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September 24, 2001 - October 06, 2001


Get Your Tickets Here!
Xoanon @ 1:10 pm EST
Well...not really..sorry. But Ringer Spy Stefan sends along his report on a LOTR presentation in Cologne, Germany. Take a look!

Today is my birthday and to my pity its also the day that Frodo gets wounded at Weathertop in our favorite story. As a gift from my wife I received two tickets for a Lord of the Rings presentation at Mayersche Bookstore in Cologne, Germany.

I just wanted to inform the community that on November 3rd there is some kind of Lord of the Rings event going on at Mayersche Bookstore in Cologne, Germany.

It reads: Gandalf presents.... The Lord of the Rings Book - Games - Film free choice of seat 10 Deutschmarks Saturday Nov.3 2001 at 18.30 h Mayersche Bookstore Neumarkt-Galerie 50667 Cologne Germany

Well what exactly it is, I dont know. If its just an event to sell stuff or if somebody reads parts of the book or even footage or goodies of the NEW film are shown, I do not know.

Who this GANDALF impersonator is I dont know either but he will have to give a good reason to claim this name or Ill go there dressed as a Balrog and block the entrance screaming: YOU CANNOT PASS !!


Cannes Footage screenings in NYC!
Xoanon @ 8:46 pm EST
From: serviam

I'm writing to report that 29, 30 & October 1st, New Line is holding a series of screenings of the 26 minutes of LOTR footage previously viewed at the Cannes Film Festival and other locations. I'm assuming that the invitations were sent out to media outlets and press (I can ONLY assume, as I was out sick from work on Friday when the publication I work for [the A&F Quarterly] received its invitation, so I haven't actually SEEN the thing; I only heard about it because a thoughtful co-worker (bless 'im) called me at home while I was convalescing).

My co-worker gave me the number of an automated screening-reservation line provided by the P.R. firm that's handling the firm. A quick call to a human-being-operated line listed on the recording enabled me to find out the location of the screening and all the available times (21 in all). I made my reservation for sunday's 6:30pm showing. At five o'clock, I caught a Long Island Rail Road train from my (so sick she couldn't come with me, much to our mutual chagrin) girlfriend's apartment into The City. I tried to use the time wisely--instead of staring into the windy, rainy night through the windows, I finished off Clive Barker's wonderful work of dark fantasy, Weaveworld. Thank goodness Barker's so good, or I might have been completely incapacitated by the mix of anticipation and trepidation I felt about the footage. Of course, I'd seen all the reviews, for which the word "rave" seemed woefully inadequate, but my hopes for this movie are higher than those for any other film I can remember. (This coming from a man who has a tattoo of the Rebel Alliance insignia on his right arm--in other words, there have been other movies in recent years that i've looked forward to for some time.) I met up with my good friend and fantasy afficinado Ken in Penn Station, and away we went, by subway and foot, to our destination.

As we entered the lobby we could hear the sounds from the 6pm screening bleeding through the doors. Not wanting anything spoiled, I threw on my headphones and blasted the latest Tool record, successfully drowning out even the Balrog (Tool can do that). The doors opened promptly at 6:30, spilling out about 20 thoroughly impressed industry types. (Even New Line studio flacks seemed legitimately pleased by what they'd seen.) Ken and I took our place in the screening room's lush seats, and almost within seconds, the lights went down, and the film began.

At this point, words fail me.

Others have summarized the contents of the Cannes footage, and I won't rehash their work. I will simpy add my voice to the growing chorus of people who have boldly proclaimed that nothing--and I mean NOTHING--can prepare you for how absolutely INCREDIBLE this film is. The teasers, the trailers, the interviews, the spy reports--impressive as they are--are incapable of conveying the truth of the matter: What P.J. and company have done here is not just good, not just great, but PERFECT.




I literally had not a single complaint. I was transfixed from beginning to end. I was totally convinced by everything--the sets, the scenery, the costumes, the effects, the creatures, (most crucially) the performances. There is quite simply not a single off note. I came away with certain impressions that stand out in retrospect--how perfectly Ian Holm has captured Bilbo's charm...how utterly convincing the Cave Troll is (of course it doesn't look "real"--nothing that ISN'T real "looks real"--but it's only that semantic distinction that keeps you from believing it'll leap out of the screen and come after YOU next)...how Hugo Weaving, in his portrayal of Elrond, somehow managed to convey centuries of hardship and sorrow in a mere look upon seeing the One Ring for the first time since his comrade Isildur defied his advice an Age ago...how a second-long glimpse of Miranda Otto as Eowyn left me wondering whether Aaragorn's heart could stand the strain of being near her...how John Noble as Denethor's one-line appearance made me ache for the loss of Boromir as though he were my own son...how Moria is every bit as awesome as the greatest city the dwarves ever constructed should be (as my friend Ken put it, "The problem with fantasy films up until this point is that no one was willing to spend the money it takes to convey the scope of how these things appear in your mind...but that WAS the scope of how those things appeared in my mind!")...how Sam--I mean Sean Astin--NO, I mean SAM--is indeed the best friend a hobbit could have...I could, and probably will, go on for hours. It truly is that good, my friends, even for a person who's invested so much mental and emotional energy in Tolkien's world over the years that anything short of perfection would be treason. It bears repeating: it's perfect. Absolutely perfect.

A final thought: As I waited for the subway to take me back to Penn Station, I looked at a sign that read "Subway Service As Of September 19." The seemingly banal announcement that changes had occurred in subway service that bore posting brought crashing home the horrible images of the catastrophe that necessitated those changes. A catastrophe, I suddenly realized, that had been completely banished from my mind for 26 glorious minutes. But the footage I saw was no balm of forgetfulness; it offered more than mere oblivion. It offered the knowledge that good can, and must, triumph over evil. It offered the hope that even the littlest of us can make that happen. It made me realize that this film--this story--is exactly what we need. Coming full circle, Barker once told me (no, I'm not above name-dropping) that his fondest hope was to share his dream-life with as many people as possible. Peter Jackson has taken it upon himself to do exactly that with the dreams of J.R.R. Tolkien. Now more than ever, let us be grateful that he's succeeded. And believe me, he has, he has, he has.

Enya IS Working on LOTR Music!
Xoanon @ 1:20 pm EST
This comes to me from an insider in London, seems that Enya was there recently (or at least she recorded some music recently that was there) along with Howard Shore working on some LOTR music, read on!

I have a few friends who were (snipped due to secrecy) with Enya last week in London.

I think they had to sign a confidentiality agreement, so I'm not sure they can talk anyway, but I can confirm that her song is covering the closing credits, it's in English, and the backing is a full orchestra with various interesting percussion (tam-tams etc) and a large choir humming.

I couldn't discover the name of the song. The studios were in North London, I think.

They did say that Howard Shore was one of the most laid-back conductors they ever worked for! Not in a bad way: just very, very relaxed!

He conducted all the sessions. I'm not sure if Enya was there herself, I think she might have recorded her part already.

I only know the percussion section was large and varied, with different types of drums.


Weekly Cast Watch
Xoanon @ 9:20 pm EST
Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn)

28 Days (2000)
Walk on the Moon, A (1999)
Thin Red Line, The (1998) UK
Psycho (1998) UK
Albino Alligator (1996)
Passion of Darkly Noon, The (1995)
Crew, The (1994)
American Yakuza (1994)
Ruby Cairo (1993)
Two Small Bodies (1993)
Fresh Horses (1988) UK
Witness (1985)

Liv Tyler (Arwen)

Onegin (1999) UK
Plunkett & Macleane (1999)
U Turn (1997) UK
Stealing Beauty (1996)
Heavy (1995)

Ian Holm (Bilbo)

Bless the Child (2000)
Joe Gould's Secret (2000)
eXistenZ (1999)
Alice Through the Looking Glass (1999) (TV)
King Lear (1997) (TV) UK
Fifth Element, The (1997) UK
Frankenstein (1994)
Madness of King George, The (1994)
Hamlet (1990) UK
Alien (1979) UK
Young Winston (1972)
Oh! What a Lovely War (1969) UK
Fixer, The (1968) UK

Sean Bean (Boromir)

When Saturday Comes (1996) UK
Stormy Monday (1988)

Martyn Sanderson (Bree Gatekeeper)

Angel at My Table, An (1990)
Ned Kelly (1970)

Marton Csokas (Celeborn)

Halifax f.p: Swimming with Sharks (1999) (TV)

John Noble (Denethor)

Airtight (1999) (TV) UK

Peter Mackenzie (Elendil)

Chill Factor (1999)
Major League: Back to the Minors (1998) UK
Nick of Time (1995)
Off Limits (1988)
Good Morning, Vietnam (1987) UK

Karl Urban (Eomer)

Heaven (1998)

Hugo Weaving (Elrond)

Matrix, The (1999) UK
Strange Planet (1999)
Bedrooms and Hallways (1998)
Babe (1995) UK
Reckless Kelly (1993) UK

Miranda Otto (Eowyn)

What Lies Beneath (2000)
Jack Bull, The (1999) (TV)
Thin Red Line, The (1998) UK

David Wenham (Faramir)

Cosi (1996)

Elijah Wood (Frodo)

Bumblebee Flies Anyway, The (2000)
Faculty, The (1998) UK
Ice Storm, The (1997) UK
Flipper (1996)
War, The (1994) UK
Good Son, The (1993)
Forever Young (1992)
Paradise (1991)
Internal Affairs (1990)
Child in the Night (1990) (TV)

Cate Blanchett (Galadriel)

Gift, The (2000)
Talented Mr. Ripley, The (1999) UK
Pushing Tin (1999) UK
Paradise Road (1997)

Ian McKellen (Gandalf)

X-Men (2000)
Restoration (1995)
Scandal (1989)
Keep, The (1983) UK
Alfred the Great (1969) UK

John Rhys-Davies (Gimli)

Great White Hype, The (1996)
Cyborg Cop (1994)
Unnamable II: The Statement of Randolph Carter, The (1993)
Journey of Honor (1992) UK
Tusks (1990)
Firewalker (1986) UK
King Solomon's Mines (1985)
Nairobi Affair (1984) (TV) UK
Naked Civil Servant, The (1975) (TV)

Andy Serkis (Gollum)

Topsy-Turvy (1999) UK
Tale of Sweety Barrett, The (1998) UK
Stella Does Tricks (1997)

John Leigh (Hama)

Frighteners, The (1996)

Harry Sinclair (Isildur)

Heavenly Creatures (1994)
Braindead (1992) UK

Orlando Bloom (Legolas)

Wilde (1997)

Bruce Spence (Mouth of Sauron)

Cars That Ate Paris, The (1974) UK

Sean Astin (Sam)

Sky Is Falling, The (2000)
Icebreaker (1999)
Kimberly (1999)
Bulworth (1998) UK
Teresa's Tattoo (1994)
Where the Day Takes You (1992) UK
Encino Man (1992) UK
Memphis Belle (1990) UK
War of the Roses, The (1989) UK
Staying Together (1989) UK
Like Father, Like Son (1987)
Goonies, The (1985) UK

Christopher Lee (Saruman)

Sleepy Hollow (1999) UK
Journey of Honor (1992) UK
Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)
Safari 3000 (1982)
Last Unicorn, The (1982)
Serial (1980)
1941 (1979) UK
Arabian Adventure (1979)
Nothing But the Night (1972)
Death Line (1972) UK
Five Golden Dragons (1967)
Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (1965)
Gorgon, The (1964) UK
Longest Day, The (1962) UK
City of the Dead, The (1960)
Battle of the River Plate, The (1956) UK
Dark Avenger, The (1955)
Cockleshell Heroes, The (1955)
Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951)
My Brother's Keeper (1948) UK
Scott of the Antarctic (1948) UK

Brian Sergent (Ted Sandyman)

Braindead (1992) UK

Bernard Hill (Theoden)

Midsummer Night's Dream, A (1999) UK
True Crime (1999) UK
Gandhi (1982) UK

Nathaniel Lees (Ugluk)

Hercules and the Lost Kingdom (1994) (TV) UK

Brad Dourif (Wormtongue)

Storytellers, The (1999) UK
Urban Legend (1998) UK
Death Machine (1995)
Amos & Andrew (1993)
Cerro Torre: Schrei aus Stein (1991)
Body Parts (1991) UK
Exorcist III, The (1990)
Mississippi Burning (1988)
Dune (1984) UK

Jim Rygiel (SFX)

Anna and the King (1999)
Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)
Alien³ (1992)
Last of the Mohicans, The (1992)
Solar Crisis (1990)
Ghost (1990)
Last Starfighter, The (1984)

Howard Shore (Composer)

High Fidelity (2000)
Dogma (1999)
eXistenZ (1999)
Analyze This (1999)
Cop Land (1997)
Game, The (1997)
Striptease (1996)
Moonlight and Valentino (1995)
Se7en (1995)
Client, The (1994)
Guilty as Sin (1993)
M. Butterfly (1993)
Single White Female (1992)
Prelude to a Kiss (1992)
She-Devil (1989)
Big (1988)
Moving (1988)
Fire with Fire (1986)
Fly, The (1986)
After Hours (1985)
Places in the Heart (1984)
Videodrome (1983)

Peter Jackson (Director)

Frighteners, The (1996)
Hercules and the Lost Kingdom (1994) (TV)
Heavenly Creatures (1994)
Braindead (1992)

To get more information, use the sites I use like:

mydigiguide.com, tv-now.com and IMDB.com


Arrows and LOTR
Xoanon @ 12:03 pm EST
Ringer Spy anonymous sends along this interesting bit of info regarding the use of arrows in LOTR:

anonymous quotes Calisuri from our frame-by-frame look at the latest TV tralier:

"Legolas turns to face the attackers as the remaining Fellowship escapes from Moria.

We believe there are some special effects used here to make Legolas's actions swifter, as is his nature. Notice how fast he draws the arrow and fires."

Click here to see these images larger

anonymous: The arrow is CG. Use the arrow keys to slow down the footage and you'll note he doesn't even pull the arrow from his quiver, but rather from behind his other shoulder. Arrows are often CG on LOTR, because obviously no-one can string a bow that fast and speeding up a shot often looks stupid.


Art and music at the Ted Nasmith exhibition
Tehanu @ 6:59 pm EST
"I recently attended the opening of the Ted Nasimith exhibition in Camden, London, and I think there was not a soul there not totally blown away by Ted's art or just how nice and approachable he was. Now, my first and greatest reason was to see the art and meet the man behind the brush, but being a musician I was interested to see what the promised musical interlude would be like. I was enchanted! Casper Reiff is an excellent guitarist with great skill and heart. And as previously reported Ted's voice was wonderful, a soft and gentle tone that did wonders for the song.

Having the chance to do so I chatted briefly with Casper and regretted I had no money on me to buy his CD at the time. Happily he advised me that it is available through Tolkienensemble the official site of the ensemble themselves. I urge everyone at TORN to check it out and consider buying the CD, if Casper's performence is anything to go by it is well worth it."

Thanks to Paul for that!


Official LOTR Fan Club
Xoanon @ 1:45 pm EST

For Immediate Release

Decipher Announces Fan Club for The Lord of the Rings

(NORFOLK, Va., September 26, 2001) — Decipher Inc. announced today that it has captured another key license for the year's most coveted property, New Line Cinema's epic adventure trilogy, The Lord of the Rings — adding the license for a worldwide Fan Club to the previously announced trading card game (TCG) and roleplaying games (RPG) licenses.

The fan club license from New Line Cinema grants Decipher exclusive worldwide rights to develop The Official Lord of the Rings Fan Club, which will include a bi-monthly movie magazine for Fan Club members. Decipher also will be operating a Fan Club web site, which will be linked from New Line Cinema's lordoftherings.net and include an online retail store. The Fan Club store will offer fan club logo merchandise, exclusive collectibles and other Lord of the Rings products. Decipher also is in the process of developing partnerships with businesses outside North America to create local chapters of The Official Lord of the Rings Fan Club (and associated magazines and web sites) in countries around the world.

Decipher was granted the rights to develop the Fan Club and related components around the highly-anticipated screen adaptation of the classic fantasy work by J.R.R. Tolkien, including all three motion pictures: The Fellowship of the Ring (December 19, 2001), The Two Towers (December 2002) and The Return of the King (December 2003). The Official Lord of the Rings Fan Club is the first fan club license awarded to Decipher since its January 2001 acquisition of FANtastic Media, Denver, Colorado.

"With the addition of the Fan Club license, we couldn't be prouder of our Lord of the Rings product line. Not only will we be introducing an incredible trading card game this November, we now have the rights to a fan club tied to the property that created the entire fantasy genre," said Decipher Chairman & CEO Warren Holland.

More —>
The Lord of the Rings Official Fan Club – Two

"Decipher is developing a fan club for The Lord of the Rings that is truly unprecedented in the history of cinema. The great thing about what they're doing is that it benefits the fans, first and foremost. Decipher understands that the fans are what has made The Lord of the Rings such a powerful property," added David Imhoff, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Licensing and Merchandising, New Line Cinema.

For more information about New Line Cinema's The Lord of the Rings trilogy, go to www.lordoftherings.net.

About Decipher, Inc.
Founded in 1983 by Warren Holland, Decipher Inc. is a worldwide leader in the collectible card game industry and fan club industry. The company's Trading Card Game Studio produces Star Trek™, Star Wars™, Austin Powers™, and The Lord of the Rings™(scheduled to release on November 6, 2001) trading card games. Decipher's Fan Club Studio operates the official fan clubs for Star Trek™ and The Lord of the Rings™ which includes publishing official fan magazines and managing online stores. Decipher's RPG (roleplaying games) & Miniatures Studio is responsible for the creation of the all-new Star Trek™ roleplaying games and The Lord of the Rings™ roleplaying games. Decipher's Online Games Studio offers digital versions of its Star Trek™ and, soon, its The Lord of the Rings™ Trading Card Games. Decipher's Games Studio produces leading party, card and board games such as How To Host A MurderÆ, How To Host A Teen MysteryÆ, PenteÆ, Scratchees,™and more. Decipher's Boy Crazy! Studio markets the popular Boy Crazy!™ brand for girls which includes a magazine, web site at boycrazy.com, trading cards, and various publishing and licensing ventures (represented by the William Morris Agency).

Visit decipher.com for additional information.

About New Line Cinema
Founded in 1967, New Line Cinema is the entertainment industry's leading independent producer and distributor of theatrical motion pictures. New Line licenses its films to ancillary markets including cable and broadcast television as well as to international venues. The company, which is a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner Inc., operates several divisions including in-house theatrical distribution, marketing, home video, television, acquisitions, production, licensing and merchandising units. More information about New Line Cinema can be obtained at www.newline.com.

From Hobbiton to Rivendell
Xoanon @ 1:17 pm EST
Ringer Spy Tunnlley sends along these great pics from the Official Movie Guide, check then out!


Angel Preview: AMAZING!!
Xoanon @ 10:01 pm EST
The new LOTR Trailer has just appeared on Angel..and I cried...literally...

I'm not going to get into what seeing that footage meant to me at this time, I'll just get on to the descriptions for you!

Fade in:

Gandalf rides on his cart over the Hobbiton Bridge

Few new shots of Gandalf riding in, shot of a hobbit under a tree. Voice over Ian McKellen

'In the lands of Middle-earth, legend tells of the Dark Lord Sauron'

Shot of Sauron's head

'and the ring that would give him the power to enslave the world'

shot of Sauron's HAND with The One Ring on it

shot of the Orc Army

Shot of the Ring under water

Close up of the ring under water

'Lost for centuries...'

Shot of the Wraiths Chasing Frodo and Arwen

'It has been sought by many..'

Shot of Frodo

'And has now found its way to the most unlikely person imaginable...'

Shot of Frodo and the Ring


shot of Gandalf saying 'Sauron needs only this Ring, to cover all the lands in darkness'

Shot of the Burning of Hobbiton (?)

Shot of Frodo clenching his fist around the ring

Frodo: 'What must I do?'

Gandalf: 'The Ring MUST be destroyed!'


Shots of the Council of Elrond

Elrond: 'The Ring must be cast back into the fires of Mount Doom'

Shot of Mount Doom.

Shot of a Rider overlooking the Shire

Boromir: 'There is evil there...'

Shot of Boromir

'That does not sleep'

Shot of the riders leaving Barad-dur (?)

V/O: SARUMAN!!! 'Sauron's forces are already moving'

Shot of Frodo running from a Dark Rider at Brandywine Bridge, Merry, Sam and Pippin urging him to run fast!

'They will find the Ring, and KILL the one who carries it'

Frodo LEAPS off the pier and unto the small wharf just in time!

The dark Horse stops in its track and SCREAMS!

Fade out

Fade in

Frodo: 'I cannot do this alone' (in Rivendell)


Shot of the council of Elrond (music from The Crow 2 plays)

Aragorn: 'You'll have my Sword'

Legolas: 'As well as my bow'

Gimli: 'AND MY AXE!' (that shot was put in there JUST for me..I know it!)

Shot of Galadriel and the Lothlorien Elves giving the Fellowship their gifts

V/O: Galadriel: 'This task was appointed to you..'

Shot of the Fellowship on boats passing the gigantic stone feet of Isildur or Anarion at the Pillars of Kings

Shot of Frodo and Sam looking WAAAY up!

Far shot of the Pillars (like the movie Poster)

'And if you do not find a way...'

shot of Galadriel: 'No one will..'

Fade out

Shot of Ring on Fire at Council of Elrond


Shot of Orc feet running through the forest

V/O: Gandalf: 'The enemy has many spies...'

Shot of Aragorn looking over his shoulder (weathertop?)

Shot of Frodo looking scared


Shot of Birds

Shot of Sam hiding from a large flock (Hollin?)


Shot of Dark Riders

Shot of Legolas looking over a rock

V/O: 'Something draws near..'

Shot of Legolas talking to Agargorn

Legolas: I can feel it

Shot of the warped view of the East west road

Frodo: 'Get off the Road!'

Shot of Wraiths riding on the road hard

Shot of Boromir and Aragorn reacting horribly to something

Aragorn: 'Hide!'

Shot of Aragorn grabbing Frodo

Shot of Frodo and Agarorn hiding under a rock ledge

Shot of the Wraith sniffing for the Hobbits on the road...but this time he moves and reaches over one of the roots of the tree..sniffing..

Shot of his hand on the root...and Frodo very very close to it, looking up at it

V/O: 'Always remember Frodo...'

Shot of the MORIA Doors opening!!

'The Ring is trying to get back to its master..'

Shot of the doors opening from the inside...a small silhouette of Frodo can be seen with the water behind him.

Shot of Gandalf: 'it wants to be found..'

Shot from inside MORIA

V/O: Gandalf: 'Let us hope that our presence may go unnoticed'

Shot of Pippin touching the dead Dwarf

Shot of the head slowly falling over into the well

Shot of Gandalf turning suddenly

Shot of the entire body, chains and all going down too

Shot of Pippin making a 'oops!' face..

(at this point I was waiting for a 'FOOL of a TOOK! but it didn't come)

Shot of Gimli kneeling a Balin's tomb

Shot of Frodo pulling out Sting...it is glowing blue...


Shot of Gandalf: 'They are coming'

Shot of the 3 doorways in Moria


One doorway lights up with fire..

Faster Drums...

Orcs BURST through the doors!

Music FLARES!!

Boromir hacks at one with his sword!

Orcs and Trolls and the Fellowship battle!!

The HUGE cave troll attacks!!

Sam screams and ducks under his legs!

Shot of the Fellowship on Caradhras...snow all over them

Aragorn: 'We must turn back!'

Gandalf: 'No!'

Shot of Aragorn holding two hobbits, he looks up...

An avalanche is bearing down on them!

Fast shot of the Watcher in the Water

Fast shot of the Fellowship surrounded in Moria

Fast shot of Orcs carrying their banners

Frodo: 'I wish the Ring had never come to me'

Shot of Frodo on the ground in Weathertop, as a wraith menaces towards him!

Shot of Frodo with the ring on, in the Dark-World...reaching out to touch something

Sam: 'Back you Devils!!'

Shot of Aragorn fighting a wraith

More shots of Aragorn fighting wraiths with torches

V/O: 'I wish none of this had happened'

Shot of Sam crying...holding his head

V/O: Galadriel: 'You will find your courage'

Shot of Galadriel kissing Frodo on the head


Shot of the Riders all holding their swords up high

Shot of Arwen holding her sword high, in defiance

Arwen: 'If you want him'

Shot of her horse on two feet, in the water, the water on the ford, the riders are across from her

quick shot of Frodo

Arwen: 'Come and claim him!'


Shot of Aragorn and Arwen on a bridge kissing

Closer shot of them kissing

Shot of the Ring falling on Frodo's finger on the floor of the Prancing Pony

Shot of Legolas stringing his bow

shot of an Orc..getting closer and closer, as if we are following the arrow


Shot of Arwen on her horse with Frodo

Far shot of the Ford, with the riders chasing after Frodo and Arwen

Fast shot of an Orc Army

Shot of Orcs rushing down a large hall in Moria

Large army of men stringing bows and preparing to fire

Orc army rushing the camera

A gigantic rock destroying what looks like the bridge of Khazad-dun in Moria

Aragorn and Frodo look like they just barely make it to get across

Shot of the bridge falling

Shot of Gandalf: (this folks...simply cannot be put into words...but I'll try)

Gandalf holding his sword and staff in both hands, SCREAMS

'YOU CANNOT PASS!!!!!!!!!!!'

a quick shot of a burning rock falling near the Fellowship (some think it's the Balrog)

Shot of Gandalf (same as before)

Gandalf SLAMS his staff into the bridge!

LOGO: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

December 19th...

This is it folks...hear my thoughts tomorrow as I've got an Intern Job to sleep for :)

Wanna know what GWAIHIR looks like?!
Xoanon @ 1:49 pm EST
The much often heard debate on weither or not this Eagle of Eagles will even appear in the films was killed when the LOTR desktop calendar came out. But has anyone actually seen Gwaihir yet?! Not until now!

the cool folks at Games-Workshop sent me some greally cool models to play with, and one of them is an 'Escape from Orthanc' set, with a battling Gandalf and Saruman, a small Orthanc and of course GWAIHIR!

This is of course, a model yet you get a small taste of what the real one will look like, after all, these are all modeled after the films!

Take a look!

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