for the Movie Industry!

News for Aug. 15, 2005

Aslan on the Move: Narnia Revisited

8/15/05, 4:32 pm EST - Xoanon

Larry Linenschmidt writes: I just saw your post on TheOneRing. I was the house manager at Oxbridge, and am delighted to read of good times there.

The info on our retreat in Texas is below. Maybe you would like to post this on TheOneRing for those who might be interested?

Announcing the Third Annual Southwest Regional Retreat of the C.S. Lewis Foundation and The Hill Country Institute for Contemporary Christianity

"Aslan on the Move: Narnia Revisited"

Date: November 18 – 20, 2005

Location: Camp Allen Episcopal Retreat Center, Navasota, Texas

What to bring: A love for God, curiosity, questions, an eagerness for learning, a desire for Christian fellowship, and an appreciation of spiritually uplifting entertainment.

Dear friends,

This year’s retreat will feature commentary on C.S. Lewis’ wonderful collection of stories for both children and adults, The Chronicles of Narnia are a wonder of delight for both young and old, and, as in 2004, we will offer programs for both adults and children.

Our speakers for the adult portion of the weekend will be Dr. Louis Markos of Houston Baptist University and Dr. Paul Ford of St. John’s Catholic Seminary in Camarillo, California. They will lead us into the wonderful world of Narnia and explore the characters, themes and timely lessons Lewis developed in this Christian fantasy world, where Aslan moves and breathes unexpected life. You need only bring a desire to learn, live, and grow. Lewis believed we needed more good Christian stories to be told, and we can use his insights and skill to bless others as we learn about Christian storytelling with purpose and continue our own spiritual journeys.

Like all C.S. Lewis Foundation and Hill Country Institute conferences and retreats, “Aslan on the Move: Narnia Revisited” will feed us spiritually, challenge us intellectually, and entertain us wholeheartedly. Additional entertainment will be featured throughout the weekend.

Camp Allen is the ideal setting for a peaceful retreat that succors body, mind, and soul. Nestled in the rich pine forest of Navasota, Texas, northwest of Houston, it offers walking trails, canoeing, horseback riding, and other outdoor activities for your enjoyment during free time.

"Aslan on the Move: Narnia Revisited" will surely provide you and your family with the perfect respite before the frenzy of the holiday season.

Save these dates and go to www.campallen.org to register for the conference and to learn more about Camp Allen. For information on costs and to register, click on Online Registration for Selected Events. For additional information on the C.S. Lewis Foundation and the retreat, go to www.cslewis.org

Under the mercy,

Larry Linenschmidt
Conference Coordinator/Co-Host
Executive Director
Hill Country Institute for Contemporary Christianity

News for Aug. 10, 2005

Narnia Set Report 4 - The Stone Table

8/10/05, 11:41 am EST - Xoanon

[Set Report 1] [Set Report 2] [Set Report 3]

By Tehanu

This week I visit in the evening. One film crew is working early morning until mid-afternoon; the second unit starts at 1 pm and works until 1 am. Before seeing them, I have a look at some places that are starting to look familiar - the courtyard of the Witch’s house, and the great hall of Cair Paravel. The courtyard has the same feel as the audience hall I saw the other week - heavy, gloomy architecture loaded with ice and snow. The icicles are made of fibreglass. The sharp smell of fibreglass fills the courtyard. It’s an exciting smell that I remember from the past, when I would watch my brother hatch a new kayak out of its mould, all ready to paint and finish. You can make so many things out of fibreglass that the very smell of it seems ripe with imagination.

What a team of eleven sculptors has made for Narnia are dozens of creatures: Narnians who have been frozen into stone by the Witch. They’re amazing sculptures - somehow their surfaces are deeply textured, with the fur matted up into sharp points like wet hair, and yet completely grey and lifeless. I can see from a bear’s broken paw that each creature is built around a polystyrene core with the fibreglass forming a rind on the outside. But it’s incredibly detailed modelling, and the poses are lifelike. You can see eyes, hair, teeth, all in the same grey stone-like substance. The expressions of fear and despair on their faces are vivid and unsettling.

The courtyard is snowy with strangely waxy but realistic-looking fake snow. A dead tree hung with icicles stands in the middle of it, with a stone eagle frozen onto it. Other creatures are scattered about, paused in violent action. I see a male and female centaur, a bear, a panther, a griffin, a giant (modelled on a real big guy, I hear), and a faun. I can’t confirm whether he is Tumnus, who might suffer that fate after his time in the dungeon. There is a lioness. I don’t see a stone lion for Aslan to wake. He may have been there earlier - according to my guide Ernie, there were around 70 stone creatures here when they were filming. Now this set is ready to demolish, and many of the stone creatures have been moved down to the South Island where they’ll be part of the great battle scene.

I rather like the idea of Aslan waking a lioness with his breath, rather than a lion. It would be very sweet. It wouldn’t conflict with the personality of the lion that Lewis wrote, for he has a charming ditziness about him. Making him a lioness instead also has the advantage that once the stone creature comes to life, the film audience can’t possibly confuse her with Aslan.

The next place we visit is not finished yet. It’s the great hall of Cair Paravel, and it has about a week to go. The pillars I saw being painted and gilded last time are now in position. The room feels more like a large, airy church, with rows of arches between the pillars. The floor is covered with mosaic patterns, alternating marble and ceramic. Soft creams, pinks and greens predominate. Banks of lights lie in wait behind the arches, ready to give the illusion of brilliant daylight outside the arched windows.

Dominating one part of the hall is a huge window of stained glass that reaches from the ceiling almost to the floor. Panes of colour fan out like peacock’s tails and there are panels filled with leaves and blossoms in soft colour. Because it looks vaguely church-like, I’m on the lookout for saints, crosses, roses and hearts. I wonder if Christian imagery from our world would cross over into Narnia, but of course Narnia’s history is different from our own. Really I should be looking for an image of the Stone Table where one of our buildings would have a cross. In Cair Paravel the symbols of Good are images of Spring, and everywhere you see the forms and colours of buds and blooms, full of the promise of life and growth.

Moving on from there, we go to the working set for this night. This is the Stone Table! It’s in a huge aircraft hangar. Inside it they have set up a whole hilltop, covered in live grass and grey stones that poke up through the soil. Broad steps of lichen-blotched stone lead up to the stone platform at the top. Time or cataclysm has cracked the steps from top to bottom. The table however is still whole. It has the by-now-familiar look of evil in Narnia: it is low, squat, heavy and square. A deep groove or bevel runs around the sides, with words carved into it in a script that looks vaguely like Greek, only with more curves. It’s in separate letters, not cursive like Elvish or angular like runes. Shattered-looking grey standing stones, maybe 15 feet high, surround the Stone Table on three sides.

All this is hard to observe because the set is in a state of complete frenzy. Dozens of people are running round carrying cables or manipulating lights or setting up the camera on a crane (which means we will see overhead shots of all this eventually). The extras are on set already, generally getting in the way since filming looks nowhere near ready. Big ugly giants in fat suits sit and sweat, not wearing their latex giant heads yet. (One of the mask makers I talk to later says jokingly that they aren’t wearing fat suits, and don’t really need the ugly masks either, but that is just slander.) A ragged mob is being formed while somebody sorts out the paraffin-dipped torches that they will wave around when the time comes. There is all the purposeful pandemonium of film sets that keeps the adrenaline pumping for everyone involved.

In complete contrast to this is the model of Aslan. Two models in fact, which lie utterly still in the midst of all the chaos. One lies bound and haltered on top of the Table, and I can’t get near this one because of the crowds of film crew. I think the lion on the Table is the animatronic Aslan, which I’ve heard exists, despite the claim that Aslan will be “95% CGI”. They will need something solid that the Witch’s minions can handle physically and that can perhaps respond to the jeering crowds. But there is a second Aslan lying abandoned to one side of the set, where I can get right up close. He looks amazingly real, right down to the gleaming half-closed eyes, the full dark mane, the stained ivory of his teeth and the tufted fur on his enormous paws. (Ever notice how some great cats - and housecats - develop these tufts that grow out between the pads of their feet?)

I should be feeling something more - awe maybe? After all, this is Aslan! But it comes to me, not for the first time, that film is an art that combines a world of different talents to create magic. No one thing has that magic inside of it. The actors are just people, their lines just words, the music just tunes, this Aslan just a prop. But hundreds of highly talented people, maybe over a thousand people, will put their best inspiration and hard work into combining the hundreds of elements that make a movie. As anyone knows who has been awed and moved and inspired by a film, the sum of the whole is greater than the parts. This props Aslan is nothing like the one we will see when when he is part of the drama and tension of the story, when there is music and lighting and sound and speech to give him meaning.

But he is beautiful. I lift one of the limbs, and it is soft and covered in coarse, realistic-looking fake fur. Basically he’s a giant soft toy, but much more convincing. He’s tied with a kind of rough black cord, and a halter binds his jaws shut. As in the book, you feel that it could never have held him without his consent, and yet there is something malignant about the bindings, and the way the body lies there so limp and pathetic.

Sadly I have to leave before seeing the dramatic scene enacted on the Stone Table - they are a long way from being ready to start, and my guide can’t stay until they begin. But I do get to talk to some of the magicians who make the masks and bring them to life in front of the camera, and that will be the subject of my next report.

News for Jul. 19, 2005

DVD Tuesday: Swinton's 'Constantine'

7/19/05, 10:35 am EST - Xoanon


In the grand scheme of theological thrillers, Constantine aspires for the greatness of The Exorcist but ranks more closely with The Order. Based on the popular Hellblazer comic book series, and directed with nary a shred of intelligence by music video veteran Francis Lawrence, it's basically The Matrix with swarming demons instead of swarming machines. Keanu Reeves slightly modifies his Matrix persona as John Constantine, who roams the dark-spots of Los Angeles looking for good-evil, angel-devil half-breeds to ensure that "the balance" between God and Satan is properly maintained. An ancient artifact and the detective twin of a woman who committed evil-induced suicide (Rachel Weisz) factor into the plot, which is taken so seriously that you'll want to stand up and cheer when Tilda Swinton swoops down as the cross-dressing angel Gabriel and turns this silliness into the camp-fest it really is. The digital effects are way cool (dig those hellspawn with the tops of their heads lopped off!), so if you don't mind a juvenile lesson in pseudo-Catholic salvation, Constantine is just the movie for you! [Order 'Constantine (2-Disc Deluxe Edition with Comic Book)' on Amazon.com Today!] [Order 'Constantine (Widescreen Edition)' on Amazon.com Today!]

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