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June 04, 2002 - June 12, 2002

6-12-02 Latest News

Media Watch: 'Toonami Reactor'
Xoanon @ 6:46 pm EST

The influence of J.R.R. Tolkien on the Record of Lodoss War anime series.

The Record of Lodoss War anime series has entertained audiences in Japan and the United States; fans on both sides of the Pacific are captivated by the epic tale of Lodoss and its richly textured fantasy world.

Created by Ryo Mizuno, the world of Lodoss evolved from the source of Mizuno's true love: role-playing games. In fact, Mizuno is credited with single-handedly introducing Japan to the role-playing game--originally in the form of tabletop dice-rolling game--which became one of the most popular genres in the video-game industry. Today, Japan still leads the way for video RPGs.

Mizuno's greatest inspiration came from his college days, in weekly Dungeons & Dragons games he dungeon-mastered back in 1986 in Japan. What began as a storyline for a game played by a group of college kids would a few years later be published by Kodakawa Shoten as a series of fantasy novels. These novels eventually were adapted into a 13-volume direct-to-video series released first in Japan in 1991, then in the States three years later. The videos were a hit in both countries and led to a full-length animated motion picture (Legend of Crystania The Movie); a video series of the same name; a Lodoss TV series, The Chronicles of the Heroic Knight; plus several video games. All this sprung from the Dungeons & Dragons games played by a group of college students?

It may seem unlikely, but when you examine the roots of D&D, you begin to see their deep connection to J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books. The co-creator of D&D, Gary Gygax, willingly admits that many of his ideas for the game came from J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy.

"There is no question we were influenced by Tolkien," Gygax says. "It became apparent to me that the more of Tolkien's creatures I put in there, the more people would enjoy playing fantasy."

The concept of different racial characters working together in a group to fight evil (like the group who comprise the fellowship of the ring to protect young Frodo) was an idea in The Lord of the Rings that Gygax really latched on to and made the basis of every D&D game. This idea in turn led to the Record of Lodoss War's original character roster reflecting a racial mix similar to that of Frodo's group of companions. Both groups have a grumpy bearded dwarf, one wizard, a few human fighters and an elf. There are no hobbits in Record of Lodoss War, and no clerics in The Lord of the Rings, but both are found in the character classes used by D&D. Instead of calling them Hobbits they are known as Halflings in Dungeons & Dragons. (Gygax admits that they even used the term "Hobbit" at first but it was later changed because Tolkien had it copyrighted.)

In fact, much of how the Western world views fantasy is directly linked to Tolkien's books. His descriptions of many monsters from old fairy tales were so accepted most people don't even realize that he had anything to do with it. Many of the fantasy monsters in D&D as well as Lodoss War came from The Lord of the Rings: Orcs, trolls, goblins and (of course) dragons were all found in the world Tolkien created. The first Record of Lodoss War series even goes so far as to send the group of adventurers (composed of an elf, dwarf, fighter, wizard and cleric) through an abandoned dwarven mine in a quest similar to the story of The Fellowship of the Ring.

So from The Lord of the Rings to Dungeons & Dragons and then to Record of Lodoss War, we can see the influence of one man's incredible imagination as it's reinvented in the form of a successful game series and, years later, a captivating anime series. With his own imagination set ablaze by the games of D&D he had been running, Ryo Mizuno wove an epic fantasy tale filled with legends, prophesies, courage and conquest.

6-11-02 Latest News

OHMIGOD! A Heartthrob in Bloom
Xoanon @ 7:09 pm EST

It's not easy being a girl. And not just because of the acne and the algebra. There's also the task of monitoring the ever-shifting landscape of teen popularity. (Boy bands? So last Wednesday.) The current object of their collective affection? Orlando Bloom. Most people past puberty haven't heard of him, but Bloom just made Teen People's list of '25 Hottest Stars Under 25,' and next month he'll be named one of YM's '20 Hottest Guys.' (Hint: he's the one running from fans in those ubiquitous Gap ads.) The Brit had only a minor role in 'The Lord of the Rings,' as the pale elf with the waist-length blond hair. But somehow girls saw through the Bon Jovi phenomenon, spotting the hottie hiding beneath that coif. Since then Bloom, who seems intent on dodging the teen-idol mantle, has starred in 'Black Hawk Down,' and he's currently filming a Western. 'Orlando's a very serious actor, says his publicist. That's right, he's not just eye candy. He's classically trained eye candy.

-Katherine Stroup

Trip to Hobbiton
Tehanu @ 12:24 pm EST

Good news for New Zealanders: Red Carpet Movie Tours is offering a tour to Hobbiton on Saturday June 15, leaving downtown at 8.30am. "After visiting the farm where the Hobbiton set was located we will have a scrumptious lunch at Oraka Wapiti deer farm. Cost is $150 per adult and $75 for children under 12 years. The cost includes 5 star coach travel, a guide who knows his Tolkien, access to film site and a 3 course lunch."

Interested people should email Email: info@redcarpet-tours.com

Elijah Talks 'Try Seventeen'
Xoanon @ 8:15 am EST

From: Colleen There's a brief blurb about Elijah Wood and Try Seventeen in the July issue of Premiere magazine, page 36.

There is a picture of EJW in a tux, probably taken at the AFI awards last January.

And for My Next Act...

"This is not a teen movie," Elijah Wood says of this latest project, Try Seventeen. "People hear 'coming-of-age' and 'Mandy Moore' [his costar], and it's like a bell goes off." Wood plays a 17-year-old freshman who never actually attends a class at his "massive state university", loosely based on Kansas but filmed in Vancouver. Instead, he rents an off-campus apartment and goof off with other tenants (including A Walk to Remember's Moore). The romantic comedy, which he likens to the character-centric Ghost World, marks Wood's second acting excursion since shooting the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which lasted an epic 16 months. The first, Edward Burn's mafia tale Ash Wednesday, "was just what I needed coming back from New Zealand. The whole story takes place in Hell's Kitchen over 24 hours. I only worked eight days."
-Brooke Hauser

Also here's EOnline's poll for sexiest bachelors, and Elijah makes the grade! Check it out! [More]

6-10-02 Latest News

Lembas Cookoff/Potluck Picnic in San Francisco
Tehanu @ 10:30 pm EST

The Lembas Cookoff/Potluck Picnic will be this Saturday, June 15th, in San Francsico's lovely Stern Grove from 11:00am - 4:00pm. Soon there will be a link to a website with directions, exact meadow, and food/drink sign up sheet. PLEASE email me and let me know how many people will be attending. It will help in the planning.

Lembas Cook-off (or Bake-off): you don't have to participate, of course, but do try! Use your imagination. Is Lembas a cookie, a doughnut, a wafer, or flatbread? Is it sweet or spicey? You may want to make enough "wafers" or "cookies" or "cake squares" to feed at least 25: everyone attending has a hand in the judging, and should get a taste. And, if you'd kindly write out your recipe and its rationale ("I chose habanara chilis as the main ingrediant in my Lembas to bank the fires of Mordor" for instance), and leave them with your hosts when you arrive, that would be great: I'd like to ask TORn to announce the winning recipes on the website, possibly with pictures.

Prizes for the Lembas Cook-off include an orc medallion from Sideshow Weta, "The Official LOTR Movie Guide" book, and other sweet stuff.

The picnic itself should be a pretty laid back, but VERY interesting affair...shorts and tank tops are quite alright, although a number of us will be somewhat dressed up in costumes (I'm wearing a hobbit skirt and vest thang, but will definitley NOT have hairy feet...well, no more hairy than usual). There MAY be small prizes for those in Middle Earth attire.

As the Cloondara Shire is helping to organize, you should be treated to a swordfight demonstration andpossibly live LOTR music. If you are a Bard or Musician, please bring your music and stories.

If you know of someone who would like to show off their Decipher LOTR game card talent and initiate gaming newbees, let me know.

To contact the organisers, email TORn Ringer "Yarrow" at platypus94121@yahoo.com.

This picnic is planned in association with the Cloondara Shire Chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism and fans from Imladris.net and TheOneRing.net websites.

LOTR Takes Center Stage at the Recent E3!
Quickbeam @ 7:22 pm EST

Quickbeam previews the exciting Tolkien-related video games recently shown at E3 in Los Angeles.

Greetings -- Quickbeam here.

2002 marks the year that the huge, loud, gaudy, highly-charged Electronic Entertainment Expo ran smack into the world of Tolkien fandom.

If you've never been to one of these shows, it's rather like being in Vegas but without the gambling. The main floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center is a high-octane explosion of sight & sound. Great projection screens overhead, vivid digital displays, and even soundstages featuring live rock bands. And don't forget the "booth babes." E3 is still a trade show at heart and the core of it is self-promotion for the biggest game companies.

For me, of course, it's all about the new Lord of the Rings video games soon to hit the market. This is a new twist for the Tolkien "pop culture explosion." By year-end you will be fighting and spell-casting through marvelous high adventure sitting in front of your X-Box or PlayStation 2 console (or other formats, like Game Boy Advance). Are you ready?

To clear up the confusion: Yes, there are TWO game companies with LOTR games.

Yes, they are both coming out soon.

NO, they are not the same at all! One is based on the movie and the other is based on the original books. Very different flavors here.

The EA Game

First we have Electronic Arts, who are ready to launch their Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets and The Two Towers games. I went to their impressive booth because I heard the familiar strains of Howard Shore; and there I saw a movie screen showing images from their new titles. It was indeed the film score from Fellowship of the Ring I had heard. They had a faux-rock display with a giant Lurtz figure encased in glass.... and a fantastic array of weapons, helmets, and film props from WETA.

Someone pointed out the life-size Nazgûl and horse statue that was perched atop the rocks. Very cool when you finally saw it. Such a huge thing would have certainly dominated the floor were it placed down at eye-level where people could get near it. But with no sight lines few even looked up to see it.

Their game is based on the New Line Cinema movie property. It is a game adaptation from the movie adaptation, if you take my meaning. Pushing my way through the people, I finally got a close look at the demo. And how finely polished it looks. The artists recreated Viggo, John, and Orlando as the three main characters, Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas. They rendered the characters spot-on! Having the movie score works really well, too. What must have been "fire from Orthanc" was depicted as great catapulted flaming rocks streaking across the sky, crashing down onto the walls and parapets of Helm's Deep. The graphic look of the game is very well done, I must say, but the content and mechanics seem rather combat focused.

The EA game seems cut from the fabric of most other hack n' slash games. As Aragorn, you run around Helm's Deep in the rain storm, swinging your blade and chopping every Uruk-hai to bits. Choose to play with Legolas and you can zap arrows hither and yon. Every element is carefully drawn from existing things in Peter Jackson's films -- costumes, sets, weaponry, and I'm told even the voice actors will likely be the same actors from the flick. Word has it that only a few key scenes from Fellowship will be included, mostly the game-story focuses on Two Towers events. It's going to be on PlayStation 2 first, then I'm told it will appear on X-box and Nintendo GameCube eventually.

Now on to the SECOND game that was so prominently shown!

The Universal Interactive Game

Right next door was the spectacular Universal Interactive booth.

The Uni folks built a Hobbit hole right in the middle of the show floor. What a hoot! I felt like I stumbled upon the Disneyland version of Bag-End and this was the newest attraction. Talk about long lines to get in: people were eagerly waiting in a long queue.

The Hobbit hole structure was covered with real grass (with an attendant climbing on top to water it every night) and had a big, round green door. A slow curl of smoke rose up from the chimney. Once inside, I found myself in a digital theatre -- a 360-degree surround dome theatre where everyone watched a special preview film about The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring games. This was the most sophisticated presentation at E3.

The Hobbit game for Nintendo GameCube scenes showed Bilbo in fine Crash Bandicoot form; waving Sting in the air and throwing rocks at spiders. HA! what a fun little character. This Bilbo seems altogether too young but he has such a spirited look on his face. Who could resist? I wonder what kind of Smaug they will create?? Hmmm.

Shifting gears, the audience had a worm's eye view of being inside the Ring while it was forged, then the evil Sauron reached down, seeming to grab the audience in his foul gauntlet. Then we swooped through the gaming environments.... taking in all the colorful lands of the Shire, the Old Forest, the rocky slopes outside the West Gate of Moria, and then inside the great halls of Dwarrowdelf.

Universal's Fellowship of the Ring for X-box (and evetually will hit the PlayStation 2) is quite different from the competition. Unlike the movie images that EA uses, Uni has a whole new version of Middle-earth, on its own terms. Everything is green and organic and detailed. You know what I mean. The vast columns and Dwarven sculptures inside Moria are very impressive; and I cannot wait to explore new places never seen by Hobbit or Man.

The Uni game is built on a hybrid structure of fighting, magic, puzzle-solving, and different quest objectives. Some serious combat with Orcs.... some layered elements of role-playing too. You get either Gandalf, Frodo, or Aragorn as your character, depending on your location. This appealing game has a different flavor. I learned something about it on the inside because I've already worked with Uni lending a bit of Green Bookish advice.

So how do we differentiate these two competing products? What do these companies want you to know about their games; and getting the best Tolkien experience?

The key difference is that EA cannot put anything in their games that does not already come from the Jackson/ Walsh/ Boyens screenplay. They gotta have movie stuff only. If you want the look and feel of the movie, with its recognizable actors, the EA game will let you run amok.

But the EA player does not get to visit with Farmer Maggot or Barrow-wights or Tom Bombadil. The Universal Fellowship game gets all those extra adventures (they call it "additional quests"), because Uni has the original book to draw from.... so you are safe in assuming they will cram in as many juicy bits as they can, limited only by the actual length of the game (they are going for 25 to 30 hours). I guess it depends on how you appreciate the finer details of Tolkien and gaming.

So in the end, the best news is that both of these games will be here end-of-year 2002. For Tolkien fans it's gonna be a feast for Thanksgiving (and it sure helps that the price of the X-box console has been reduced by $100). Look out: here come the charge cards!

Much too hasty,


Fox News: Get A Clue!
Xoanon @ 1:05 pm EST

This really gets me irate, Fox news decides to post an article about the extra footage being filmed for TTT at the moment in New Zealand. Old news by our standards (nice going Fox), but what really gets me flustered...is this quote...seemingly pulled out of nowhere

""Now that Star Wars has come back so big," my source tells me, "Jackson wants to make sure he can outdo it."

Where in GODS name does this come from FOX? Complete and utter shash! Why would you want to plant this sort of trash gossip talk? This is the type of reporting that gives the internet a bad name.

There is no, and has never been any 'competition' between the two large franchises...besides the one in Fox's seemingly deranged mind...get a clue FOX.

Read the article here

Pre-Order Fellowship of the Ring DVD and VHS
Calisuri @ 2:58 am EST

New Line and Peter Jackson have certainly given us options! Check out the three DVD packages available for purchasing Fellowship of the Ring. Needless to say, the gift set is by far the most significant offering so far.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2-DVD Set
Pre-Order Today!Here's your chance to be one of the first people to own Peter Jackson's stunning, Academy Award-winning The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship on the Ring on DVD! On August 6th, New Line Home Entertainment will unveil the award-winning theatrical version of the film on DVD, and the DVD will contain one of the greatest sneak previews in movie history -- a ten-minute behind the scenes preview of The Two Towers, the second installment of The Lord of the Rings. This glance, more than four months before the theatrical release of The Two Towers on December 18th, 2002, will offer a never-before-seen look at the central panel of director Peter masterful cinematic trilogy. This double-DVD set includes the PG-13 theatrical version of the film, and a second disc with over two hours of special features and extra content.

Pre-Order here:
Region 1 DVD and VHS version
EntertainMe.com - FOTR DVD, FOTR VHS
DeepDiscountDVD.com - FOTR DVD (Full Screen),FOTR DVD (Widescreen)
Amazon.com - FOTR DVD, FOTR VHS, SPANISH Subtitles VHS

Region 2 DVD and PAL version
Amazon.co.uk - FOTR PAL, FOTR DVD (region 2)
Blackstar.co.uk - FOTR PAL, FOTR DVD (region 2)

Extended Version of The Fellowship of the Ring DVD
Pre-Order Today!Here's your chance to be one of the first people to own the extended version of Peter Jackson's stunning, Academy Award-winning The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship on the Ring on DVD! This wide-screen DVD will ship on November 12th, and includes 30 minutes of additional footage, new music by Howard Shore, and much more.

Pre-Order here:
Region 1

Region 2

Special Gift Set of Extended Version of The Fellowship of the Ring DVD
Pre-Order Today!Here's your chance to be one of the first people to own the special gift box extended version of Peter Jackson's stunning, Academy Award-winning The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship on the Ring on DVD! This wide-screen DVD will ship on November 12th, and includes 30 minutes of additional footage, new music by Howard Shore, and much more. Special gift box exclusives include a new version of the National Geographic DVD on the making of The Fellowship of the Rings, two Pillars of Argonath figures from Sideshow Weta Collectibles, and special trading cards from Decipher.

Pre-Order here:
Region 1

Region 2

Weekend Round Up
Xoanon @ 12:49 am EST

FAN: Art of 'The Hobbit'

Fan Art Update

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6-09-02 Latest News

Fan Illustrates 'The Hobbit'
Calisuri @ 11:08 pm EST

Regular contributor, Daniel Papen, has sent us 19 illustrations to accompany The Hobbit. It goes without saying that the artwork is unique and insightful, and as a result, we want to share it with you. Click on an image below to see the larger version.

To view all of Daniel Papen's fan art, visit his personal gallery. [Click Here]

Click for Larger Version
Click for Larger Version
Gandalf Visits
Click for Larger Version
The Unexpected Party
Click for Larger Version
The Fellowship
Click for Larger Version
The Trolls
Click for Larger Version
Click for Larger Version
The Ring
Click for Larger Version
Click for Larger Version
Helpful Eagles
Click for Larger Version
Click for Larger Version
The Spiders
Click for Larger Version
Elven King
Click for Larger Version
Barrel Riders
Click for Larger Version
Click for Larger Version
The Thrush
Click for Larger Version
Click for Larger Version
Smaugs Death
Click for Larger Version
Click for Larger Version
The Five Armies
Click for Larger Version
Bilbo's Return

Daniel also sent us these 4 renderings, inside of Bag-end. Enjoy!
Click for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger VersionClick for Larger Version

Weekly Cast Watch
Xoanon @ 4:32 pm EST

To get more information, use the sites I use like the ones below. Simply find
a movie or actor you want to see, go to one of the sites below and see if the
film is playing in your area. mydigiguide.com,
tv-now.com and

Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn)

28 Days (2000) UK
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Psycho (1998) UK
Albino Alligator (1996)
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Liv Tyler (Arwen)

One Night at McCool's (2001)
Plunkett & Macleane (1999)
Onegin (1999) UK
Can't Hardly Wait (1998)
Inventing the Abbotts (1997)
Stealing Beauty (1996)
Empire Records (1995)

Ian Holm (Bilbo)

Bless the Child (2000)
Last of the Blonde Bombshells, The (2000) (TV)
Joe Gould's Secret (2000)
Shergar (1999)
eXistenZ (1999) UK
Alice Through the Looking Glass (1998) (TV)
Madness of King George, The (1994)
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Elijah Wood (Frodo)

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Nadine (1987)
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Peter Jackson (Director)

Heavenly Creatures (1994)
Meet the Feebles (1989) UK

6-06-02 Latest News

The Inaugural Lembas-Cookoff and LOTR Pot Luck Picnic!!!
Tehanu @ 3:55 pm EST

News for Northern California Ringers:

On Saturday, June 15th, from 11:00am to 4:00pm, come join us for an LOTR "Lembas Cookoff" Competition & potluck-picnic in San Francisco,California. Please bring Middle Earth food or drink (sausages, nice crispy bacon, mushrooms, rabbit stew, honeycomb & bread, fresh strawberries and cream, hearty ale, ent-draughts, a good Winyard wine, etc), try out your best "Lembas" recipe (very nice prizes to the Middle Earth Chefs who produce the tastiest and most soul-sustaining Lembas), and, if you wish, don your picnic-best hobbit, elven or Gondorian garb.

To find out more information and location (we're still scouting picnic spots), please contact TORn Ringer "Yarrow" at platypus94121@yahoo.com.

This picnic is planned in association with the Cloondara Shire Chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism and fans from Imladris.net and TheOneRing.net websites.

The Inaugural Lembas-Cookoff and LOTR Pot Luck Picnic!!!
Tehanu @ 3:53 pm EST

News for Northern California Ringers:

On Saturday, June 15th, from 11:00am to 4:00pm, come join us for an LOTR "Lembas Cookoff" Competition & potluck-picnic in San Francisco,California. Please bring Middle Earth food or drink (sausages, nice crispy bacon, mushrooms, rabbit stew, honeycomb & bread, fresh strawberries and cream, hearty ale, ent-draughts, a good Winyard wine, etc), try out your best "Lembas" recipe (very nice prizes to the Middle Earth Chefs who produce the tastiest and most soul-sustaining Lembas), and, if you wish, don your picnic-best hobbit, elven or Gondorian garb.

To find out more information and location (we?re still scouting picnic spots), please contact TORn Ringer "Yarrow" at platypus94121@yahoo.com.

This picnic is planned in association with the Cloondara Shire Chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism and fans from Imladris.net and TheOneRing.net websites.

Corruption... Stretching Forth the Blade
Flinch @ 2:41 pm EST

written by: Ulaire Cantea

In my previous article, I went over how to corrupt using the Nazgul and now, I shall go in to the ways of keeping the Nine alive to reach the all-important skirmish phase, so that they will be able to perform the various skirmish-related corruption processes.

First off, many has been the time that one of the Nine that needed to be able to exert had arrived to the skirmish phase exhausted through archery (indirect or direct) or because a Release the Angry Flood hit them. So, let us look at the ways that the Nazgul prevent and heal wounds:

1. All Blades Perish – This zero-cost response event is commonly used to soak up archery wounds, and thus, gives rise to its other name of “All Arrows Perish”. Bear in mind that it is an event, so it is good for only one wound.

2. His Terrible Servants – This condition is a great boon to a corruption strategy using the Nine. For a cost of 1 twilight, you can prevent 1 wound on a twilight Nazgul. Your strategy is obviously going to be focused around the twilight versions of the Nine (see previous article), so this card is an absolute must! It is extremely cost efficient, and as it is a condition, it can be used again and again as long as you can pay for it.

3. Not Easily Destroyed – This condition is slightly different than His Terrible Servants. During the Maneuver or Skirmish phases, remove 3 twilight to heal a Nazgul. Note well that last part of the sentence: HEAL a Nazgul. This is the only card that will actually remove wounds to one of the Nine. It will not prevent a wound so if a Nazgul takes too much damage, this will not save him from being discarded (as this is not a valid response to taking a wound). It will, however, allow your Nazgul to be able to exert or possibly survive a skirmish that it has lost. For cards such as A Ranger’s Versatility that exhaust a minion, this is the only way to bring a Nazgul’s health up. Exhausting a minion is not wounding that minion, so neither His Terrible Servants nor All Blades Perish will protect that minion. This card, however, demands a heavy sacrifice: 3 twilight for each heal. This gets very expensive very fast. This card’s downside can be mitigated with cards such as The Ring Draws Them (add 1 twilight for each burden you can spot), but be aware that TRDT requires an exertion to keep it in play, thus, you will need to be adding at least 3 twilight each time the fellowship moves in order to break even.

Now, let us look at the ways of ensuring that the Black Riders reach the Skirmish phase. Too many times has Aragorn with his bow and Legolas, Greenleaf killed the Witch-King and other Nazgul before they even reached the Skirmish phase, so let us look at the disruption of archery:

1. Wreathed in Shadow – This condition costs zero and just requires you to spot a Nazgul. For a cost of 1 twilight, you can reduce the fellowship archery total by 1. You can do this repeatedly as long as you can pay for this. Bear in mind that this only works against indirect archery, and not the directed archery, such as when Legolas, Greenleaf uses his special game text. With cards such as Gondor Bowmen and Hand Axe, this card does have its uses, but not the best choice in my opinion.

2. Relentless Charge – Now, we come to one of my favorite cards. For a mere cost of exerting a Black Rider during the Maneuver phase, you wound every archer companion. Note well the latter part: EVERY archer companion. What is better than an exhausted Legolas and Aragorn? A very, very dead Legolas and Aragorn. So, hold on to a couple of these, place the Witch-King in front and let them exhaust themselves killing him. Next shadow phase, play one of the Nine and then play these cards to kill them! This strategy only fails if they are able to heal all the way next turn (or they exhaust all your Nazgul so they can not exert). Against the non-unique elves with Elven Bows, play these as soon as you have two in hand to eliminate them all! Then, you won’t have to worry about the Archery phase. While a great card, this will not protect you against cards such as Gondor Bowmen and Hand Axe, because these cards do not make any of the fellowship an archer; they just add to the archery total.

Once you do reach the skirmish phase, the fellowship often has many toys, such as sword and burning twigs that can deeply hurt the Nine, so let us now turn our attention to the breaking of toys:

1. Stricken Dumb – This Maneuver event has a twilight cost of 2 and requires exerting of the Witch King, but will discard a weapon or a tale. So with this, you can get rid of Aragorn’s Bow before Aragorn can have an opportunity to use it, or dispose of a sword or Flaming Brand prior to the fellowship using it.

2. Beauty Is Fading – This Maneuver event has an expensive cost of 5 and also requires an exertion of a Nazgul. This card, while very expensive, is more useful in that any Nazgul can be exerted, but can get rid of a possession or condition, or if you can’t spot either of those two, an ally or companion (except the ring-bearer). Due to its high cost, I would recommend only the maximum use of one or two in the deck. Its high cost is the equivalent of playing one of the Nine, but it can turn the tide of battle into your favor.

3. Ulaire Cantea – My namesake has the ability to exert to discard weapons being carried by a character he is skirmishing. For 5 twilight, you get a 10 power, 3 vitality, and fierce minion. While he is not a twilight Nazgul, he is worthy of addition to a deck for the simple reason that he can break weapons. Just bear in mind that he must reach the skirmish phase in a healthy state.

Mark well these lessons, for they shall ensure your ability to corrupt the ring-bearer. My parting warning is this: Beware of the passing of the ring! Often, the fellowship will throw Frodo in front of the Nine to die when he gets near his Resistance limit, with the intent of passing the ring to Samwise. This must not be allowed to happen! Let not your efforts be in vain! Make sure Samwise has a terrible accident early or is rendered Helpless. Until next time, I bid you farewell from the halls of Minas Morgul.

Lao of Gondor adds: My experience with the "Nine" has always been being always on the OFFENSIVE - like the NAZGUL in the story - risking all in seeking the ring with reckless abandon. Therefore I have always relied on "pumpers" to keep my strength boosted during Skirmishes - especially when it comes to fighting Aragorn with a Flaming Brand.

Most of the time, I do not use the heal cards because they usually compromise my deck's attack capability. I would rather spend the 1 or two extra twilight on a Nazgul Sword - which is very effective with the Twilights, or for Threshold of Shadow and other strength enhancement Skirmish cards.

But the one factor to sometimes thwart the NAZGUL'S strategy is the Ally Factor - Filibert Bolger - against Fierce skirmishes, Bounder - against overwhelming, Elrond - for card draw/skirmish at Site 3, Barliman Butterbur - for recycling Gandalf's spells. Incorporating FEAR and using the Twilight Ulaire Attea's ability should be able to take care of the allies - allowing your NAZGUL to rampage their way towards corruption.

6-05-02 Latest News

Xoanon @ 11:36 am EST

Kia Motors America said yesterday that it will be New
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Figwit And The 'Ninja'
Xoanon @ 11:30 am EST

Larry P back in touch with further Figwit news for you.

There’s a New Zealand film just out of the pipe called “Tongan Ninja.” It’s a cocktail of martial artistry, high jinks and high kicks directed by Jason Stutter and contains a Figwit twist!

It seems that young Figwit is responsible for co-writing the theme song as well as choreographing some of the flamboyant and controversial dance numbers.

One of the films dancers had this to say:

“I had a great day that day, Bret’s choreography seriously challenged me and the other girls but even at its most gruelling we really enjoyed ourselves. Bret always made us feel really good about ourselves.”

And a studio insider added:

“I think dance has potential to exist symbiotically within the National cinema.. Dance has the power to change our lives for the better and film puts money in my bank account”

A review at aint-it-cool-news raves about the film:

“The CGI is ….surprisngly good. And the jokes throughout are just funny. I wont spoil them, becuase (sic) you just dont spoil humor. Thats wrong, like beating up someones grandma. “

The film was a hit at the Cannes film festival and has recently sold to several territories so hopefully you’ll be able to see it soon.

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Corruption…. It’s Elementary, My Dear Samwise
Flinch @ 11:53 pm EST

written by: Ulaire Cantea

Ever since the release of the Lord of the Rings TCG, people have been interested in winning through corrupting the ring-bearer. With the release of the Mines of Moria expansion, the Ringwraiths have become the masters in this affair. With corruption, it is all about adding burdens, so let us look at some of the cards which can help us reach that all important Resistance value:

1. The Witch-King, Lord of the Nazgul: The Witch-King, when he wins a skirmish, can exert to do 2 wounds to the ring-bearer. This can lead to (and generally does mean) multiple burdens (up to 4 if the ring-bearer wears Isildur’s Bane) per skirmish. The problem with the WK, LotN is that he is not fierce naturally. This can be compensated with Weathertop (Nazgul are fierce at Weathertop) or Ulaire Otsea (exert to make a ringwraith minion fierce). Just make sure that he can exert after the skirmish. At 8 twilight, he is rather costly, but the cost can be reduced with cards like the Ford of Bruinen (first Nazgul is –5 twilight), Morgul Gates (Play a Nazgul at –2 twilight), The Ring Draws Them (add 1 twilight for each burden you can spot when the fellowship moves).

2. Ulaire Enquea, Ringwraith in Twilight: Basically, he is a mini-WK, LotN. If he wins a skirmish, exert him to do 1 wound to the ring-bearer (or 2 if you can spot 5 burdens). At 11 strength, he is still fairly strong (compared to the 14 of the WK, LotN), has the same vitality as the WK, LotN, and costs 2 less twilight. As with the Witch-King, it is imperative that a) he win the skirmish and b) has vitality at the end of the skirmish so he can exert to wound. Pretty soon, he can easily be dealing those 2 wounds!

3. It Wants To Be Found: For 2 twilight, spot a twilight Nazgul during the Maneuver phase and add a burden. Simple! Just keep in mind that it only works with the twilight Nazgul (found in the Mines of Moria expansion and Ulaire Otsea joins their ranks in Realms of the Elf Lords).

4. The Twilight World: This card from the Fellowship expansion is almost as simple: If the ring-bearer wears the ring, exert a Nazgul to add 2 burdens. As this is a response, this can be done at any time when the ring-bearer puts it on; just keep in mind that you need to be able to exert a Nazgul to play this!

5. Wraith World: This card is a skirmish event where for 1 twilight, you can add 3 burdens if you can spot the ring-bearer wearing the ring and a twilight Nazgul. While this does not require exertion of a Nazgul, it is more limited: need a twilight Nazgul, but the most restricting thing is that it must be played during a skirmish. If all the skirmishes resolve and puts on the ring as a final act, you won’t be able to play this card!

6. Blade Tip: When this is on the ring-bearer, instead of doing wounds, it adds burdens. Now, generally it is rare that you will be able to get the Blade Tip on the ring-bearer since very few people will voluntarily stick the ring-bearer in front of one of the Nine. With Ulaire Otsea, Ringwraith in Twilight, if he wins his skirmish, he can exert to transfer Blade Tip to the ring-bearer. (However, I would say to pass on this, for Ulaire Otsea is more valuable in his Fellowship expansion guise, since no twilight Nazgul is naturally fierce.) Generally, Blade Tip is more useful in elimination of other members of the fellowship rather than as a burden adder, since it only adds a burden at the start of the fellowship phase.

7. Resistance Becomes Unbearable: During the Maneuver phase, play this event, exert a Nazgul to exert the ring-bearer or force him to wear the ring. If the ring-bearer puts the one ring on; ah, now here is when you can play all the evil burden adders in your hand! Wait till a skirmish phase, and then use that Wraith World. Or hit him with the Twilight World! But it is strictly forced to getting the ring-bearer to put on the ring. If Frodo, Reluctant Adventurer keeps getting healed by his royal highness in exile, Aragorn, then this becomes more difficult.

8. In the Ringwraith’s Wake: This response card is similar to Resistance Becomes Unbearable, in that if a Nazgul wins a skirmish, play this card to exert the ring-bearer or add a burden. Indeed, it is similar, but less powerful. A card that I would advise the would-be corrupter to avoid in most cases.

9. Drawn to Its Power: This condition allows you to add a burden each time a Nazgul kills a companion. While this may sound great, it requires it to be in play prior to the kill, plus that you actually kill a companion. It has been my experience that the fellowship companions just do not die rapidly enough to warrant the inclusion of this card.

Now, would-be corrupter, be aware of the ways of preventing of the corruption:

1. Samwise, Son of Hamfast: This hobbit can exert to remove a burden. This little one can sorely try one’s strategy! Make sure he dies quickly or use Helpless to prevent Sam from removing burdens.

2. Pippin, Hobbit of Some Intelligence: This hobbit is rarely seen being brought into play after the fellowship leaves site 1. So fear this hobbit not!

3. O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!: This tale can truly try our attempts to corrupt, as it allows the ring-bearer to take off the ring or cancel a skirmish involving one of the Nine. Make sure it is disposed of with Stricken Dumb, the Pale Blade, or Beauty is Fading.

While there are other means of removing burdens, the three above are the most common against the burdens. I hear the questions now: “Master, how are we to make sure the twilight Nazgul are healthy to the skirmish phase?” “Master, how do we deal with those annoying burning twigs?”. Those questions will be answered another day….. Just keep in mind what you have learned today, and you too can be making a 2100+ rated player have 9 burdens on Frodo before he leaves site 4.

Lao of Gondor adds: I would also add His Terrible Servants in order to protect your Twilight Nazgul's exertion capability from being undermined by a wayward direct attack either by archery fire or event cards such as Release the Angry Flood. Many times when one plays Nazgul, there is always one or two twilight left in the pool - a great bluff many times against the archery exertion or a strategic manuever against the damage +1 capability of the Flaming Brand.

Keeping your Twilight Nazgul healthy at that site will definitely force your opponent to think about moving again.

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