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March 08, 2007 - March 25, 2007

3-25-07 Latest News

C.S. Lewis Lectures in Texas
Xoanon @ 12:45 pm EST

Kathy writes" This is the first time I have submitted an item for TORn's news page, so I hope it is of interest. Here is the info from the 3/24 Austin American Statesman:

C.S. Lewis Expert to Talk: C.S. Lewis expert Walter Hooper will give two public lectures in Central Texas next week and will receive an honorary doctorate from Concordia University in Austin. Hooper, once the private secretary to the beloved Christian writer, co-authored a biography on Lewis and wrote a guide to his work, which includes the "Chronicles of Narnia" series and "Mere Christianity."

Hooper serves as the adviser to the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society in England and is the literary executor of the C.S. Lewis estate. He will speak at Concordia's Beto Academic Center, 3400 Interstate 35 in Austin, Texas, at 7 p.m. Monday (3/26). For more information go to concordia.edu. At 7 p.m. Tuesday (3/27), Hooper will give a talk at Texas State University's Centennial Hall, 601 University Drive, San Marcos, Texas. For more information, go to txstate.edu.

Again, I hope this information is useful to you and is appropriate for inclusion on TORn's news page. You know, for the Austin area to have such a rich and diverse academic community (including the University of Texas and several other highly respected universities) we in Central Texas enjoy precious few opportunities for Tolkien/Inkling/ fantasy related events -- scholarly, entertainment, or otherwise.

3-24-07 Latest News

TV Watch: Liv Tyler on 'Conan' Clip
Xoanon @ 4:27 pm EST

Fresh off her interview on 'Regis', Liv Tyler was on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' on Friday, March 23rd, 2007. She was there to promote her latest film 'Reign Over Me' with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle. Take a look at the clip here!

TV Watch: Liv Tyler on 'Regis & Kelly' Clip
Xoanon @ 4:10 pm EST

Liv Tyler was a guest on 'Live! with Regis & Kelly' Frdiay, March 23rd. She was there to promote her latest film 'Reign Over Me' with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle. Take a look at the clip here!

3-19-07 Latest News

Turbine tries to tempt TheOneRing.net readers
Xoanon @ 11:17 am EST

By MrCere

BOSTON – Turbine wants non-gamers, like you dear TheOneRing.net reader, to try its game real, real bad. And why not? The beta testing of the “Lord of the Rings Online” game has been a strong success; the media attention has been coming fast and furious from places like the New York Times and the BBC news. And if visiting Middle-earth isn’t the first choice of fantasy realms you always wished you could visit, it is at least in the conversation.

So as the North American release on April 24 nears, Turbine is dangling carrots to get both Tolkien aficionados and gaming vets to try out its game, which the company feels confident will be a good enough experience to keep those who try it rooted to its servers while touring a virtual character around a virtual Middle-earth.

For the uninitiated, this Lord of the Rings game is the latest in a genre called an M.M.O., or massive multiplayer online game. A player logs in to explore and achieve in a wide-open world filled with characters that are other players communicating and participating in real time in a simulated Middle-earth. A player will also encounter characters, situations and locations that are written into the scenario with scripted behaviors and dialog that suggest quests characters can choose to complete or ignore.

The idea is to allow players to ‘live’ in Middle-earth during the events of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Fellowship Of The Ring.” While players cannot be Frodo or Strider or Gandalf they just might encounter the heroes and even other minor characters like Barliman Butterbur. The positive game experience is hoped to be accomplished in at least two important ways: by creating a Middle-earth environment that Tolkien’s readers will feel comfortable in and want to return to and by experiencing dynamic game play that is just plain fun - Tolkien-themed or not.

Turbine invited TheOneRing.net to its Boston offices to talk with President and CEO Jeff Anderson and key people involved in the game’s development including writers and designers. As a result, TORn will be rolling out impressions and information on the game for the next couple of weeks that will include some news about a possible TORn community in the game.

With an open beta period that begins on March 30 and lasts until the launch, Turbine is setting out bait to lure customers.

Pre-ordering the game allows a player to a reduced monthly subscription ($10 vs. $15), early access to the game, characters that will roll over into regulation play and in-game bonus items. Another option allows players to own a lifetime subscription for $199 which covers periodic updates, patches and expansions, leaving a possibly expanding Middle-earth map an intriguing probability. Pre-orders can be placed online (www.lotro.com/preorder) or at computer retail stores. Watch TheOneRing.net for further news, screenshots, art and opinions.

3-13-07 Latest News

More ORC 2007 Images & Mega-Report!
Xoanon @ 1:22 pm EST

ORC 2007 Images

Garfeimao writes: Saturday began with a charity brunch with Billy Boyd and help from BillysLoonsCharities. The selected charity this time around was the Epilepsy Connection in Glasgow, which Billy said was a small group that really appreciated the help this would generate.

There were items donated from within the community of Billy's fans, from Creation, and from Billy himself. Some of the big ticket items were a pair of Billy's Favorite jeans, which went for $1000 I believe, a bicycle jersey he wore during filming "The Flying Scotsman" which went for $325, and the drum head from John Crawford's drumkit at Beecake's first ever gig in Glasgow last month, which went for $3000. The auction as a total raised about $8700, so well done to the donors, bidders and the auction winners.

The Sideshow was then the first bit of actual programming on Saturday. The panel was introduced by Dusty, and included Heath, Scott, Jarod and Quoc. They brought samples of all the newest LOTR items, including the giant Sauron bust, Lurtz and Frodo premium statues and the new action figures of Legolas, Aragorn, Faramir and Boromir. They were able to show David Wenham the Faramir character, he seemed genuinely surprised and happy about it. Apparently he did not know he was now an action figure.

After Sideshow came Billy Boyd, and his silly antics. He's so bubbly and goofy, and always knows how to play with an audience, which is pretty much what he did for most of his hour. At one point, he ended up sitting on the podium on the side of the stage, and I'm so glad the thing could hold his weight and did not break.

I can't even begin to describe just how cool the lads are from Beecake. They include John Crawford, Billy Johnston and Rick Martin. Now, I missed the offsite concert on Friday due to hosting the costume contest, and I missed the Saturday night concert because of the Scholars dinner, and I've not even had a chance to listen to the CD yet, so I'm not fangirling the band. Well, not much.

No, these guys are cool for the way they conducted themselves all Saturday long. They'd played in Hollywood on Friday night, rather late, but still showed up with Billy at the Charity brunch on Saturday morning. After Billy introduced the auction items he brought, he went and toured all the tables where the fans were sitting. Meanwhile, the band stood off to the side near the auction table and chatted with any and all fans who approached them. They didn't have to, but they were more than pleased to chat with people. They signed some items, took photos and just talked for the rest of the morning. Then they came out to watch Billy onstage for a while, rather than get some rest of food.

After Billy and David did their stage talks, they were setting up an autograph table. It was decided that the band would sell CDs and t-shirts and sign them, to coincide with Billy's autograph time, so people could get all of them on the same item. The band helped bring out the boxes full of CDs and shirts, and helped set everything up. It didn't take long to realize these were going to be VERY popular items. The line for Beecake CDs and shirts was as long, or longer, than the line for Billy and David's autograph. I sat there with one of our volunteers and Billy's convention agent and sold Beecake items for two hours, while the band members signed away. When the line was finally over, at about 7pm, I took that picture of me with them. You'd never know to look at them just how long they'd been going all day long, or how crazy it had been at that moment, or the fact that they then had to go set up for the evening concert.

So, to the members of Beecake, I send a big, big thank you from myself, TheOneRing.net and all the fans who attended ORC for your gracious welcoming of all that attention.

TORn staffers, friends, and the scholar track panelists all grabbed a bite to eat on Saturday night. This is a tradition started by TORn staffers Balin and MrCere, and while Balin is no longer with us, the tradition continues. Besides, we were all tired and hungry and ready for a little sit down time.

It's always nice to get caught up with the Badali Jewelry people, who introduced their new line of Geek medallions. Adding to their Scifi Geek, Uber Geek and Bar Code medallions, there are now medallions for TORn, Ringers and TORn Geek. I'm the proud owner of several of these, and wore them the entire weekend, along with my set of "Good Luck at the Oscars" pins. Also present was our hard working Art Show staff, Master Costumer Judy Grivich, Ringers' Cliff, Carlene and John, TORn staffer Arwen, and the Sideshow gang. The Sideshow gang would later be dubbed the Dark Pit of Mordor at the dessert party, something to do with all that black.

Andy Serkis was a real hoot on Sunday. He got there early enough to look around the art show, and just loved it. He's an artist himself, so he was quite pleased at this aspect of the show. He also got to see the Middle Earth Idols winning entry, which was Smeagol/Gollum, and he laughed throughout. He was also seen fooling around with a certain Tuxedo clad Smeagol statue in the photo ops room, so by the time he took the stage, he was in high spirits.

Andy went on to give a good 20 minute talk about the development of filming gollum and how no one could initially figure out his exact role in the making of the films. At first, cast and crew sort of thought he was just there to give a reference point so they could then film the clean shots without him and just imagine what he'd just done. They all knew Gollum was going to be CGI, so it wasn't clear at first that Gollum would be taken directly from Andy's performance. But after time, everyone settled into how things ran, and the genius of Gollum in the Two Towers and Return of the King is the result of all that hard work. When he was approached for Kong (it was on April 20, which is his birthday, and the day Peter and Fran gave him one of the Rings), he knew that everyone would know what his role would be, to bring the big Gorilla to life and to interact with the actors in a real time way.

Andy then went on to answer questions for half an hour or more, but it was one question from one of our lovely Japanese guests that got the best reaction. She asked Andy how many characters he could play at one time, all interacting with each other. So, Andy proceded to play Gollum, Smeagol, Kong, his cat, and himself all at once. It was quite silly and garnered a standing ovation. During the photo op sessions, the dessert party on Saturday night, and the autograph session, it was clear that Andy really enjoys being around the fans and all the interaction. He's a lovely man and I was so happy he was able to attend.

Late on Saturday night at ORC, several of us had planned a Bash in the bar to remember Balin, and we called it Balin's Bash. After the dessert party, the bar filled up with fans, drinking and laughing the night away, exactly as Balin would have liked it. Once Sideshow showed up, they hit the pool table, and played each other for a while, until M.A.R.S. Productions showed up. It then became Team Sideshow versus M.A.R.S. and the contest was on.

Just so you know, Rachel ran the table for 5 consecutive shots, and apparently Heath was not so happy about that.

3-11-07 Latest News

ORC 2007: Saturday Report
Xoanon @ 11:34 am EST

Celebriel sends a brief report on an activity-packed Saturday at Creation Entertainment’s third annual One Ring Celebration taking place this weekend at the Burbank Marriott. Look for detailed session reports in a day or so.

Were you at the One Ring Celebration Saturday, or did you miss Andy Serkis, David Wenham, Billy Boyd, his band Beecake, Doug Adams, Cliff Broadway and Carlene Cordova, the Sideshow team, and Beecake concert visitor Sala Baker?

This will be brief since it’s already almost 5AM and I have been editing pictures for a few hours now plus dealing with losing an hour’s sleep because of the time change.

A short list of Saturday’s highlights –details to follow, I promise!

-Billy Boyd returns to ORC to entertain fans and introduce his band Beecake

-David Wenham makes his first ORC appearance and talks both LOTR and his new film 300.

-Doug Adams continues his discussion of the themes of Howard Shore’s music for The Lord of the Rings. Look for the 4CD set, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - The Complete Recordings, around November, followed soon after by Doug’s book, The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films.

-Beecake rocks the house for nearly two hours

-Sideshow Collectibles makes two presentations on the design and manufacture of their costumed figures and give away numerous copies of their Lord of the Rings Battle Helm of Eowyn.

-Cliff Broadway and Carlene Cordova update what's new with Stormcrow Entertainment and their other Hollywood projects.

-Andy Serkis joins the dessert party, just off his plane from London. He spends a few minutes at every table greeting fans.

-Sala Baker drops by for the Beecake concert.

3-10-07 Latest News

ORC 2007: 'Middle-earth Idols' Reviews
Xoanon @ 3:05 pm EST

Middle Earth Idols Promo Art!

Geldorin: writes: Hope I can share my own favorite memory from ORC so far! I read the reports from ORC and wanted to make sure that the girls from MARS were given props for their outstanding presentation at ORC yesterday! The first episode of Middle Earth Idols was shown and it was fantastic! We all loved it!! Just loved it!

The film opens with the host introducing the contestants on a very cool virtual stage. We meet the judges: Kiran Shah, Daniel Reeve, Michael Regina, Grant Wilson, Dean Haglund. The exchange back and forth between the judges was so funny. Denethor opened the show with his love affair of fire, followed by Gimli and a host of other favorite Lord of the Rings characters. Legolas singing "Can't Touch This" was the overall crowd favorite, along with Boromir, Frodo, Pippin and Eowyn. Very nice dance moves, Rachel! The audience nearly fell off their chairs in hysterics when Gollum sang his duet. OMG!! That was brilliant!!

I laughed so hard that I looked like a raccoon by the time the film was finished! It was a HUGE hit!! The contestants performances were wonderful and the judges were hilarious! Nice work, Mr. Regina for your fine performance, "Big blue eyes...!" The film was everything fans expected it to be and then some. Outstanding work, ladies! Very professional. I just can't get over how young you girls! Kudos! Thanks once again for bringing your love of LOTR to the fans, as well as your talent and creativity. We all really enjoyed it! Can't wait to see Part Two on Sunday!! Anxious to watch Episode One again too! It was the PERFECT way to start ORC!!


Patty writes: Having a great time here at ORC 2007 in Burbank! I just wanted to concur with the MEI film review Geldorin submitted to your site! I laughed so hard I cried! Everyone is still talking about their film today! It's all the buzz! Brilliant and so well made for such young filmmakers!

I would like to correct something Geldorin said, however. She stated we NEARLY fell off our chairs, well I was about thirty rows back from the stage and I can confirm that several people were literally ON THE FLOOR doubled over, laughing! We cried during the funny bits and cried during the moving tributes!

What a talented bunch! TOR.n's own Xoanon was incredibly funny! Who knew?! Well done! As a big XFiles fan, Dean's contribution was so freaking hilarious! And, when Kiran started to take his jacket off for a fight, I could barely stop laughing! And, Daniel Reeve had such a comic sense of humor! Loveable distracted Grant too!

The girls nailed this, no surprise. Rachel plays so many parts and is an amazing talent, as is her sister, Ashley, for her editing abilities. How can someone so beautiful looks so butt ugly as Rachel did playing Gollum?? Unrecognizable! Smeagol/Gollum singing a duet!? Classic LOTR stuff that every fan MUST see. I still laugh just thinking about it!

The standing ovation was well deserved. Hats off to the girls at MARS and their wonderful cast & crew for this delightful fan film. It will definitely be a major highlight of ORC 2007 for me and so many other fans.

ORC 2007: Friday Reports
Xoanon @ 11:04 am EST

ORC 2007 Images
Click for more

Celebriel reports on Friday’s activities at Creation Entertainment’s third annual One Ring Celebration taking place this weekend at the Burbank Marriott.

Doug Adams, well known musician and writer who worked closely with Howard Shore on the musical score for The Lord of the Rings, gave a brilliant talk on the musical themes of The Lord of the Rings, specifically the four themes associated with the ring and how they are woven together throughout the three films. He confirmed that the final boxed set CD, with the music from The Return of the King, will be issued in 2007 on a four-disc set. Doug is also completing the book, The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films, which will be the definitive and official guide to Howard Shore's 12-hour musical score. The book will be out around the end of the year and may be accompanied by multimedia material demonstrating the music. A CD version of The Lord of the Rings symphony is also under discussion.

Doug demonstrated the musical themes he discussed so audience members could hear and understand more about how the themes relate both to the action and mood of the specific scenes in the films where they appear and to other themes associated with that character or kingdom. On Saturday, in the second part of his talk, he will play some surprise elements most fans have not heard before. I’ll cover his talks in more detail in tomorrow’s report.

King Kong music trivia: Do you know who plays the conductor in the Broadway theatre scene in Kong: Eighth Wonder of the World? Yes, it’s a Howard Shore cameo! And his wife is seated in the front row.

Keith Stern, webmaster for Sir Ian McKellan, Andy Serkis, Sean Astin, Lynn Redgrave, and LOTR dialect coach Andrew Jack, talked about his work as a pioneer in the use of the Internet for film public relations and how the Internet is dramatically changing that industry. Fan web sites such as TORn and www.kongisking.net have built strong fan communities that closely follow a film’s development from production through post-production to release and beyond. These communities generate a strong sense of involvement and excitement with a public relations value well beyond what the studios themselves may spend. I’ll talk more about Keith’s presentation as well tomorrow.

Keith shared many of his treasures from his trip to New Zealand and from his years of working with Ian McKellan. He wore a shirt McKellan had given him, and displayed McKellan’s LOTR set pass, access to the Academy Awards ceremonies in February 2004, his Certificate of Nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in The Fellowship of the Ring, fabric samples from Gandalf the White’s robes, one of Gandalf’s prosthetic noses, a complete LOTR cast and crew contact directory (oh, the phone numbers one could have copied – actually they were mostly for agents), unopened gold-stamped script binders, and a signed t-shirt.

New this year at ORC is the beautiful Middle Earth retreat hosted by Tolkien Forever, the Los Angeles smial of the Tolkien Society. Lounge decorated with beautiful Tolkien-themed banners and artwork centerpieces and enhanced by the soothing sounds of Howard Shore’s soundtrack. Kristie Fogtik, founder of Tolkien Forever, and member Debbie Hayes were among those welcoming guests to the retreat.

Friday night’s evening event began with the Costume Gala, hosted by Adam Malik and TORn’s own Garfeimao and judged by Judy Grivich (workmanship) and filmmakers Ashlee and Rachel Scott (presentation). This year’s gala featured 18 entrants and a good number of Arwen and Eowyn costumes, along with elves, hobbits, and an Aragorn. Best Youth award went to a young Eowyn. Sam and Frodo won Third Place and had a strong local rooting section. Arwen in Mourning won Second Place. The gala’s only Aragorn won First Place

Following the gala photo ops, the Hindi Sisters entertained the audience with a short Hobbity dance number set to “Too Sexy.” The beloved Brobdingnagian Bards, Andrew McKee and Mark Gunn, performed for over an hour their wonderful Celtic Renaissance music, including Wild Mountain Thyme, The Unicorn Song, and a slightly off-topic but nonetheless entertaining Jedi Drinking Song. Fans lined up afterwards to purchase CDs and get autographs and photos. Learn more about this great duo and hear sample MP3s at http://www.thebards.net.

Coming up Saturday: Billy Boyd, David Wenham, the Sideshow Collectibles Creative team, and more!


Garfeimao writes: ORC began yesterday with some very cool panels and video presentations, a wonderful costume contest, art show, and performances by the Hindi sisters and the Brobdingnagian Bards. Here are some initial pictures from the show.

Tolkien Forever (Southern California Smial of the Tolkien Society) is hosting a fan lounge and have called it the Middle Earth Retreat. Each part of the room represents a different land in Middle Earth, with the Shire, Rivendell, Meduseld and Minas Tirith all represented.

The room is a place for fans to come and relax between panels and autograph lines, meet up with their friends or make new friends, and enjoy the Fellowship of other fans. There will be a raffle at some point during the weekend, and some of our scholars will be stopping by for some informal discussions throughout the weekend.

Some of the decorations in the Middle Earth Retreat are handmade items that belong to various members of the group and are on gracious loan for use at the convention. I hope everyone attending or thinking of attending takes the chance to enjoy the room and it's hosts.

The show opened on a bright note, courtesy of Doug Adams who has been working with Howard Shore on bringing the Complete Soundtrack Recordings to life, and will soon be publishing a book about the entire process. He's been using a keyboard to demonstrate key musical motifs and how they are related to each other and to the various characters and lands of Middle earth. For his Saturday panel he promises some real surprises regarding information about the Return of the King Complete Soundtrack boxset. BTW, he did announce that this boxset will be 4 CDs so they can fit everything on there they want to release.

There were a few other announcements, but I'll leave that for other reviewers and official announcements (like, for instance, a release of a live symphony performance)

There was a Fan Filmmaking 101 panel, which included Carlene Cordova and John Welch from Ringers and Ashlee and Rachel Scott of M.A.R.S. Productions who brought Middle earth Idols to the show. They talked a lot about preparing scripts for filming, planning the shoot, so you get everything you need before editing. They covered Fair Usage and Copyright issues. They gave a lot of information for those who are interested in fan films or of moving from fan films to a more professional level of filmmaking.

Finally, the opening of the evening's entertainment saw another fabulous costume contest. There were Hobbits, Elves and Men (and women) present and accounted for. There were some really beautifully detailed dresses and armor, with just about everything being homemade. Some of the workmanship was truly extraordinary, so here are some pics, and I'm going to now name the winners.

1st place, Youth Division - Brittany Weistling as Eowyn in the Shieldmaiden dress.

3rd place, adult division - Jan Jarrell and Cathy Greutert as Sam and Frodo (they had awesome packs and detail work in their costumes)

2nd place, adult division - Mary Hale as Arwen in the Mourning Gown.

1st place, adult division - Morgan Weistling as Strider/Aragorn. His costume was distressed using multiple techniques to give it that thoroughly lived in look, complete with dirt and blood and all manner of gunk. The time period is supposed to be just after the battle with Lurtz, when he puts on Boromir's bracers.

Thus ends the tail of day 1 at ORC 07. Saturday will see Billy Boyd's charity brunch, and then his appearance, along with David Wenham later in the day. Many of our scholars will kick into gear on Saturday on both the main stage and in the Hobbit Track. Sideshow will have two panels and be doing a giveaway.

Greg Wright sent down some 300 books to hand out for free and will be doing a book signing after one of his panels. Doug Adams will also do a signing of the Liner Notes booklet from either of the Complete Soundtrack Boxsets. In the evening, we will get to hear the sounds of one of Scotland's newest bands, Beecake, featuring Billy Boyd.

After that there will be a Dessert party, and then the party will move over to the Daily Grill bar. We are going to close down the bar in high fashion, and in memorium of TORn staffer Balin, who passed away a year ago this month. We've dubbed Saturday evening Balin's Bash, so any Ringers in the area who aren't attending the convention, but want to hang with fellow Ringers, please feel free to stop by the Daily Grill after about 10pm. And if you can't stop by, please raise a glass and toast to departed friends who are missed but not forgotten.

ORC 2007: 'Ringers' Panel Time Shifts
Xoanon @ 10:46 am EST

Sunday 10:30am -Tolkien Animated

(MAIN AUDITORIUM EVENT) Participants: Carlene Cordova & Cliff Broadway When Ink & Paint mixes with Bilbo & Smaug, the results are bright and animated! Join our high-spirited discussion on a favorite subject: how animated versions of Tolkien’s books have given us delight (and sometimes shame) over the years. Weighing in are Carlene Cordova and Cliff Broadway, co-creators of the hit film RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS. (1 hr)

Sunday 11:40am -RINGERS: Live Commentary

(MAIN AUDITORIUM EVENT) Carlene Cordova & Cliff Broadway, Jeff Marchelletta & John Welch RINGERS: Live Filmmaker Commentary Come join a special screening of the award-winning documentary RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS where the film’s director, writers & producers will be on hand for a special LIVE running commentary. It’s like a “Director’s Commentary” you would find on a DVD -- but this is live, uncensored, in real time with the film!

Enjoy stories of mischief and globe-trotting mayhem as Carlene Cordova, Cliff Broadway, Jeff Marchelletta & John Welch reveal secrets of the indie documentary that could!

3-08-07 Latest News

RINGERS and Special Panels at ORC This Weekend!
Xoanon @ 11:07 pm EST

This weekend is the big one for West Coast Ringer fans. There is an embarrassment of riches for every stripe of fan. So much to do! Be sure to check out the variety of panels & discussions all 3 days.

Convention-goers will gather in Burbank this weekend for the One Ring Celebration with many special guests - including surprises from the RINGERS team. The film's creators will give a live running commentary with RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS! Also Keith Stern reveals secrets of McKellen.com - a special panel 'Tolkien Animated,' and even Ostadan & Quickbeam's 'The Game's The Thing!' For more info on ORC visit: http://www.creationent.com/cal/one_ring.htm

Here's a fast run-down of some special panels / discussions happening at ORC:

Sunday, March 11, 2007


* "RINGERS: The Director's Screening" with Carlene Cordova & Cliff Broadway (and maybe a surprise)

Come join a special screening of the award-winning documentary RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS where the film's director & writers will be on hand for a special LIVE running commentary. It's like a "Director's Commentary" you would find on a DVD -- but this is live, uncensored, in real time with the film! Enjoy ribald stories of mischief and globe-trotting mayhem as Carlene Cordova & Cliff Broadway reveal secrets of the pop-culture documentary that could!



From the cherished and dusty pages of TORN's cornerstone blog GREEN BOOKS, join both Ostadan (Mike Urban) & Quickbeam (Cliff Broadway) as your hosts to the world of Tolkien-inspired games. Dice, cards, tokens & yellow plastic rings are all you need to enjoy a hobbit’s holiday. Many clever game designs have been produced over the years -- running the gamut from Board Games to Trading Cards to X-Box. Bring a copy of your favorite game -- we’ll play!



Ashlee & Rachel Scott, Carlene Cordova and Josh Mandel – Fan-Filmmaking 101 6:00 pm

Have you been seeing fan films online or at conventions for years now and wondered how to go about making them? Do you have ambitions to move from the Fan Filmmaking field into a more professional aspect of the industry? Come listen to some stories on how our attending filmmakers got started, what equipment they use or recommend, where they get their ideas from and how they talk all their friends into helping them out. (45 min)


Greg Wright, Cliff Broadway and Katrelya Angus

Untold Third-Age Tales We’d Like to Hear. Scuttlebutt has it that New Line Cinema intends to make two films out of The Hobbit, and that the second film will include “new” storylines that will connect it to Peter Jackson’s LoTR films.Is this a good idea at all? If it is, what storylines would you like the screenwriters to consider for inclusion?Join what will likely be a lively, entertaining, and maddening discussion! (1 hr)

More on Alan Lee at Forbidden Planet
Xoanon @ 9:55 pm EST

Forbidden Planet is pleased to announce a signing by Alan Lee to promote the release of The Children Of Húrin (Special Offer Price £14.99). He will be at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Thursday 19th April 6 – 7pm

Alan Lee is best known as co-lead artist on Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie trilogy. However, as well as the Academy Award he won in 2004, he’s also the recipient of the Kate Greenaway Medal for illustration in 1993 for ‘Black Ships Before Troy’ and the Best Artist Award at the World Fantasy Awards of 1998. Lee has also worked as a conceptual designer on the films ‘Legend’, ‘Erik the Viking’ and ‘King Kong’ and the television miniseries ‘Merlin’.

Painstakingly reconstructed by Christopher Tolkein from his father's manuscripts, this book tells tales of Morgorth, Glaurung and the World before Sauron. Featuring magical illustrations by Lee throughout, this is a miraculous, missing chapter in the greatest fantasy saga of them all.

Alan Lee will be signing at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore. The largest store of its kind in the world, this store continues the Forbidden Planet tradition of hosting appearances by the greatest names in science fiction and fantasy. Previous guests have Christopher Lee, Andy Serkis, Iain Banks, Douglas Adams, Anne McCaffrey, Clive Barker, Stephen King, William Gibson and H. R. Giger.

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