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August 13, 1999 - September 23, 1999


Hobbit Stage Play Pic
Dwane Dipply @ 11:40 pm EST
From: Resevoir Dog

I'm writing this to let you know some news that I found out recently. A bout a year and a half ago a company here in Australia put on a stage play using puppets of teh hobbit. It only played a small season and I managed to catch it. It was absolutely fantastic with cool puppets, effects, music, drama everything a tolkien fan could dream of.

I have just noticed that the company is going to reopen the show and tour around Australia and the on to New Zealand!

Renewed interest in Tolkien has obviously made this possible so let some of your fans know that it is coming their way and tell them not to miss it.



D&D Influence?
Dwane Dipply @ 11:51 am EST
From: Kevin

I heard from a friend who had a chance to talk with Gary Gygax (creator of AD&D) that Gygax has been hired as a consultant for the movie.

Ian Speaks to Fans
Dwane Dipply @ 11:50 am EST
From: Kenneth

I just recently sent the following e-mail to Sir Ian McKellen:

Sir McKellen,

I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am that you have decided to undertake this marvellous adventure in Tolkein's Middle-Earth. I have seen several of your pictures and must say that if anyone can bring this role to life, it is you. I wanted also to ask a question. I was wondering if, in your research for the role of Gandalf, whether or not you watched Ralph Bakshi's animated version of the film from 1977? I was curious as to what your view (of the way Gandalf was presented in the film) was and whether or not you envisioned him in a similar way when you first read the books (as I'm sure you have, if not for your own entertainment, then certainly in your research of the role.) I know that your portrayal of Gandalf will be a direct reflection of Peter Jackson's direction, but what vision of the character do you see for yourself? What elements do you see yourself bringing to the role?


Dallas, Texas, USA

PS: Best wishes for a successful shoot on "X-Men", and very much looking forward to seeing you on the silver screen in the months ahead.

This was his reply:

dear kenneth

i generally avoid other interpretations of characters i am about to play. after all i must find gandalf inside myself - that process is just beginning and i may try and plot it out in the grey book. altho too much analysis can be harmful away from the workplace

best wishes ian mckellen

Hope this might be of use for the website.


ABC Covers Bree and Live Band Covers LOTR
Dwane Dipply @ 9:43 am EST
From: Terry

The american news show, ABC, maintains a news web site. One of the categories, entertainment, contained a story about the casting for the LotR and mentioned your site as the source of some of their information :)

The news last night contained an article about a medieval village being built in at a place called Seatown in Wellington. They builders would not acknowledge who they were building this for _but_ it was shrouded with the LotR veil of silence and there isn't any other movie I know of that the set would be built for. So I'd bet my favourite two hobbits the set is for the LotR.

Thirdly, an even more obscure piece of information for you. An Auckland musical group, "The Auckland Wind Band", are playing at the end of the month - 8pm, Thu 30th Sept, at the Pumphouse Theater in Takapuna. Their program includes movements from the LotR symphony - movements 1, 4 and 5. They're also playing Jupiter from The Planets, Star Wars Pt 1 tunes.


Dwane's Back!
Dwane Dipply @ 11:02 am EST
With a whole new attitude! Let's get these NZ spies working! Here we go!

From KdL

I'm a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA; www.sca.org).I'm told that one of our own smiths, a wonderful artisan who goes by the name Atar, did some of the swords for Jackson. If this is true, and I've no reason to doubt it, then these swords will _not_ be light or fragile. Atar has done exhaustive research into medieval swordmaking history and techniques, and his work is highly prized.

Here's the interesting part - your readers might like to know that Atar sells his work online, at atar.com. I don't know if he'll make replicas of what he made for Jackson, but it's possible...

From Paul

Concerning Elijah Wood:

Just thought I'd mention that a friend of mine saw him down at the Matterhorn (a bar/cafe) in Wellington last week.

From SC

See the cover story on The Magic of Harry Potter. The chart on page 71 says "A live film starts shooting next month"

Want to see your name and tidbit of news posted up here? Send it to dwane@theonering.net



Woodthorpe, Gollum Voice?
Dwane Dipply @ 11:10 pm EST
I'm back! Bet you didn't know I was away did you? anyways, got this little tidbit from Barry!:

I heard on the rumour mill that the voice of Gollum will be played by Peter Woodthorpe (the "unknown brit" Mr Deluca mentioned?). He also played the voice of Gollum in the BBC's radio adaptation of LOTR (the one with Ian Holm as Frodo), and was superb in that role - so look to be impressed by his performance!

I have indeed heard this adaptation and love this idea!



Simon Tolkien? Ben Afleck?
Dwane Dipply @ 9:10 am EST
I recieved this email today from Xoanon,

I know for a fact (from a very reliable source in London) that Tolkien's own grandson, Simon, and possibly his great grandson are to appear in the upcoming L.O.R film. Simon Tolkien has been in negotiations with the director and New Line for some time, and is the only Tolkien family member to offer any structural guidance and support for the films. It is his hope that with the films a new generation and audience will rediscover the books, and continue his grandfather's legacy. Simon Tolkien is the estranged son of Christopher, and in participating with New Line and Peter he is actively defying his father, who remains uncooperative to the production.

Through the London source I can also confirm the casting of Sir Ian Mckellen, as well as Ben Affleck.

That last bit hit me like a ton of bricks! Ben Afleck?
Not to sure what to make of that.



If It's Filming Down Under, we have News
Dwane Dipply @ 9:54 am EST
Dwane with a really big scoop! Release date change! for Star Wars that is...Xoanon's good pal Josh from over at TheForce.net. Not really LOTR news but.

Go here: TheForce.net News

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