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August 16, 2006 - August 30, 2006

8-30-06 Latest News

DragonCon is Upon us!
Xoanon @ 3:51 pm EST

TORN Staffer MrCere writes: DragonCon in Atlanta starts this weekend and as it has been for several years now, TheOneRing.net will be in the house! I will be at a fan table in the basement of the Marriott where we will be selling our new, but as yet unrevealed t-shirts. (Hint: it has a reference to elves from another currently popular fictional universe).

But besides supporting the not-for-profit TORn, every Lord of the Rings fan should come by the table and pick up a gift card from Sideshow Collectibles while supplies last. Each person attending the show can claim a card until my supply runs out and each card is worth between $10 and $100 on Sideshow's in-stock supply. This includes several very cool Lord of the Ring items.

Each person wanting a prize will roll two dice and generate a number between 1 and 100. (2d10 for geeks like me). Every number is a winner but each day we will feature a "GRAND PRIZE" item from Sideshow that will astound and amaze your friends and neighbors if you win. Better still, Sideshow will ship the item directly to you at home so there will be no need to carry it away from Atlanta or lug it around the convention. We will also give away some TORn shirts and some grand but non-"GRAND PRIZE" LOTR items from SideshowCollectibles.com at the table each day for those lucky enough to roll specific numbers.

The Tolkien schedule is here and we are honored to have Friday's annual "Evening at Bree" dedicated to our friend and staffer, the late Balin. See you at the show!

8-29-06 Latest News

LOTR Stageplay in Toronto for $20!
Xoanon @ 1:09 pm EST

TheOtherSting sends this along:


With Labour Day, we say farewell and godspeed to Frodo, Sam and Bilbo as THE LORD OF THE RINGS departs the Princess of Wales Theatre and sails away to the Uttermost West (the West End of London, that is).

The final Toronto performance of THE LORD OF THE RINGS will be this Sunday, Sept. 3... and that's it; there will be no more; don't believe your friends who've told you it will be held over; this is your last chance. And you can take that chance with tickets for a mere $20! That's right; we're extending the $20 offer into the final week of the show. It's first-come, first-served for $20 tickets for Aug. 29 to Sept. 3, all performances! Seating is limited, so hurry.

E-Stagers only! Just call 416-872-1212 or 1-800-461-3333 and quote the discount code LABOUR0806. Telephone only, please.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Offer valid for performances on August 29 to Sept. 3 2006. All prices in Canadian dollars and includes 6% GST and $2.00 CIF. Seating is subject to availability. Offer is not valid on previously purchased tickets and cannot be combined with any other offers. Seating restrictions may apply. The producers hold the right to terminate the offer at any time. No refunds or exchanges. Not valid online or in person. SERVICE CHARGES APPLY. E&OE.

8-24-06 Latest News

September Exhibit Featuring Nasmith & Lacon
Xoanon @ 1:17 pm EST

Andrew from adcbooks.co.uk sends this along:

“Where Many Paths and Errands Meet”
Presented by: ADC Publications Ltd
Crossing Cottage, Todenham Road
Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire GL56 9NJ

Exhibition Preview Party Friday 22nd September 2006 7pm

The next JRR Tolkien inspired Art Exhibition is being held for 4 days from Saturday 23rd September 2006 at The Redesdale Hall, High Street, Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire.

The Exhibition will contain the largest ever display of the artwork (including new original pieces and new Limited Edition Prints) of the world renowned Tolkien Illustrator, Ted Nasmith who is in the UK for this exhibition and will be attending throughout. Ted Nasmith’s art can also be seen online at www.adcbooks.co.uk.

In addition the Tolkien inspired artist Ruth Lacon will be exhibiting her artwork and attending throughout. Her wonderful style contrasts dramatically to that of Ted Nasmith and reflects a more mediaeval and eastern style.

This exhibition is an opportunity to meet the artists and discuss the styles, mediums, and effects and enjoy the large selection of art. There will also be large information and biographic displays on JRR Tolkien and the artists. Tolkien literature and antiquarian books, new books, memorabilia and games will also be on display.

The exhibition will also have a full program of Tolkien associated events bringing this experience to life, including live music (Tolkien song cycles), Readings, Quiz, Tour Guide and Educational Talks by Tolkien experts. A large live eagle will be in the hall daily (12-2pm). The Tolkien society will also be attending providing information on membership. (Highly recommended for Tolkien fans).

Entry is free and complimentary refreshments will be served, it should be a marvellous experience. The Redesdale Hall is a wonderful and large old building in the centre of Moreton in Marsh, oak panelled, stained glass and very atmospheric. Situated in the Heart of the Shire with nearby landmarks that inspired or involved JRR Tolkien, a free tour guide will give visitors the opportunity to discover The Rollright Stones (Barrow Downs), Broadway Tower, Dormston (Bag End), Buckland, Three Farthing Stone, Warwick (where Tolkien was married), Chipping Campden & Oxford.

Moreton in Marsh has free and easy parking, it is 30 minutes north of Oxford, 50 minutes from Birmingham, and around 90 minutes from London, the Redesdale Hall is a very short walk from the station on the London Paddington main line. We have many UK and overseas visitors attending and Hotel accommodation is going fast. I would recommend early booking at The Redesdale Arms Hotel (01608-650308), The Bell Inn (01608-651688) or the Manor House Hotel (01608-650501).

8-23-06 Latest News

OXONMOOT 2006 News
Xoanon @ 5:02 pm EST

Somerville College, Oxford
Friday 15th – Sunday 17th September

Registration Rates: £33 (members) or £37 (non-members)

Accommodation and meals available within Somerville College separately, see below.


Friday Night Welcome Dinner, Quiz, Art Show, Merry & Pippin’s Dance Workshop, Saturday Evening Party, Enyalië (act of remembrance at Tolkien’s grave)

Sales Room featuring:

Tolkien Society Trading, Daeron’s Books,
Runesmith, and the Bookwyrm

Book Online: www.tolkiensociety.org

Last date for accommodation and dinner bookings: 31st August

Last date for online or postal bookings to arrive: 5th September

Email enquiries: bookings@tolkiensociety.org

It may be possible to register “on the day,” but not for meals or accommodation. The Society reserves the right to charge a different rate for “on the day” registrations.

8-21-06 Latest News

Mythopia 2006 News
Xoanon @ 3:58 pm EST

Udi writes: On 24th of August, the second annual Mythopia Convention will take place in Tel-Aviv, Israel. This convention is jointly organized by, the Israeli Tolkien Society, The Israeli His Dark Materials community and the Harry Potter for grownups community,

This year Convention will focuses on Tolkien's books, Philip Pullman's ‘His Dark Materials’, Rowling's 'Harry Potter' and Lewis's ‘Narnia’.

We managed to get some various prominent Israeli lecturers such as Yeal Sela-Shapiro (the translator of the HDM books into Hebrew), Gili Bar-Hillel (the translator of the HP books into Hebrew) and More.

Some of The Activities about LOTR and other Tolkien books in the Con.:

Boyds Knicks for a Good Cause
Xoanon @ 3:33 pm EST

Penny writes: I am an admin at the Billy Boyd Board and I wanted to let you know that we are putting a pair of pink knickers like the pair Billy Boyd wore in On a Clear Day up for bid on Ebay. I had him sign the knickers at ELF a few weeks ago and gave him a gift for his son, a grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands in his son's name.

I asked him where he would like the proceeds of the sale of the knickers to go and he said he wanted the money to go to the Tree Fund.

Anyone can also go there and make a donation to Jack's grove as well and leave Billy a message! Please check it out and if you can put this on your web site to help spread the news, that would be great! [eBay] [treesforlife.org.uk]

8-20-06 Latest News

DOTR Gencon Report
Xoanon @ 11:58 am EST

Tim writes: This was it. All the sweat, toil, and (minimal) bloodshed over the last several years came to fruition as Richardson Productions held its world premiere and multiple screenings of the epic parody "The Dork of the Rings" at GenCon '06, the country's largest gaming convention with fantasy and sci-fi geeks from around the world in attendance.

Thursday's sneak preview was jam-packed with squished standing room only. A very enthusiastic film reviewer from Sylvan was present, as well as a representative of the Indiana State Museum who wants the film to be screened at the museum. Both the Friday premiere and Saturday screening were completely filled, so that meant about 200 eager dorks per screening. After the premiere the cast and crew answered lots of questions and signed autographs for all their adoring dorker fans.

Some of the stars from the movie who were in attendance for the premiere included Circus-Szalewski (Scrottum), Victoria Floro (Femowen), James Flannery (Ham), Jim Hall (Arogant), Steve Christopher (Abscond the Elfis), David Kiefer (Randolf the Wizard), James Lowe (Internet Troll/Webmaster/Visual Effects), Bob Lee (Visual Effects), James Pickens (Writer/Producer/Cinematographer/Visual Effects), Michael Kouroubetes (Writer/Producer/Actor), Andy Swisher (Costume Designer/BugWrangler)Ian Strandberg (Art Coordinator/Actor), Kevin McInerney (Producer/Actor), Lu Ann Richardson (Producer) and Tim Richardson (Writer/Director/Producer).

Production Princess Trisha Miller unfortunately suffered an injured back earlier that night and lead actor Bryce Cone (Frudo) graced us with his presence Saturday night.

All the screenings began with an introduction by "Lord of the Rings" actor Kiran Shah, a celebrated little person who claims he originally auditioned to be Bryce Cone's (Frudo) scale double but was told he was too tall. During the end credits, The Great Luke Ski's music video for "The Theme From The Dork of the Rings" played to the delight of many Dork and Ski admirers. Luke's website is lukeski.com where you can find his new DVD "The Ego Has Landed" and his numerous comedy and parody CDs.

Somehow (no one is claiming responsibility), our infamous co-director Jack Peterson made the scene at the end of the premiere and amazed the crowd with his total lack of knowledge about basically everything.

Good ol' Jack…

Of course our biggest Dorkers, sister filmmakers Ashlee and Rachel Scott were on hand to do all kinds of promoting of our film and theirs, from doing interviews to helping at our booth to handing out flyers. They are the winners of our fan film contest, have a cameo in the film and contributed landscape footage. Several of their films screened at Gencon including their Dork fan film, "Middle-earth Idols" and their "Return of the King" parody. You can find our more about them at marsproductions.net. Thanks girls!

We'd also like to congratulate our fellow filmmakers The Dead Gentlemen (www.deadgentlemen.com) and Christopher Folino (www.buygamers.com) on their hilarious productions as well, which screened along side ours each night. I snagged me a copy of both "The Gamers" and "Gamers" (respectively). Thanks for the camaraderie, guys, and good luck on future endeavors. We're very much looking forward to the final version of "Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising."

If you weren't able to catch us at GenCon, don't worry, we have plenty of screenings coming up so visit our website www.dorkoftherings.com for updates. Some future screenings include:

We'll also be screening this fall at Ring*Con in Germany. And of course you can buy the 2-disc DVD at

Hope to see you at a screening near you soon!


8-16-06 Latest News

Additional RINGERS & Very Secret Diaries Auctions!
Xoanon @ 10:23 pm EST



Our "Bill the Pony" stand-in


Air New Zealand toy plane w/ ARAGORN & ARWEN

Everyone loves the wickedly funny “Very Secret Diaries” as created by fan fic phenom Cassie Claire. This spoof of Fellowship characters has appeared in the award-winning indie documentary RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS, in an outrageous sequence where Toy Biz Action Figures and character voices were filmed on a mini set!

The original, authentic toys and props used in RINGERS are now offered on eBay! Now is your chance to own a piece of indie film history.

Check out this sequence from the film (Quicktime required) and join the auctions!

Small file [100kps]
Large file [800kps]

The entire series of RINGERS eBay auctions are found here:

Gandalf the Grey --SOLD!

Strider --SOLD!

Legolas --SOLD!

Boromir --SOLD!

Aragorn King --SOLD!

Samwise Gamgee --SOLD!

Witchking Ringwraith --SOLD!

Set of mini-"Diaries,” mini-“Scrolls,” mini pencils, and Campfire wood log props --SOLD!

CLICK HERE to visit the official RINGERS Store online!

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