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September 17, 2002 - September 27, 2002


TTT Trailer Description!
Xoanon @ 5:54 pm EST
The people that make the editing choices at ET should be sacked..and the people who hire them should be sacked...no more than 20 SECONDS of the entire TTT trailer (rumored to be more than 3 minutes) were aired...ahhh!!! Here is what you will see...sneeze and you'll miss it.

Black Screen:

Writing: 'The Power of darkness grows'

Shots fo the battle of Helms Deep

Gandalf (vO): Sauron's forces have begun their attack, he is using Saruman to destroy your people'

Shots of Barad Dur, with a GIGANTIC eye

Shots of Orcs over rohan fields

Shot of Saruman with his Palantir, the eye within

Shot of Theoden sitting on his throne

Shot of Eowyn overlooking Rohan from up on high...her hair in the wind...

Shot of Orcs rampaging through a burnt out village

Eowyn: 'They were unarmed, they had no warning'

Eowyn looking different from what we've seen

Gandalf (sitting next to Throden): 'This is but a taste of the terror that Saruman will unleash'

Shots of Saruman and his Orcs

Shots of Theoden looking distressed

Theoden: 'I will not risk open war'

Shots of armies gathering

Aragorn: 'Open war is open us, weither you risk it or not'

Saruman (with Wormtongue beside him, talking with a massive army): 'A new power is arising! It's victory is at hand!'

AMAZING shot from Orthanc...camera crawls back through a massive amount of men!

Aragorn: 'They are only bred for a single purpose, to destroy the world of men'

Shots of Theoden and Aragorn

..... The End


Japanese Subtitles repaired in DVD Release
Tehanu @ 4:23 pm EST
Boromir, No Longer a Liar

Anxious days of waiting are finally over for the fans in Japan.

On the release of the video and DVD on September 21st, they found the "fatal mistranslations" in the Japanese subtitles on the FotR movie are not as they had seen in theaters.

"About 85% of the most serious errors are repaired," says one of the leaders in the movement for better and proper subtitles for FotR, "though it is regrettable some of them are still there." He is the one who sent a petition with 1281 signatures to Nippon Herald Films Inc., the Japanese distributor.

After such petitions and criticisms from the audience, a notice was posted on the official site in June. It did not contain a single word of apology for mistranslation, and nowhere was expressed any intention to correct the errors, but merely mentioned that the subtitles in DVD/VHS will be revised 'because the number-of-letters restriction is less strict in these media.'

This traditional euphemism to "save face" of the company and the subtitler made some of the fans very angry and gave others hope. It has turned out that the persons responsible are not blind after all. Frodo in DVD no longer calls Boromir a liar. And Denethor of Gondor is not dead this time.

Still, when you see FotR with revised subtitles, 'the air is poison gas' in Mordor, and Boromir on the verge of death says to Aragorn, "I am ashamed" instead of "You did what I could not." Do you find these translations acceptable?

Now fans in Japan are looking forward to seeing TTT, just as any other fans in the world. But their anxieties wear different colors. (If you are interested, you can find more examples of bad translation here )

written by Herbalist

Cast Watch: Viggo Mortensen's
Tehanu @ 4:14 pm EST
Thanks to Lessa for this news she got from NativeCelebs.com. Looks like Viggo's doing another fascinating and unusual film project, and it looks like it'll show off Viggo's love of languages, his horsemanship, and his sympathy for other cultures. Seems like there will be lots of beautiful horses and dramatic spacious landscapes as well (like LOTR, huh?) so if you're like me, you'll think this is a film project to watch! - Tehanu

From Natalie Noel's THE GLITTER REPORT (originally appearing in NEWS FROM INDIAN COUNTRY. Editor Pat Calliote:

John Fusco's HIDALGO has been shooting all over the place: Hollywood, Montana and now Morocco! David MidThunder, one of the on-set Lakota dialect coaches to Viggo Mortensen (who plays half-breed Lakota, Frank Hopkins) says of Viggo, He's doing really well. He is very concerned with speaking the Lakota properly and is working very hard. He is patient and diligent, but what’s really cool about him is he's really humble. He's the star of the show and he's really cool!

Sonny Richards is the other Lakota dialect coach to Viggo Mortensen. A Pine Ridge Oglala, Sonny is the ceremonial advisor for HIDALGO. He will orchestrate the Ghost Dance sequences which will be filmed in South Dakota this November. A long time advisor to Fusco (they worked together 10 years ago on THUNDERHEART and recently on DREAMKEEPER), Sonny is his Pine Ridge relation.

Floyd also makes an appearance (fresh from the Calgary set of DREAMKEEPER) and his buddy, Darryl Standing Elk, is his on-set dialect coach. Rod Rondeaux, the best darned Indian Cowboy in the business, not only handles all the Native horsemen and their stunts, he is the only Indian dude traveling to Morocco where he’ll race Arab guys across the desert in the re-creation of the famed 1890 Arabian Desert Challenge. Good luck to all in the sands of North Africa and keep me posted!

THE GLITTER REPORT, NEWS FROM TRIBE HOLLYWOOD: Writer Natalie Noel can be contacted at goddess-2@msn.com

Lord Of The Light Meter
Xoanon @ 2:07 pm EST

Bonnie from leggyslove writes: I downloaded the new horse screensaver off the offical site and noticed this mess up in the Legolas picture. Looks like one of the crew didn't get out of the shot quick enough.

Shot By Shot Trailer Description!?
Xoanon @ 12:42 am EST
I received a mysterious email from a spy that is new to me. He or she sent me a few details on the new TTT trailer! I'm not vouching for any of this, but if it is true it sounds VERY good! Take a look!

- Begins with the encounter between Rohan soldiers and the three hunters, Eomer asks them what they are doing, Aragorn answers that they are looking for two companions. (cut to the shot of Merry and Pippin)

- Shot of Merry and Pippin kidnapped by Orcs

- Eomer lets them go, and tells them to be wary

- See a very brief shot of Gandalf's battle with the Balrog in the caverns under Moria (a blast of fire, and Gandalf flying towards the screen)

- See and hear dialog between Gandalf the White and the three hunters in their first encounter (as Gandalf appears, Legolas and Gimli both kneel down, Aragorn in disbelief begins to talk with Gandalf)

- See various shots of the two towers, a very nice shot of the lidless eye, and Saruman giving a pep talk to the millions of orcs standing in front of one of the towers (this cgi was stunning)

- Elrond tells Aragorn that his people are passing, and that he should let Arwen go (actually he sternly insists... )

- Elrond tells Arwen that there is no more hope, Arwen tells Elrond that there is still hope (I am assuming it is hope for her marriage to Aragorn)

- Gandalf tells Theoden about Saruman's schemes

- Theoden asks Eowyn to lead the others to Helm's Deep

- Eowyn questions Aragorn about Arwen while walking

- Shot of Gandalf riding through a hall on Shadowfax

- Brief shot of Arwen in Helm's Deep

- Shot of Sam yelling "Frodo... No!" and Frodo (voluntarily or under a spell?) falling face down into a pit

- Shot of Sam laying by someone (presumably Frodo) and weeping

- Shot of Gollum's back, crouching and talking with Frodo and Sam

- Shot of Treebeard's bottom half (while running, he picks up either Merry or Pippin, and he is HUGE! compared to the little hobbit).


Tom Shippey on Tolkien and the films.
Tehanu @ 8:46 pm EST
Tonight at Illinois Central College, we had the honor and privilege of listening to Prof. Shippey give a lecture that compared the original books to PJ's movie.

We are both sort of amazed by what he had to say. He was humorous and interesting; he brought up both good and bad points of the film translation. To both of our surprise, he wasn't a 'purist'. In fact, he poked fun at those who watched the movie while "hissing through clenched teeth" and writing details down in notebooks. He also jabbed at movie-fanatics a bit, but it was in good fun.

He did mention three things he did like about the movie. One of the major points was how he loved the ending of the council of Elrond and how Frodo said "I will take the ring" three times in that scene. He commented on how that brought Tolkien's uses of suspense and silence back into the very visual form of the film.

Another thing he liked was the movement of Gandalf's line from chapter 2 into the Mines of Moria and then replayed at the ending. He read directly from the book on this (and several other occasions), "So do all who lived to see such times, but it's not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

Oddly, he LIKED Arwen. He did comment on her "Xena: The Warrior Princess"-ness. But he felt it was a good way to tie her in and that it was inline with Tolkien's portrayal.

Some of the things he didn't like were how everything was ironed out. He mentioned that part of the story was how the characters were physically and mentally bewildered, and that the voice over kind of took out the confusion. "The characters and the first time readers," he said, "have no clue what is going on. The second time readers do know what is happening, but then they are even MORE aware that the characters don't know what's going on."

He also felt things were adapted to fit audience pressures - such as Narsil not being carried on Aragorn's person. And the line "Let's kick some orc" really seemed to bugger him. [I think this is a misquote and they mean the line "let's hunt some orc," - I heard Shippey mention that line, correctly quoted, at DragonCon - Tehanu] The intensity of the line he compared to "Let's kick some ass." -- which is probably true. (What I though was kind of cute was how he made all the little kids in the audience cover their ears before he uttered what he believed to be the equivalent to Aragorn's line.)

Despite living over here in America, he still has an accent. I thought he sounded a touch like Sean Connery, Cully thought he sounded like Sir Ian McKellen... which is really kind of weird... :)

He said the movie was good and he would have to see how PJ would handle all the intertwining of the plot threads. He also commented about buy this movie and the director's cut, and TTT and TTT's Director's cut and so on and so forth.

They did mention that they were going to have him back (or try to) after TTT comes out - I think the date they mentioned was March 25th. And if all goes well, we shall try to email you a summary on what he thought about it then!

Thanks to Ringer spies Cully and Chiri for that report!


More Death of Saruman Theories
Tehanu @ 9:44 pm EST
Roborambo writes: "TORN posted a link a little while ago to some Toy Biz figurines" [at Marvel.com - which have been removed, and presumably heads are rolling at Marvel -Tehanu]. "I noticed something that may suggest a pretty heavy spoiler for the TTT, at least to those of us who are "in the know" - the Eomer figurine has a "sword-attack action", Saruman a "staff-raising action", and ***Grima Wormtongue a "knife-slashing action"***. I remember hearing that three death scenes for Sharkey had been filmed - a throat-cutting at Orthanc, a throat-cutting in the Shire, and the spikey wheel. Maybe this is evidence that the first option was chosen after all?"

Bookclub offers Extended DVD with bookends and One Ring
Tehanu @ 8:37 pm EST
It pays to belong, sometimes, according to Endumiel: "I just got the newsletter in for the One Spirit Bookclub, and they have the extended edition DVD for sale. They didn't say anything about it being for pre-order, either. The info they gave is as follows."

The Lord of the Rings (tm) Director's Cut Collectible DVD & Bookend Set

One of the greatest fantasy epics ever made just got even better! This 5-disc Platinum Series collection includes a special, uncut and extended edition of the film The Lord of the Rings(tm): The Fellowship of the Ring(tm). Also included are a set of polystone bookends crafted in the exact likeness of the majestic and awe-inspiring Argonauts in the film. Plus an all-new version of the National Geographic DVD Beyond the Movie: The Lord of the Rings with additional footage and a photo gallery all bundeled in an impressive gift packaging. Bookends measure 7" x 8 3/8" x 7". 5-DVD Collection 54-6730 $79.99

The One Ring and Pendant Do you have what it takes to be lord of the One Ring? No fan should be without the Elfin Ring of Power - a stunning vermiel band with hand carved Elfin script - just like the one from the hit film! Plat3ed in 22-kt. gold and hanging from a 20" sterling chain. Pendant 14-6728 $39.99


More on Aragorn's horse
Tehanu @ 11:54 am EST
Alert Ringer Brandon sent this in after inspecting the latest TTT figures (which he says are available now at Target stores near Salt Lake City, Utah): The caption on the back of the "Aragorn and Brego" two pack set gives detail into the horse, though it doesn't quite tell everything. It reads, "A descendant of the ancient kings, Aragorn was fated to one day reclaim the lost throne of Gondor, but for the moment he found himself but one more sword amid the defense of Rohan as they prepared for war. In this time of great peril, Aragorn found a kinship with Brego, the wild horse of Rohan's late Prince Theodred, who had been cut down by orcs at the Fords of Isen. Brego was traumatized by the loss of his lord, but Aragorn's gentle hand stayed the beast's fear, and in time he came to bear the king in exile as faithfully as he had once borne the Prince of Rohan"


Time.com Classroom does FOTR
Tehanu @ 7:58 pm EST
"My son just handed me a Time, Inc. student Social Studies mini-zine that is evidently being given to high school students. It's called inTime and is eight pages. This issue is entirely devoted to LotR and features an essay contest for students. First prize is the Special Extended DVD FotR Edition for five winners, plus lots of goodies for ten first place and one hundred runners-up.

"This layout is gorgeous and has an interview with Elijah, stories and features, and a great center spread explaining the characters and their relationships. The back page explains the contest.

"You really must see this and show it to your readers. I'm too old to enter the contest, but lots of fans are eligible. Contact your local student or Time, Inc. for copies. Also, visit [www.timeclassroom.com.fellowship ] for more cool stuff. "

Thanks to Morwen for the scoop!


New Zealand Symphony Orchestra to perform LOTR Score
Tehanu @ 11:33 pm EST
Team New Zealand has announced a spectacular line-up of some of New Zealand's finest talent and top international acts to perform at the heart of the American Express Viaduct Harbour during the America's Cup Regatta.

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra's performance of the Lord of the Rings Suite, accompanied by images from Lord of the Rings; The Fellowship of the Rings, will begin a series of fifteen open-air concerts in the Amex Viaduct Harbour on December 7th 2002. The concerts form part of Summer Festival 2003 and will run until March 2003.

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