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August 02, 2002 - August 09, 2002

8-09-02 Latest News

Brentano's Book Signing Event Video!
Xoanon @ 1:26 pm EST

In what we plan to become a regular event, we bring you another great fan event from LA, the Brentano's Book Signing even from a few months ago! Featuring Sean Astin, Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh!

TORN Staffers Quickbeam and Asfaloth interview fans of all ages during the event. Take a look! Be sure to check this space next week for more of those interviews with Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, and Peter Jackson!

High Speed Download 26.7MB

Modem Download (Smaller Video) 1.4MB

8-07-02 Latest News

Wanna See Viggo?
leo @ 3:03 pm EST

TORn Staffer Arwen sends in word on two upcoming events featuring Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn)!

Sunday, August 18, 5 to 7 PM
Join Perceval Press authors Viggo Mortensen and Lola Schnabel at a book signing and reception
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
6522 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Thursday, August 29, 7:30 PM
Viggo Mortensen reading from his just published book of poetry "Coincidence of Memory."
Books will be signed as well.
Midnight Special Bookstore
1318 3rd St. Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Live In Oz? Wanna Meet Andrew Lesnie?
Xoanon @ 9:03 am EST

From: AICN

Melbournians are in for a treat with the opportunity for a "chat" with Academy Award cinematographer for FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, Aussie Andrew Lesnie ACS at Popcorn Taxi. The first part of the night will focus on Andrew's past work and the second on the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. Not to be missed.

DATE: Thursday 15th August

WHERE: Treasury Theatre

For more info check out the Popcorn Taxi web site at www.popcorntaxi.com.au

Australia and Singapore DVD Prices
Demosthenes @ 7:11 am EST

Saul writes from Australia:
I live near a Westfield mall, so I got to compare the prices at quite a few shops/stores. Several had it out on the 5th, but I ended up picking it up on the 6th. The winners were Sanity and Target, who had it at $29.95, other stores ranged up to $34.95.

I went shopping the other day and saw the DVD "on special" for $29.84 at my local Woolworths - Dem.

Nilmandra also writes:

The DVDs are now all over stores in Singapore. Sales are brisk according to the sales people I talked to. DVDs are listed at $49.90, although most stores like CD Rama, Music Junction and Sembawang Music Centre are selling at $$44.90. Comes with a "Win a Trip to New Zealand Contest" and Music Junction is also giving away a large FOTR movie poster with each DVD. Also found out that there are FOTR VCD available! I only knew that there are VHS and DVD, didn't hear anything about VCDs... although maybe that's just me. VCDs are listed $19.90, most places selling for $16.90. Comes with FOTR and TTT trailers. Much cheaper but none of the featurettes in the DVD edition of course. I'm still waiting for November...!

FoTR DVD/Video Destroys Danish Sales Records
Demosthenes @ 6:27 am EST

Oscar writes in to tell us that MetroXpress in Denmark is reporting that the LOTR:FOTR DVD and VHS have proved enormously popular in Denmark.

He writes that MetroXpress reports that the total sold on the first day was 270,000 -- 130.000 of them DVDs. Harry Potter sold only 60,000 pieces on the opening day. SF-Film (the Danish distributor) has sent out 12,000 more to try to cover the demand.

Source: MetroXpress, Denmark.

8-06-02 Latest News

Christopher Lee Booksigning Report
leo @ 4:28 pm EST

Ringer Spy jayjay got back from the Christopher Lee booksigningevent in London and share's her report with us!

Let it be known that no other movie could get me to sit on the pavement in a busy London street for 4 hours! - But I've made it and I'm now back, slight back-ache but happy - *phew*! Not that I was ever NOT going to go - It's not so easy for us UK TORnadoes to meet the cast and having read all those Comic-Con reports with green eyes in the last few days, I eagerly went Saruman hunting this morning.

Got to Forbidden Planet at 1pm and already there was a queue of about 50 people - the windows were bedecked with FOTR goodies and the film was showing inside. Unfortunately, not any amount of begging or eye fluttering could persuade the good people of FP that I could get my own (preordered, Region 1, already 13 days owned and loved) copy signed. No - I definitely had to buy another copy because access to the Wizard was by receipt only "it's the rules"... Oh well - so now I have two!

The queue stretched on and on throughout the day much to the amusement of onlookers and I passed the time with my tattered copy of TTT. Several film crews came up and down the line including Liquid News..must turn it on - see if I'm in the footage :)...who were asking earth-shattering questions like "Have you already bought the DVD ? Why is buying the DVD important to you ?" Also - The Disney Channel, as Saruman and Voldemort are battling it out for Best Villain in their Awards -"Who do you think is the nastiest?" etc!

When the time came to let us inside a young girl stuck her head in the door, wrinkled her nose and said "Oh, it's only the old man!" *ppppppffffff*

To cut a long day short - there are no exclusives here :) Christopher Lee was a true gent - chatting and smiling with everyone. Although in the end, I did get my original cover signed ..there's no space to sign on this cover design he said - after finally settling on Frodo's chest (!)... I didn't offer both up - ninnyhammer! - Just because it SAID only one item per person, didn't mean I shouldn't have tried! (At the train station, I met another guy who did the same, so we can smack our heads together!). There were 100s of fans waiting still and the finger of the claw of Mordor will be suffering from much writers cramp later methinks!

Rivendell Lithograph & Filmstrip Collectible!
Pippin_Took @ 1:13 am EST

TheOneRing.net is excited to bring you an amazing new Limited Edition item from Sideshow Weta: the Rivendell Lithograph & Film Strip Collectible. This gorgeous set features a beautiful reproduction of Alan Lee's original watercolor conceptual art of Rivendell, as well as a piece of the actual film strip from Rivendell scenes in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, donated by Peter Jackson out of his personal collection. A special lighting mechanism lets you illuminate the film strip at the touch of a button, and a specially engraved brass plaque identifies the authenticity of the piece to all your jealous friends!

This unique lithograph and film strip set is displayed with a finely woven linen matte and finished with a museum quality antiqued frame. The finished piece measures an impressive 29" W x 29" H and will make a handsome addition to anyone's collection.

But best of all, this set is personally hand-signed by artist Alan Lee, Academy Award-winning Weta head Richard Taylor, and director Peter Jackson! Each set is individually numbered by Alan Lee, and only 1,000 pieces are being produced, so get one today before they disappear!

8-05-02 Latest News

LOTR DVD around the world: Taiwan
Tehanu @ 11:16 pm EST

How are they celebrating the DVD outside of the English-speaking world? Lucifer in Taiwan has put together a party for the DVD launch.

"Yes, but the party may be a little more complex than just a DVD launch party. We invited 5 companies to join us. They will have a LOTR product line later this year.(Two publication houses, two computer game distributors, and DVD distributor) They will introduce their product.....:> We will also have a little exhibition that day.(Every collectible we can put our hands on, and even some fan art...)

There's already 120 people registered online, there should be more people to join us on that day. Guess it's not bad for a new frontier of LOTR...^_^ "

Fun stuff from the Tolkien Society, UK: Art exhibit, and quiz
Tehanu @ 11:10 pm EST

Your Jedi Hobbit Reporter checking in with three scoops of Tolkien Event Ice Cream! I have recently read about two upcoming events on the Tolkien Society website:

1. More than 120 works of art by illustrators of The Lord of the Rings from round the world, including Ted Nasmith, Alan Lee, Angus McBride, The Hildebrandts and Roger Garland among others, in the Italian city of Riccione (Rimini). Castello degli Agolanti 27 July to 20 August. Evenings 7pm-midnight


2. 11th Aug 5pm Talking about Tolkien Humphrey Carpenter, Phillip Pullman Jenny Turner & Francis Spufford.

Four Tolkien experts talk of the great man himself, what he would have made of the latest wave of hobbit-mania and the hold of his work on the public imagination. [Should be interesting - I heard Pullman interviewed on NZ's National Radio and he didn't think much of Tolkien then! - Tehanu]

11th Aug 7.30pm The Great Tolkien Quiz

Think you know your way around a map of Middle Earth?

Come and test your hobbit lore against our experts, including Humphrey Carpenter and Jenny Turner. Settle down with a drink for plenty of fun, and dress up if you dare. (Prizes!)

If you you would like more info please visit TolkienSociety

Pippin Skywalker-

Hobbit verse contest
Tehanu @ 11:00 pm EST

News from Noelle: LOTRONLINE's Hobbit Guild is having an Impromptu Poetry Contest (Forum Wide) It's open to everyone ... It sounds very Hobbitish.

Here's the info:

The topic of the Contest will be announced tommorow. You have 48 hours to get your poem in (any edits to your post after you have posted will disqualify your poem - so enter it carefully!). THe poems will be voted on by a pannel of judges from the different Guilds (You do not have to be a member of the Hobbit Guild to post for the contest). Keep an eye on this thread for the information (and for your entries)

Hobbit verse contest
Tehanu @ 10:59 pm EST

News from Noelle: LOTRONLINE's Hobbit Guild is having an Impromptu Poetry Contest (Forum Wide) It's open to everyone ... It sounds very Hobbitish.

Here's the info:

The topic of the Contest will be announced tommorow. You have 48 hours to get your poem in (any edits to your post after you have posted will disqualify your poem - so enter it carefully!). THe poems will be voted on by a pannel of judges from the different Guilds (You do not have to be a member of the Hobbit Guild to post for the contest). Keep an eye on this thread for the information (and for your entries)

DVD news and SFX artist's seminar in Canberra
Tehanu @ 10:49 pm EST

David Jones (Woden, ACT) are giving away a book with the DVD of FOTR: The book they're giving away is The LOTR Visual Companion which came out late last year. It's AUS$39.95 (ie the same price as the DVD here), so if you don't have it yet it's a pretty good freebie. I don't know if other DJs stores are doing it though.

Also, one of the many digital artists who worked on LOTR is doing a seminar on digital effects as part of the Australian Science Festival in Canberra. Here's the blurb from the ASF booklet:

The Art of Digital Effects in Feature Films

Digital artist Paul Kirwan has worked on films such as "Lord of the Rings", "Titanic" and "Babe, Pig in the City". Paul, a former animation student at the Australian National University, returns to Canberra for this presentation. Sat Aug 17, 6pm, Shine Dome, Australian Academy of Science. Bookings advised (02) 6248 2000, all ages, $3.

Thanks to K for the news.

Lord of the Rings "RISK"
DarthCaeser @ 8:14 pm EST

Ostadan writes:

The following article was posted in the rec.games.board USENET group. Rob from Hasbro is a reliable source of information. Hasbro has been getting more imaginative with their tried-and-true games recently as in Risk:2210 and the Star Wars Game of Life (of all things), which turned out to have some interesting features of its own. So this game may not fall into the "make-a-buck franchise knockoff" category so easily as it might seem.

"Lord of the Rings RISK will be released in the US in November. It is for 2 to 4 players and encompasses, geographically and thematically, the first two movies/book in the series. The game was designed by our UK office and is being picked up, largely unchanged, for US released (most changes are things like 'colour' to 'color' and 'centre' to 'center'.)

The things that are like RISK are as follows: 42 territories on the board, grouped into 6 'continents'. Battles are the same. Troops movement is the same. Army generation is the same. Basically a RISK core.

Now, the things that are different...

There are two evil armies and two good armies. Other than set-up, where some spaces are always evil, some always good, and some could be either and other than two different types of pieces (elves vs. orcs for example), the difference is largely cosmetic.

The game is a 'timed' game in that a token representing the Fellowship starts in the Shire, moves through 13 territories on a prescribed path, and exit the board. When they do so, the game is over. The exact length of their journey is never quite known because some spaces require a die roll to move on (e.g., the Mines of Moria) and there is cardplay that can be used to slow them down. BTW, the Fellowship is represented by a cool pewter life-size ring that has inscribed runes in and out to look like the One Ring.

When the fellowship leaves the board, the person with the most territories and 'card points', wins. 'Card points' are points you get for playing some cards (I believe they called Adventure Cards).

Adventure cards are obtained by capturing a territory that contains a Site of Power. Some Adventure cards are immediate-play effects that are then discarded, some are cards that you can hold an play on the start of your turn (mostly to hold up the fellowship or otherwise mess with other players), but many are Missions that need to be completed.

In order to complete a Mission, you need to send your leader to the place listed on the card. Then you get to play the card and reap the benefit.

Leaders??? Yes, each player gets one leader, which gives certain bonuses in battles but is largely used to move around completing missions. Commanders get an extra 'free move' at the end of the turn to give them more mobility.

So lets say I take the space that contains Weathertop, a site of power. I draw an adventure card. In this case, I get the one that lists the Halls of the Elven King. On a later turn, I manage to capture the territory with the Halls and move my leader into that space. I now turn in my mission card and get 3 troops for doing so. I also get a point at the end of the game for playing the card (completing the mission).

Throw in a few spaces with defensive fortresses that help you hold them and you have Lord of the Rings RISK.

Hasbro Games

Hobbits Defeat All In Video Sales War
Strider @ 6:26 pm EST

Irish Independent - Monday, 5 August 2002

Fantasy epic 'Lord of the Rings' could outstrip the success of Harry Potter when it is released on video and DVD this week. Tens of thousands of peole have already ordered copies of the film which goes on sale tomorrow. 'Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring' was a box office smash when it was released in cinemas last year. Now it is being tipped by many to outsell the video and DVD versions of wizard saga 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'.

A spokesman for HMV said that pre-orders for the film had already broken records in its stores. "This is the biggest number of pre-orders we have ever had for any film. Harry Potter was a family movie but it didn't have the same collectible feel to it. Because 'Lord of the Rings' is a family film it has more of a cult following", he said.

To mark the launch, HMV have hired people to dress up as hobbits and entertain customers in selected stores. More than 34,000 fans have oredered the film from online retailer Amazon. It is the first in a trilogy based on RR Tolkien's classic books with a total budget of 296m. Extras included on the DVD include behind-the-scenes footage and a sneak preview of the second film, "The Twin Towers" (And I thought for once the Irish Independent was going to write a piece about LotR without a blunder... - S) which is due out at the end of the year.

Massive Hall of Fire Update!
Demosthenes @ 3:34 am EST

The HoF transcripts page is one of the more popular sections of TORn; we receive many e-mails from people who say they enjoy reading them. Of late, those e-mails have been wondering when the logs of recent chats would be posted.

Unfortunately, real life interruptions, and important maintenance on other parts of the site, has meant that the HoF page has fallen way behind.

However, we can finally announce that this has been fixed and TORn has a whole plethora of previous HoF chats for our avid readers to pore over.

Over the past few days, TORn staffer Arathorn (who deserves more thanks than I can adequately express) has been literally slaving to fix the Hall of Fire page and implement a system to not only bring the chats up to date, but to simplify the process of posting them.

This is good news for us, because it's only takes 30 minutes to edit a log now, rather than a week! And, it's good news for you also because you'll be able to read HoF transcripts virtually right away, instead of having to wait for days and weeks (and sometimes months). You'll also discover that the HoF page will be more frequently updated with future topics.

On behalf of all HoF staff, I'd like to thanks Arathorn for his sterling efforts, and encourage you all to check out the changes. [More]

8-04-02 Latest News

Hobbits Invade Comic-Con
Strider @ 6:35 pm EST

Moochie sent in this report from Comic-Con in San Diego:

San Diego had three incredibly special guests at today's Comic-Con convention:
Elijah Wood, Billy Boyd, and Dominic Monaghan!!

Yes, that's right folks all the con-ventioneers are still walking around in a daze right now. Lucky for me, Moocholas, I live here, and am able to fly back home on cloud nine can post.

During New Line Cinema's Panel today at 1pm pacific , attended by 4300, yes OVER FOUR THOUSAND peeps in the room, they had three incredibly special guests!!!

Richard Taylor's wonderful, funny, full of anecdotes , presentation on Weta and all the effects as well as shooting stories with the crew, and cast.(more on this later, he really did an incredible job both days) Two Towers Trailer, short film with PJ saying he promises to make it to San Diego and the Con someday- Go us!!! Panel is almost over when Richard announces "We have three other special guests we'd like to introduce.. "

(And the rather large group of fanclub members who each had sworn never to tell anybody else, all smiled knowingly)



DOMINIC MONAGHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Wild screams for a minute or two)

Imagine someone screaming "FIRE!!!! " , and you start to get the picture!!!

Very large rush to front. Cameras going nuts. Don't think anyone fainted, but couldn't see all the way back. A Massive sea of people!!

All three Boys smiling ear to ear. Very surprised and delighted.

They all look great, long hair, jeans, 2nd day beard growth. Billy is visibly sunburn. (hey, get some SPF 45 there Billy, this is California) Dom is very tan, Elijah is still pale (apparently knows enough to get SPF45) and looking terrific.

Suddenly, Elijah jumps on the chair, onto the Table back down the other side's chair so he can get to the very back of the stage where he whips out his digital camera and starts to take OUR picture (can only imagine how cool it looked from up there) He stops, says "EVERYBODY SMILE AND SAY CHEESE"

which of course we didn't do- NOT !!!!

we all screamed and jumped and laughed for that picture-

There was a constant crowd sitting on the floor in the front, taking pictures, and giving security a lot of work. People asked some questions but mostly, they were of the "Can I have your autographs?" kind. As one lucky young man came up to get his cast autographs Dominic said " Everyone in this room hates you now." Then Richard Taylor added, "But in an hour, he will be down on the exhibit floor, and everyone knows who he is ."

They were running out of chairs on stage and Lawrence Makoare (Lurtz) at one point felt the need to sit on the poor young man's leg. "Wow" said Billy Boyd, "That'll leave a bruise"

Richard was also happy to point out the young man's great natural Hobbit hair. "Yeah, " he replied, "They call me a Hobbit."

Elijah Wood was reminded how just a year ago, he could peruse the exhibit floor, un-noticed for the most part, and now his life was changed. How had it changed?

Elijah responded, that for the most part, he still led a fairly normal life, going out and about , though getting recognized more often. However in a situation like the Con, with 4000 Ringers in front of him, he could hardly go thru the exhibit hall anymore, it would just be too much.

They were asked to show their tattoos. (No they didn't) But they indicated where each of them had there's. Apparently Dominic had a small laps of memory when he start to point to his trousers, but then remembered it was on his right upper arm, Billy's on his ankle and Elijah on his, (quote) "Torso"

Very Very sorry to anyone who is kicking their dog right now for not coming to the Con. WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!

FOTR Ads Hit the Weekend Sale Flyers
Jincey @ 4:47 pm EST

Sunday's Atlanta Journal & Constitution was full of national chain-store weekly sale brochures that contained advertisements for the FOTR VHS/DVD due out Tuesday. Since many folks don't get Sunday papers, I've compiled a list of many stores and the price at which they will be selling the movies. (Some stores are running special promotions, and this information is included as well.)

K-Mart VHS: $16.95 DVD: $18.99
TargetVHS: $14.99DVD: $16.99
(Save $1 on any 2-ltr Coke product or save $5 on the 'LOTR 4-pk CD Cardz' with purchase)
Best BuyVHS: $12.99DVD: $15.99
(Some Best Buys locations are having midnight release parties.. check your local store for details)
Circuit City2 disc set: $16.99
("Includes both widescreen and full frame versions, as well as over 2 hours of extras, plus a 10 minute sneak peek at TTT")
Toys 'R' Us VHS: $14.99 DVD: not priced
Eckerd DrugsVHS: $15.99DVD: $19.99
(Free 2-ltr coke with coupon inside)
Kroger VHS: $14.99 DVD: $19.99
Media PlayVHS: not pricedDVD: not priced
(Buy FOTR and get the JRR Tolkien: Master of the Rings DVD for $7.99 and Buy FOTR and get the LOTR Complete Edition paperback book for $10.00. Some Media Play locations are having midnight release parties.. check your local store for details)

8-03-02 Latest News

TORN Exclusive: Orlando Bloom Interview!
Xoanon @ 4:51 pm EST

Oscar parites weren't the only thing we were covering that fateful weekend in March. TheOneRing.net's Asfaloth and Quickbeam (TORn Digital West) were at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles to cover the New Zealand celebration of film hosted by the Ambassador of New Zealand and atteneded by most of the cast of FOTR! We've got interviews with Sean Astin, Sean Bean, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, Peter Jackson, and Orlando Bloom!

Orlando stopped by and chatted with Quickbeam about his character and how he prepares for it. Take a look at this Exclusive interview! Watch Orlando say 'Hello you're logged onto TheOneRing.neck! (don't ask)

You can download 2 versions of the interview, high speed users download the larger file, modem users download the other.

HighSpeed Connection:16.5M (left) Modem Connection: 886K (right)

A special thanks to our staffers Asfaloth and Quickbeam for bringing us such a great interview!

Heren Istarion Contest Giveaway
Strider @ 8:14 am EST

With the relaunch of Heren Istarion in June, with many thanks to the Staff of TheOneRing.net, we would like to announce its first major contest with that relaunch.

Previously announced on www.herenistarion.org is an opportunity for fans to join and be entered to win a copy of Gary Russell's The Art of The Fellowship of the Ring, which is an open contest right now. Also every 10th membership application recieved will recieve a free hobbit sized membership package. We have had many inquiries into our wizard sized package the largest of our selections. It is not available as of yet, since we do not have a logo, we have at Heren Istarion our 'sigil' seen on the top of our main page, but no logo for the T-shirt. Courtesy of Sideshow Toy and Houghton Mifflin they have supplied some great prizes for everyone to win. With each prize comes membership to Heren Istarion, 1st Prize will receive the Saruman statue andWizard Sized Membership, 2nd Prize will recieve a Gandalf bust anda Man Sized membership package, and 3rd prize will receivean autographed copy of Gary Russell's The Art of The Fellowship of the Ring and a Hobbit sized Membership package.

All you have to do is log onto our site, follow the Design our Wizard T-shirt link located below the Fellowship pic to read our design specifications and rules for entry.

Good Luck.

In Fellowship,

Anthony S Burdge

Chairman Heren Istarion

8-02-02 Latest News

We're Sorry - This Picture Is No Longer Available
Strider @ 4:26 pm EST

Unfortunately, TheOneRing.net have taken down this image on the request of an outside party and therefore it is no longer available. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this act.

TheOneRing.net Staff

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