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July 29, 1999 - August 11, 1999


Dwane Dipply @ 12:06 pm EST
Dwane with some more info on LOTR goodies, Jim S sent me this.

Check out the Danbury Mint's Lord of the Rings Figurine collection of the 9 members of the fellowship. They're very nicely done in pewter and cost $38 each. They come one about every 5-6 weeks. My first one was Aragorn and stands @ 9". Call 800-426-0373

Danbury Mint's Figurines


Some Pictures of those Toys
Dwane Dipply @ 4:16 pm EST
Xoanon has passed this on to me, just a reminder, you can all email ME you know!


Thanks to Dan K for the pictures, more info comming soon!



Dog Star in NZ?
Dwane Dipply @ 9:13 pm EST
Calisuri passed this on to me, it's from JJ and concerns the gut we love to hate Keanu Reeves.

According to a Swedish newspaper, which recently interviewed Keanu Reeves,he will be touring with his rock band during the fall. The interesting part is that the tour will, among other places, take him to NZ. Maybe he'll have the time to do some acting while he's there?

All together now: nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!


Toys Toys Toys!
Dwane Dipply @ 1:35 pm EST
Xoanon passed this little bit of merchandising info, take a looksee.
Even though this doesnt have to do with the movies directly i thought id mention it.If any of the readers would like to purchase LOTR toys they can go to www.mintinbox.com. I ordered my toys off of here and the prices are great. With shipping i save $10 off of what i would have paid at a comic shop. I got Gandalf the White and The Balrog. Great figures and good prices. The toys are made by toy vault and you can go to their site toyvault.com to look at all of the available toys. Also they have info on the creation of the different figures but you cant order them off of their site.


I'd love to see some of those! If anyone has any pic send them to me!


Extras Getting Measured
Dwane Dipply @ 9:07 am EST
Xoanon gave me this email from super spy BOB, It seems that he's been called back from the casting agency and they want to measure him for an Elf extra. Sounds cool to me



An Old Friend of Peter Jackson
Dwane Dipply @ 12:34 pm EST
Xoanon passed this letter on to me. He says it isn't news but more of a personal thing. So I'm posting it here. Mr. Jackson if you are reading this now, an old friend wishes to say 'hi' and maybe contact you. Read here:

I...read on one web site that Peter Jackson first read the books on a business trip to Auckland, and that he got interested because a kid he went to school with was often seen reading LOTR. I was the kid he was referring to... we went to school together and were
good mates (if you have difficulty believing that, ask him if he still has the tarantula he made out of his own hair and put in Miss ____'s top drawer). By the time I was 15, I had read LOTR 18 times (first time at 10 yrs old).

I suppose that I am, in a "round about" way,responsible for his interest in the books. I am really pleased to have known him. I would like to get in contact with him again, but I'm afraid that I would appear to be "toadying". I really just want to let him know how glad I am for him.

This friend of Peter Jackson wished that he could get in touch with him, I do not wish to give out his email because he might get flooded with false claims, so, instead if you are rading this Mr. Jackson and are interested in contacting Stewart C. pls email me and I can get you into contact with him (that's why I left out the teacher's name, if anyone would know, it would be Mr. Jackson)

Here's hoping an old friend and fan can get his wish fulfilled.



OH NO! :)
Dwane Dipply @ 9:58 am EST
Ned has sent this in to me and all I can say is keep those barf bags handy!
Big Shock! Fan Dismay! End of Middle Earth as we know it! I have it from a very reliable source that Leonardo DiCaprio has been cast for the film...with his boyish face and lithe figure he could only be...you guessed it...Galadriel.



The movie that Rankin/Bass SHOULD have made
Quickbeam @ 3:35 pm EST
Greetings all: this is Quickbeam of the GreenBooks section.

This morning as I surfed through the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) I found something that was so surreal I had to share it with all of you. Their listing for the Rankin/Bass TV movie "Return of the King (1979)" shows something that is certainly somebody's idea of a sick joke. The VHS cover they display is NOT the same as the poorly received animated feature. Instead, they have this wacky image from some comedy about Elvis Presley! Get it, return of the KING? Ugh! what a hoot.

Anyway, please don't write the IMDb folks to tell them.... they already know, believe me, and will correct it in about a week. But while it's still up just browse over there and see. It's worth a laugh.

As hasty as an Ent can be,

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