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June 10, 2001 - June 23, 2001


Cast Watch: Christopher Lee in Gormenghast UPDATE!
Jincey @ 11:55 pm EST
Olorin83 sent this in for all the Christopher Lee fans in Georgia.

Hey guys! I just flipped on the tv and caught the tail end of a commercial on GPTV for a feature called Gormenghast in which I thought I heard Lord of the Rings, just as it came on. I looked it up in our public tv guide and here's what the guide has to say:

Since its publication at the end of World War II, Mervyn Peake's fantastical masterpiece has thrilled readers. Now, four years in the making, Peake's story of treachery and decay, madness and honor comes to PBS with an all-star cast, including Ian Richardson, Christopher Lee, Stephen Gry, Zoe Wanamaker, Celia Imrie, Neve Mcintosh, Fiona Shaw and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (pictured) as Steerpike. Tuesday & Wednesday, June 25 & 26, 9-11PM.

Update: E-mails are coming in telling us that PBS is advertising all over the US. Ed tells us, "I recently saw the info about the BBC mini-series "Gormenghast" listed on your website. I would like to add that it is airing on most (all?) PBS stations in America on those dates & times (June 26, 27 @ 9-11pm), and not just Georgia. The series itself is listed to have been done for the first two books -- each presumably with two episodes -- so the next two episodes may air at a later point, although no dates are given." Bob says, "PBS will air Gormenghast beginning Wed. June 27 at 9:00 PM EST here in the States. The commercials for the telecast in part state, "in the tradition of Dune and the Lord of the Rings!" Ain't they all! Heh, Heh!! LOL

More Pics from Big Jerk
Calisuri @ 10:13 am EST
Ringer Spy Big Jerk checks back in with some great black and white images today. The Saruman and the Ringwraith images are most likely the same prints which manufacturers will use producing the cardboard stand-ups. (Yesterday we saw the Frodo, Aragorn and Hobbit stand-up images in more detail) I'm not sure about you folks, but I think the Ringwraith stand-up will make a wonderful low-cost home security device.

[ Saruman Stand-up - Click for Larger View ][ Ringwraith Stand-up - Click for Larger View ]

The other image is of an Uruk-Hai. I really do give credit to whoever had to stay in that costume during a long day of filming. That sure looks uncomfortable!

[ Uruk-Hai - Click for Larger View ]


Great New LOTR Pics
Xoanon @ 1:45 pm EST
Some great new pics from LOTR! Check out these great pics of Gandalf, Frodo some Orcs and Saruman! These great high rez pics come to us by way of Super Spy Big Jerk. Check them out!

[ Frodo - Click for Larger View ][ Lurtz - Click for Larger View ]

[ Nazgul - Click for Larger View ][ Gandalf - Click for Larger View ][ Saruman - Click for Larger View ]

[ Gandalf - Click for Larger View ][ Orc - Click for Larger View ]

[ Gimli - Click for Larger View ][ The Hobbits - Click for Larger View ][ Saruman - Click for Larger View ]

[ Legolas - Click for Larger View ][ Aragorn - Click for Larger View ][ Uruk-Hai - Click for Larger View ]

[ Moric Orc - Click for Larger View ][ Bilbo - Click for Larger View ][ Frodo  - Click for Larger View ]

[ Moria Orcs - Click for Larger View ][ Real Ugly Orc - Click for Larger View ]

Hey look! There's Haldir!
Calisuri @ 12:42 pm EST
For the last few years we heard numerous reports of PJ and company always having a copy of LOTR on set. A lot of people have written to us in the past expressing their doubts. Well, today comes another example of how, even the really minor details, are being addressed on set.

Thanks to the observations of some fans, and an independent spy report, we can safely announce that the third 'elf' in this trailer image is Haldir, played by Craig Parker.

[ Trailer Clip ]
The Fellowship Departs

[ Parker as Haldir  ]
Craig Parker as Haldir

Note this from the text:

"After their morning meal the Company said farewell to the lawn by the fountain. Their hearts were heavy; for it was a fair place, and it had become like home to them, though they could not count the days and nights that they had passed there. As they stood for a moment looking at the white water in the sunlight, Haldir came walking towards them over the green grass of the glade. Frodo greeted him with delight."

Its good to see that even something as minor as Haldir's presence at the Fellowship's departure from Lothlorien is represented in the films.


The Final Word on Gimli and the Ring
Calisuri @ 11:51 pm EST
We have final confirmation.

Gimli does in fact take a swipe at the ring during the Council of Elrond.

Our source for this information runs pretty deep, so we can't even give them a spy name! But it is true...you can take that to the bank.

Whether the clip actually makes it into the final movie, thats another question.

But thats not all folks! As it turns out, the bigger news is they will be filming pick-up shots from the Council of Elrond next week!

Ringer Vincent sent us this definition of a pick-up shot:

"A pick-up is usually an 'insert' - you don't usually rebuild sets or that sort of thing for a pick up. A hand opening a door, a reaction close-up, that sort of thing are are pick-ups. In fact, pick ups usually do not even use the actors they are representing. It is usually the director's arm leg, hand etc... or someone else like that who just happens to be available. If the actor is brought back it is probably for (1) a reaction shot or (2) change in dialogue that cannot be dubbed over - usually because they do not have an over the shoulder shot (or 2- shot) that matches enough to dub the line over or something similar."

Thanks Vincent!


Media Watch: Hollywood one-on-one
Xoanon @ 3:15 pm EST
Hollywood one-one-one did a short insert on the upcoming movies this evening. Several comments were passed about how unusual it was for the show to run an slot on a movie only coming onto circuit in December, but that it looked like "one of the greatest stories ever told" could well turn into "one of the greatest movies ever made".

Some stats about the number of copies of the books sold and the number of languages the story has been published in were thrown about, along with a few comments about the size of the project undertaken.

The slot showed footage from the Cannes festival along with interviews of PJ and the hobbits and film footage from the first cinematic trailer (twice!!), which was great to see again on a screen bigger than my 13" monitor!!

The whole article gave the impression that film was definitely something worth looking forward too and had the potential be something truly great.


More on Cate and 'Chasing The Dragon'
Xoanon @ 8:33 pm EST
Ringer Spy Elrohir, an insider from the Bruckheimer camp sheds some light Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) and her possible involvement in 'Chasing the Dragon'.

The only thing I know at this point is that her (Cate's) pregnancy is an issue, because it would mean they couldn't start shooting for a while, next Spring I think. But I haven't heard any other names being floated, so I think they're pretty set on doing it with her. Right now they're just battling with Disney over the budget, as always.

Christmas in Sweden
Xoanon @ 10:27 am EST
From: omringaren

Here's a translation of an interesting reference to FOTR in an article about upcoming movies in Sweden this Christmas.

"At Christmas the Swedes go to cinemas like no other time of the year. Usually, the cinemas fight to get their films out at this time. But this year, they will back off. The reason?

"The Fellowship of the Ring". It premieres in Sweden December 19th and will be the closest thing to a Christmas premiere this year. It has scared all other movies away, and SF is going to show it in all of their best theatres during the holidays. So, it's expected to reign supreme this Christmas."

2 New FOTR Trailers in Sept?
Xoanon @ 12:11 am EST
This comes to me by way of a trusted spy that cannot be named! He has done some work for me in the past, and his connections are top notch, so check out what he has to say!

The unnamed spy sends word that New Line are prepping not one but TWO new FOTR trailers this coming fall. Each with a different theme no doubt, an action theme and a magical theme perhaps, who knows, check this out.

From a New Line memo I managed to smuggle across the boarder into TORN territory:

"New Line Cinema have decided upon a merketing strategy to promote the release of the first film in Peter Jacksons epic interpretation of J.R.R Tolkiens Lord of the Rings.

This second trailer is to be shown with Pearl Harbour and through June, July and August on any recent/new release film.

A third and final trailer will be released in September. This trailer may have two versions to be shown with different genres of film. Your co-operation is required in assisting New Line Cinema in executing its marketing strategy correctly."


Trailer on German TV
Xoanon @ 5:18 pm EST
From: Arcaist

On Sunday, I watched "Zelluloid", a movie show that airs on Germany's "VIVA2" music television.

The Flims itself weren't mentioned in the show, but instead they showed the New Official Trailer (the latest one) IN GERMAN between two interviews, without further comment.

Although I do not know how much of the film is yet synchronised, the new trailer definately is. I also don't know if the new trailer is yet airing in cinemas. As for the quality of the synchronization, I was a little disappointed. The different accents (e.g. "The ring must be destroyed"-part) were not distinguishable, and the wording seemed a bit clumsy. But perhaps that's only me, having seem the English trailer somewhere around 50 times.

Bad news from Croatia and Peru
Tehanu @ 6:28 am EST
Galahad heard the news from Slovenia and rang round the local cinemas to find out the status of the films/ trailers:

"I called every single cinema here in Zagreb (capital of CRO) and only some of them even heard about the film being made. But I found out from "Broadway" theatres that the trailer is due out next week. They don't know in front of what it will be showing yet. And it is the FIRST TRAILER! So, I really hope to get the movie as soon as Slovenia (January 17th), even though I doubt it. Guess you'll be watching the Return of the King by the time we get the Fellowship :-)."

Awww. That's shocking. Meanwhile, the news from Peru is mixed. PequePeque wrote to say:

"Hi, just to tell you that the first teaser trailer was screened last week for the first time here in lima, peru. it was with the off-voice in spanish and sub-titled dialogues. it advertised the movies for christmas 2001 so, i guess it will be a worldwide release after all. This is a confusing matter because i dont think they are screening the trailer with wrong dates, but after speaking with local distributors they told me the movies will be opening around february. The argument is New Line is waiting for snowball effect so they wont spend that much in marketing in the region."

Same as in Japan.


Freebie LOTR Pins!
Jincey @ 11:16 pm EST
click for larger version

Tish, a regular at Barlimans, gave us this news last night. It seems a restaurant in the D.C. area was giving away free LOTR pins! All I can say is, "Will LOTR *ever* come to Podunkville?" Here's her report:

As I mentioned in chat last night, yesterday, June 9, a friend of mine went to the opening of a Chipotle burrito take out restaurant in downtown Washington, D.C. A pile of LOTR pins sat on one of the tables, free to any takers. My friend took one and gave it to me. I've seen these types of pins before. They are usually, as this one is, the movie poster laminated on to a flat, rectangular backing, about 2 inches by 3 inches. However, I've never seen these except when handed out at a theater during the opening of an anticipated blockbuster.

A local radio station was promoting this restaurant opening last week, with offers of free food. I heard nothing though about Lord of the Rings giveaways. On Monday, I will call the restaurant and find out if they have more of the pins, or, if not, from where they came.


When we hear more, we'll pass it along

The Nine Yellow Riders gatecrash Cannes
Tehanu @ 5:21 am EST
There's no gatecrasher like a musician. The thought of free food and drinks acts on us like the Ring does to Gollum. Here's an amazing story from somebody who was at Cannes: [Warning: some people are going to read this and go 'tsk tsk tsk...' Heck, _I_ went 'tsk tsk tsk.' But it's too good a story to leave out.

"Although following the ups and downs of the upcoming trilogy at TheOneRing.net for almost 2 years know, I've never had the urge to write to you. Even after reading everything on the Cannes footage, I was not tempted. Well actually I was tempted, being at the Cannes Party myself! but I felt like telling the same story again and again. But after looking at the footage and the pictures posted on the official site (06/06/01), there is actually something I like to share with you. On the video and on the third picture from the right of the "party preperations", a little table is shown inside the hobbit-hole. There are some things on the table like a feather, a leather bag, a Hobbit pipe (a wooden one) and a calendar that is hanging on the wall ! The calendar is not only planning Bilbo's Birthday Party and Gandalf coming, but it is also looking at me every night before I lay my ear on my pillow! Actually I felt a bit ashamed at first, stealing something from a party you weren't even invited to. But no way I'm giving it back now!!

I play in a dutch jazzband and this was the 10th time we attended the filmfestival of Cannes. Maybe it has something to do with being a musician or just the fact that a considerable amount of people have read the books, but most of the bandmembers can be called Tolkien "fans". Going to the LOTR-party anyway was not an option. I knew the name of the castle, saw a picture, but that was that. On Sunday night (the night of the party) we were enjoying a good meal, when suddenly our soprano-sax player saw somebody with an invitation for the party. We just couldn't resist to ask were it was and take the change of going there, experienced party-crashers as we are. We only knew the place of the village north of Cannes. It was, however, not at all easy to find the castle. All signs leading to the place were removed. There even was a road block used to mislead party-crashers. But after an hour of driving on very small mountain roads in the middle of ****ing nowhere, we saw a shimmering blue light high up in the sky. Figuring out that was the place to be, and choosing the wrong way for three times (picture 9 people in a 9-persons van, going uphill in gear 1 on a dusty road. Every time they conquered the hill they saw the blue light on the hill next door; damn wrong mountain...again!!), we saw a car coming up. Turned out to be two French guys who attended the party but were lost after leaving it. Happily we could exchange information about showing them the way down and showing us the way up. And after 1 hour driving, there it was: The blue light was coming from a beautiful castle, transformed into a Middle-earth surrounding. You could get to about 300 meters from the castle until stopped by big guys with hairy arms. As we always do, we just drove our van inside, pretending we were "the band", but the guards said something like: "No ****ing way..." Disappointed, but not defeated yet, we drove 200 meters back and stopped at a big fence surrounding the castle. We couldn't see if the place was guarded, but if you don't try... So we climbed the fence, wearing the most ugly yellow band-shirts you have ever seen, crawled our way up bushes, hid in shadows and moved silently across the lands and between deserted (we hoped) houses. It was our own little quest. Whenever someone made the slightest noise we froze and with some "Tour of Duty" moves we finally reached a wall with on top of it the way leading to the entrance. Coming this close, there was no time for hesitation so in a few seconds 9 yellow fellows walked towards the entrance. People were staring at us, but the only thing we were interested in was getting inside. Which of course was chanceless, without an invitation, which was about as big as a CD. Plan B was about to fail, when I saw another entrance, used for catering people. I guessed that they wouldn't mind us getting inside, so plan C was born ! I was just about to ask this waiter to let us in, when I discovered I could just walk inside. As we walked past Galadriel's Boat, lying in a beautiful lake full of strange lightning and smoke, the music became louder and louder, and before we knew it, our band had entered the building. First thing we did while inside, was running to the nearest bar and order nine gin-tonics. Of course as low profile as we could be (patting each other's back, which definitely contained marks of a big bush-struggle), all of us saw his wet dream come true. Especially when we saw pictures inside the castle of the whole cast and things like Gandalf's staff, Narsil and Sting, the Prancing Pony, the Troll and of course the Hobbit house. Inside the house my fingeres started to itch, seeing all these have-to-haves and before I knew it (or anybody else hopefully), some of these gadgets were well hidden in my pants. Leaving the party we obtained a bag containing a special edition of the books, a pipe, tabacco, a poster and a little Sting, of course just like all the other guests! I must say the guards were looking a bit strange when we left the castle through the main gate.

Anyway, maybe an old story, but I just could not keep it to myself. What a relief! Hopefully my calendar is in the movies, wouldn't you say.

Greetings from The Netherlands, Porto Sandybanks of Frogmorton (my Hobbit name according to Chris Wetherell) "

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