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April 02, 2005 - April 10, 2005

4-10-05 Latest News

Vacaville Lord of the Rings Festival Report & Images
Xoanon @ 5:04 pm EST

Vacaville Lord of the Rings Festival Images
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Celebriel writes: When Ringers think of places for Lord of the Rings festivals, Vacaville, CA may not be the first place that comes to mind. But Saturday, hundreds of costumed elves, hobbits, and even ringwraiths strolled through a downtown Vacaville transformed into Hobbiton, listened to a live performance of songs from The Two Towers, sampled lembas bread, and shopped for new swords.

Bette Lucke, owner of the Otter Nature Store, was the chief wizard organizer, assisted by dozens of fellow merchants and other volunteers. Why Vacaville? “Lord of the Rings and Tolkien really wouldn’t let go of me,” Bette says. “I wanted to share them with other people. As a merchant, I saw a good fit, something for everyone, our new library, churches, schools, merchants, and everybody.” She’s been working on this year’s festival for a full year, describing herself before the first events as “excited and very scared.”

Bette first read The Hobbit in college, but didn’t finish Lord of the Rings. Her husband wanted to see the film version of The Fellowship of the Ring, and that’s when she got hit hard. The couple bought copies of Lord of the Rings and spent the following year reading them to each other aloud.

Last year she started with a small event on her own block, on March 25, which she called a New Year’s celebration for the Fourth Age. It featured a few of her business neighbors, including a restaurant and a motorcycle shop which prepared a window display on Lord of the Piston Rings.

Kathie Hoglund, head of the downtown Vacaville Business Improvement District, worked all week on the festival, despite being an accountant the week before the April 15 deadline. “We’re really hoping to do it again next year,” she said. Any surprises? “We weren’t prepared for the number of people from out of the area, even from as far as Tennessee,” said Kathie.

The festival was a true family event. Among the day’s many activities were a costume contest with more than 60 entrants, a hairy foot contest in two divisions (natural and enhanced), trivia contest booths, games for kids, chain mail making demonstrations, and a Two Towers music and reading performance by the Teen Company from the Missouri Street Theatre in Fairfield.

Attendees Juliann and Jeanette from the Cotati/Rohnert Park area learned about the festival through a posting on The One Ring.net and came costumed as Ithilrande (a lady of Dol Amroth) and Arwen, with Juliann’s son Lincoln clad as Legolas. Juliann first read the Trilogy in the late 1960s and even wrote to Professor Tolkien. The Trilogy books were “the first hardcover books I ever bought,” she says, and still has them. After seeing The Fellowship of the Ring, she re-read the books and started sewing again after many years, commenting on how Lord of the Rings inspires personal creativity in a range of fields. She’s now making a wardrobe for her Dol Amroth character for future events.

Craftspeople and vendors also seemed to enjoy the festival. Mark Reed of Rusty Sword Productions, a nonprofit that helps communities and schools through historical reenactment events, had nearly sold out his armoury booth in just a few hours. He would definitely come back next year, and regretted not bringing more merchandise to Vacaville, since “selling swords is such a cut throat business.”

One family of four drove six hours from Costa Mesa in Southern California to stay for the whole weekend. Father Cy has been a Ringer for 30 years, recalling that the trilogy was required reading in his Missouri high school. His wife Annie sewed costumes for the family. They got their children involved in reading the books even before the first film came out.

Saturday evening’s costume ball, celebrating the marriage of Eowyn and Faramir, drew about 150 guests, who enjoyed a buffet supper and entertainment from Celtic band Rats in the Haggis and the Prancing Pony Players (Ringers Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Dernhelm, and their Orc friend).

Already thinking about a return festival next year, Bette Lucke says her own favorite character is Aragorn, both because of the way Tolkien develops his character through the trilogy and because “The world could use a few more leaders who are healers in addition to wielding a sword.”

4-09-05 Latest News

Rings Stars at Cannes
Xoanon @ 11:29 am EST

rohanlady writes: Just found out that David Cronenberg's "A History of Violence" starring Viggo Mortensen will be shown at this year's Cannes Festival as well as "Sin City" starring Elijah "Frodo" Wood. Thought you might be interested. It was also stated in VARIETY , but you have to subscribe. [More]

In The Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival looms on the horizon (11th-22nd May) and the Americans are set to dominate once again. Competition entries include comicbook noir Sin City starring Bruce Willis and Clive Owen; David Cronenberg's A History Of Violence, with Viggo Mortensen as a vigilante killer; Jim Jarmusch's untitled project featuring Bill Murray; and Gus Van Sant's Last Days, headlined by Michael Pitt as a suicidal 70s rocker in his final hours.

Of course it wouldn't be Cannes without Danish director Lars Von Trier, but even his latest is set in the USA. After Dogville, Manderlay is the second part of his Land Of Opportunities trilogy, this time dealing with racial oppression. Willem Dafoe and Lauren Bacall star. Yup, it's all about as French as freedom fries. [More]

4-08-05 Latest News

Hall Of Fire This Weekend - Melkor And Ungoliant!
Demosthenes @ 7:40 pm EST

"When Manwë heard of the ways that Melkor had taken, it seemed plain to him that he purposed to escape to his old strongholds in the north of Middle-earth; and Oromë and Tulkas went with all speed northward, seeking to overtake him if they might, but they found no trace or rumour of him beyond the shores of the Teleri ..." (The Silmarillion Chapter 8 -- Of the Darkening of Valinor)

Having shown his true colours, Melkor has fled to parts unknown. Thinking Melkor hiding in Middle-earth, the powers appear to relax their guard when they throw a party. Stung at not having been invited, Melkor and his new ally Ungoliant gatecrash and proceed to trash the place. The Two Trees are destroyed, Finwe slain and the Silmarils taken.

Is this yet another instance of the Valar being inattentive and forgetful? Was Melkor's attitude and plan obvious from his earlier confrontation with Feanor over the Silmarils, or did he simply go further than anyone could have thought possible?

And what of Melkor's pact with Ungoliant? Why did Melkor believe he needed her assistance, and did Ungoliant accept his promise (lightly made as it was) too easily?

Who and what is Ungoliant? Why did Tolkien choose to make her a spider? Why could she not change form if she was a Maia? Or was she something else? And why was Melkor soon to lose his ability to change form at will?

These are just a few of the questions we'll be discussing at Hall of Fire this weekend. So join us in #thehalloffire on Saturday April 9 as we continue our Silmarillion chats and discuss the Darkening of Valinor!

Time and date:
Saturday April 9

5.30pm EDT
4.30pm CDT
3.30pm MDT
2.30pm PDT

10.30pm UK
11.30pm Central Europe

7.30am (Sunday) Brisbane
7.30am (Sunday) Sydney
9.30am (Sunday) Wellington

Chats usually last 45 mins to an hour, and are very newbie friendly. Simply drop in and join the conversation!


Chat happens on #thehalloffire on irc.theonering.net - the TORn IRC server. You can connect instantly via our java chat client that works inside your web browser (find it here! ) or choose to install a dedicated chat program such as mIRC on your computer.

To find out more about using mIRC to connect to TORn IRC server, check out these instructions.

Upcoming topics:

"Silmarillion Chapter 8 - Of the Darkening of Valinor"
- Saturday April 9
- Sunday April 17

"Tell us your LoTR fan experience!'
- Saturday April 23
- Sunday May 1

"Silmarillion Chapter 9 - Of the Flight of the Noldor"
- Saturday May 7
- Sunday May 15

"Is LoTR unfilmable? Was Tolkien right?"
- Saturday May 21
- Sunday May 29

Got a topic? Let us know your idea!

If you have a burning desire to discuss something in Hall of Fire, drop us a line with your topic at halloffire@theonering.net. If we like it, we'll probably give it a run in the coming weeks - you might even get to guest moderate the session!

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Premiere Magazine Talks 'Ringers'
Xoanon @ 1:44 pm EST

Frodo_for_President writes: So, I got my Premiere magazine in the mail today, and was quite excited because it's all about Revenge of the Sith and upcoming summer movies. So I'm flipping through, and I see a caricature of Dom, so I screech to a halt. It's a blurb about Ringers!! I'll type it up for you here:

Ringdom Come: Fans of Tolkien Lord Over Their Own Documentary

"Three Lord of the Rings movies and a year's worth of DVD extras still not enough hobbit for you? Don't worry, there's a new documentary to take you back to the Shire.

"In 'Ringers: Lord of the Fans', film-makers Carlene Cordova and Cliff Broadway look at the influence the works of J.R.R. Tolkien have had on popular culture. Hobbitheads themselves, they raised money with the help of TheOneRing.net and sold LOTR collectibles on EBay to finance the documentary. Over more than two years, they interviewed Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, and Peter Jackson, as well as artists, musicians, and academics who love the tale.

"'It's great to see fans who are so invested in the books and Pete Jackson's work that they now want to see what's happened four or five years down the line," says Dominic Monaghan, who played Merry in the trilogy and narrates the documentary. "It's how normal people were swept up by this extraordinary film project that was based on these amazing books and how it changed their lives.'

"But don't start lining up at your local multiplex just yet. Though the film premiered at Slamdance - a sideshow to the famed Sundance Film Festival - in January to an overflow crowd, it is still being shopped at the studios for distribution. You have to hope the studio execs saw the buttons the filmmakers were sporting at Slamdance: 'Like Trekkies Only Sexier.'"

WOW!!! Premiere Magazine... that's great for them.

Star Wars, a bit about Hitchhiker's Guide, an article about Kingdom of Heaven... and RINGERS!!! It's a geek's dream magazine :-P

4-06-05 Latest News

Lord of the 'Ker-Ching'
Xoanon @ 12:22 pm EST


The popularity of Billy Boyd, star of multi Oscar-winning movie trilogy, Lord of the Rings, is set to add thousands of pounds to Scottish Youth Theatre's £1m fundraising drive!

The money is being donated by 'Billy Boyd's Loons', an American based charity website, created by fans of the young Scots actor.

The charity shares the same belief that J.R.R.Tolkien emphasized in his writings, that even the smallest person can make an impact in their world. Every item purchased from the group's Online Shop contributes to the needs of its selected charities and this year, the main charity being supported is the Scottish Youth Theatre.

Robin Harmon of BBLoons explains; "Billy's Loons Charities is very excited to have the opportunity to assist the Scottish Youth Theatre in providing quality theatre arts programs for young people. What should be remembered about Scottish Youth Theatre is that it is about much more than discovering 'talent'. 75% of their work focuses on personal and social development through the creative process and over the years has assisted tens of thousands of Scots youngsters in this regard. In addition, we look forward to being part of the fundraising drive as a way to thank Billy Boyd for being such an inspiration in the lives of the members of Billy's Loons Charities."

Commenting from the United States, where he is currently filming, Billy Boyd, said; "I find it incredible and quite humbling that a group of people should use my name in fundraising for charities and even more so in that they take an interest in what I am involved in, such as raising money to develop the fantastic new building for the SYT, and focus their energies in that direction. If working in film brought nothing more than this it would be more than worthwhile."

Mary McCluskey, CEO of Scottish Youth Theatre added; "We are absolutely amazed at this and are extremely grateful to the BBLoons for their generosity! I taught Billy when he was just a budding young actor and he has an active supporter of ours for a number of years. We can't thank Peter Jackson enough for casting Billy in the role of Pippin in Lord of the Rings and bestowing this fortune on us!"

To find out more or to donate towards Scottish Youth Theatre's fundraising efforts contact:

Scottish Youth Theatre at Forsyth House,
111 Union Street,
G1 3TA
Telephone: 0141 221 5127

4-04-05 Latest News

Ringers Tickets Now on Sale!
Xoanon @ 11:54 am EST

Excitement fills the air as RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS makes its gala West Coast premiere at the 2005 Newport Beach Film Festival.

This will be the ONLY chance for west coast Ringer fans to see the highly-anticipated, critically acclaimed documentary on the BIG SCREEN. Ever.

Miss this and you’re out of luck.

This will be a huge affair, so don’t miss out. Many surprises are in store .

Billy Boyd’s short film INSTANT CREDIT will screen immediately before RINGERS.

Costumes and creativity are encouraged.

After the premiere, come to the RINGERS PREMIERE AFTER-PARTY with hosted bar and appetizers at The Fashion Island Hard Rock Café located at 451 Newport Center Dr. Newport Beach, CA, 92660 -- Tel: 949-640-8844. The event is ages 21 and over ONLY! Live music and performances are being scheduled, details TBA.

The 2005 NBFF also includes a special Seminar Series where you can meet RINGERS director Carlene Cordova for a special discussion! The Documentary Filmmaking panel is scheduled the day after the premiere gala -- on Sunday April 24th from 2:30pm - 4:00pm at the Newport Beach Public Library, located at 1000 Avocado Drive in Newport Beach.


The screening is scheduled Saturday, April 23, 2005, at 7:30pm at the classic LIDO CINEMA located at 3459 Via Lido, Newport Beach, CA, 92663 -- Tel: 949-673-8350.

The tickets to the Newport Beach Film Festival West Coast Premiere of "RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS will now be on sale starting Tuesday, April 5 at 4pm (PST) via phone ONLY. You can purchase tickets by calling 1-866-NBFF-TIX. Sorry about this, but we (the "RINGERS" filmmakers) have nothing to do with the ticket sales! It's $50 per person for the screening and after party. (21 years old and over ONLY for the party.) For more info visit the "RINGERS" site. [Ringers @ New Port FF]

For Ringers in Southern California -- be sure to join the official Line Party mailing list to get updates and special news in advance of this blow-out event!

RINGERS debuted at the 2005 Slamdance Film Festival this January to sell-out crowds and great reviews. The Toronto Star called it “…comprehensive, entertaining and informative pop cultural history." Independent film ubersite FilmThreat proclaimed: “It is a documentary that will always be a salient part of Lord of the Rings history.... See it, absorb it, love it!”

RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS serves as a remarkable dénouement to the past 50 years of the worldwide following of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.”

4-03-05 Latest News

ELF: East Coast LOTR Festival
Xoanon @ 7:52 pm EST

TORN is finally spreading its wings, with the help of Creation, to bring quality LOTR entertainment to the East Coast. Billy Boyd and Elijah Wood are our first confirmed guests, with more to come. The event will be the weekend of August 26-28, 2005 in Orlando, Florida. [Tickets]

And European fans, do not despair, there is a convention just for you in London that same weekend. The Fellowship Festival, hosted by AAA Events, will be held August 27-29, 2005 and promises to be as much fun as last year's event. The two events will be working with each other to bring LOTR fans the best possible LOTR entertainment, on Two Continents. [aaaevents.co.uk]

City of Hope Needs LOTR Costumers!
Xoanon @ 11:55 am EST

Debbie writes:

Calling all Elves, Wizards, Rangers, and Hobbits: Do you have a great-looking LOTR costume & love wearing it?

The City of Hope is a cancer research and treatment hospital, and on SaturdayJune 4th they are throwing their large annual private party for their pediatric cancer patients and their families. Last year over 1500 people attended!

This year's theme is "Hooray for Hollywood", and the City of Hope is asking forpeople with great-looking LOTR costumes to appear at the event to the delight and amazement of these little kids. I was told that there will be many costumed folks there representing films from many genres and eras, but that this group of kids is particularly crazy about LOTR. (shows excellent taste, sez I.)

Although the exact location hasn't been announced yet, I was told it will be in the general area of Burbank, California. Costumer check-in is 9AM, and the event lasts from 10AM-2PM. Lunch and refreshments will be provided to volunteers.

The City of Hope asks that all volunteers undergo a background check well in advance of the event. I am compiling a list of volunteers and each person is asked to submit:

their full legal name
their date of birth: m/d/yr
and their California Driver's License number.

You also need to state the character you will be costumed as, and list any weapons the costume requires. My deadline to turn in this list of volunteers is Friday April 15th (tax day!)

So, if this sounds like something you'd like to participate in, please contact me by e-mail and give me your info, and I'll add you to the list. I'll keep volunteers updated with any new information as it is received.

4-02-05 Latest News

Hobbit Stage Play in Wellington
Xoanon @ 10:19 am EST

linuxelf writes: International Concert Attractions in Association with Andrew Kay and Associates by arrangement with Anketell Theatrical Productions adapted and produced by permission under license from The Saul Zaentz Company, Berkeley, CA, USA. Based on the book by J.R.R Tolkien

ICA, AKA are delighted to announce the World Premiere Season of The Hobbit. In April 2005, The St James Theatre Wellington, will be transformed into Middle Earth.

Experience, live on stage, throughout New Zealand and Australia, the phenomenon that is JRR Tolkien's creation...The Hobbit !

Join Gandalf The Grey, Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield on an enthralling theatrical journey with music and sets that will take you from a Hobbit Hole in Bag End, through The Misty Mountains, Rivendell, Mirkwood, Lake Town and deep into the lair of Smaug, the Dragon of Lonely Mountain. Encounter over 40 different characters including Dwarves, Trolls, Elves, Goblins and Wargs. Out riddle Gollum... Be saved by Giant Eagles and..... Battle gruesome Spiders on this expedition through the extraordinary imagination of JRR Tolkien"

Ticketek site to get your tickets: [premier.ticketek.co.nz]

Tickets range from $70 -> 39.50.. see the ticketek site for a breakdown of ticket prices.

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