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March 26, 2002 - April 12, 2002


Pirate Translations.
Tehanu @ 1:01 pm EST
Recently we reported that the Chinese were having trouble following the plot of LOTR - one reason being that the pirated versions that are rampant in that country contain some of the most horrible translations imaginable. Ever wondered just how bad some of these pirate videos are? Now thanks to Natalya from Henneth Annun, we can give you some idea.

"Here is a collection of subtitles (in English) on a pirated Malaysian FotR video: I don't care if it's a bandwagon...

"It's absolutely hilarious (follow "Next" links to more pages) and absolutely misleading in regards to the meaning of the movie. I wonder how people who watch such a video could understand anything at all!"

Russian translators of pirated FotR videos are worthy competitors for the Malaysians, though. Here is her translations into English of pirated LOTR subtitles in Russia: Henneth Annun

The links above should prove to everybody why pirated videos are bad and shouldn't be bought, especially videos of such complex and language-heavy movie as LotR:FotR!


LOTR opens in India to disappointing response.
Tehanu @ 2:36 pm EST
This news came in thanks Karan:
"I'm writing in from Chandigarh, India. Last Friday LOTR finally came to our town and in the last 5 days, I've already seen it 3 times. Unfortunately, It hasn't been a success here, with most people complaining about the film's running time, which is quite surprising, since most Indian films easily cross 3 hrs and may go upto 4 hrs in length. Also, I guess, people who are not familiarised with Tolkien's books were not able to catch all the plot nuances in the movie. Maybe if it had been dubbed in Hindi, it would have fared better. The movie will give way here after only one week to Harry Potter which will probably be much more successful due to the simple storyline and the books' popularity among kids. I, myself, am glad that I was at least able to hook a few of my friends onto the LOTR saga through the movie. Now, they've all bought the books. At last, there will be somebody here for me to discuss Middle Earth with!!"


TTT trailer here and there.
Tehanu @ 2:12 pm EST
Ford of Rivendell says "On the official Lord of the Rings site, the main page, there are pictures in the middle of the screen. If you put your mouse over the one that says "SPECIAL PREVIEW IN THEATERS: See the extended preview of The Two Towers now in theaters," it will then widen, and give a brief explanation. It also says in gold print, "for Tickets Click Here." If you click there it sends you to the information about where The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring is playing. But what also pops up, in another window, is a Quicktime video of Peter Jackson. Here he gives an explanation of The Two Towers Preview, and also why it is a preview, not a trailer. He also said that he put it at the end of FOTR so that fan's would be the first ones in the world to see footage from the next movie. It's rather interesting, so check it out."

Meanwhile the TTT trailer pops up in various places on TV, though from the emails we've been getting, most of the showings are just a few brief shots from the TTT trailer. According to Tyler: "On TV I saw a Fellowship preview and at the end there is a brief add for Two Towers traler at theaters: it has the logo, and beitiful shot of Eoywn in front of Mesulad, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas on horse back, and a drool-inducing shot of Helms Deep."

Japan Goodies
Xoanon @ 1:54 pm EST
Tommy writes: I am not sure if such has been sent in before, but in Japan one can now purchase a ticket for the Two Towers, which will premiere in 2003.

The ticket is called a "Platinum Ticket" and comes with a tiny One Ring sticker and a great envelope/pamphlet etched in Elvish with "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" in the middle, all in gold lettering. The envelope/pamphlet is a nice heavy bond of paper like stiff parchment, and along the inside sports the map of Middle-earth along with a summary of the film.

The ticket inside is a map of Middle-earth with the title again but written in Japanese. I wish I had a scanner to show it off. The price is 1300 yen, roughly $12 American dollars. Compare that to 1800 yen at the box office upon release. Yes, Tolkien fans in Japan not only have to put up with late arrivals but also dreadfully high ticket prices.


More Mirror Sites to Download the TTT Trailer
Tehanu @ 9:21 pm EST
I can't stand it. The pleading emails....the desperate frustration of the people who can't see the TTT trailer on the big screen, and those who find that the other sites we've given have crashed. Here's another list of mirror sites for the TTT trailer, thanks to GyrFalcon.

zip file1 (thanks to
Mov file1
(thanks to Kurik)
zip file2 (thanks to JWeavis)
mov file2
zip file3
zip file4
zip file5


Glass Hammer Video Shoot
Xoanon @ 11:58 am EST
Audio111 writes:

Glass Hammer spies report that filming of the music video "MIRKWOOD" is set to begin this month at a nature preserve somewhere in the South Eastern United States.

"MIRKWOOD" is a track on their popular "Middle-earth Album", and tells the story of a young girl who becomes hopelessly lost in the forest while chasing the sound of elves singing in the distance.

The "MIRKWOOD" piece will join a collection of Glass Hammer videos set for release in the summer of 2002. Included in this collection is "The Way To Her Heart" which premiered in rough form at DragonCon 2000, and included shots of Aragorn, Arwen and a party of Elven maidens in attendance.


TTT: Great Legolas Shot From TTT
Xoanon @ 5:05 pm EST
Ringer Spy Rodrigo sends us an amazing shot of Legolas from The Two Towers!


LOTR Party On WB Lot
Xoanon @ 3:43 pm EST
Ringer Spy RobertoZombie sends along this bit of info on a LOTR party tonight on the Warners lot. This is no rumor, there will be a party tonight, I was in fact invited to it, but just exactly what it is for remains a mystery.

I work at Warner Bros and I just walked by our theater here on the lot and the marquis says, "New Line Home Entertainment welcomes you to Middle Earth and the Lord of the Rings" and there are party fixings galore set up right out in front of the theater...

Unfortunately, the party area is tented and blocked off with yellow tape, but I did spy a very hobbit-looking wheelbarrow right next to the tent entrance.

Home Entertainment certainly indicated home video/DVD release, but it seems a bit early for an FOTR home video/DVD release party.

I've made some phone calls and sent some e-mails (no responses yet) to try to find out WHAT and WHEN and WHO.

Update: It seems that the party is in fact a press announcement on the LOTR:FOTR DVD details, such as release date, content and more.

More Great TTT Pics!
Xoanon @ 3:22 pm EST
Ringer Spy Rodrigo sends along some great pics from The Two Towers! Some appear to be from various newspaper clippings and spy pics we posted many a year ago during principal photography, but still cool to gaze at!

NZ/Oscar Trivia
Xoanon @ 2:10 pm EST
Ringer Spy Ataahua sends along some interesting information about Oscar night, and the NZ connections.

* Before the LOTR contingent left their hotel for the Academy Awards, a kapa haka (traditional Maori performance) group turned up and performed a haka in front of them. A haka is usually miss-named a 'war dance' - it's actually a challenge, and can be performed in recognition of respect and honour upon the other party. Elijah Wood looked stunned by it, and the Kiwis in the party were thrilled. (The kapa haka group was arranged by TVNZ as a "good luck, well done" gesture to the LOTR people.)

* Wondered why Richard Taylor took his mum with him to the Oscars? Richard's wife is three weeks away from giving birth! His mum later mentioned that when Richard was a boy, the two of them were in Los Angeles walking on that walk-of-fame, stars-with-the-names-in-them, footpath. "I didn't think that several years later I'd be here watching my boy picking up two Oscars," she said around a very big smile!

* This is the first time that a New Zealander (Richard Taylor) has won two Oscars, let alone on the same night. (New Zealanders had just two previous Oscars before last night - Anna Paquin's best supporting actress for The Piano, and a technical award given a decade or so before hand - I don't remember the man's name or the film.)

Billy Boyd's Future Projects
Xoanon @ 1:39 pm EST
Stewart from BillyBoyd.net sends us some information on a few new films featuring the lovable Scottsman.

Just to update you on two new projects that Billy is working on. The first is a short film directed by Paul Holmes called 'Sniper470'. Billy is due to start filming this movie shortly.

The other project is called 'The Far Side of the World', playing the part of Bondon. The movie is directed by Peter Weir and also stars Russell Crowe. That is due to start filming in Mexico at start of June just after Billy returns from doing some further work on 'The Lord of the Rings'.

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