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May 23, 2001 - May 30, 2001


France Release Date Info
Xoanon @ 8:42 pm EST
Nicolas sends us word on the release date in France, as well as some insider info on movies dubbed in french.

I saw in a french TV show that the movie release in France would be the 19th December. It is logic because the 19 th is a Wednesday, the normal release day for movies in France.

Apart from that, I saw the trailer 1 dubbed in French. Usually I always prefer original versions, but this dubbing was AWFUL! (I can attest to this, we get the same french movies here, and most of the time it's horribly done -Xo) I hope they will make efforts for the real thing, because if they don't they won't get anyone to see the movie.

And I hope there will not be only the dubbed version released. It is not usually the case, but it happens sometimes even for blockbusters (Dinosaurs for example was released only in dubbed version)

Nicolas D

Total Film Magzine Details
Xoanon @ 4:31 pm EST
Ringer Spy Becky sends along details from the latest Total Film magazine.

I was able to pick up the Total Film (Ben Affleck cover) in question this weekend - of course just for the trailer CD (and the free cinema ticket too:)). I can inform you that the trailer is not the new one - which we Brits should see in front of Pearl Harbor, but the 'teaser' - which can also been seen on the trailer reels shown at Basildon UCI cinema (I'm assuming this goes for all UCI cinemas).

Talking of UCI cinemas - they have just produced a leaflet detailing family movies that can be seen between now and February next year. Apart from the obvious (Harry Potter, Shrek) and the bizarre (Help I'm a Fish) they list Fellowship - along side a rather cute picture of Legolas (headshot). The blurb gives a rather succinct summary of the story (dangerous quest, go see Elrond etc) of the film and then entreaties people to read the novels to find out what's going on!

It gives the release date as being 19th December and all in all a very nice piece of advanced publicity and a lot better than what Harry Potter got!


LOTR and Danish Pastries
Xoanon @ 10:21 pm EST
Ringer Spy Darth Frede sends along a translation of the Viggo RealVideo.

Woman: "And know to the realm of adventures. Tolkien's piece: "The Lord of the Rings", has been read by 100 million people.

Now the trilogy has been made into a movie, and with the biggest marketing campaignin movie history, which began these days in Cannes, "movie-go'ers" all over the world will be tempted to the cinema and watch the hobbits fight against evil.

Narator: 400,000,000 crowns (the danish coin), or the equal to 50 danish "dogme-movies", is what the movie company "New Line Cinema" is spending on the promotion of "Lord of the Rings" alone.

The first step was taken at a castle outside of Cannes. Press from all over the world was invited to a party with the actors and the director, in an adventure set populated by hobbits, eleves and trolls (they clearly meant orcs).

As the book is known by many, the movie company has been very secret about the project, untill the film festival in Cannes.

Peter Jackson: [I'm in a hurry, so I'm not gonna write the english parts]

Narator: It takes alot to make a movie over Tolkien's masterpiece. 2000 people were involved in the project. Hardcore fans of the book, are allready discussing if it's okay to make a movie over the classic from 1954.
It took more than a year to film the three movies in New Zealand. The first will premier on the 19. of december.

The total cost of the movies 2,500,000,000 crowns.
The Danish-American actor, Viggo Mortensen, has been part of the cast, and has played one of the main characters.

Viggo Mortensen: "It was a great cast and crew. And I must say, that it was probably the best experience I've ever had with a crew. It'll probably never happen again for me."

Woman The interest in the movies is allready huge. The official site, which has been up since februrary (last year ; She doesn't say that), 365,000,000 visitors.


Trailer News. film release news: Australia, Taiwan, Switzerland, and Spain
Tehanu @ 5:37 am EST
News from Australia, thanks to Mark:
"I am pleased to tell you that the new LORD OF THE RINGS trailer should be on screen by Thursday May 31 ( that's subject to getting the copies delivered on time ). It will screen with MOULIN ROUGE / THE MUMMY RETURNS / and either JOE DIRT / HEAD OVER HEELS / or FIFTEEN MINUTES.

The film will release nationally on December 26."

Chu (who is building the first Chinese-language LOTR website I've heard of) wrote to say "because our Chinese New Year is the longest vacation possible, so they picked next February to be the film's date."

Nick read in a local paper that the FOTR will be released in Switzerland on December 20th.

From Leandro in Spain: "I suppose this could be of some interest: in Spain, the trailer will be associated to most of the copies of "Town & Country" (with Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Andie McDowell) More details on Elfenomeno


More! New Coolio Pics
Xoanon @ 1:10 pm EST
Some great new pics for you to behold, check these babies out!


Another two Trailer reviews.
Tehanu @ 12:40 am EST
I just saw the new " trailer "The Fellowship of the
Ring"and let me tell you, it was awesome! It begins with the camera going over a large forest, then you see Frodo entering through the door at Bag End during the night and a hand grabs him out of nowhere, he turns, astonished, and it is Gandalf wildly asking where the Ring is.

It cuts to Gandalf drawing the Ring from a fire and Frodo reading the Rune inscription. Gandalf is saying "The Ring was forged by the Dark Lord Sauron in Mount Doom" then it shows Mount Doom in the distance and lava running through rock then Frodo says "He doesn't know where it is
does he Gandalf?Does he?" Gandalf looks extremely grim. Gandalf talks about how the Ring could destroy everyting etc. Then you see Frodo standing on a road looking puzzled as the leaves begin to blow away.

You see Elven Maidens running through the forest smiling. Then the council of Elrond where Frodo is standing at the middle and we see Boromir pleading to the council to use the Ring against the Dark Lord, he is then gruffly rebuked by Aragorn who I think says "NO! The Ring cannot be controlled!". We see Legolas saying "the Ring must be destroyed!" It shows the Fellowship walking along some pillar ruins in the distance.

The Mines of Moria sequence scared the crap out of me! We see the Fellowship walking along a wall in the caves.Then a heartbeat sound is made and they're all hiding behind rocks looking and you hear Frodo say to one of them "there's something down there!" We here a rasp then "Ssssss,my preciousssss"

Then the clips start coming really fast. Legolas flipping through the air. The doors to Balin's Tomb being banged open and Boromir holdding them. Saruman laying down then getting up with his hand outstretched. The Fellowship running like hell and from a corner you can see Orcs crawling straight down huge pillars coming to get them. you see Aragorn drawing his sword. The Nine Riders without their hoods on, they look pale white, kinda see through, and their wearing crowns on their heads.

You see the Fellowship crowded together with swords drawn as in the dark - you can barely see the Orcs surrounding them !Boromir almost falls off a cliff with fire beneath him.

Then Orcs, I think Uruk-Hai because it's daylight, running at the screen. You see the Dark Riders charging through the water, and Galadriel standing before Frodo with her eyes closed. There was so much happening so much it's hard to remember. You also see Aragorn and Arwen kissing.

Thanks toMaul for that!
And now for another review from SK:

-Opening aerial shot of a forested river valley (probably Anduin)
-Frodo slowly entering door to Bag End in darkness
-Gandalf spins him around, looking *extremely* wild-eyed, saying "Is it secret??? Is it safe???"; looked like they used a wide-angle lens on handheld camera to add to uneasy, scary shot - very strange
-Shots of hooded riders lifting their heads quickly, sniffing the air
-Various shots shown, as Gandalf's voice says: "This is the one ring, forged by the dark lord Sauron. Sauron needs only this ring to cover all the lands in a second darkness. He is seeking it.... seeking it, all his thought is bent on it."
Various shots: Gandalf and Frodo picking the ring out of the fireplace at Bag End, the ring being forged, Elves prancing through forest happily, horses and battles (Isildur?), vicious green-eyed Goblins/Orcs fighting armored men (in Ithilien possibly?), black riders, Frodo looking at the ring with engraved writing reflecting onto face (cool!), forested trail with swirling leaves moving towards Frodo (presumably in the Shire), black riders in darkness, then Frodo in Bag End, turning as he says, "No one knows it's here, do they?.... Do they, Gandalf?" - then riders breaking down and riding over a large door with horses
-Caption over dark forested mountain backround and a large "ONE" faded in the sky: ITS POWER CORRUPTS ALL WHO DESIRE IT
-Shots of the ring and Frodo in the circle at the Council at Rivendell, with Boromir saying, "The weapon of the enemy is a gift. Let us use it against
him!". To this Aragorn responds "You cannot wield it! None of us can."
-A terrific, completely believable shot of the hobbits standing in front of the rest of the party, about half their size but looking very normal. Then Legolas saying "The ring must be destroyed."
-Shots of Mordor and the metal being poured, then the same familiar shot of the orc armies marching, with Gandalf(?) saying: "It was made in the fires
of Mount Doom. Only there can it be unmade."
-Another caption over dark forested mountain background and a large "ONE" faded in the sky: ONLY ONE HAS THE WILL TO RESIST IT
-Shot of party marching over mountain with remnants of castle (Where is this? Looks cool, wherever it is!)
-Frodo with Galadriel saying "I know what I must do. But I'm afraid to do it." Then both of them closing their eyes and lowering their faces - presumably for Frodo to look into the Mirror of Galadriel
-Gandalf saying "One does not simply walk into Mordor!" as shots go by of what I think is the parting at Lothlorien and them starting down the river in swan boats. Then Galdalf leading them around dark passages (Moria? They must have backtracked) and Frodo responding "There is no other way."
-Another caption over dark forested mountain background: A FELLOWSHIP OF NINE MUST DESTROY IT
-Frodo looking up, scared - then Boromir leaning on a rock, with Aragorn moving behind his shoulder - then Frodo speaking to Gandalf, frightened: "There's something down there!" - then a shot of murky darkess in a cave, then a whispered: "My... Preciousssss!" followed by a gurgling "Gollum" sound
-Lots of shots now, hard to follow, with haunting music in background: Black riders, fireworks in the Shire, surrounded and fighting at Weathertop and
Moria, archers raising bows, collapsing bridge at Moria, Arwen chased across dry plains (surrounded by forest) by black riders, fireworks, battles, Gandalf hitting sword on bridge in Moria, Orcs climbing down pillars towards party in Moria, Aragorn and Arwen kissing, lots more fighting shots, reversed-image dark riders/kings - as Frodo saw them probably, more cool fighting shots, Saruman's white robe moving towards someone(Gandalf?), Frodo cringing, then him putting on the ring.
-Flash out to main caption: THE LORD OF THE RINGS, subtitled by THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. Stays on this caption as audio continues: Aragorn saying, "You frightened?". Frodo responding, "Yes". Aragorn shooting back, "Not nearly frightened enough!"

All in all, very cool. Initial shots of Gandalf a little strange, seemed somewhat out-of-place, but rather Peter Jackson-ish though. Much darker, serious tone.



Trailer Review
Xoanon @ 4:57 pm EST
From: Tim D

My wife and I saw it together and we came away from it remembering different things. The overall impression though, was much darker than the first trailer. There were fewer big grand open shots and more close-ups. I don't recall "Mr. Voice" like the first two trailers, instead we get to here a lot of Gandalf describing a little background of the ring, etc.

Lots of quick shots of orcs, the nazgul, (including one similar to the "uncloaked" shot we saw not too long ago). The council of Elrond was included with Boromir's suggestion to use the ring against the enemy.

But the two shots that stick out in my mind most were toward the end. Gollum, somewhere in the dark hissing out "My Precioussss" (very nice). Also a scene with Aragorn and Frodo (I assume at the Prancing Pony, it was very dark though).


Are you afraid?




Not nearly afraid enough

Or something to that affect. Remember, I had to sit through an almost 3 hour movie afterwards. It's hard to remember details after one showing.

Sean Astin loves Sam and LOTR
Xoanon @ 4:51 pm EST
As if we didn't know that already, the guy BEGGED and PLEADED to get the role, and much to his credit he's the only one I can see playing Sam, but this report from Damien in Philly really makes me happy. Sean Astin really LOVES everything to do with LOTR! He's like a proud father! Check out this report:

I ran into Sean Astin about ten minutes ago in an elevator in Philadelphia. I recognized him right off, though he seems to have dropped all the 'Sam' weight. I asked him how New Zealand was and he totally lit up and said he loved it. I congratulated him on the role and told him I was glad he got it, since Sam is my favorite character in the story. He was so excited about the movies he was nearly shaking, and he whipped out a little pewter figure of Sam holding a sword and showed it to me. He also showed me the tattoo that the 'Nine Walkers' all had (I wanna see those tatoos guys! -Xo). It looked really cool and was written in elvish, but I didn't ask him to translate.

Sean's a really nice guy, although he was a lot shorter than I thought, and he had that 'I know something you don't know' look in his eyes when he walked about the film. Just thought I'd send this in as an interesting tidbit.

Trailer News: Pensacola
Xoanon @ 9:30 am EST
From: Malachii

Hello there! I work at a local theater in Pensacola, FL and we got 4 copies of Pearl Harbor yesterday (wed.) and to my great excitement, the NEW trailer for Fellowship!!

Spoilers Below!

It starts off with another monolouge but this time NOT the Verse of the Rings. It speaks of legend of old and myths of time... all that great stuff. Then you see Frodo and then Gandalf surprising him from behind. And then it shows a few shots already seen in the previous trailer. But what got me going is after a lil bit of that, it goes to Rivendell and the council. You see a shot of Boromir pleading to use the Ring and then see Aragorn opposing him, saying no. Then it moves on to more mixed, quick shots... some new, some old. More shots of the Nazgul this time. WAY more shots! Including a quick peek near the end of the trailer of four or five Nazgul as they appear with the Ring on!! Oh man, that did it for me. By the time the trailer ended, I was wiggling and squirming like a lil kid. Course, half the other projectionists were too and we all laughed at each other.

Anyways, there's a quick (very quick) rundown of the new trailer. Just thought I'd drop a line and let ya'll know. If you're going to make another list of where and where not the trailer is playing, like back in January. Then you can put down Rave 16 in Pensacola, FL has it playing on one of 4 showings of Pearl Harbor. Hope this helps some, have a great one!!


Media Watch: El Financiero
Xoanon @ 4:19 pm EST
Translated by: cdavila

Web Sites, New Screen

By: Roselia Servin Magaña

Anticipating their release, the web increases expectations

New movie productions –some still in process—begin to have a life of their own thanks to a powerful communications mean: Internet. Tomb Raider, Spiderman, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes, among others, are the audience’s most anticipated movies.

Considered a key part of a movie’s global release, the so called “web sites” have seen how the publicity expectations are on the rise, thanks to the advantages offered by “the web”.

For example, during the first three months of the year, the official Lord of the Rings movie site (the first installment of a trilogy being prepared about the Lord of the Rings phenomenon) generated more than 350 million clicks worldwide since it’s launching on January 2001.

According to Rolf Mittweg, Distribution and Marketing President for New Line Cinema, the success of the site (launched in ten languages) “is truly amazing. Those who are discovering the online project comment that this is an extraordinary experience on the Internet. The site lordoftherings.net has functioned as an information site for our movie”, as he recognizes on a bulletin issued by the Warner distributor.

On the other hand, the lover of the science fiction history written by Pierre Boulle, Planet of the Apes, can get on board of USAF’s spacecraft “Oberon”, which suddenly crashes in a strange planet commanded by apes. Besides of offering the possibility of ten languages, (French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English), planetoftheapes.com offers exclusive interviews, the movie’s trailer, photos and general information.

With Angelina Jolie on the role of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider is yet another of the big releases for this year and one of the preferred sites on the web. Besides of offering the traditional chance of making live links with characters and scenarios, www.tombraidermovie.com allows the possibility of knowing a little bit more on this acclaimed interactive video game, about this fearless woman wondering through the land, trying to save earth.

And talking about navigators, the director’s Sam Raimi movie, Spiderman, has gotten a considerable number of fans thanks to its site www.spiderman.com/sonypictures.com.

In this page, the visitor has access to a huge gallery of images, history, news, music, interviews and more about the movie starred by Tobey Maguire and Willem Dafoe.

Finally, the now most expensive movie on history (with a budget of 145 million dollars) is Pearl Harbor whose site bventertainment.go.com/movies/pearl-harbor begins to raise interest on the film, which will be released next Friday on the US and whose premier was celebrated last Monday in Hawaii on board of the aircraft USS John C. Stennis, with a group of two thousand guests, among which there were a group of survivors of the historical Japanese attack which marked the beginning of War World II.

But technology does not end here, because now it’s also possible to watch a movie through this means, which could be according to many people one of the best ways of recuperating their investment.

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