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July 20, 2001 - July 28, 2001


Meida Watch: Ultimate Collectors Magazine
Xoanon @ 4:30 pm EST

Ringer Spy Samwise the Smart sends along an article from 'Ultimate Collectors' Magazine. Take a look!


AOL: You've Got Tickets -CD Pics-
Xoanon @ 5:17 pm EST
Ringer Spy Anthony sends along scans from that AOL CD we reported about earlier this week. Take a look!

Andy Serkis talks Gollum
Xoanon @ 9:38 am EST
From: Andy

Just thought you might be interested in an interview with Andy Serkis which has appeared in todays "Metro", a free newspaper distributed in Manchester, UK. Not sure if this info is already available, but I've not seen it before.

Its in a slot called the "60 second interview" and amongst other things, Serkis describes his role as Gollum:

Q. How did you get in touch with your inner hobbit? (the newspapers question I hasten to add!)

Serkis: The director, PJ, wanted him to be driven by an actor as opposed to just being an animated character. Although the majority of it was CG, the camera picked up all my movement using motion capture. I play him as if he's a junkie and his fix is the ring - he goes cold turkey when he's not near it. He's a compulsive liar, he talks to himself - he's psychologically damaged by the desire to possess the ring - and I've tried to make him as human as possible in that way.

Q. How does it feel, looking nothing like yourself?

Serkis: As Gollum depletes into this emaciated creature, he goes from looking like me through a prosthetic transformation into the CG image, which is unrecognisable. It was quite a liberating experience. He's a split personality, Smeagol and Gollum, and I have two voices for the two different characters, with internal dialogues between them.

Q. Do you have to be partly schizophrenic to be an actor?

Serkis: Well, I know I am, there's absolutely no doubt about it. It's a prerequisite of the job. But also being in touch with parts of the psyche - our dark side - and not being afraid to go there.

The rest of the interview is then about his past characters ( such as Bill Sikes in Oliver Twist) and his favourite sinister character (Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs). Then theres just a couple of other quotes of note:

Q. What has been the "lost ring" in your life?

Serkis: I suppose it's my family - my children. I'm completely addicted to them. They're my addiction.

And then just finally at the end, he's asked how he prepares for different parts and his comment about Gollum is:

Serkis: I went through five Red Bulls (energy/stimulant drink, for those unfamiliar) a day for Gollum.


South Africa's Cinemagic goes back to Cannes
Xoanon @ 5:02 pm EST
From: Mike

Well I've just finished watching the program 'Cinemagic' on M-Net here in South Africa and yes, they did preview 'The Lord of the Rings'. My oh my, where do I start? Should I start with the fact that the show's presenter had an exclusive interview with Peter Jackson at Cannes (along with Mark Ordeksy and some other guy) and Peter answered a few questions and said something like, "The films will never be as good as your imagination, but you will see things in this film that are better than your imagination."

Maybe I should start by telling you that they showed all sorts of photos from the films, some of which I've never even seen before (a lot of them from 'Empire Magazine'), such as Arwen in Rivendell, Boromir at the Council of Elrond, Legolas at the battle of Helms Deep and Gimli, Merry and Pippin in the Mines of Moria.

I should also tell you about the clips they showed from the first Theatrical Teaser Trailer (the fire-writing being burnt onto the ring and Frodo cathing it, Aragorn throwing a torch at the screen, Orcs marching, Galadriel saying, "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future...." and the words 'The Lord of the Rings' flash onto the screen.

It ended with the presenter, Barry Ronge, saying that he thinks that these film will not be the films of the year, but the films of the DECADE! He said that he thinks that the film "will redefine the epic genre" and he cannot wait to see it when it opens "around the world on December the 19th". Barry Ronge's sidekick then said something like, "Well I for one cannot wait to see the film, I'm a Tolkien fan and I think it looks incredible. However good it is, it most certainly cannot be worse than 'Tomcats'..." [He then proceeds to review 'Tomcats']

All in all I was in heaven, I mean, they showed a preview of 'The Lord of the Rings' on TV in South Africa and the presenter actually said that he thinks it's going to be the film of the decade!!! - lots of people watch this show. Once again 'The Lord of the Rings' triumphs over the evil that are film critics.

AOL: You've Got Tickets
Xoanon @ 4:46 pm EST
From: Anthony

In the spirit of the upcoming films I have found out that AOL has a free movie ticket offer. I went to my local Barnes and Noble this morning to find at the counter those TRY AOL FREE disks that they always give away. Well the new disks have a pic of the Nazgul on the horse as like the new movie-book editions and inside is an offer for 2 free movie tickets to a participating theater, with a GREAT pic of the Council of Elrond, with availble offers of Free Screensavers and behind the scenese stuff...inside the packet it says go to AOL Keyword:Lord of the Rings for these offfers...

These disks are everywhere I am sure where they are offered, Barnes and NOble, Kmart etc.


Topps Trading Cards - A First Look
Xoanon @ 8:06 pm EST
Tookish managed to mug a few folks from Topps and got a scan of one of the cards from thier collection:

New Line Promo Items
Xoanon @ 7:57 pm EST
Ringer Spy Gilgameth sends along some great scans of New Line related bookmarks and other items given away to big companies tog et them excited. Take a look:

Some of the marketing people just came back from a meeting with the *snip* people and they gave me these because they knew I liked the movie. The images may be too big but I figured you could shrink them if you are even going to use them. Anyway, they are pretty nice. The hobbit bookmark is my personal favourite.

FOTR Trailer on 'The Big Breakfast'
Xoanon @ 9:37 am EST
From: paul

Just writing to let you know that the new fellowship of the ring trailer was given an 'exclusive first showing on uk t.v.' during channel 4s big breakfast entertainment slot 'snap, cackle & pop'. The trailer was shown in widescreen format and was excellent quality both in picture and sound, but annoyingly the opening "legend tells of a ring....etc" and end "....not frightened enough.." sections were missed off! Anyway i have been waiting for a tv showing since the trailers opening on the official site and at least now i can watch it again and again and again.

LOTR and those 'Apes'
Xoanon @ 9:33 am EST
From: JD

Hey... I'm a fellow Tolkien fan and I love your site!! Anyway, I'm also a projectionist for an AMC theatre in the *snip* area. Today we received a letter from NewLine that was included with an extra trailer for LOTR they gave us.

The letter basically states that NewLine will be targeting Planet of the Apes for promoting LOTR, meaning the LOTR trailer will be playing in, what I would assume from the way the letter was written, theatre chains everywhere with Planet of the Apes (if not everywhere, definitely in AMC theatre chains).


LOTR on South African TV
Xoanon @ 11:07 pm EST
From: Mike

Just writing in to let all the South African readers know that this Thursday at 19.00 on a South African show 'CineMagic' on the M-Net channel, they will
be showing a preview for the first 'The Lord of the Rings' film. According to the promo for the show, they are going to be previewing "the biggest event movie ever" or something like that and they showed a few clips from the first Theatrical Teaser Trailer (Frodo catching the ring, Orcs marching, Aragorn throwing a burning torch at the screen etc.).


Comic-Con Encounter
Xoanon @ 7:23 pm EST
While The Biting Faery sends along a great tale of meeting a star from LOTR. I truly do not believe that Chrisopher Tolkien was at Comic-Con, but I can confirm that this LOTR star was!

Yesterday (Saturday, July 21st) was, as you know, the NewLine Lord of the Rings promo presentation.

Well, later on that day my love Jeffrey and I heard the loudspeaker paging a 'Christopher Tolkien'. We rushed on over to the Show Office to see if we could catch a glimpse of him, but no luck. I had my doubts as to whether or not it was the real Christopher Tolkien until about an hour later.

We were waiting in line to get renowned faery artists Brian and Wendy Froud's autographs. Jeffrey sat down on the floor and I crouched beside him. I looked up for a moment and did a double take as Elijah Wood, Frodo himself, walked by us. Quickly I told Jeffrey (who thought I was joking at first), grabbed his hand, and we pursued the hobbit. He stopped to look at a booth when I slipped next to him and uttered a very shy "Mr. Wood?" He turned around and I gushed some sort of babble about how much Jeff and I were excited over the film, how we thought he was a wonderful choice for Frodo, etc. etc. etc. and Jeffrey told him how he had been a fan of his since 'Radio Flyer.'

Elijah was very polite and kind, as well as softspoken with his 'thank you's' and whatnot. We ended by shaking hands and thanking him for his time.

This confirmed our thought that it was indeed the real Christopher Tolkien who was paged. I wonder if any other of the movie's stars were there...

The Biting Faery

Comic-Con 2001 Art Pics
Xoanon @ 1:08 am EST
From: Faie

I saw (TheOneRing.net's) presentation. I thought it was cool, but I was disappointed that the exhibit floor closed right when it ended and I didn't get to see anything else (I had to come in after work). But I heard all sorts of good things about it, and there seems to be a lot of LOTR-related stuff. I think this is great because it is all positive publicity. I wish I had seen Elijah Wood though!


LOTR 'Making-of...' Details
Xoanon @ 11:46 am EST
From Ringer Spy Gilgameth

I just came from a 4th Qtr meeting with (snip) last night and they took us through their shpeal...then they showed trailers.

The last 'trailer' they showed was actually a ten minute making-of about Lord of the Rings. Needless to say I was happy and my goosebumps rose. It was really interesting and I got to see scenes I haven't seen in any of the trailers. You guys have probably seen this too. Anyway, my real reason for writing about this was one thing that stuck out to me...I know that Arwen has a larger role in the story however...from the footage I saw, it looks like she carries Frodo across the ford! Bakshi made it Legolas who meets them instead of Glorfindel after they leave Weathertop - is maybe Arwen meeting them now after Weathertop?

I just rewatched that old Making-of that came out before the teaser trailer and what I saw last night is like an extended version of that. A lot of the same scenes but Sean Bean holding the ring on the chain actually has a line about all the trouble for this small item. And the extended Arwen scene with the Hobbit on her horse - she definitely is making a break from the edge of a forest towards something and the nine riders (in the big heavy cloaks - so it's before they take the stolen bodies of kings) are right behind her and reaching for her. That was why I was pretty sure she is crossing the ford like you guys conjectured on the site as I look at the shot by shot break down. Anyway, passing it along. You guys have probably seen it but if not, it was pretty wicked.

There was one more part where the digital animator talks about the orcs (vs Faramir's men I think - they looked human not elven and they were carrying huge two-handed blades with odd split grips) and how none of the movements are animated. All of them are just programmed with hit, run, back off, charge, etc and then each of the 3D constructs just interacts with those around it! That's some HEAVY duty programming but the fight looked AMAZING!

They also showed Aragorn in that 'morning after Helm's Deep' By the gods, he kicked ass! Looked great.

Great Elrond and Boromir Pics!
Xoanon @ 11:22 am EST
Ringer Spy J Mintz sends along these great pics of Sean Bean (Boromir) and Hugo Weaving (Elrond). These high quality pics really give you the chance to take a look at the detail and quality of the costumes, I smell Oscar!

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