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January 13, 2001 - January 20, 2001

1-20-01 Latest News

360 Degrees of Middle-earth
Xoanon @ 3:22 am EST

From: Aaron T

The Lord of the Rings Fans Experience an iPIX 360-Degree, Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Making of the Films

New Line Cinema is Latest Entertainment Power to Embrace iPIX(R) 360-Degree Dynamic Imaging to Promote Major Entertainment Events

If you're one of the millions of fans chomping at the bit for J.R.R. Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings trilogy to come to the big screen, no need to wait until December. New Line Cinema is providing you a backstage pass on The Lord of the Rings Web site, http://lordoftherings.net; fans can now take an iPIX(R) Virtual Tour of The Fellowship of the Ring set, navigating their way through 360-degrees views of the production area. The iPIX images provide "Rings" enthusiasts a richer, more interactive Web experience. The Lord of the Rings Web site is one of many entertainment outlets showcasing iPIX dynamic imaging online. Major television stations, entertainment sites and sports networks, including ABC TV, MTV, ESPN, Comedy Central, 360hiphop and more, are additionally utilizing iPIX dynamic imaging on their Web sites to offer Internet users immersive, 360-degree content online.

Who: Internet Pictures Corporation (iPIX)

What: The Lord of the Rings Web site, http://lordoftherings.net, is using iPIX(R) dynamic images to enhance their Web site with 360-degree virtual tours. The tours allow the more than 41 million users that have already visited the site, to interactively explore Middle-earth, the land where the epic journeys of The Lord of the Rings take place. iPIX images are dynamic, meaning users interact with the image, using their mouse to zoom in on Middle-earth's Hobbiton, the mythical Hobbit Homeland filmed in New Zealand.

Recently named the most popular book of the 20th century, more than 50 million people across the globe grew up reading The Lord of the Rings, the tale of a perilous quest to save humanity. The making of the trilogy marks the first time this mythical story will be brought to the cinema. The Lord of the Rings Web site, which was re-launched a week ago today, has generated phenomenal levels of traffic, including 41 million hits in a week and over one million hits an hour on the first morning it was re-launched. The content-rich site offers The Lord of the Rings fans the latest news, images and information about the upcoming action and adventure trilogy.

When: Immediately Where: http://lordoftherings.net (click on The Legend, the Explore the Epic) Why: iPIX(R) 360-degree dynamic images let viewers "step inside" the picture, just as if they were actually there. The images give the most comprehensive views available online, allowing the action to be paused so viewers may change their point of view and zoom in or out of the pictures for a wider perspective -- something still photos and standard video do not allow. Utilizing immersive, 360-degree imaging, iPIX has recently covered the following worldwide events: Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Democratic National Convention, Republican National Convention, the Academy Awards, the British Open, Burning Man and more.

1-19-01 Latest News

Trailer Mania
Corvar @ 12:36 pm EST

Since the fan phenomena hit the Internet and computer's allowed access to video editing, Fan made trailers have kept many of us laughing, crying, and coming back for more. Places like TheForce.net's Fan Films and FanMadeTrailers.com have focused our attention on these Fan made trailers and given us a consolidated location where we can satiate our need for more.

As in most things, Lord of the Rings fans do not like to be outdone. And this has caused a massive swelling of art, writing, and even fan trailers/movies. Currently there are two different repositories of Fan made trailers relating to Lord of the Rings, Fan.TheOneRing.net's Multimedia Gallery and FanMadeTrailers.com's Lord of the Rings Section.

With the recent release of the first official theatrical trailer for Lord of the Rings, there has also been a flurry of activity in the area of satirical trailers. The most notable entries are

The Complete "Lord of the Rings" Movie (circa 1944)

From the man who did the illustrious Sunday Times' homework for them, O. Sharp has struck again. I would explain a little more about this trailer, but I don't want to ruin the surprise that is in store for you. The author of the Tolkien Sarcasm page has definately out done himself with this one.

Good Lord of the Rings

ModernHumorist.com is always at the fore front of making me laugh. They are offering a little constructive criticism to New Line with Good Lord of the Rings on how to make a truely wonderful trailer.

If you want to be the next Peter Jackson and think that making a short, spoof, or animated feature in tribute to the Lord of the Rings, TheOneRing.net may be able to help you. Over the past 6 months, we have been collecting contacts to help make your project a little easier. Azeem of FanFilms.com (Also known as TheForce.net's theater section) has offered to prod, cajole, and kick us in the right direction to help the fans out. So TheOneRing.net may be just what you need to put the finishing touches on your plans for a great Fan Film. If you think TheOneRing.net can be of assistance to you, drop us a mail at fanfilms@theonering.net and we will do our best to give you a hand.

Notice: You can also download the Tolkien Saracasm Page's trailer here.

1-18-01 Latest News

REAL Site Pre-launch Peek
Tookish @ 8:17 pm EST

We recieved this from the folks at Film.com:

On Friday, January 19th, RealNetworks and New Line Cinema will launch the Internet premiere of 'The Lord of the Rings' Movie Trailer in tandem with the debut of a brand new Lord of the Rings/RealChannel, within the RealPlayer.

The Internet premiere of the movie trailer will give the world its first online look at movie footage of the trilogy, which has been three years in the making, with all three stories of J.R.R. Tolkien's infamous trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" having been filmed consecutively on location in New Zealand.

The Lord of the Rings RealChannel is the exclusive online video destination for all trailers, interviews and behind-the-scenes material from the making of the New Line's epic adventure trilogy. The release will go on the wires on January 19th.

An advance look at the channel can be found at:

Raking over some old coals: Stuart Townsend
Tehanu @ 2:02 pm EST

Regular LOTR film fans will remember the sudden dismissal of Stuart Townsend in '99, a week into his role as Aragorn. Earlier this week we reported an interview where he sounded OK about that; this interview in the Irish Times gives a different story.

"Just to let you know, the entertainment supplement with todays Irish Times (17/01) contains an interview with Stuart Townsend where he briefly talks about his short time on the LOTR production.

Quote: 'I spent two months working on it in pre-production in New Zealand,' Townsend says 'and then,the day before shooting started,I was off the picture without filming a single scene.' His cheery demeanour changes at the mention of the film. It was a 'horrible' experience, he says, and not one he's keen to dwell upon to any extent, although he is becoming more philosophical about it. 'Now I am glad that I'm off it. I really am. It was a very interesting experience, but I'm glad because it left me free to do another big studio movie, Queen of the Damned, which was wonderful to do"

Eeeep! Thanks to Cormac for that.

Shake-up at New Line
Quickbeam @ 12:07 am EST

Greetings -- Quickbeam here.

We've already learned that Michael DeLuca, President of Production for New Line Cinema, said sayonara yesterday. Or maybe he was fired... or laid off... we don't really know. All things being equal, suffice it to say that a very young and creative force behind the Lord of the Rings project is now absent.

Why would DeLuca leave after bringing so much success to New Line? Keep in mind the old adage: In Hollywood, you're only as good as your last picture. That means even though DeLuca is responsible for green-lighting a remarkable list of money makers (Seven, Rush Hour, the Austin Powers franchise, to name a few), somebody has to take the fall for the huge disappointment of Little Nicky, which was also under DeLuca's wing. Since the year 2000 was a mediocre year for New Line, the shape of the executive landscape is bound to change.

But has everyone forgotten that Lord of the Rings will, ultimately, be the biggest financial box-office dream that any studio could hope for? I may not be a hard-boiled Distribution Prexy but even I can see how stacked the odds are on this. Still, there are other dark forces behind the curtain influencing events.

This is what Daily Variety had to say: 

"In the wake of the Time Warner-AOL merger, which closed last week, the pressure has been on New Line, whose films such as the Sandler vehicle Little Nicky have failed to turn a profit. And then there is the long-gestating Warren Beatty starrer Town and Country, which has everyone worried: Budget for the pic, finally set for release in March, has soared to more than $80 million."

I'll translate this for you. New Line Cinema is well under the umbrella of Warner Bros. But now, thanks to the merger, Warner Bros. does not really belong to itself anymore... They have to answer to a larger entity. If you like, you can imagine all of Steve Case's ill-mannered and brutish henchmen running around the Warner lot barking orders. People will be fired. Projects will be taken out of development. This could get ugly before it's all over.

With New Line taking big investment risks like Town and Country, and especially sinking $270 million into a huge 3-picture fantasy franchise, you better believe the pressure is on for the current slate of films to rake in the dough. And like I said, the year 2000 has left a very bad taste in their mouths. If the current Thirteen Days underperforms at the box-office, then the stink will really hit the fan.

You may not immediately think that the merger of AOL and Time-Warner would have much effect on the Peter Jackson trilogy of films. And I personally hope with all my soul that they leave this particular production alone. But it may have an effect -- in ways yet to be seen.

Much too hasty,


1-17-01 Latest News

Townsend: Not 'scruffy enough '
Xoanon @ 11:02 am EST

Ringer Spy Dave sends in some interested news from the world of Stuart Townsend, the 'first' Aragorn.

For those that do not know or remember way back in October of 1999 I'll help you refresh your memory.

Townsend, an Irish actor in his 20's was first chosen to play Aragorn. He flew down to New Zealand and was on the set opening day. A week later we broke the story that he has left, and that Viggo Mortensen is in. There were rumors about 'creative differences' and all the typical stuff you hear about 'trouble' on a hollywood movie set.

Dave managed to corner Stuart at a charity event and asked him the big question; 'why did you leave LOTR?'

(Stuart) said he basically went along (to New Zealand), they made him up as Aragorn and he just didnt look old/scruffy enough for PJs taste . He said it was amicable & he would have loved to have worked on it, also he said he's a huge fan and would be going
along to see it.

Think this is true? I do, Stuart did not have the pull or the clout to start giving enough attitude to PJ, plus he was there only a week, how much supposed fighting could have taken place? Stuarts quote is most likely what actually happened that fall week back in 1999.

1-16-01 Latest News

Xoanon @ 5:12 pm EST

Boston, January 16, 2001 -- Houghton Mifflin Company, longtime publisher of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, has secured the U.S. rights to publish books related to the release of "J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings" -- a three-part film adaptation of his masterwork in production from New Line Cinema.

The epic adventure trilogy being filmed under the direction of Peter Jackson (Heavenly Creatures, The Frighteners), is based on the best-selling novel first published in this country by Houghton Mifflin in 1954. It stars Elijah Wood, Sir Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortenson, Liv Tyler, Christopher Lee, and Cate Blanchett and is set against the stunning landscape of New Zealand as Tolkien's imaginary Middle-earth.

"As proud stewards of the works of this great writer for more than 60 years, Houghton Mifflin believes that New Line's creative and talented team will effectively introduce J.R.R. Tolkien's great tale to a very broad film-going audience," says Wendy J. Strothman, Executive Vice President of Houghton's Trade and Reference division. Adds Clay Harper, Tolkien Projects Director for Houghton, "With worldwide sales of more than 100 million copies in over 40 languages since 1954, this is a story that has touched the hearts and souls of an enormous audience already. With the grand scale of epic history, it is a brilliant tale of harrowing adventure in a fantastic land. But in the end, it is the story of a very few brave individuals persevering against overwhelming odds through courage, conviction, and the power of friendship. We have no doubts that Peter Jackson's films will introduce millions more to Tolkien's extraordinary world."

"'The Lord of the Rings' is a classic tale that has enthralled kids and adults for close to half a century," comments David Imhoff, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Licensing and Merchandising, New Line Cinema. "The trilogy is one of the most immense projects in the history of film. It's only fitting that we partner with Houghton Mifflin, original publishers of this fine work, to capture the artistry, both in front and behind the camera, of these groundbreaking films.

The multi-book deal includes at least six titles with two releasing each year in conjunction with the film releases: in December 2001 with "The Fellowship of the Ring," in December 2002 with "The Two Towers" and December 2003 with "Return of the King." The books will include "A Visual Companion to the Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Art of The Lord of the Rings," featuring the work of noted Tolkien illustrator and conceptual designer for the films, Alan Lee, among others. Houghton Mifflin's acquisition includes subsequent books based on the film trilogy to be developed in cooperation with HarperCollins UK, publishers of Tolkien outside the United States and with New Line Cinema.

Houghton Mifflin Company, an independent publisher founded in 1832, has over its 169 year history built a reputation for publishing some of America's finest writers. The Trade & Reference Division publishes books in three categories: adult, juvenile and reference. Its adult titles encompass literary fiction and a broad spectrum of nonfiction, as well as its highly acclaimed trade paperback line, Mariner Books. Its reference titles include the American Heritage Dictionary(R), the Peterson Field guides, and other nature, gardening, and travel guides. Houghton Mifflin's children's titles include numerous Newbery and Caldecott Medal winners and constitute one of the richest backlists of children's literature in the industry. The Trade & Reference Division's web site can be found at www.houghtonmifflinbooks.com.

Founded in 1967, New Line Cinema is the entertainment industry's leading independent producer and distributor of theatrical motion pictures. New Line licenses its films to ancillary markets including cable and broadcast television as well as to international venues. The company, which is a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc., operates several divisions including in-house theatrical distribution, marketing, home video, television, acquisitions, production, licensing and merchandising units. For more information on New Line and its subsidiaries, visit www.newline.com

Press Contacts:
Lori Glazer
Vice President, Executive Director of Publicity
Houghton Mifflin, Trade & Reference

Sheila Feren/Stephanie Greenhut
Feren Communications for New Line Cinema

1-15-01 Latest News

41 Million and Counting
Xoanon @ 9:14 pm EST



Steve Elzer
New Line Cinema/LA


(Los Angeles, January 15, 2001) - New Line Cinema's website for its upcoming action adventure trilogy The Lord of The Rings continues to generate astounding levels of traffic on the Internet with more than 41 million hits since re-launching on Friday.

In the earliest hours of the re-launch of www.lordoftherings.net, more than one million hits an hour were recorded from people exploring the content-rich destination. New Line will unveil the first installment of The Lord of the Rings trilogy on December 19th with the release of The Fellowship of the Ring.

"The Internet has always been an important part of our marketing strategy for this property and the numbers speak for themselves," said Joe Nimziki, President of Theatrical Marketing for New Line Cinema.

"There have been few film properties that have generated this kind of interest in the history of the Internet," said Gordon Paddison, Senior Vice President of Interactive Marketing and Business Development. "The Lord of the Rings has inspired literally hundreds of fan sites and they all have a ravenous appetite for news and information about this project. We are tremendously flattered by this overwhelming response and the challenge now is to make sure that we continue to deliver a satisfying, fun and informative experience for those using the web to keep up to date on our films."

Web fans travelling to the site find an environment loaded with up-to-the-minute production information, interviews with the filmmakers and cast, photos, an IPIX tour of a set, downloadable screensavers, a web browser, and an interactive map of Middle Earth. In all, users could spend upwards of two hours on the site and not explore all of the content available to them. New elements will be added weekly during the next four years.

Beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, January 19th, fans will be able to view the film's first theatrical trailer using Real Networks video streaming technology.

Generations of more than 100 million people around the globe have grown up with this epic novel. The legend has been translated into 40 different languages and inspired an entire genre of movies and fiction, and has influenced some of the greatest artists of our time. Just last year, THE LORD OF THE RINGS was named the number one most popular book of the century. But it has never been told in its entirety on the screen.

Using the power of contemporary cinema technology, New Line Cinema is proud to transform J.R.R. Tolkien's THE LORD OF THE RINGS into a history-making motion picture event.

Beginning on December 19, 2001, New Line will present a grand trilogy of live-action feature films -- The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King. The three separately released installments will also mark the return of "Cliffhanger Cinema" for the first time since the serial adventures of decades past.

The Lord of the Rings will collectively re-tell the story of Frodo Baggins, who battles against the Dark Lord, Sauron to save Middle-earth from the grip of evil. In the films, Frodo and The Fellowship embarks on a desperate journey to rid the earth of the source of Sauron's greatest strength, the One Ring -- a ring of such power that it cannot be destroyed. His extraordinary adventures across the treacherous landscape of Middle-earth reveal how the power of friendship and courage can hold the forces of darkness at bay.

Tolkien's mythic vision will come to life through cutting-edge cinema technology and artistry. Never before has such a monumental undertaking been contemplated or executed. The commitment of time, resources and manpower are unheard of as all three films and more than 1,000 effects shots are being produced concurrently with the same director and core cast.

Helmer Peter Jackson, whose visionary style of filmmaking and emotional acuity won accolades for his Heavenly Creatures and The Frighteners, brings his deep love for the source material to the project. Produced by Barrie M. Osborne, the films feature a strong international cast that includes (in alphabetical order) Sean Astin, Sean Bean, Cate Blanchett, Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd, Brad Dourif, Ian Holm, Christopher Lee, Ian McKellen, Dominic Monaghan, Viggo Mortensen, John Rhys-Davis, Andy Serkis, Liv Tyler, and Elijah Wood. But the real star of the films is the story itself - a classic hero's quest in which the smallest of beings changes the course of the future with the vastness of his courage.

Details the fans have noticed.
Tehanu @ 6:10 pm EST

Here's a round-up of some of the interesting comments and guesses we've received concerning the trailer and the images on the official website.

"Did you notice it was Bruce Spence in the make-up section of the new official site? Check the pic! We know his part, but more interesting... he's being retouching outdoor, which means we see him in his complete prosthetic stuff (you don't glue another silicon part just before a shoot) -mouth and nose. That's what they're colouring with their lil brushes and pencils... no more no less. Now... What can we guess? Obviously, "the Mouth of Sauron" will be centered on a mouth! A rotten one, with a full helmet hiding most of the face.
I just hope they could manage two holes large enough to get to Spence's particuliar stare."

Thanks to Deagol for that. And Morten noticed this:

"As the story goes the Banner of Rohan with the white horse against the green background was inspired by the Wiltshire Horse and its like (huge horses carved by removing a layer of grass revealing the chalk below).

I'm sure you've already noticed but I just found it really cool that one of the banners (bottom right) on one of the desktop images (found under the Screensavers section of the official website) actually looks like one of these old carvings."

JR. had a guess about the glimpse of Arwen in the trailer:

"I think I figured out what the scene of Arwen in the trailer represents. If you remember from the appendix, Aragorn and Arwen pledged their love for one another on a hill in Lothlorien. The hill was covered in flowers. This has GOT to be from that scene."

Adam saw the same picture in a more sombre light:

"This is just a guess on my part but I remember Peter Jackson saying in an interview that they expanded Arwen's part quite abit from the epilogue
following the Return of the King....in the epilogue Arwen refuses to join Elrond in the journey over the sea. If Arwen stayed she would lose her immortality but live longer than any man. Aragorn lived a very long time for a man but died in his kingdom. Arwen stayed there for a time in but eventually left thier kingdom and went into the forest. The epilogue says she laid under a tree and passed on into eternity. That's my speculation with no offical source."

Would they show this in the trailer? Would they show this in the film at all? I wonder if they add punch to Arwen's hard choice by making her able to forsee her own death in a premonition, if she chooses mortality? That would work, visually.

1-13-01 Latest News

The Quest for 'The Fellowship of the Ring' Trailer!
Tookish @ 8:45 pm EST

We are getting reports and reactions about the New Line Cinema theatrical trailer of The Lord of the Rings from all over the world. The reactions are mixed, possibly due more to the fact that many were expecting a long trailer full of dialog and longer clips. However, from the e-mails you've sent in, the general impression is that the trailer was definitely worth seeing. (Well, of course it was… It’s LOTR!!!) Here are some excerpts from the multitude of mail we have received:

Kailin of California stated, "It's not that great of a trailer, it's more of a teaser, and shows all the characters, but doesn't name them. Some of the images look incredible, but for those who didn't know what it was at first, they would have no idea what there were seeing. Oh well, I liked it, and I liked 13 Days, so it was a good night at the theater." Nathan and friend, also from California, "... were greatful to see a large golden ring floating right there in front of our eyes. We enjoyed the trailer (teaser) but hope there will be several more over the next year (more dialogue please!)"

A fan from Worcester, MA, said, "It was just so cool to watch it, as short as it was (seemed, anyway), with a theater full of people." She adds, "BTW, I didn't like 13 days very much. In at LEAST 5 scenes (husband says several more), you can see the microphone dangling over the actors' heads!!! The audience was LAUGHING every time this happened! I do NOT want to see a mike dangling over Gandalf's head!" Lol, neither do we! Just smoke rings please.

Beakster in Glasgow, Scotland, saw the trailer in front of 'Lost Souls'. He was excited to see they had put the trailer in separate from the others and in full widescreen. Dave in New Hampshire said, "Verrrrrrrrrry good treatment in Londonderry and Hooksett New Hampshire theatres . They each showed the trailer once in the beginning and end of show!"

Old Toby of Dearborn, MI, wrote this: "My heart was pounding for the next 10 minutes after seeing it. Not that the trialer was super awesome, but just seeing the characters on the big screen gave me the shakes." Pulse from Texas commented, "I especially liked it when they put 'The Return of the King' up whenever Aragorn walked by. Very cool."

Debbie in Texas had technical difficulties viewing the trailer. Only half the trailer’s screen was visible, so the management allowed her to stay and watch it the next time it ran. Mitch from Indiana loved what he saw but was a bit disappointed. "I wanted it to be at least TWICE as long... and I felt that the first glimpse we received on the Web -- the Quicktime clip -- was in many ways a BETTER preview. It was good... and whetted my appetite... but -- like all good fans – I wanted much, much MORE!"

Jonathan of Chicago, Christian of Duluth, Minnesota, and Sughosh of Mississippi were very disappointed that the theater they went to did not show the trailer at all. Fans in Tennessee fared much better. A group went to see the teaser on Friday night and loved it so much they asked the manager if they could watch it once more. They say it was even better the second time around! Lindulan, also of Tennessee, wrote this, "We saw it last night in Nashville, TN. My sister called me earlier today from Atlanta, GA, where she was in line to see it. They had a sign posted outside the theatre stating 'If you are here only to see the LOTR trailer, you will not receive a refund' so I assume that is a "hit" there."

Marsha of Ohio saw the trailer and hopes New Line will let Peter Jackson do the next one. She said, "I am hoping that New Line will take Harry Knowles' advice and let PJ do the next one. Also, that they start emphasizing the story since I also think that the best way to reach the non-Ringer audience is going to be by drawing them into the story. This trailer, unfortunately, was too disjointed for anyone other than fanatics like us to really have any idea what it is about!"

Thanks again for all your email!

Fellowship of the Ring trailer status: United States
Tookish @ 4:34 am EST

Tolkien fans are finding mixed success in their attempts to view the much anticipated Fellowship of the Ring trailer, and emails are pouring in. We've heard from folks who have driven for hours only to be bitterly disappointed, and others who have been treated graciously by theaters to two trailer viewings after the feature! Please call your theater before you go so your time is well-spent. The latest results, as of the final update (1/14/00):

Birmingham, AL: one miss
Decatur, AL: one hit, River Oaks 8 at Colonial Mall
Florence, AL: one miss, Capri Four
Montgomery, AL: one miss
Fayettville, AR: one hit, Razorback 6
Campbell, CA: one hit, Plaza Theater
Corona, CA: one hit, Edwards 15
Fremont, CA: one hit, Cindome 8
Fresno, CA: one hit, Fresno Stadium 21
Los Angeles, CA: two hits, United Artists Westwood, Mann Theaters on Ventura Blvd
Mountain View, CA: one hit
Oceanside, CA: one miss but reportedly attatched to wrong film
Redding, CA: one miss, Cinemark Movies 10 Theaters
Riverbank, CA: one hit, Galaxy 12 Theaters near Modesto
San Diego, CA: one hit, Mira Mesa 18 Cinema
San Jose, CA: one miss, Century 16 in Mountain View
Santa Cruz, CA: one miss, Cinema 9 Signature Theaters
Woodland, CA: one hit, State Theater
Denver, CO: one hit
Manchester, CT: one miss, Buckland Hills Theater (How dare they!!! Those Brandybucks!)
Decatur, AL: one hit, Showcase Cinemas
Miami, FL: one miss, Regal Kendall 9
Orlando, FL one hit
Pensacola, FL: one miss at Carmike 10; one hit, Cordova 4
Alpharetta, GA: one hit, United Artists Theater, North Point Mall
Athens, GA: one hit
Douglasville, GA: one hit, Regal Cinema, Arbor Place Mall
Savannah, GA: one miss
Boise, ID: one hit, Edwards 21 Cinema
Bloomingtond, IL: one hit, Parkway Cinemas
Chicago, IL: one miss, The Sony Esquire; one hit, Webster Loews theater near DePaul
St. Charles, IL one hit, Regal Charlestown Mall 18 Theater
Warrenville, IL: one hit, AMC 30
Woodridge, IL: one hit
Indianapolis, IN: one miss, Lowes (Sony) Cherry Tree; one hit, Kerostes Theaters Showlplace 16
Goshen, IN: one hit
Hobart, IN: one hit, Loew's Theater
Des Moins, IO: one hit, Carmike Cinemas
New Olreans, LA: one hit, Palace 20
Cambridge, MA: one hit, Landmark's Kendell Square
Hadley, MA: one hit
Springfield, MA: one miss, Showcase Theaters
Worcester, MA: one hit, Showcase Cinemas, Worcester North
Baltimore, MD: one hit, Lowe's Cinema, the Avenue at White Marsh
Dearborn, MI: one hit, Star Theatre Fairlane
Livonia, MI: one hit, AMC 20
Deluth, MN: one miss
Edina, MN: one hit, Centennial Lakes
Lakeville, MN: one miss at a 'HUGE' theater
Minneapolis, MN: one miss
St. Paul, MN: one hit, Maplewood II Theater
St. Louise, MO: one hit at Werenburg Theater
Gulport, MS: one miss
Raleigh/Durham, NC: reportedly available at 'all Consolidated theaters in the Triangle area' including Raleigh Grande and Crossroads 20
Wilmington, NC: one hit, Carmike 6
Wiston/Salem, NC: one hit, Wynnsong 12
Lincoln, NE: one hit, Edgewood 3
Londonderry/Hooksett NH: one hit, trailer shown before and after feature
East Hanover, NJ: one miss, East Hanover Loews
Alamogordo, NM: one hit
Las Cruces, NM: one miss
Staten Island, NY: one miss, UA/Travis
Westbury, NY: one miss
Columbus, OH: one miss, one hit
Dayton, OH: one hit, Hollywood 20
Toledo, OH: one miss, Showcase Maumee (?sic)
Oklahoma City, OK: one hit, Quail Springs Cinema
Tulsa, OK: one hit, Dickenson Starworld 20
Medford, OR: one hit, Tinseltown
Portland, OR: one hit, Evergreen Parkway Regal Cinemas
Delmont, PA: one miss
Johnstown, PA: one miss, Richland Mall Cinemas
Quakertown, PA: one hit, Regal 12
Washington, PA: one miss, Hollywood Theaters, Washington Crown Center Mall
Memphis, TN: one miss; hits at Collierville Town Cinema, Wolfchase Galleria
Nashville, TN: two hits, one at Green Hills Cinema
Bedford, TX: one hit, UA Bedford 10
Houston, TX: one miss,Tinsel Town-Cinemark Westchase; two hits, northwest at Tinseltown 290 and southwest side
Lubbock, TX: one hit, Cinemark Tinseltown
McKinney, TX: one hit
Frisco, TX: one hit, Stonebriar AMC 24
Provo, UT: one miss, Wynnsong 12; one hit, Carmike at Provo Towne Centre
Salt Lake City, UT: one hit, Century 16
Abingdon, VA: initial miss but later theater gave double viewing!
Richmond, VA: one hit, Regal Cinemas Virginia Commons Theater
Burlington, VT: one miss, Nickelodeon Theater
Norfolk, VA: one miss, Cinemark 18
Merrifield, VA: one miss, Arlington Boulevard/Lee Highway Multiplex Cinema
Seatle, WA: hits at Meridian 16 and Metro's Cinema
Spokane, WA: hit at AMC 30

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