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December 07, 2000 - December 21, 2000


Wingate Set Pics!
Xoanon @ 10:14 am EST
Ringer Spy FurryCrew

Here are a few photos I took from the top of the wingate tip of the set....seems like a nice crowd scene in progress around "the white tree"...not completely sure what everything is u guys would probably have more of an idea.


New Line Press Release
Xoanon @ 9:37 pm EST
New Line Cinema Begins One Year Countdown To Release of 'The Lord of the Rings'
- First Theatrical Trailer to Debut on January 12, 2001; Studio Announces Relaunch of Web Site -

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- With 365 days to go until December 19th, 2001, New Line Cinema has begun its official one-year countdown to the launch of its epic adventure trilogy based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings."

The sets have been closed to visitors and a virtual lid of secrecy has surrounded the production, which has been underway in New Zealand for the past 14 months. But as principal photography on the highly-anticipated films wraps later this week, details about the studio's plans for the films are beginning to emerge.

New Line Cinema will unveil the first theatrical teaser trailer for the trilogy on January 12, 2001. The trailer will be attached exclusively to prints of New Line's thriller, "Thirteen Days."

In addition, New Line will also formally re-launch its "The Lord of the Rings" website at http://www.lordoftherings.net on January 12. With worldwide appeal for the project at a fevered pitch, the newly re-launched site will be available internationally and translated into no less than 10 languages, including German, French, Italian, Flemmish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Spanish, and Finnish. Also in the coming weeks, New Line will post "The Lord of the Rings" theatrical poster online and distribute the one-sheet via e-mail to millions of users along with an audio file announcing the release of the new theatrical trailer.

Visitors to the website will find an interactive experience second to none. The site features a customized web browser, as well as screen savers and photos, extensive information about the production, cast and filmmaker biographies, character synopsis, profiles of the production team, Real Audio interviews with the cast, filmmakers and production members, text interviews, maps of Middle-earth, and a regularly updated news section featuring official information about the release of the film.

The site will be updated on a monthly basis, and as December 19, 2001 draws near, the site will be replenished with original information weekly. In the final weeks before the launch, the site will be updated daily. Online, fans can post messages, trade images and have the opportunity to interact with their peers.

"'The Lord of the Rings' is a franchise unlike any other," said Joe Nimziki, President of Theatrical Marketing for New Line Cinema. "No studio has ever embarked on a project as ambitious or wildly imaginative, and we are tremendously excited about what Peter Jackson and the cast and crew are creating."

Generations of more than 50 million people around the globe have grown up with this epic novel. The legend has been translated into dozens of different languages and inspired an entire genre of movies and fiction, and has influenced some of the greatest artists of our time. Just last year, THE LORD OF THE RINGS was named the number one most popular book of the century. But it has never been told in its entirety on the screen.

Using the power of contemporary cinema technology, New Line Cinema is proud to transform J.R.R. Tolkien's THE LORD OF THE RINGS into a history-making motion picture event.

Beginning on December 19, 2001, New Line will present a grand trilogy of live-action feature films -- "The Fellowship of the Ring," "The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King." The three separately released installments will also mark the return of "Cliffhanger Cinema" for the first time since the serial adventures of decades past.

"The Lord of the Rings" will collectively re-tell the story of Frodo Baggins, who battles against the Dark Lord, Sauron to save Middle-earth from the grip of evil. In the films, Frodo and The Fellowship embarks on a desperate journey to rid the earth of the source of Sauron's greatest strength, the One Ring -- a ring of such power that it cannot be destroyed. His extraordinary adventures across the treacherous landscape of Middle-earth reveal how the power of friendship and courage can hold the forces of darkness at bay.

Tolkien's mythic vision will come to life through cutting-edge cinema technology and artistry. Never before has such a monumental undertaking been contemplated or executed. The commitment of time, resources and manpower are unheard of as all three films and more than 1,000 effects shots are being produced concurrently with the same director and core cast.

Helmer Peter Jackson, whose visionary style of filmmaking and emotional acuity won accolades for his "Heavenly Creatures" and "The Frighteners," brings his deep love for the source material to the project. Produced by Barrie M. Osborne, the films feature a strong international cast that includes (in alphabetical order) Sean Astin, Sean Bean, Cate Blanchett, Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd, Brad Dourif, Ian Holm, Christopher Lee, Ian McKellen, Dominic Monaghan, Viggo Mortensenhttp://theonering.net/movie/cast/mortensen.html, John Rhys-Davis, Andy Serkis, Liv Tyler, and Elijah Wood. But the real star of the films is the story itself -- a classic hero's quest in which the smallest of beings changes the course of the future with the vastness of his courage.

New Spoiler Pic!
Xoanon @ 6:22 pm EST
Ringer Spy Hugo from www.lordoftherings.nl sends in a great Hobbit pic!

Outstanding! Madame B's report on Arwen and Aragorn's scene.
Tehanu @ 1:54 am EST
Greetings my friends it is I the regal beautiful spy Madame Butterfly

Sadly filming is drawing to a close. So this is my farewell report. I hope you have all enjoyed my stories. What a story I have to tell you this time my friends! It goes like this …………

My identical twin sister Salome, arrived back from the States, especially to see the king's coronation. While Robbit The Hobbit went to the airport to pick Aalome up, The Toff and I saddled the horses. The beautiful Salome arrived and we all galloped up the firebreak at break neck speed. We thundered along the Hutt Hills Ridge Track roaring with laughter, as we had figured out a way to foil the polythene-screened Wingate film Set fence. Reining in the horses in unison, we took up our positions on the ridge above the film set. Zooming in our observation equipment we spotted The King! Yes Aragorn! Standing in front of the grand palace! He was dressed in the finest of costumes. His cloak was long and made of rich dark green velvet. He wore a shirt of chain mail with burnished amour incorporated into the costume. On his head he wore a crown. Not an overly large crown but a smaller, discreetly kingly-looking crown. Surrounding the king were his knights in the dark black, silvery-looking armor they wear. Just behind the king stood Gimli The Dwarf! Well it was his body double as he was of very small height. He had a great red bushy beard and long red hair. He wore a helm upon his head. HeHeheeeeeeeeee! To the front of Aragorn stood Gandalf The White! He was dressed in a flowing white robe. His hair and long beard were pure white. His beautiful long hair was like a mane that flowed all around him. To the right of the king stood the white tree in full blossom. The tree looked magnificent as it was covered in the most beautiful white blossoms.  Surrounding the white tree were the beautiful Elven women. Dressed in white and cream colored robes. They were very tall and very beautiful. Their hair was long and flowing. Most were blond but we spotted a couple of brunettes. One was Arwen Undomiel daughter of Elrond! Heheheeeeeeeeee. Arwen wore the finest robe of lime green silk. Her hair was long and dark and flowed all the way down her back. She looked very beautiful. On her head she wore a mantle of silver. Her ears were pointed, but discreetly so. They did not look odd at all. Then Aragorn moved forward, the Gimli body double fell into place behind Aragorn. Behind the Gimli body double walked Aragorns guard of honor! They then all disappeared behind a silver reflective screen. Arwen then appeared from beneath the flowering white tree. She walked forward a short distance and stopped. Her ladies in waiting followed. In her hand she held a standard with a banner unfurled. We could not see any detail on it. Then Aragorn appeared he stared at Arwen. She stared at Aragorn. Then she moved forward and walked up to him. Liv said her lines. Aragorn then took the standard from her. He held Arwens face with one hand in a tender fashion. Viggo then said his lines. Then their heads slowly moved together and they kissed! Heheheeeeeeeeeeee. It was not what I would call a passionate kiss. It was more of a lingering tender kiss. Then beautiful white petals were thrown over Arwen and Aragorn. Hundreds of beautiful white petals. The wind machines were on to create a soft breeze that swirled the white petals gently around in the air. The petals littered the ground around the film crew. I spotted a lady having fun with them throwing them up into the air.

Farewell for the final time my friends

Madame Butterfly


LOTR Extra Tells All
Xoanon @ 12:59 pm EST
From: Anon

It is not my intention in writing this to reveal any secrets about the films, nor to uncloak any of the things which rightly remain a mystery about the production.

I seek merely to divulge to those of you who are more unfortunate than I some of those things which have made me so immensely proud of having been, in some small way, involved in this film.

I have completed 3 days as an extra on LoTR - not as large as some, but more than the one day that some people have been able to manage. I am blessed with a fantastic manager in my real job, and it is to him that owe the greatest thanks. At least one extra I spoke to had quit his job in order to work on LoTR, such was his desire to be involved.

Being able to combine my love of film and LoTR has been something unreal. I have learnt so many things that I didn't appreciate about the creation of a motion picture (such as how hard a gopher actually works), or what is involved in bringing even 40 seconds of action to the screen.

The thing that struck me the most about the production? Attention to detail. Most of you have probably read about Peter Jackson, and have an appreciation about his absolute drive and dare I say fanaticism about bringing this to the screen correctly - what you probably haven't heard is that this drive and fanaticism has become so infectious that EVERYONE on set is so into this thing, that nothing escapes their attention. Whether it's the special effects team checking costumes between every take, or camera crew asking extras to move this way or that, these people are just SO addicted it isn't even funny.

The sets I have seen are so intricate in detail, the planning so meticulous and the sheer effort being expended so great, that those of you with any doubt as to whether these films are going to be great need not worry - sleep easy my friends, these films will be nothing short of fantastic.

Forget anything about extras being mistreated - I saw Peter Jackson walk onto the set between takes to tell one of the extras that what they had done (without prompting) was so fantastic that he wanted it done again - he didn't send an AD to say it, he did it himself.

My two regrets? That I can't make it back next week for more work (I think I've stretched it at my real job as it is), and that I didn't have $20 stuffed into my costume at the time the guy with selling the LoTR cap's came around so I could buy one.

I'm hooked. I'm not telling anyone about any details I've seen, or what this looks like, or how this person does what. I know these things, and yet I am so far addicted that I don't want to let those things go.

I can understand everyone's clamouring for detail, but please don't panic.

This is going to be special.

Minas Tirith Pics
Xoanon @ 12:55 pm EST
Ringer Spy WaiSpy sends along some more great pics from Minas Tirith.


Flags Fly High
Xoanon @ 11:50 am EST
Ringer Spy Silmarien sends along some great pics of Minas Tirith, with its flags blowing in the wind...great stuff!!


Media Watch: SPIELFILM Magazine
Xoanon @ 10:21 am EST
Ringer Spy Deadline sends in this great pic from SPIELFILM magazine!

This is from the latest issue of SPIELFILM, It shows the Rohan Warriors and what looks like Viggo Mortensen (I'm not to sure!) Thank you


Wingate set: endless transformation.
Tehanu @ 8:51 pm EST
Greetings friends it is I the beautiful regal spy Madame Butterfly

I was sitting in my disguise room grooming my wigs when the spy phone rang. It was my contact. “Go to Wingate Madame as there is a strange tree there that will interest you, but be careful as the builders are in an overenthusiastic mood, and today they like pretty ladies!” I curse in a vile manner as I don my dark robes, checking to see that my legs are covered.

I arrive at Wingate with Salomes awful Lioness for protection, and I stride boldly up to the compound gates. I see a grand palace! Well, the front of one that is made to look like a fully constructed palace. Yes indeed, Minas Tirith! The top level! Aragorns grand palace! HeheHeeeeeee.

Placing my observation device against the gap in the compound gate, I zoom in to get a closer look. In front of the Palace is a beautiful courtyard garden. It is circular in shape and surrounded by a low wall that extends right down past the front of the compound fence. They have laid grass in the garden, as my contact spotted a sprinkler working the other day. It looks really lovely and green! In the middle of the garden is scaffolding. In the middle of the scaffolding is a large exotic looking tree. I believe it is The White Tree! When it is finished it will look quite spectacular!

Suddenly I am subjected to a chorus of wolf whistles! From the over-enthusiastic builders! Lioness snarls and flattens her ears against her head, pulling against her chain. I check to see that my ankles are covered fully by my long dark robes and stride boldly along the fence line to get a better view of the set. Looking down the set I can see up and along the low walls that lead up to the grand palace. The walls look as if they are a palace entrance - way. Roaring with laughter, I ignore the builders caterwauling, and zoom my observation device in, spotting large holes in the ground, through the entrance way, with steps leading out of them. The steps seem to lead up to the low wall? What on earth is this I wonder? Yes indeed interesting. Various layers of paint are being added to the grand palace and low walls. The final affect I believe will look the same as the Haywards Quarry, Minas Tirith. I pull on the awful feline's chain, and convince an angry Lioness to leave the builders alone! Heheeeeeeeeeee. Pulling the snarling creature into the car, I put my foot down, disappearing into the distance to send Tehanu my report.

[Tehanu reviews some more detailed reports from spies than are here reported, and notes that the laws in NZ concerning sexual harrassment are quite clear and plaintiffs are frequently successful in court. Just a thought...]

More from Minas Tirith!
Xoanon @ 1:35 pm EST
Ringer Spy WaiSpy sends in pics from both the Hayward Hills and Wingate sets.

I have been down to visit the sites at Wingate and Haywards (yesterday) and have some pictures from both sites. At Wingate, they appear to be wrecking the interior castle set (not visible originally from outside) and painting the palace(?) facade black. At Haywards, there seemed to be some filming going on, as the pictures from there show.

I'll keep a look out on the train tomorrow and let you know if I see more.

Ozscot Tells All
Xoanon @ 12:37 pm EST
I wrote a review soon after seeing it but didn't go into the minutia as only fans would likely be interested. The producer mentioned that special software has been developed to allow for the massive battle scenes. Instead of the orcs running like ants ...each individual is autonomous (spell check please) and fights when confronted. It even differentiates between trees and other obstacles , amazing. They were yet to add additional coloring , sound and special effects of course but what I saw impressed me.

There is an exciting scene where the black riders chase the hobbits on to a barge. Frodo jumps on to it just before the black riders overtake him and then the riders head back to travel many miles to the next bridge to catch up with them( this is before Bree of course). I can't recall if that scene was in the book though. At the beginning when Frodo greets Gandalf there is a shot of the shire with the massive party tree and in the next scene they are at Bag End checking out the ring. There are 2 portraits on the wall above the fireplace 1 male (smoking) and 1 female. Frodo's parents I presume. McKellen is spot on as the wizard and Wood convincing as Frodo. When they encounter the black riders on the road they have just picked some mushrooms and Frodo senses something/someone on the road ahead. As they hide under the tree off the road the black rider stops and starts sniffing and the hobbits look terrified. The scene has no music but is chilling and true to the book.

The snow scene is where the fellowship are trying to avoid Moria. Frodo for some reason has dropped the ring ; perhaps he has slipped it's not clear in the footage shown but Borimir picks it up and looks through it. He mutters something like ''how can such a small thing cause so much trouble''(not an exact quote). Sean Bean is very good as is Legolas but I thought the elf would be more lightly built to 'skip over snow' and such like. This Legolas looks very strong but many fans may see him that way I guess. He was still very good. The scene at Orthanc with Saruman took my breath away.

The strongly built orc looks fantastic and I can't wait to see them again. Lee obviously delights in his role and from what I've read he has waited a lifetime to play this part. Maybe he will steal a few scenes from McKellan from what I saw. It looked like it had just emerged from an egg or cuckcoon...it's not really clear where it came from but it was naked and steaming hence the assumption that it had just been born and so life like I'm not suprised the producers wanted to show it off. Lee booms out "Whom do you serve?", "The white hand of Saruman!" it replies in a hideous voice. I think you will be impressed with these huge orcs that can run in the sun. I'll try and remember more details and send them to you but hopefully they will release this or similar footage so the real fans can see it. Of the 50 people I saw this with I'm sure only a few were fans and it's sad that someone can see this preview who doesn't really have empathy with the material. Well lets hope it's not too long before everybody gets a look in.

Cheers , Ozscot


Lord of the Rings Toys
Xoanon @ 11:34 pm EST
From: Saint

Now ToyFare magazine is the premier Action Figure and Toy Collecting mag in existence. Their info is almost always 100% reliable. I picked up the new issue today, and was treated to this article about Gentle Giant Studios, a toy company that is turning the Action Figure world on its ear with their ultra-detailed figures.

They've created a new form of toy sculpting called Laser Scan, where they digitally scan an actor from a film, and turn that scan into a toy which looks exactly like the person. Results in HIGHLY detailed toys, with amazing likenesses.

Anyways, in this article it talks about how Gentle Giant, using its Laser Scan, has made some killer wrestling toys, and is going to be doing the Star Wars Episode II toys. Now I didn't care about any of that, but then I read further into the article, and it said this: Karl Meyer, president of Gentle Giant Studios, said this "We've been working with Fox Studios, scanning the major actors like Mark Wahlberg for the upcoming Planet of the Apes remake," Meyer said, "In addition to that, we just got back from New Zealand after scanning the principal actors in the Lord of the Rings film for Toy Biz (who are making the actual toys)."

So they are using their revolutionary technology to make amazingly life like LOTR figures. Man o man, I can't wait to see them.

But I wasn't happy with just that little tidbit of info, so I made my way over to http://www.gentlegiantstudios.com/ to see what I could find. I found several pics of their great toys, and then I clicked on the Laser Scanning section, and it said in large letters "Now Scanning Lord of the Rings." oh yeah!

Look through their site, especially the Laser Scanning section, to see many examples of how they do Scan people, and what the finished products look like. Enjoy!

Review of Movie footage
Xoanon @ 11:27 pm EST
From: Ozscot

Hello , I saw the 20 minute trailer in Melbourne recently and I can confirm that this is accurate. The footage which covered the Prancing Pony was authentic and just as I imagined it. Shortly after the pic you have featured there is a shot of Aragorn hooded with a long pipe in his mouth ...just like the book. After that shot and not necessarily in order you see Aragorn throwing Frodo into a room and chastising him (I assume it's after his faux pax in the bar with the ring) That is at odds from the book as Aragorn was already in the room but this small detail did not affect my enjoyment of the footage. As a Tolkien fan of many years I am very excited about this film. I believe it will be huge and will meet the expectations of the great majority of fans. One piece of trivia I can give you is that all the hobbits speak in a english accent except Billy Boyd who has a broad Glaswegian accent...och aye.

Yet More Minas
Xoanon @ 11:12 am EST
Quickly becoming the most photographed movie set in history, ringer spy WaiSpy checks in yet again with some great pics from the set.

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