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September 29, 2003 - October 12, 2003


December 5th Screening of ROTK?
Xoanon @ 11:11 am EST
supermaneight writes: The American Film Institute in Silver Spring MD is planning a screening of Return of the King on December 5th.

These tickets will go on sale soon and will be available to members only of the theater. Memberships run anywhere from $30 to thousands and there will probably be prefence given to those with higher memberships. I don't know how high, but I'm guessing members 100 and over will be first.

What I know right now is that tickets will cost $25 each (in addition to being a member) and there will probably be a limit of 2 per membership. The theater holds about 400 and it will probably sell out fast. While I actually don't like the idea of seeing ROTK early I want fans of the films to know about this.

Tickets may go on sale as early as this week and they will be available online (I think) at www.afi.com/silver.


Hidden Images in LOTR?
maegwen @ 10:55 pm EST
Wild Bill writes: Hello, after reading a recent article on your site about a possible hidden image of Peter Jackson from what looked to be a still frame from TTT extended, I decided to email you 2 images that I have noticed to be just like that. The first is from the Fellowship, so if it's already been reported and I missed it, I apologize.

What's that in the Flames, Precious?

The image in the Fellowship is from Chapter 16 after Gandalf communicates with the little flying critter, it flashes to falling trees and orcs and such. The image "in question" is when an orc is tossing a log into the fire, there is what appears to be a face in the wall, somewhat hidden by a flame. I see this every time and it's been driving me nuts.

Is that a Ship or a Shadow?

The second image is from TTT, Chapter 30, entitled "Arwen's Fate." Arwen is standing by Aragorn's grave in tears - what I spotted was a ship sailing in the clouds behind her, hinting the ship the elves set sail on.

Hopefully these images don't make me look insane, or someone who just saw the obvious and assumed he's the only one. Either way, here's the images. Maybe you have a better way to get the images, mine were taken with a webcam looking at my TV.


ROTK Score Complete?
Xoanon @ 12:17 pm EST
Could it be? Could it be complete? Have the folks left Abby Road and has PJ headed back to NZ to finish his work first hand? Will Shore score LOTR no more?! Well according to our spy inside Anvil Studios the ROTK score is all but wrapped up!

Vincent Smalls writes: I just thought I'd drop you a mail with the last of the ADR & score at Anvil Studios. I shall quote from the Newsletter: 'At Anvil, "Lord Of The Rings" will conclude on the 2nd October, with the clients ecstatic with the level of service and support. Well done!'

If I can supply any further info about more in-depth details, I wont hesitate to contact.

All the best,

Vincent Smalls


Richard Taylor on ROTK Progress!
Xoanon @ 3:19 pm EST
Radagast sends in this direct quote from WETA frontman Richard Taylor. Seems the team down in New Zealand are going for perfection in their third outing! Take a look!

RICHARD TAYLOR: Another week has just been added to filming the pick-ups and we now still have two weeks to go. We have to deliver the complete film in five weeks (Nov. 1st) and because we're still filming, it's a bit tight. Peter is still in London, editing the film while doing the orchestral music with Howard Shore, and every day he corresponds with Weta Digital and the other departments, by video conferencing, to keep the machine going forward. He'll be coming back to Wellington in early October.

Meanwhile the second-unit directors are directing the acting on set, because there's a necessity to get more and more detail. I think it's admirable that both Peter and New Line are willing to push it to the limit. Considering they've had such a huge success with the first two films, there might be a natural tendency to rest up a little bit, but never, ever would Peter do that, and now he has pushed to make the third film the greatest film he could ever have created. That's required him putting a huge effort into getting the film as heavy in textural detail as he possibly can get, in order to keep the integrity of the overall visuals going.


Yet More Collectormania Reports
maegwen @ 7:07 pm EST
Haddy and friends write in with another report from Collectormania 4, and some nice pictures of Elijah and Dom.

Dominic Monaghan at Collectormania 4 Elijah Wood at Collectormania 4

Me and my friends arrived at Milton Keynes at about 4am Sunday morning and sat in the freezing cold until we were eventually let in at about 9am. The queue for Elijah was already extremely long and so we joined it immediately to get our tickets. We were approx. 100th to be seen so we went to pick up tickets to see Dominic and Sean.

The centre was buzzing by 10am and it was already clear that people were going to be disappointed - only 1000 tickets were to be handed out for each guest and they had almost gone already.

We didn't see Elijah for a couple of hours but when we did it was worth the wait :-)

We weren't encouraged to take pictures WITH him due to the lack of time to see all guests but I managed to spend enough time with him to make me overly-excited and, as my friend ended up in the same giggly predicament she also knocked Elijah's coke all over his desk......not a good first impression!

Dom was just as nice, it didnt take long for our tickets to be called out and we were getting our pictures and autographs before we knew it. He was really nice and friendly as was Sean Astin, who we were allowed to spend a little more time with.

The whole day was amazing, the guests nicer beyond all hope and plenty of memorabilia to keep us little hobbits busy for hours!

Haddy xx
(plus Abi, Rachael, Rosie, Gabby, Tasha, and Sophie)

* * *

Calogero writes: I was at the event on Friday, I went specifically to see Lawrence Makoare, Brent Mcintyre, and Sala Baker (for the second time, I met him at the last one).

While I was there I was disappointed to see again that Sala Baker had no queue, he didn't last time either, which is strange as he is Sauron. But Lawrence Makoare had a big queue most of the time, and Lawrence was such a nice guy, he was so friendly, as was Sala Baker again, and Brent Mcintyre was really cool, but seemed a little shy.

I also waited for one and a half hours to see Kristanna Loken, but it was worth the wait. She was so great, and seemed pleased to meet the fans.

I also went to meet Neil and Adrian Rayment, and I also met Robert Davi. I just got back from the screening of The Two Towers, and on sunday I am seeing Fellowship Of The Ring, and then going back on Monday to meet Elijah Wood, Andy Serkis, Sean Astin and Dominic Monaghan.

Billy Boyd on stage in Edinburgh
maegwen @ 5:34 pm EST
Ringer Spy Aleta writes: I just attended the Royal Scottish National Orchestra classic children's concert, Magic and Monsters, at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh with my youngest daughter. Billy Boyd was there, narrating a brand new piece. Here's my report:

Well, we're back! I wish I could have frozen ourselves in time to make it all last longer. The Royal Scottish National Orchestra was first-class, along with the RSNO Junior Chorus (about 100 kids). Most of the music was familiar, including the theme from Babe, overture of the Magic Flute, Fantasia & The Sorcerer's Apprentice. There were several compositions I hadn't heard, but had a familiar style--one was kind of like the theme from Jaws.

In honour of Billy Boyd being there, the orchestra played several tunes from Lord of the Rings--I want to say that you haven't heard the Lord of the Rings music until you've heard it played live by a full orchestra!!! That was the highlight for me. Oh, the shivers when Fellowship theme boomed through the concert hall, and goosebumps when they played the Hobbiton theme. The Junior Chorus sang the song that's sung during the closing credits of FotR.

Then Billy came out (amidst great shouts, whistling & stomping by the delighted audience, young and old alike) and narrated a brand-new piece called "Misterstourworm and the Kelpie's Gift" (about 15 minutes long, by Savourna Stevenson, words by Stuart Paterson) while the orchestra played out the story. Really fun to see him put his heart & soul into the narration. It was about a flying water-horse who tempted unwary travellers on to its back only to drown them as it plunged back down into the depths, then the story of Misterstourworm (I love the way Billy pronounced that), a terrible, fire-breathing, snake-like monster. The music was played in Peter-and-the-Wolf-style, but with added narration. It was an exciting story, and I wish I had it written down to read it again. In the end the dragon gets burned by its own fire, and when it dies in the water, the bits of the dragon that weren't burnt turned gradually into the Hebridean Islands off the west coast of Scotland.

The last tune was, of course, the William Tell Overture. Everybody clapped & stomped their feet (on the most expensive wood floor in the most of us will ever see--the conductor's words) all the way through, and the best part was that Billy conducted the whole WTO!! He was hilarious, and kept turning around, smiling & waving at the audience, leaning back and going through gyrations while he actually conducted the orchestra. I think he was enjoying himself as much as the audience!

Our seats were in the Grand Circle (normally the most expensive seats, but cheaper since it was a children's concert), looking down on the huge stage from the front right-hand side so we could see every instrument. The sad thing was that no photographs were allowed at all--something to do with fear of child pornography :>( Usually, in that kind of lighting from that far away, no photos would have come out anyway. I might have just tried to sneak a couple, but I we had an official-looking lady usher sitting almost right behind us, and I knew she'd come up behind and tap me on the shoulder if I got out my camera. No one else took pictures either, except for the guy from the newspaper with the huge lens, so we'll be watching the papers the next few days.

So, there's my report. Sorry I couldn't send you any photos. I wish I could have picked up the whole stage & concert and sent it to you, along with Billy!

I really enjoy theonering.net. Thanks!

Peter Jackson's Secret Cameo?
maegwen @ 9:53 am EST
He's been a carrot-chomping resident of Bree in 'Fellowship of the Ring,' a rock-hurler at Helm's Deep in 'The Two Towers' .... But now, Ringer Spy Jenisa points out what may possibly be Peter Jackson's most cleverest disguise of all!!

Peter Jackson's Secret Cameo?

Hi! I was on your site a couple of days ago, going through your gallery and I came across this pic. The person said it was a still from the Two Towers. I dont doubt that is it, it's just that I found it was curious about what I saw in it. Right smack in the middle I noticed Peter Jackson in it..lol Sound crazy I know, but I wouldnt be so persistant if it wasn't the first thing that I saw when I viewed it. Just have a look-see and I sent the pic with a circle to indicate where I saw him, lol... So yeah, looks like he is pointing at us!

Have a good day,

Bochum, Germany

* * *

maegwen here, tongue firmly in cheek, and I have to say that I've never been one of those people who were any good at "Magic Eye" puzzles or "Where's Waldo?" ... but I actually see Peter in the rocks too, lol. By the way, check out the original TTT:EE image here.


Australian Screenings of the Trilogy
maegwen @ 10:19 am EST
Ringer Spy Helen writes: I am sending a copy of info received yesterday from Birch, Caroll and Coyle Cinemas - might be of interest to OZ Ringers...

Dear Helen,

Thank you for your email.

Please see the following media release regarding the Lord of the Rings films. Please note no official dates or screening locations have been annouced but it is likely movie marathons with each of the 3 films will be screening at cinemas in December/January. This will be advertised on our website in November or December.


Roadshow Films, August 29, 2003 - Leading up to the December 26 release of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, the final film in Peter Jackson's epic dramatic trilogy, Roadshow Films will release a limited number of 35mm prints of the Special Extended Editions of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers in theatres across Australia. The announcement was made today by Joel Pearlman, Managing Director of Roadshow Films.

"These films have undergone an incredible journey, from production to theatrical release around the world, to great success in their extended form on DVD," Pearlman said. "The release of the third film affords us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give audiences a compelling new theatrical experience of Peter Jackson's sprawling vision for this trilogy."

From December 11 - 17, the studio will release a limited number of 35mm prints of the Special Extended Edition of The Fellowship of the Ring in cities across the country. On December 18 - 24, these prints will be replaced with Special Extended Edition prints of The Two Towers. The official opening of the final of the trilogy, Return Of The King will be boxing day, December 26, 2003.

Advance ticketing for the special extended presentations is expected to commence mid November.


Tiny appetite-whetting spy report
Tehanu @ 2:32 am EST
"Return of the King looks to be an absolute stunner."

That's the word from an insider. Ringer Spy Loree was also able to add that there is some work going on currently reshooting the Elven boat sailing into the West. Recent jobs seen around the place involve minatures for the Grey Havens and the City of the Dead. [I'm not sure if that means the Rath Dinen, or some scary non-book thing to do with the Paths of the Dead - Tehanu]

I'm hoping the reshoots of the elven boat sailing into the West is part of the general drive to strengthen the emotional content of the film.

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