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October 22, 2001 - October 31, 2001


Another LOTR Commercial?
Xoanon @ 10:01 pm EST
I don't know if people have sent this in already. I just stumbled on a FOTR commercial on TNT that featured Aragorn (things like: his name is Aragorn) with overdubs of Sam asking "can we trust him" and showing Strider protecting the hobbits at weathertop. It had a few shots that I haven't seen in any of the trailers. Neat stuff.

Casa Loma Report #2
Xoanon @ 7:44 pm EST
From: James

I'm just back from the "A Journey to Middle Earth" show at Casa Loma in Toronto. You've no doubt received some other reports, but I thought I'd just toss in my own two cents.

Casa Loma, a 19th Century Gothic Revival "castle" in a posh neighbourhood in Toronto, was an excellent venue for the show, and they made good use of the spaces available.

On the main floor they had props and furnishings from Bag End, along with Elven, Gondorian, and Orcish costumes and banners. The costume quality was amazing: they seemed more like period clothing than film costumes. All through the show I was put in mind of Peter Jackson's comment that he wanted to make LotR as if it were a historical film, and that feeling was in this show as well.

The second floor housed a collection of black-and-white portrait photographs of the film principles, which looked quite good, though they weren't quite as entrancing as the actual props & costumes. I got a laugh from the cheezy fake plate armour that Casa Loma decorates its halls with -- not the tiniest bit convincing next to these props!

We went up to the third floor next, to find that the show didn't actually match the map in the booklet: the map says "attic" but shows the third floor layout -- the next part really *was* in the attic, amongst the rafters. At one end of the attic were artifacts from Hobbitton, Bree, and Moria, including the Green Dragon from the Green Dragon Inn, Butterbur's outfit, and Orcish helmets. At the other end, in the top of one of the castle towers, is more Moria matter, including Gimli's axe, helmet, and boots; the Book of Marzabul; a mummified Dwarf corpse; and a large blow-up of the drafting diagrams for the Dwarvish runes. They had a wall done up in rune-work -- I didn't try to transcribe it, though I could make Balin's name out in one line.

The largest part of the exhibit was undergound, which seems appropriate. Casa Loma proper is connected to its stables through an 800-foot tunnel, which was lined with prints and sketches by Alan Lee and John Howe. Included were things like incredibly complex blueprint diagrams of the Bag End parlour window and kitchen; plans for the buildings in Bree including the Prancing Pony; many diagrams and paintings of Rivendell and Lothlorien; and much more. One thing I found interesting was the Bree diagrams: Bree's buildings are half-timbered houses with projecting second floors -- you've no doubt seen the photos. But what isn't obvious in those pictures is that the upper floors of these buildings are angled outwards by 5 degrees, to make them loom over the tiny hobbits. I'm curious to see how the effect comes off in the film.

At the end of the tunnel is the "Torture Chamber of Barad-Dur". It features an Orc-figure set up doing some smithing-work; the only place in the show where a costume is actually set up to look like a character doing something, and it doesn't *quite* work because the orc-mask (one which was created for an extra) is empty eyed and loose.

The next room is the Gates of Moria: a large rock-face which, when the light hits it right, shows the tracery that Tolkien drew outlined in silver.

The room after is not marked on the map. It contains a number of paintings of scenes from the book, and not all by Lee and Howe. Rivendell is there, as are various mountain ranges & the like. Like the photographs, it's a nice piece of the show, but not as captivating as other bits.

Lothlorien is next. This room contains a number of costumes, including two of Galadriel's and one of Celeborn's. The detail is amazing: Galadriel's dress is made of a fabric finely textured in white on white; I can't imagine that all of the detail will show on film, but it's there nonetheless. The room also includes many props, including Legolas's bow and Galadriel's Mirror -- a metal bowl of amazing craftmanship -- and her gifts to the Walkers, including the Vial and the cloak-clasps.

Off of the Lothlorien room are the last three rooms. The smallest is the Hobbit's room at the Prancing Pony, with the beds all torn and feathers everywhere -- and a Black Rider in the middle of it all. Also included are the Hobbits' travel-packs (with Sam's the largest, with many pots dangling from the outside) and Gandalf's cart, loaded with fireworks.

Opposite the Bree-room is Orthanc, which was set up in the actual horse-stalls of the stable; this works very well, since the stalls all have iron gates across the front. This display includes several lamps & fixtures from Orthanc, an Orcish banner with the White Hand, Saruman's outfit, and various well-cluttered tables from Saruman's study -- including books in which you can read excerpts from Numenorean history, specifically the reign of Ar-Pharazon, the king whose corruption by Sauron led to the downfall of Numenor, and the escape of Elendil and his sons to Middle-Earth where they founded Arnor and Gondor. Nice attention to detail!

The last room is called "Rivendell", and is dedicated to the Fellowship. All of the Walker's costumes are here, including Gandalf and the Hobbits, as are their weapons (with the exception of Legolas's bow, which is in Lothlorien, and Gimli's axe, which is in Moria). The workmanship on the swords is amazing; you can read the runes on Glamdring quite clearly. Of all of them, this was my favourite room.

This room (and the attic) contained a fascinating map of "Middle Earth in New Zealand", which marked all of the filming locations -- over 30 of them, all the way from the north to the south -- and the locations of the artisans involved in the costuming.

Since we got our tickets through Ticketmaster, we got free copies of the Argonath poster, so we headed back through the tunnel to the gift shop. The shop was a disappointment, though: they had very little LotR-related material; about 3/4 of the books were different editions of The Hobbit, and the rest were movie-tie-in editions of "Return of the King" (the other two volumes weren't there!) and a non-movie-tie-in edition of the all-in-one trade paperback. The fellow behind the counter was quite disappointed in what he was given to sell. I had been hoping that there might be early copies of the movie-guide books (due out November 6th), but no such luck.

He did tell us, though, how this show came to be: Casa Loma found that, after cancellations in the wake of 9/11, they had a huge gap in their schedule between Halloween and Christmas. They got talking to their marketting people, who got in touch with Alliance Atlantis, and they hashed out the idea for this show -- Casa Loma is the "sole North American venue" for this presentation (which implies that there may be some outside North America later!). Further, he said that there will be a similar Harry Potter show early next year.

The show has a small paper booklet accompanying it, which features short essays on the movie production and maps of the exhibits. Unfortunately, there's no proper museum-style show catalog, which I would have loved.

All in all, it was an excellent show. Not hype-ish at all; much more like a small touring museum show than a movie promotion. For that matter, it's much better as a museum show than some such I've seen! And with only a couple of exceptions, the props and costumes stand up as museum-quality pieces. I once saw a show of Star Trek props and costumes, and was struck by how fake-looking they were up close in person; there was only one item which gave me that feeling here (a scepter in the Rivendell room, which was no doubt meant to be well in the back of a scene). I wouldn't have minded had the show been larger, but it was a good size (about an hour to tour at a medium pace). The only thing missing was proper merchandise -- they really should have *all* of the movie tie-in books, and a broader selection in general.

First Casa Loma Report!!!
Xoanon @ 12:32 am EST
My name is Kim and I just got back from the LOTR exhibit at Casa Loma and wanted to let you know that it was very cool. John-Rhys Davies (Gimli) and Dominic Monaghan (Merry) were both there doing the media thing but were also signing autographs. I was able to meet Dominic, he was very funny and seemed like an extremely nice guy.

There were 2 Ringwraiths outside before you first walked in who looked extremely spooky but cool. There were TONS of props, you could seriously spend hours going through everything. There were costumes (from just about each character), weapons, sets, drawings, just so much stuff you have to see it to really appreciate the magnitude of such an event. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know how it went if you wanted to post anything on the site.

New LOTR Trailer During Sports Events
Xoanon @ 12:29 am EST
Our mailbox was flooded this evening with email about excited LOTR fans who were surprised to see a semi-new LOTR:FOTR commercial during a break of Game 3 of the World Series and an NBA Game. Take a Gander at some of them:

Just wanted to let you know that there was a new LOTR trailer shown at about 10:30 p.m. Eastern between innings of the World Series...maybe a new shot or two (I saw some amazing looking trees in a super-fast Lothlorien clip) but otherwise just snippets from the previous two trailers.

I was gonna go hit the sack right away after Work, but I had this urgency to turn on the tube and watch MJ play against the NY Knicks. Maaaaaaan, it was Awesome. Not the game, but the LOTR TV TRAILERS they aired during commercials!!!! It's slightly different from the Angel premiere, but very Impressive. The game is Live on TNT, and I've had 3 fixes of the addictive trailers so far

Hi, I dont know if this has already been reported but during the NBA game on TBS there was a new LOTR trailer. Maybe it has been shown before but some of the stuff looked new to me. Some new dialog from Elrond describing the fellowship, and a great new Moria shot, etc. This is the first time I have ever written in, so I also want to thank you for a great site.

A possible new trailer (i don't know if it's already been seen) was shown on TBS tonight during the Wizards vs. Knicks basketball game. It showed the fellowship pledging their weapons to Frodo, Gimli fighting with an Orc, and the fellowship approaching the Pillars of Argonath. All in all the trailer was outstanding, especially the force Gimli demonstrated fighting the Orc, and the beauty of the Pillars of Argonath.

We were just watching the Knicks-Wizards basketball game and they showed a new LOTR trailer. It was about a minute long and had many new images. Just thought I'd pass that on!

I just saw a new preview for FOTR during the Wizards v. Nicks game. It was very short, maybe fifteen seconds, but had a couple new scenes. One of Elrond speaking, another of the fellowship in boats, and a very short fight scene which I don't believe I've seen before.

Just writing to tell you I saw a 30-second preview for FOTR just now, 10:10 pm EST on TBS during the season opener between the Washington Wizards and the New York Knicks! It was very similar to the MTV video music awards preview, with some of the same text messages and shots, but with several things i had not seen, like gimli fighting in a forest and a shot of the fellowship riding the Anduin before they get to the pillars! It was short and sweet! I wasn't taping unfortunately!

Trailer just played on TBS during the Wizards game. Just thought you'd like to know.

I was just watching the Wizards vs Knicks NBA game and a Fellowship of the Ring trailer played during a commercial early in the 2nd quarter. When they came back from the commercial, FotR was listed on the screen as one of tonight's game sponsors.


Chalk Farm Gallery Report
Xoanon @ 1:27 pm EST
I am now taking it upon myself to describe the magnificent night of the 20th of September. Due to circumstances beyond my control I arrived quite late. My hobbit carriage did not arrive at the door until half past seven, allowing me only an hour to chronicle this madness. As I approached the door, I saw an older fellow dressed up as Gandalf. I felt nervous. This was a REAL Tolkien gathering! Perhaps I felt a bit like Bilbo on his first adventure outside Bag End. This was my debut into Tolkienite society. I walked into a crowded room of individuals talking. There were various people in costume, including one dressed up as Boromir---boy did he look like Sean Bean!!!!

I basically spent the next few minutes looking around, and feeling like a hobbit far from the native hole. I finally asked a lady in costume if she help get my bearings. I told her I was with TheOneRing.net,and would like to film the event. She went to inquire about this,and I eventually got a thumbs up from behind the desk. This is quite a marvel---considering still photography was not allowed. Isn't it wonderful to be the press! :) I meandered my way upstairs and came to the room where drinks and snacks were being served. I knew Leo from TORN was supposed to be there, and earlier that day I had gone to look at photos of him in the Cannes Archives to refresh my memory on what he looked like. I spotted someone whom I suspected may have been the right person, and with all the boldness becoming a Jedi Hobbit said "Are You Leo?" Apparently I had struck a bulls eye, for the entishly tall fellow replied "Yes I am....the one and only!" I in turn told him who I was (we had talked a few times previously in Barliman's) and so that marked him down as the first EVER in the history of Barliman's, TORN and my entire chat life on the web since early 1998. And just ask anyone at Barliman's---especially Thorongil---I stay very close to the Shire. :)

I soon found my way to another room where more fans were gathered and people were signing a guest book. I signed in this....but do not ask for my real name....you must still call me Pippin! :) On the same table were posters by Ted Nasmith. I told Leo who was nearby rather humbly "I don't know what he looks like." to which he graciously informed me that it was the man in the maroon shirt. Yes, my dear hobbits-- THAT was how lost I was. I went up,and told him my name, and that I was with TheOneRing.net and was interested in interviewing him. Eventually we headed upstairs to the much quieter "Munchie" room (my name for the refreshment table). I turned and invited Leo to come along, and we all trudged up to what was going to be the interview room. Now I'd done it. I was the lone ranger with the video camera who Xoanon had asked to film the event. I had never interviewed ANYONE before,and here I was not only about to do exactly that--- the interviewee was a renowned Tolkien illustrator. I had a tremendous weight and responsibility on my shoulders. I had NOT had very much experience doing camera work, and indeed I hardly knew how to even start the interview.

I informed Ted and the little group standing around that I was a greenhand in this--- and inquired about how to start. A friend who I brought along gave me a hand, and so I began to roll the tape. I began basically by saying the interview was for TheOneRing.net, the biggest fansite on the web. A member of the audience asked with some suprise: "Is it really the biggest?" Leo handled that question. :)

If you want an idea of what Ted was like I will say this: he is a rather serious person---a quality that goes hand in hand with the profession I suppose. Nonetheless however, he was a very nice person as well. Intelligent and thoughtful. I must say also that he is a very talented artist. You may be amazed to hear that by the time I arrived at the Gallery a lot of the paintings had already been sold. I heard one man in a business suit say that his wife need not worry because there was hardly anything left to buy. :) After the interview, Leo asked Ted a few things and then it was poster signing time! Much to my amusement, a young man said to his friend "Well---I got my Sainsbury receipt!" (that is a food store chain here in England) and later commenced in handing the crumpled piece of artistry to sign. Ah my dear children....a golden moment indeed!

I hope children,that you have enjoyed this tale of mine; and with the absence of great battles,of vengeful contests, of dragons and knights or glorious hronicles of ships that traverse the emerald deep...I do hope my dear ones, that you may not find this piece lacking in wit.

Check out our exclusive archive of Ted Nasmith work at Rolozo Tolkien!

The Chalk Farm coverage and interview will be seen in future chapters of TORN Digital!


Casa Loma Article & Cool Rivendell Pic!
Xoanon @ 11:36 pm EST
Ringer Spy Maragret sends along these great scans, take a look!

One of the many Toronto Star ads for the Casa Loma exhibit contained a gorgeous new photo of Gandalf in Rivendell- it really shows the depth of detail used in the sets! Also, the Star article you already posted was accompanied by two pictures in the print version, so I thought I'd send them to you.

Tickets Sales In UK Nov 16?
Xoanon @ 10:57 pm EST
From: Torper

I don't if this is old news - but I wrote to the Odeon Cinema in Britain asking when the tickets sales will begin, and I got the following response:

'The date tickets will go on sale for "Lord Of The Rings" is November 16th. Although this is the date we have been given by the film's distributors, the date is subject to change.


New Zealand Screening News I
Xoanon @ 8:16 pm EST
Ringer Spy TeeBee sends along this review of the Cannes footage from New Zealand!

OK, I attended the first New Zealand showing of the cannes footage last night at the Embassy theatre in Wellington. It was an invitation only event for people associated with the media, the LOTR production and the Embassy theatre development scheme. The event was geared up as a fund raiser for the the Embassy theatre restoration trust and backed by Peter Jackson and Newline Cinema. Anyway they had too many people turn and did two sittings. A "Mr Voice" type presenter handeled the show, firtsly covering the restoration of the Embassy and how much would be ready for the December 19th premier of LOTR. Then he outlined how members of the public could become "trustees" by buying one of three differant packages. The most appealing package was for $850 per annum for 3 years which included 1 seat to a black tie dinner prior to the opening night of LOTR, one seat at the premier benefit showing (which will be arranged and presented by Peter Jackson) on the 19th of Dec, 1 pass to 6 premiers of new movies per annum for three years (plus related cocktail evenings and galas) + 10 passes per annum to any movie. This isn't a bad deal with the opening night premier being worth the money on its own.

So after showing us a few old pictures of the embassy and some future pictures we came to the now well known Cannes footage. Now before I get into how I felt about this footage I have to let the readers know that I am also a big Star Wars fan. For several months before The Phantom Menace came out I got myself in such a tizz over that movie that my expectation level got to the point that I was telling everyone that this would be the best movie ever made, even before I saw it. So you can imagine that when I did finnally get to see it I was dissapointed about several aspects of the movie which have already been thrashed out on the web. I promised myself after that, that I wouldn't get into such a deluded state again. Well you know what, I have got myself like that again. You know its hard living just down the street from Weta Studios, having filming taking place in your neighbourhood, seeing stars walking around and having Peter Jackson living in the same street. Well with all these factors drawn in plus alot of over-the-top reviews on the net about the cannes footage I expected to be blown away.

So warning here folks: DONT SET YOUR EXPECTATIONS TO HIGH - YOU WILL BE DISSAPPOINTED. The footage was good but there were flaws, especially in the Moira Mines sequence. The opening shots of Hobbiton were very nice and the shrinking of the hobbits done very well and of course the details of the sets and costumes were fanastic. The council sequences looked good too but were too breif to make a judgement on. Which brings us to the Mines of Moira sequence. I dont know if it was the colour or the darkness but the whole sequence was like a blur, especially the battle with the cave troll where a state of confusion reigned. Very very busy, with the camera never locking into one sequence for too long. Its true that some of the fellowship CGI characters look slightly cartoonish when is close action with the cave troll. But I will put this down to an incomplete work where colour correction and "tweeking" of the special effects will improve the final outlook. Dont forget I am a fussy bastard and am heavily engrained with the whole LOTR concept - so my expectations are very high. The two people I was with thought it was the best film covergae they had ever seen - of course they had never read the books or seen any material on the movies prior to this showing. From their point of view it was breathtaking and they cant wait for Dec 19. From my point of view it has knoked me down a couple of pegs and brought some sort of reality to my own expectations. I am happy seeing the cannes footage. I now know what to expect and can comfortably go to the premier in the right frame of mind. For all you fanatical Rings fans: my advice is dont get overhyped with the the expectation - go along to see a good movie and make your own judgement if it is great. Dont go along to see a great movie because even if it is it will never live up to your wildest dreams. I expect to see something great - but if it is better than that then I will be very happy!

If this movie series does nothing else it will stamp New Zealand as a country everyone will want to visit. Stunning vistas, incredible backdrops and scenery and unspoiled lanscapes embed New Zealand as the most beautiful country in the world. For people like myself who live here, we take it for granted that the great outdoors are on our doorstep. LOTR will showcase New Zealands landscape like no movie has ever done before for any country. Some of the panoramic shots made me salivate at the mouth - and that is saying something because I have visited most of theses locals myself!

Enjoy the LOTR, have envy for us New Zealanders - and I hope, I really hope that this movie will live up to its promise.

New Zealand Screening
Xoanon @ 8:13 pm EST
Ringer Spy Taniwha from New Zealand sends along the personal invite he recieved a few days ago:

October 23, 2001

A Personal Invitation to


Time 5.30pm for 6pm (sharp) unveiling in the theatre (finishes 7pm)
Date Thursday October 25, 2001
Place The Embassy Theatre

Embassy Theatre Trustees invite you to the special, exclusive launch of an exciting new concept, including a range of options, which can guarantee your place at the Black Tie Function & Gala Opening of The Lord Of The Rings, December 2001.

The Gala Opening, with the eyes of the world on Wellington, will be the most significant event in New Zealand's cinematic history. It will confirm the Embassy's place as a world-class showcase. You are offered the first opportunity to be part of it.

There will be heavy demand for the 800 seats available. Please confirm your acceptance WITHOUT DELAY. You must bring this invitation with you.

Embassy Theatre Trustees, Bill Sheat (Chairman), David Carson-Parker (Deputy Chair), Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Mary Varnham, Nigel Hutchinson, Bill Gosden, Lindsay Shelton, Anna Locker-Lampson, Paul McLean, Brian Mudge, look forward to entertaining you personally October 25.

Refreshments will be served up to 5.50PM

Lord Of The Dairy
Xoanon @ 8:01 pm EST
From: Jenny

I discovered today that the Swedish dairy company Arla is runnig a Lord of the Rings theme on the back of their milkbottles! (Note for foreigners: Swedish milkbottles are actually more like oblong cardbard boxes than bottles.)

The headline is "Facts about the Lord of the Rings". Under the headline is an ink drawing of Arwen sitting on a horse standing on its hind legs. She is holding a sword in her right hand and what looks like a hobbit is sitting in front of her in the saddle. (Can they possibly have been confusing her with Eowyn?) A flourish banner says "Arwen".Then there is some text and, at the bottom, a picture (from the film?) that looks a lot like a black rider. At the very bottom is an ad for a Lord of the Rings look- alike contest. The first prize is a ticket to the premiere. The text reads (in my translation):

She is the most beautiful of all living creatures. Her hair is dark as a river by night and her eyes are celestial blue. The nationality that she belongs to is the elves, and as an elf she lives the life of an immortal. But Arwen's destiny is that she falls in love with a mortal man, Aragorn. A man she has the deepest feelings for and whom she can not live without. She knows that her love to this man is an impossibility, but despite this she does everything in her power to shut her eyes to reality. Eventually her feelings for Aragorn leeds her to a terrible decision. A decision that means that she has to choose between eternal life or give up her immortality for the man she loves...An accurate account of the "facts" or simply too much Barbara Cartland? You decide!

I have been searching the dairy section in my local store, but all the bottles had the Arwen theme. Maybe they'll change character next week.

FOX 30 Minute Special Details
Xoanon @ 7:56 pm EST
From: Bob

I have tons of info on the FOX special and it looks like it will be bigger then the Angel World Premiere Theatrical Trailer (in my opinion).

On THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2001, from 8:00-8:30pm (ET/PT), FOX presents an ORIGINAL special, QUEST FOR THE RING, a sneak preview/behind-the-scenes look at the year's most anticipated movie, "The Lord Of The Rings"!! FOX viewers will get the first look of the most highly anticipated movie of the year!

This 30-minute special shows the expansive scope of "the biggest film production in history", introduces the story and characters, visits locations, interviews members of the star-studded cast including Elijah Wood, Liv Tyler, Ian McKellan, Cate Blanchett, and best of all, it closes with an exclusive world premiere film clip.


WHSmith News
Xoanon @ 11:22 pm EST
From: Elom

I have been speaking to a minion at WHSmiths & they told me that I would be better off to hold fire a couple of weeks on their LOTR goodies.

The reason is they will be starting a LOTR promotion Money off when items are purchased together, when & what exactly I have yet to find out but you will be the first to know!

It's a costly business buying all the excellent shiny merchandise coming out, I know what my list to Santa is full of: LOTR!!!!


LOTR Tickets In South Africa
Xoanon @ 7:33 pm EST
From: Mike

A friend of mine went to see 'Moulin Rouge' at a cinema here in Cape Town, South Africa last Saturday. We already new that the new (and old) Teaser Posters were up at all the cinemas here and that the films are definitely being released here on December 19th as well, but we didn't really know when the other forms of marketing were going to begin (besides articles in newspapers, which I'll get to later). Well, my friend (who we'll call 'Nicky') went to buy her ticket for the film and lo and behold, what should be on the back of the ticket? None other than an advert for 'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring'! I'm not sure as to whether every ticket has this advert on it, or if every ticket has a different advert for a different film on it, but my friend thinks all the tickets had the same advert (for 'The Lord of the Rings') on them.

Great marketing me thinks, also (and I meant to e-mail this to you guys a while ago), there was an article in a newspaper here which basically said that Nu Metro (one of two leading cinema chains in South Africa) was counting on three films to "bring back the crowds into the cinema this year", these films are: 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', 'Mr. Bones' (a South African comedy with a major South African comediain starring in it - I don't think he's that funny) and lastly, 'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring'. Well there you have it, I'm thinking South Africa will be going 'Lord of the Rings' crazy very soon.


Wanna See A Cannes Footage Invitation?
Xoanon @ 10:57 pm EST
The very cool folks at Alliance Atlantis were kind enough to invite me to the Cannes footage screening tomorrow (October 23rd). I am now bald due to my hair being pulled out...I cannot go...BUT, they will hopefully set me up soon. Anyway..the point is, take a look at this coolio invitation!

LOTR Bar Promotion
Xoanon @ 1:36 pm EST
From: Murky Past

If you are interested, this is a copy of an e-mail sent to the University of London Union about a bar promotion for LOTR. Print whatever's interesting. I'll let you know if and when it runs.

'Fellowship of the Rings' The Lord of the Rings Part 1
Bar Promotion Nights.

Guaranteed to fill your bars up of real ale drinking computing studies students (and for some reason I suspect Ents Staff too) faster than you can say Bilbo Baggins

It's scratchcard promotion where we provide scratchcards with allocated merchandise to win shuffled in. These scratchcards are intended to be given out over the bar with purchase on any drink or a specific brand at the discretion of your bar management. There will be a good prize fund for this one but has yet to be totally finalised. (unfortunately our suggestions of comedy elf ears and dwarf beards weren't taken that seriously - so it'll be good stuff instead.)

It will however include:

1 LOTR Crew Jacket
Pewter key rings
Minis Posters

There are certain things that we have to do which are slightly different compared to our normal way of working please read the points below.

1. Types of night - You know your campuses best, but it needs to be busy there will be nothing in the prize fund that will cause problems for your security e.g. swords, axes, rings of invisibility etc.

2. Dates - between 18th - 25th November

3. Reports / Photos - where we can we will be asking our Student Reps (for this please read student staff rather than student brand manager) to get photos and give us the student perspective but we will need Photos and short reports form every bar/venue manager that the promotion takes place with. We will put cameras in every kit that goes out and a fax back form for a report for those who you who don't want to use electronic mail. We'll phone to remind you but would rather we didn't have to. If you take this promotion an integral part of the agreement is to return photos and a short report - this is very important to us and the film company.

I'm not going to waste everyone's time with stupid bits of paper to sign but please be aware that this is the agreement for us placing the promotion with you.

LOTR: FOTR Ads In Toronto
Xoanon @ 1:28 pm EST
From: Ryan L

I'm sure you have probably heard this already, but businesses in Toronto have undergone a massive advertising campaign for Lord of the Rings and specifically the Casa Loma exhibit.

Along the sides of major streets (Most noticibly Spadina), Lord of the Rings Banners hand from light posts. Giant Murals depict scenes from LOTR on the sides of buildings (I saw two within two blocks on Bloor Street around the Bay Street area).

An advertisment for the Casa Loma exhibit was shown during 'From Hell' at a Cineplex Odeon (Varsity Theatre on Bloor St) this Saturday 20th. It was about 30 seconds in length and depicted scenes from the movie. In the theatre there were lots of flyers and posters up for the Casa Loma exhibit (As well as plenty just for the movie). They had stacks of flyers at the entrance, I picked up about 20 or so. (I would scan one in, but don't have a scanner at my disposal until the upcoming weekend)

Not to mention the advertising in the Toronto Star and all the Tolkien Book setups at book stores. I've also seen a couple of convience stores (who don't normally sell books) who have small Tolkien setups.

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