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August 23, 2001 - September 04, 2001


Media Watch: Wired Magazine
Xoanon @ 4:28 pm EST
Here is a great Wired Magazine article, check it out for a pic of the one and only Tehanu!! And a few sound bytes from yours truly!

Italian LOTR:FOTR Premiere News
Xoanon @ 10:20 am EST
Yesterday it was announced that the Future Film Festival, an event focused on cinema and new technologies, which will occur in Bologna (16-20 January 2002), will host the italian premiere of LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring, The movie will be showed in italian cinemas from the 19th of January. Probably many italian fans of the book will decide to see the pic in France or in England in the last days of 2001, but for the others The Future Film Fest will be an unmissable occasion.

[ Visit Caltanet.it]

Film Changes Confirmed
Xoanon @ 10:16 am EST
Ringer Spy Mjshep takes a good look at the new LOTR Calendar...and lo and behold we have some plot details uncovered! Check them out!

Gimli does try to destroy the ring at the council-July 09th 2002

Merry and Pippin do steal veggies from farmer Maggot-March 15 2002

The hobbits do get their swords from Aragorn-July 18 2002

Gandalf uses a moth to supply a message to the eagles- April 26 2002

Aragorn recieves the sword Narsil in Rivendell where it dwells in the hands of a statue- August 2 2002


Report from 'Canadian Expo: 2001'
Xoanon @ 10:26 pm EST
Smeagol7 sends along his adventure in Toronto (can you have adventures in Toronto? - sorry, Canadian joke.. -Xo) at the Canadian Expo: 2001 Convention, read on!

My cousin and I went down to the Convention Center in Toronto. This was on Friday seeing it was the only day we could go (August 24th). So we went down to the center at 3:45 PM, 15 minutes before it started at four. The line was HUGE man! Well we cheated a bit and cut in (Heheheh). After 20 minutes we paid 40 bucks Canadian for all weekend pass for all three cons. The only thing we could do was go to the dealers room since we were pressed for time. I later found out we could do just that for 15 bucks.

We go up on the escalator and go into the dealers room. Now this is where we get to talk about LOTR. So we get free comic books and look at some action figures, then I saw em: SWORDS! Samurai swords, medieval, fantasy swords! Two, no wait, three tables of swords! Big metal real ones! The big ones were about 60 bucks, I couldn't believe it. My cousin, unfortunately, would NOT let me get one. Oh well, they were still pretty cool.

We head over to a big table with posters, and I saw three big LOTR teaser posters for the movies! Big ones mind you, and I got one! So then the guy tells me they have another one on the other side, and I saw it: Big LOTR poster, Original, Bakshi LOTR poster. Not the copies: the REAL thing. The thing actually used in the theatres when the film came on in the seventies! I real LOTR collectors item. I was 60 bucks, and I bought it!

I was looking at the posters, I heard the sound of Gandalf's voice coming from the TV a few feet away! I rushed over and saw that they were playing the third trailer on a TV. Everyone gathered around the TV and watched. Other trailers came up after that. The trailer was on a VHS. Besides that they had LOTR promo tattoos! Now the funny thing is the company on the back of the tattoos was Alliance Atlantis. This was also the company that was on the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back trailer VHS that they were giving out. I'm starting to wonder if LOTR was also on the VHS, and if that was the VHS they were playing on the TV. I'll have to find out from my cousin because he got one of those VHS'. The shop that was giving these things out said they would have all the merchandising when the movies came out. It looks like LOTR is doing very well here in Canada for the movies. I'm wearing those tattoos when FOTR comes out in December. After picking up an Akira manga from the anime section, we headed home. I think this was a very good convention and I was surprised to find LOTR items seeing as it was more sci-fi than fantasy. All in all, a very good convention indeed!

Whole New Batch of LOTR Pics!
Xoanon @ 10:16 pm EST
Ringer Spy Morgoth1970 is my new best friend!! Check out these great new pics of Bilbo's Birthday, The nine Travellers, Gimli and Legolas, Frodo at Weathertop and much much more!

Movie Quotes from LOTR: FOTR
Xoanon @ 9:10 pm EST
Ringer Spy Morgoth1970 sends along some great quotes from LOTR: FOTR from the LOTR Movie Calendar that you can pick up at your local bookstore, check it out:

The motion picture trilogy Lord of the Rings is an epic saga of good versus evil and the most eagerly anticipated movie event of the new millennium. Director Peter Jackson’s interpretation brings to life J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic tale. Full-color stills from The Fellowship of the Ring are featured, along with quotes and trivia.

In Eregion, long ago, one of the Wise gave unto the Elves the secret knowledge to forge great Rings of Power.

Three were made for the Elven Kings; Seven for the Dwarf Lords; Nine for Mortal Men.

But they were deceived . . . in the land of Mordor, he forged in secret, the One . . . the One Ring to rule them all.

For power can be held in the smallest of things . . . and used for the greatest of evils.

Thus a Third Age of Middle Earth began. History became legend . . .legend became myth. And some things that should have been forgotten . . . were lost.

Far away, in a quiet corner of Middle Earth, there lived a race of people. And though few in the outside world knew of them, the time would come when Hobbits would shape the fortunes of all.


A Wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to. – Gandalf

Life in the wide world goes on much as it has this past Age. Full of its own comings and goings, scarce noticing the existence of Hobbits. – Gandalf

Ah, the long expected party! I see your Uncle Bilbo’s still turning Hobbiton on its head. – Gandalf

You can say what you like about mad Baggins, but no one keeps a better table. – Hamfast
(I presume then, that the Gaffer is the same hobbit seen in the current Hobbiton video on the main site.)

I feel thin-sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread. . . .I need a holiday-a very long holiday. – Bilbo

The thing about resolutions, I find is . . .there’s always tomorrow. – Bilbo

Gandalf, my old friend . . .this will be a night to remember! – Bilbo

I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. – Bilbo

There are many magic Rings in this world, Bilbo Baggins, and none of them should be used lightly. – Gandalf

Bilbo Baggins, do not take me for some conjuror of cheap tricks! – Gandalf

I’ve thought of an ending for my book. . . .“And he lived happily ever after to the end of his days.” – Bilbo

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone
And I must follow, if I can. – (Song sung by Bilbo)

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.” – Inscription from the One Ring

Birthday Party Planned for the 22nd?
Xoanon @ 5:33 pm EST
From: Queen Of Rohan

Today at my work I noticed some papers featuring lotr, so I took a closer look and found some interesting tidbits. There was a cheat sheet/cliff notes on the cast, characters, and info on who the good guys and the bad guys will be for the employees. Of course I wouldn't need it! ;)

Also a sneak preview of the new cover lotr books. The one I saw had Frodo w/ring on the cover, but it was a small black and white book stapled together with only the first chapter. Also the coolest thing was a packet that they sent for a Hobbit day party(sept. 22)! They are trying to get stores to participate in throwing a Hobbit party. It came with name tags, coloring pages, riddles from the Hobbit, recipes, trivia, and adhesive rings to name a few things. In the packet which I sneaked a peak at had a large preview card featuring Gandalf for the new playing cards.

Also a lotr cataloge featuring some of the current books out, and a movie page countdown highlighting important dates. Funny thing though they spelled Frodo wrong (Froddo). lol! Also it listed Tolkien's birthday (Jan. 3). I'm not sure

if our store will participate, if they don't I'll get my hands on some nice stuff. ;-)


Yet MORE Stills
Xoanon @ 1:52 pm EST

Ringer Spy Morgoth1970 sends along yet some more new stills from LOTR: FOTR check these out! Pippin in Moria, Lurtz attacking the Orc Overseer, and a rather scary looking fellow!

More New Stills
Xoanon @ 1:33 am EST

Ringer Spy Morgoth1970 comes through again with some great pics! Sam, Merry and Pippin by a campfire, Bilbo's Birthday party, and what is apparently a scene from Weathertop! Check them out!

Media Watch: Herigage Magazine
Xoanon @ 1:06 am EST

Ringer Spy Lotho Sackville-Baggins sends along these great scans from 'Heritage Magazine'.

Here are some scans of the new British Heritage article on Tolkien. I was absolutely delighted to recieve my latest issue and see "J.R.R. Tolkien: The Hobbit Master" on the cover. It is really a short bio piece, but fairly well done.

The Two Wizards...Together!
Xoanon @ 12:42 am EST

This is great, really get's me pumped to see these two great actors together in a scene..Ian McKellen (Gandalf) and Christopher Lee (Saruman) together in one pic! Take a look!! Thanks to Morgoth1970 for sending this in!

Media Watch: Total Film Magazine
Xoanon @ 12:31 am EST
Ringer Spy etched chaos (is no one called 'bob' anymore?) sends along these scans from Total Film Magazine, nothing new...but we bring you everything and anything related to the good Professor..so here it is :)

LOTR Phone Cards in France
Xoanon @ 12:12 am EST
From: Kaplan

These are 2 telecartes with the 2 LOTR teaser poster visuals on it.

The retailer told me that these telecartes are released only for 2 month. They are limited and the one where Frodo is looking the Ring in his hand will be really hard to find because it was made in a smaller number.

When you look behind the cards, there is a phone number for a big contest to win a trip to New Zealand (and visit the location sets it seems) (sets? what sets? some contest! -Xo).

The phone number is: 00 33 892 700 753 (that's when you call from the USA, in France it's 0 892 700 753). When you call this number, you can hear the French voices of Aragorn, Frodo etc. Check out the cards here and here.


2 Hours with Barrie Osborne!
Xoanon @ 1:28 am EST
Barrie Osborne (the LOTR producer) came to my school (Auckland) today for firstly, a lecture, followed by a smaller classroomtalk. Of course , being the loyal Ringer I am, I snuck into both, and frantically scribbled down as much as I could of what he was saying. I think I got pretty much everything , but THE MOST AMAZING THING HAPPENED. During his talk, he played us this special footage he had, a sort of rough 'Making Of Fellowship' that HAD NEVER BEEN SHOWN to anyone before!! Even though my heartbeat was probably about 300, I still managed to get down as much as I could. So here it is - the guts of TWO HOURS WITH Barrie OSBORNE!! My apologies that I couldn1t get it ad verbatim - there will undoubtedly be some errors. Where I am certain of his words at notable points, I1ve included quotation marks to indicate it.

Thanks so much to my friends Jacob, Arvid, Lloyd and Mike for asking my pre-written questions! : ) I Guess There Are Some Spoilers Of A Sort In Here, So Beware.

Alright, everyone was sitting down, and he came in (accompanied by a ladyI think may have been his PA) to a standing ovation (us being the polite student body we are). The teacher introduced him, and they started off the presentation with a clip from 'The Making Of The Matrix' - that being probably his most well known project. Then he stood and began to run through his 'beginnings' in New York . He was born, he grew up. He was very good at maths, and applied and got into Carlton College, thinking to go into physics. Unfortunately, this wasn't meant to be. Intrigued by the films his friends were making, his life-long interest was sparked. However, he was drafted into the army, but went to Korea, not Vietnam. Before he took his leave of the army, he became an infantry officer and engineer. Remembering the film-fun he had in college, he searched around and got into commercials for 5 years, fetching coffee and other essentials. He eventually tired of the commercials, and applied for an apprenticeship with the Director's Guild of America Programme. His first assignment was on Godfather II, and he moved on, working on projects such as ' All the President's Men'.

Then he found work on 'The Sorcerer', where he met many new people, and managed to progress his career , becoming something of a 'hot commodity' - a young guy with a drive that was being noticed. He worked as 4th Production Manager on Apocalypse Now, a job which also marked his move to California, which has been his base for the rest of his life. His move from the army to film was a 'step-backward' in a way, as he wandered without a job for quite a long time. At this point he stepped outside his tale, and made a point advocating diligence and perseverance. (In fact, at a later point, the question was asked 'What are the qualities which have made you so successful?' To which he answered 'I worked very hard, and loved what I was doing'. )

His move to California signalled the beginning of a period of re-establishment, both personally and professionally, as he adjusted to the new social setting and different film-circles.

He was recommended to Peter Jackson, who brought him out to NZ in February 1999. (This wasn't Osborne's first trip to NZ however, as he had visited it 15 years previously, in connection with a Disney project). He breakfasted with PJ at 'The Chocolate Fish' in Wellington, as they discussed an actor from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and his suitability for the part of Aragorn. In particular he recalls PJ moaning about the traffic in Wellington, and how it took a whole 15 minutes to get in town, which made him laugh as he recalled the 1.5 hour journey from his home to the Matrix sets. He also remembered being impressed by seeing people walk around town in nothing but bare feet and shorts. Very NZ'ish.

Barrie was very impressed with the dedication of the people here, and the enthusiasm for the project. He said that a good film Ostarts with a good script, in this case a good book'. At this point in the presentation, he hushed the theatre with awe, as he made us reel with a list of stupendous figures, including :

- The filming schedule was 274 days over 15 months, from October 99 to Dec 2000.
- 21 cameras, 5 studios, 4.5 million feet of film.
- Locations from Te Anau to White Island.
- 350 different sets, including some larger than several city blocks (Helm1s Deep and Minas Tirith)
- 330 Vehicles, including many trucks, in total a kilometer of metal when parked.
- A crew of 2000 people and 22 major roles.
- Will be shown in 10, 000 cinemas worldwide on the opening day 3except Japan, and one or two others2.
- 30 km of road were built for the filming.
- Cost = NZ$600 million. (a figure often quoted in the media, not an official figure from New Line -Xo)

- At one meal , on one set - 1440 eggs cooked, 160kg of meat.
- 28 containers, each 40 ft long for the costumes.
- 48 000 different props and other misc bits and pieces created for the films.

Then he showed Teaser Trailer #2 , which was all very well and good. (I was waiting for that magic moment when he said 3and now I1ll show you some finished footage' : ) The trailer was followed by tumultous applause. He then told us that there was another trailer in the works, due to be released in October probably. Apparently it will only be released once there is an agreement on what content it will display.

The next section was a Q&A time, and while I couldn1t always get all the questions (it's a big lecture theatre) I got most of his monologue.

He confirmed he will not be working on the next two Matrix films, as he had already committed himself to LoTR (nice to know he has his priorities straight). He discussed NZ's blessings, believeing that there is a) A lot of fine material produced here, and b) A lot of fine material that suits the NZ setting. He was (as always) impressed by the surfeit of 'Industrious and ingenious group of Kiwi can-do talent, [we] had some artistic geniuses' He then listed some of the amazing talent, including the costume producers, set designers etc, calling the head sculptor 'a national treasure'. He was asked to differentiate between the position of director and producer, to which he replied that the director is 'the leading creative force' the 'one point-of-view', and (half-jokingly) that the producer1s imput depends greatly on his relationship with the director. He said that while some of the book has been cut out, 'PJ has remained fairly faithful to the book, certainly to the spirit of it'. Apparently, the screenplay is in a constant state of re-writal. He has a whole load of projects he1d like to see done, but with LotR taking up all his time, they have to wait.

He first came to NZ involved in a Disney project about 15 years ago, and was intrigued by the country then, and actively tried to find out more about it. Even then large sets were made here, and he was impressed with the technical skill of the people.

In connection with his Matrix production, he said that ' [I] really like Keanu. He has a business partner , and they asked me to join their film company'. In regard to the difference between stage and film acting, he focused on the fact that film acting really is capable of many more subtleties that are practically impossible on the stage.

Then he announced he was unveiling a small documentary that had not been seen by the public be


LOTR: FOTR Tailer Shown in IMAX Goodness!!
Xoanon @ 2:34 pm EST
Ringer Spy Finwe from Montreal (good little town) sends along some news regarding the LOTR: FOTR trailer being shown on gigantic IMAX screens.

Someone at the office told be that the new version of "Apocalypse Now" was playing at the new Paramont "IMAX" cinema in downtown Montreal.

Finwe goes down to the paramount to investigate...

Well as you know the main event does not usually advertise the previews. But I went to IMAX, at first the ticket seller said to me that it (Apocalypse Now) was no longer on IMAX, but only on normal cinema screens.

I was about to leave when I saw a sign that stated that they will repay you your ticket to up to 30 minutes after the movie starts (15 min for IMAX).

So I give it a try anyway, I bought my ticket from the machine this time, it was mentioned that the current movie came with only one preview (which I found weird).

It was on Room 7, which apparently had an IMAX screen !!! Guess what, the preview was there! and as you can imagine it was BREATHTAKING!

I mean I had seen it a least 30 times on my computer, but this !!!

Apparently it is some kind of trial, to show a digital movie on a large IMAX screen. I think it is only in some Canadian IMAX cinemas.

I asked the same ticket seller if it was the last day for Apocalypse Now. She told me that it "sould" be still there next week but she was not sure if it would still be an IMAX screen.

She also told me that the 5:15 and 9:15 presentation tonight "should" be in the same room.


LOTR Promo at Maryland Renaissance Festival
Xoanon @ 1:44 pm EST
From: Jim V

Just thought you might be interested in how New Line is promoting the movie. I'm a regular visitor (and occasional employee) at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and was there for opening weekend. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when I found a tent there, where folks were handing out small-size (about 9x12) official movie posters, and temporary tattoos bearing the ring's inscription in elvish script. It was drawing quite a crowd.

On first blush, it sounds like New Line is targetting the fantasy crowd--but the Maryland Renn Faire is actually a *very* mainstream festival which draws a huge crowd from the midatlantic area (especially, DC, MD, PA, and VA). There are LOTS of families there, and *many* tens of thousands of people visit every year.

The Elijah Movie poster in Britain.
Tehanu @ 5:53 am EST
Liffey wrote in to tell us, "When I saw the LOTR official movie poster at my local cinema (Plymouth UK) I asked if I could buy one. The answer? NO NO NO NO NO!
Not to be defeated, I found a way. If any fans would like a copy of the movie posters, e-mail the following address-

They have both official movie posters, one with Frodo looking up, the other with him looking at the ring. Both are excellent quality and arrived in pristine condition, for just under £10.00 in the UK."

Then RingerSpyOliver found this:
"I was just shjopping in my local High Street yesterday when iIcame across two official postcards with the first teaser posters on retailing for about £0.50 ($0.75.). these postcards can be found in England in the music shop VIRGIN RECORDS"

According to The Follower of the Ring, "I have both posters (I'm not obsessed at all) I first bought the one with Frodo (Eijah Wood) looking straight at you with the words "One Ring To Rule Them All" from HMV and it cost me £3-99p. Also what has recently become available is the one of Frodo looking down at the ring with the words "Power Can Be Held In The Smallest Of Things" also from HMV and selected Music stores priced at £3-99.

They are official also as they have the bit at the bottom about New line cinema and AOL!!!
So don't pay £10 when you can get a good old big film poster for £3-99.


Wanna See some WITCHKING Armor and rings!?!!?!
Xoanon @ 2:59 pm EST
An undisclosed Ringer Spy sent along these really COOL pics of some Witchking armor (Armour for some) and one of the RINGS! One of the nine rings for mortal men doomed to die....how coooooooool!!! Unfortunately these pics are small, but you still get to see some amazing detail!!

The first are a pair of gauntlets used by the dark riders...some very cool stuff, we've seen these in the trailers before. The second is a metal gorget, a gorget is a device that helps protect the throat, larynx, and back of the neck. And of course, two shots of the same ring...all very cool stuff!

Behind-the-Scenes Screener!
Xoanon @ 12:14 pm EST
From: The Lincoln Centre Website

Sunday, Sept 9th

7:30 pm Welcome to Middle Earth: A Look Behind the Scenes of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Devotees of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic trilogy will be treated this Christmas to the first installment in the epic film version by Peter Jackson ("Heavenly Creatures", "The Frighteners") starring Elijah Wood, Ian Holm, Liv Tyler and Cate Blanchett. Join us for an evening with some of the creators and a sneak peek at this highly anticipated event.

Word has it that this is already sold out! But not to worry, our man on the inside will provide us with 100% disclosure, everyhting you see, will be documented...and be reported on right here on TORN!

More info coming soon!

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