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November 01, 2001 - November 16, 2001


PJ Cameo In Bree
Xoanon @ 12:38 pm EST
TORN broke this story ages ago that one of Peter Jackson's cameos in FOTR will be in Bree. But we now know who he is and even what he looks like thanks to the Decipher folks!


3 LOTR TV Specials!
Xoanon @ 10:51 am EST
Seems that FOX isn't the only station that will be airing a LOTR special before the release:

Check out this email which came to me from a very reliable source.

FYIÖThere will be some Lord of the Rings TV coming upÖ..

11/29 - Fox TV LTOR special

12/09 - Sci Fi Channel - LOTR special

12/16 - National Geographic Special/LOTR Special

Seems very interesting indeed! I'd love to see what the National Geographic's take on LOTR is! Set those VCR's! More info coming soon.

Just What Is IN That Harry Pooter Footage?
Xoanon @ 9:46 am EST
We've been getting reports from various spies around the world regarding just what can be seen on that footage before Harry Potter.

Some have been writing in telling us that the three minutes of footage is about Weathertop, I find this odd..why would they focus on a specific scene?

A more likely story is that we will see one of the latest trailers we've seen on television.

And yet others are claiming that there is no LOTR footage attached with Potter at all.


LOTR Code Name
Xoanon @ 1:48 pm EST
From: Anghus

Didnt know if you guys saw this over at www.guerilla-film.com, but apparently New Line has been using a code name for the LOTR films, much like Lucas using "Blue Harvest" on secret Star Wars stuff.

Here is the snippet from J FUnk at Guerilla Film:

If you work in film, and you happen to stumble upon something labeled CHANGE OF SEASONS, then I would not ignore it...it's LORD OF THE RINGS-related! Apparently, this was/is the codename of the entire trilogy. Not specific to FELLOWSHIP. So, keep your eyes open...


Enya To Make Music Video TODAY!
Xoanon @ 2:34 pm EST
Folks living out in LA can feel a sense of coolness about them after hearing this bit of news:

Harry from The Unofficial Enya News Page tells us:

John Eckroth of Shepherdmoons.net reports that singer Enya is filming the video for "May It Be" in L.A. on Sunday (Nov. 11). Also, Enya will be on performing "May It Be" live for the Foreign Press on Saturday (Nov. 10) in L.A. Clips of this performance may be recorded by "Access Hollywood".

Utter coolness indeed!

Topps Card Image
Xoanon @ 2:10 pm EST
A Ringer Spy sent along this image of Ian McKellen's Topps card. Take a look!


LOTR Score News
Xoanon @ 1:28 pm EST
From: Michael

Just this week I found out that a very close friend of mine here in Christchurch, Mabel Aivale Faltolu's recording of a 'spirit' has been selected for the final cut. Her voice is now going to be credited on the CD and in the movie credits (am not sure which movie though... 1, 2 or 3). She and I were at Drama School together.


'Enhanced C' Details!
Xoanon @ 2:27 pm EST
We finally know what the difference is between the regular LOTR:FOTR score and the 'Enhanced Limited-Edition' version! Check this out!

Limited Edition features include : 4 Ėpanel Digipack wrapped in red leatherette, with title foil stamped on front and spine Special 24 pages - 4 colour booklet incl. photos, map, lyrics of poem written for the film 2 colour stickers over shrinkwrap on front Weblink : link to the official website. The purchasers of the CD will have exclusive access to a part of the site where they can see the following exclusive contents : Advance exclusive scene of the movies, Exclusive E-card of Enya s May It Be , and Screensavers.

Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Howard Shore Performed by The London Philharmonic orchestra, The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, The London Voices, The London Oratory School Schola featuring Edward Ross. Soloists : Elizabeth Fraser, Edward Ross and Mable Faletou.

Woo hoo!!! Secret sections of the Official Site...woot woot!! I cannot wait for mine!


Just How Cool Is This?
Xoanon @ 11:33 pm EST
Andrew sends along this very cool piece of work, he actually translated the moria wall pic we have from Casa Loma, very cool!

Here's a transcription of as much of the "Moria wall" (Casa Loma Exhibit) that I could read:

..zirak...iru. with star from thirtieth sall
second age five hundred of the of the fol
fathoms gold smelter built built
the estblishment moriaul below below
..tu..for silver & elves trade
..te...d & he .mril sunk to fourty
.ll.i..aradul . huz. great gate
durinul en.d lu...l settle in the five hu
oke thousand & twenty news of fall smelt
forses sauronul army gates to moria t mo
.e .vic. . .. ...n elves trade . being ..
.. on ...ve. shaft sunk to fourt. sta.
..............nt.. two great gate ....
................five hu.n...o.........
........ld smelter the led.ar....
..........ment moria.

'May It Be' Full Lyrics
Xoanon @ 9:37 pm EST
'May It Be' by Enya

May it be
An evening star
Shines down
Upon you

May it be
When darkness falls
Your heart
Will be true

You walk along a road
Oh how far you are from home

MorniŽ utķliŽ [Quenya: 'Darkness has come']
Believe and you
Will find your way

MorniŽ alantiŽ [Quenya: 'Darkness has fallen']
A promise lives
Within you now

May it be
The shadow's call
Will fly away

May it be
A journey on
To light the day

When the night is all gone
You may rise
To find the sun

MorniŽ utķliŽ [Quenya: 'Darkness has come']
Believe and you
Will find your way

MorniŽ alantiŽ [Quenya: 'Darkness has fallen']
A promise lives
Within you now

A promise lives
Within you now...

Casa Loma Pics Galore!
Xoanon @ 2:50 pm EST

From: Rob

One thing to add to the reviews you've had so far. I was amazed at the difference in your perception of scale. They had the hobbit sized version of Sting at the exhibit and it looks so small (but the detail is still amazing) because it appears to be so much larger when Frodo is holding it on the screen. Like they say in the books, Sting would not be much more that a dagger to Aragorn or Boromir. It's too bad they didn't have both versions of the sword there so you could really get a good feel for the difference in scale.

More On Enya & December 19th Connection?
Xoanon @ 10:48 am EST
From: Gothmog and Wife

The December 2001 edition of the UK edition of Dreamwatch magazine has an article about Enya's contribution to the FOTR soundtrack. Specifically, it mentions registering two tracks with the American Performing Arts Organisation: Aniron and Here Comes Desire. I was under the impression that May It Be was the second track (to be utilised over the closing credits). Has there been a change of direction here? Also, following the small article in issue 39 of UK film mag, Total Film magazine -confusingly the December issue- issue forty (the November issue-on sale Friday the 30th November) will contain a major article on the fast approaching FOTR. Lastly, just something to perhaps develop debate?

I have recently re-read Christopher Tolkien's edited, History Of The Lord Of The Rings: Part One, The Return Of The Shadow (Unwin 1988). At the beginning of the first chapter 'A Long Expected Party,' he cites his father, writing to the publishers of The Hobbit about their desire for a new book about Hobbits-what would of course, become The Lord Of The Rings. This was on December 19th 1937. Happy coincidence?

Casa Loma Pics Prt. 2
Xoanon @ 10:23 am EST
Another lucky Casa Loma visitor has dropped by and handed us quite a few cool pics from the exhibit, check them out!

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