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March 18, 2000 - April 05, 2000


Look into the Mirror of Galadriel
Xoanon @ 13:30 EST
Our Koga Ninja Spy Assassin (put that on a business card) Galadriel is back with news on costumes for Elves, filming at Helms Deep and some blue screen SFX shooting!

Oh Arguable one,

It is I Galadriel, having just returned from the 51st annual Assassin's convention in downtown Wellington. 2000 trained killers in one room, and no coffee, very tense.

I received a phone call last night and made my way to a small Japanese Sushi bar and sat down next to an aging man with a long white beard. He then told me my assignment and how I was to receive payment, so I was off.

I headed down to Miramar and made my way secretly to the Stone Street Studios, currently being used to film a movie you have an obsession with, Lord of the Rings. What I saw next may be of interest to you.

I saw Craig Parker (Haldir) in all his glory, he wore his costume and was walking around the Blue screen set.

His costume consists of brown colored clothes mostly and he wears a cloak of Lorien which is a light brown woolen garment. He has blonde hair.

Parker was filming blue screen special effects shots, with Peter Jackson standing by. He was accompanied with body doubles for Gimli, Boromir, and Legolas, as well as the Hobbits.

I then killed 2 security guards who didn't think much for someone walking around the set with a katana. They'll never be missed.

I managed to slip into one of the offices at Miramar and leafed through some documents for you. This is what I learned:

Christopher Lee (Saruman) has finished his scenes and has left New Zealand. There is more work for Saruman however, but these scenes will be completed by his body double.

Right now the production is working on 3 fronts, filming the blue screen shots in Miramar, which, with the addition of Haldir must be the pre-Lorien scenes (since Cate Blanchett [Galadriel] has yet to arrive).

I've seen the Boromir body double, Boromir will have dirty blonde dark hair.

I've seen Elf ears.

They are very human looking except for a small point at the top, very discreet, nothing Spock like about them at all.

They are also filming the Caves of Orthanc scenes at the moment. With Jo Pearse, 1st Unit AD at the helm. The Caves scenes are very interesting, it will consist of an Uruk Hai assembly line, with the Uruks which have been bred with Wildmen ond Orcs..Uruks are born from cocoons and are usually ordered around by Orcs. The Uruks rebel against the Orcs and kill them. This is the Uruk army that Saruman uses.

As well as the Helms Deep set, which is still going on strong. They are filming night scenes at the moment, and I assume most of the cast is there at the moment. 2nd Unit with Richard and Chris are filming Helms Deep. More Uruk talk, at Helms the Uruks are in the Keep.

I slipped out of the office without making a sound. I then proceeded to my target, a rather large man with whom I've never met before, but like I always say, if I'm at your door something you did must have gotten me there.

What follows must remain between me and my Gods, rest assured, I cleaned up the mess....

Keep an eye open,



SFX: Snazzy Equipment for LOTR
Xoanon @ 13:38 EST
From: Aiglos

Company Offers The Latest In Fast, High-Quality And Affordable Professional Software To Meet The Sophisticated Compositing Needs Of The New Millennium

LOS ANGELES, CA, Mar 27, 2000 (INTERNET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Nothing

Real(TM), a leading high-end compositing software provider to the digital content creation market, announced today that it is now shipping Version 2.2 of its highly acclaimed Shake(TM) product line. The release sports significant improvements and features a new timeline-based compositing workspace, multiprocessor support, and tracking/stabilizing tools for added functionality. The enhancements in Shake Version 2.2 are designed to boost productivity and extend interoperability with other products and third- party solutions to provide users with an even faster, high quality compositing software feature set. Shake 2.2 is available on the Windows NT(R) and IRIX(R) platforms.

Shake Version 2.2 Highlights Shake is a high performance compositing tool that enables digital content creatives in feature film, broadcast, HDTV, video post-production and game development to more interactively, powerfully and creatively bring sophisticated composites to completion.

Highlights of Shake Version 2.2 include: Multi-processor support Shake has always been recognized as the fastest compositing software on the market. It is now even faster. Shake is now fully multi-threaded to take advantage of both Windows NT and SGI IRIX multi-processor based systems, which have now become standard in the industry.

Tracker/stabilizer 2.2 now has a very robust tracker/stabilizer. This feature will allow the
artist to do more within the same Shake environment. This new technology will allow users to track and stabilize the position, rotation and scaling of a layer as well as perform four corner pinning with superior control over individual layers. Given the open nature of the Shake work environment, tracking information can also be applied to any parameter in the composite.

Shake is currently being used by leading entertainment companies worldwide including Black Logic, Blue Sky Studios, Cinesite, Das Werk, Digital Filmworks, Double Negative, Dream Quest Images, Dream Works, Glassworks, Gray Matter, Manex, Smoke and Mirrors, WETA Digital, and many others. It has been used to meet the compositing needs in films such as "Anna and the King," "Bicentennial Man," "Fight Club," "Mission to Mars," "The Matrix," "Pleasantville," "Titanic," "The Million Dollar Hotel," "The World is Not Enough," and many others. It is currently being used to composite the upcoming films "2001 - A Space Travesty," "Big Mama," "Gladiator," "Lord of the Rings," "Mission Impossible 2", "Navy Diver," "Nutty Professor 2," "Romeo Must Die," and others.

For more on this and other computer jiggery pokery, visit our SFX section.

Lord of the Rings Contest Announced!
Xoanon @ 09:29 EST
Fans of Humpty Dumpty's Ringolos cheese chips will enjoy this newly announced contest sponsored by New Line Cinema.



Jon Portly
New Line Cinema/NY
(212) 750-4945

Sonya Chang
Humpty Dumpty Inc./LA
(310) 856-6654


(New York City, March 31, 2000) "Lord of the Ringolos Contest" announced today will begin next month in North America, using the Humpty Dumpty brand of chips 'Ringolos'.

Humpty Dumpty and New Line Cinema have worked out a promotional deal to boost interest in the Trilogy of films due out Christmas 2001, 2002 and 2003. Humpty Dumpty wishes to promote it's most popular chip, the 'Ringolo' to an even wider audience.

'The Lord of the Ringolos Contest' will begin May 1st and last until all prizes are awarded. Prizes include; A home entertainment center, a trip to Barbadoes, as well as many smaller New Line Cinema and Humpty Dumpty prize packs.

The Rules for the contest: Each bag of specialy marked 'Lord of the Ringolos' chips may include a special Ringolo with Elf designs. If you recieve one of these Ringolos, fill out a self addressed stamped envilope to;

'Lord of the Ringolos Contest'
C/O Humpty Dumpty
P.O. Box 45723
New York, New York

Founded in 1922, the Humpty Dumpty brand of products stands for quality and excellence. Our many brands of chips include, 'Ruffles' 'Doritoes' 'Ripples' 'Ringolos' and 'Trail Mix'.

Founded in 1967, New Line Cinema is the entertainment industry’s leading independent producer and distributor of theatrical motion pictures. New Line licenses its films to ancillary markets including cable and broadcast television as well as to international venues. The company, which is a subsidiary of Time Warner, Inc., operates several divisions including in-house theatrical distribution, marketing, home video, television, acquisitions, production, licensing and merchandising units.

Happy April Fools Day :) (a bit early, but who cares!)

Fun Stuff: Try this at your next party...
Xoanon @ 00:05 EST
Don't think the entire cast (minus 2 or 3) from LOTR never worked together before? Well think again! I've pieced together bits of info from the far reaches of my brain and have come up with this amazing chain! Take a deep breath (and more than enough grains of salt) at start right here!

Brad Dourif was in the Aliens series as well as Ian Holm. Ian Holm was in Animal Farm along with Patrick Stewart, Stewart meanwhile is in X-Men with Ian McKellen. Ian McKellen was in Last Action Hero with Arnold Swartzawhatzit, who was also in Batman and Robin with George Clooney, who was also in The Thin Red Line with Miranda Otto. Miranda Otto was in The Thin Red Line with Viggo Mortensen, who was in turn with Nicole Kidman in Portrait of a Lady, Kidman was also in a film called Eyes Wide Shut with Lelee Soboyeski, who was in turn in Deep Impact with Elijah Wood. Elijah Wood, meanwhile was in an Oliver Twist mini series, as well as Andy Serkis, meanwhile Andy Serkis was in Topsy Turvy with the then rumored 'Gimli the Dwarf' about a year ago Timothy Spall. The REAL Gimli John Rhys-Davies, was in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Sean Connery, Connery in turn was in many a 007 film. Sean Bean was in a 007 film as well Goldeneye. Sean Bean was also in Ronin alongside Jean Reno, Reno was in Godzilla with Hank Azaria, Azaria in turn was in Gross Point Blank alongside John Cusack, Cusack was in Pushing Tin with Cate Blanchett. Cate Blanchett meanwhile was in The Talented Mr. Ripley with Matt Damon, who was also in Good Will Hunting with buddy Ban Affleck, Affleck meanwhile was in Armageddon with Liv Tyler. Liv Tyler was in Cookies Fortune alongside Glenn Close, Close was also in Mars Attacks! by director (God) Tim Burton, Burton also directed Sleepy Hollow with Christopher Lee. Christopher Lee was also in The Stupids alongside Kevin Conway. Kevin Conway was on a TV version of Titanic, while the big budget movie Titanic had Bernard Hill at the helm. Bernard Hill worked alongside Billy Zane in the Big Boat Film, Zane was also in Memphis Belle alongside a young Sean Astin. An even younger Sean Astin was in The Goonies alongside Jonathan Ke Quan, who was also in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom with Harrison Ford, Ford meanwhile was in a few George Lucas films, some of which Lucas wrote for Steven Spielberg, Spielberg meanwhile also directed Jurassic Park with Richard Attenburough, Attenburough was also in Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett, who was also in The Gift with Keanu Reeves. Reeves meanwhile was in a little film called The Martix with Hugo Weaving. Hugo Weaving was also in a film called Russian Doll with David Wenham, rumored to be playing Faramir.

So, by calculating all these variables, and plugging them into my trust computer, I can tell you with 97% accuracy that the next person to be cast will be named Yelnick Magwagwa keep an eye out for him!...or is it her?


Eowyn has a look around Rivendell.
Tehanu @ 22:42 EST
Eowyn had a look down the road to Kaitoke, near Wellington, where the Rivendell set is. Here's her report:
"...yes that picture of the spire that you have on the website was indeed part of Rivendell. Note the word 'was.'It was quite funny actually. While we were driving down this little one-lane street out in the forest we were beginning to think we had gone the wrong way when, lo and behold, a huge truck laden with interesting and valuable goodies nearly runs us over!
I caught a glimpse of wooden filigree as it passed us and when I got a good look it turned out to be a huge dismantled spire and a bit of roof. We tracked down the set which was not hard to do since it was right beside the road and talked to the very nice (for once)security guard. And with a few carefully placed questions, he imparted some very interesting information to us.
As it turns out they had finished filming there a while ago and they were well into dismantling the set, They hadn't been there very long-about eight days he reckoned.But have no fear they are still far from finished and some of the best bits are still to come!
In just over a weeks time they will be moving most of their operations up to Ruapehu where they have five locations they will be using for Mordor and possibly Fangorn.
After that, in about six weeks, they are going to start a very long shoot down in Canterbury "out the back of Ashburton". This is undoubtedly going to be battle sceens for Helms Deep and other Rohan stuff.
For the moment however they have started filming again in the Lower Hutt behind the Helms Deep set in a little place called Dry Creek. It's a little bit of forested vally with a dry creek in it so they could be doing anything there really.
Well thats all I've got for now,so its back to harrassing the security guards again.


Leo Scours the Sets..
Xoanon @ 11:59 EST
Super Ringer Spy Leo is a busy boy...after treking through most of civilized New Zealand he's set up shop at his computer and nearly burned out his scanner getting us these pics! Enjoy!

Click to enlarge

Leo: "basejamb and basejamb1 are pics of one of the places the actors and crew eat and get ready for shooting at Helms Deep, which is across the road. We stumbled on this place when we where looking for the Rivendell set, they were clever to put a sign up with base jamb(oree)."

Click to enlarge

Leo: "fortdorset and fortdorset1 are pics of fort dorset land where the Bree exterior set used to be build, and as you can see there is nothing left:)"

Click to enlarge

Leo: "Did you ever think you'd get tired of pics from Helms Deep?"

Click to enlarge

Leo: "lothlorien is a pic taken near Paradise were they shot scenes for Lorien, this kinda reminded me at Lorien and the Misty Mountains, and it is very well possible you will see this in the movies as well. The other is what I hope mirrormere will look like :)"

Click to enlarge

Leo: "Setprops are some pics of a piece of the helms deep set being moved to the dry creek quarry, and one of ppl building part of the set of Lorien"

Click to enlarge

Leo: "Shire and shire1 are pics taken at Mt Victoria were they shot scenes about the hobbits running into the black rider, these pics give an impression of how that part of the shire would look like."

Click to enlarge

Leo: "The stonestreet jpg's are pics taken near the stone street, to give an impression of how 'normal' these studios look like, and you'd have to know its a studio or you would walk straight past it:) on one of these pics you can see some extras who are marching ( elves?)"

Click to enlarge

Leo: "Another view of Orthanc"


Galadriel Reloads...
Xoanon @ 20:12 EST
Super Ringer Spy Galadriel gets our fires juiced up and lets loose another round with her latest Spy Report!

Oh patient one,

It is I, Galadriel, with another round of interesting news for you. While following my latest job I learned the latest news that I think may be interesting.

Peter Jackson is now at the Haywards Hill, which you know is currently housing the Helm's Deep set. All other filming has been halted for a full 7 days, while some serious stuff takes place at Helm's.

Ian McKellen (Gandalf) is currently at Helms filming some of the great battle scenes.

ALL of the LOTR cast are currently at Helms (Except the Hobbits), hence PJ's presence, with the exception of Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) Martin Csokas (Celeborn) and Hugo Weaving (Elrond).

I then tried to lob my job's head off but then stopped when someone came into the room and a meeting began. I slipped my Katana back in its place and waited patiently on the ceiling.

The filming of the Minas Tirith will begin in November.

Speaking of Hugo Weaving (Elrond), I managed to get some news on what he'll look like, he wears a Mithril Tiara and quite frankly, looks amazing.

I then slipped down behind my Job and and pulled out some thin wire to strangle him with...it was all over for him...

After that I had to follow my Kodja Assassin Doctrine, what is left of the tale is between me and my Gods...

Until next time,

Keep an eye open



Helms Deep and Orthanc!
Xoanon @ 23:14 EST
Ringer Spies Leo and Eddie send in the goods from New Zealand! First we have a couple of new pics from the Helms Deep set sent in by Eddie:

Click on each image to enlarge

Next we have the latest from Leo, first ever seen set pics from the Miramar Studios that will house the Orthanc set!

From Leo:

At the moment there is a set being build behind the "Stone Street Studios" in Miramar Wellington. I am pretty sure that this set is gonna be the pinacle of Orthanc were they are planning on filming the scenes were Gandalf is being held captive by Saruman. They'll probably shoot the scenes at night (the set is close to the airport and outside on the parking lodge ), and I figure they'll need some technology ( blue screens?) to cover up the background.

Click on each image to enlarge


Galadriel Spy Report!
Xoanon @ 13:38 EST
Our most infamous Super Ringer Spy Galadriel the Kodja Ninja Assassin is back with more news. Read on, if you dare...

oh Canadian one,

It is I, Galadriel I have some news which may be of interest to you.

After completing a job in which I had to off a local NZer, I decided to rest my mind with a little spy work for you.

I saw Liv Tyler (Arwen) and Orlando Bloom (Legolas) fighting at the Helms Deep set at the quarry. I saw Liv swing her sword and hit Orlando's horse on the snout, Liv was spooked and dropped her $3000 sword and it was bent out of shape. They had to set up the scene again and start over. The horse, by the way, was not hurt, the swords are dull.

Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) and Bernard Hill (Theoden) were also at the Helms Deep set.

You may want to know more about what they look like.

Theoden and his royal guard horses are light brown with gold chain mail. Arwen's horse is white, Aragorn and Legolas' horse is offwhite, almost grey.

Arwen wears a rose red gown and a purple dress. Aragorn wears tight black pants and a white shirt with chain mail, he also carries a reforged sword. Legolas uses a Rohan sword in the scenes I saw (yet he still carries his Bow and Arrows) he is wearing a grey shirt and grey tights, with a Lorien cloak.

I then moved on to the Rivendell set. No stars there yet but they are filming alot of Elves walking around the beautiful set.

Isenguard meanwhile is being filmed at the 'Stone Street Studios' at Miramar.

Christopher Lee (Saruman) is there right now, giving his Uruk Hai marching orders to attack.

I now have another job to take care of, when I get more news, I'll send it along.

Keep an eye open,


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