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July 11, 1999 - July 28, 1999


First of the Spy Reports!!
Dwane Dipply @ 9:28 pm EST
Hello I am Dwane Dipply, I am in charge of this section. Please feel free to send me all your spy reports at 'Dwane@theonering.net' and now, for the first report!

Kalle's Letter FROM Ian McKellen!

Kalle sent me this recently, it's aletter he recived from Ian McKellen himself regarding the LOTR films!
You can send Ian letters at McKellen.com, check it out!

dear kalle vaha-jaakkola

lord of the rings sounds an amazing project

best wishes ian mckellen

Xoanon has verified this, and it's the real deal! Way to go Kalle!



Further information for this section
Corvar @ 9:16 am EST
If you think you have a wicked sense of humour and could add some funny stuff relating to the movies, cast, crew, locations, etc, that would also be welcome here. But if it isn't rooted in fact it should at least be funny.

Contact Xoanon if you are interested in contributing to this section.

P.S. this section was sort of my brain child, so don't let me down ;)


New Section
Corvar @ 2:06 pm EST
Right now this section is a little sparse, but look forward to interesting things here in the near future.

What this section is going to be is a place where people who have fed us reliable information in the past to post things directly to TheOneRing.net[TM]. The information here will be primarily rumour and speculation. But rumours and speculation from sources which should be reliable. Once we get confirmation of things listed here it will be moved to the primary news section on the front page.

If you are interested in gaining the ability to post here you need to contact Xoanon and if you past his qualifications you will be given access to post notes up here.

So hopefully this section of TheOneRing.net[TM] will be a fun and exciting addition.

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