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July 11, 2004 - September 14, 2004

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Parma Eldalamberon On Sale Now - Xoanon @ 19:39 PST
Ostadan writes: Chris Gilson, editor of the Elvish linguistic journal Parma Eldalamberon, has sent out the following announcement that should be of interest to many TORNfolk:

Copies of _Parma Eldalamberon_ issue #12 are available again.

This issue contains the complete "Qenya Lexicon" by J. R. R. Tolkien,edited by Christopher Gilson, Carl F. Hostetter, Patrick Wynne and Arden R. Smith. For anyone interested in the history of Tolkien's invention of the language of the High Elves in_The Lord of the Rings_ this work, dating from around 1915 and containing the beginnings of that long process, is indispensable reading.

And even for those who just want to explore ways of expressing ideas using authentic forms in this favorite of Tolkien's inventedlanguages, the "Qenya Lexicon" contains many Elvish words that have no synonyms elsewhere in the Quenya corpus.

_Parma Eldalamberon_ issue #12 is available through PayPal for $25 including shipping worldwide. The link for this is:


Or you can send payments to me at the address below.

Thanks again to everyone on Elfling who has already shown interestand support for our ongoing efforts to edit and publish Tolkien's writings about his invented languages and scripts!

Christopher Gilsoncgilson75@hotmail.com

Parma Eldalamberon10646-A Rosewood RoadCupertino, CA 95014U.S.A.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

TORn Dragon Con shirt revealed! - Xoanon @ 22:26 PST

TORn Dragon Con shirt revealed!TORn Dragon Con shirt revealed!TORn Dragon Con shirt revealed!

ATLANTA - Three new shirts will make their premeir at Dragon Con in Atlanta this weekend! All three will be available on line after the convention along with a fourth golf style shirt with a TORn embroidered logo.

Here we present the approximate graphics of these new shirts, although the color and details are meant to convey the idea and are not perfect..

The first shirt pokes a little friendly fun at TORnados who have seen the films, fallen in love with a certain Elf but haven't managed to pick up the book yet.

The second is another play on the ring theme in popular culture and the third is a "thank you" to Peter Jackson and his film-making team complete with a seven-color process image of the movie-saint himself!

Those of you heading to or already in Atlanta, stop by our fan table in the Marriott where you can be the first to own one of these new beauties. TheOneRing.net staff is also heavily involved in Tolkien tract. We have a sneak-peak of the ROTK extended edition on Saturday and will be involved in general merrymaking for the entire weekend. Those not involved in the massive and spectacular annual convention will be able to order the three convention shirts and the fourth collared option in a few weeks. Until then, enjoy this sneak peek.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

War of the Ring Boardgame - Xoanon @ 19:39 PST
War of the Ring Boardgame Francesco writes: War of the Ring is finally in distribution, starting from France (last week) and currently Italy and the US. The following weeks will see the game distributed in the UK, Holland, Germany, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

War of the Ring Boardgame War of the Ring is the most recent major game release based on the Lord of the Rings saga. Published the world over, the game is produced by the Italian company Nexus Editrice in 8 different languages, on a license by Sophisticated Games (UK). The game has been designed by an all-Italian team of designers: Roberto Di Meglio , at his debut as a 'professional' designer, has penned several games featured in Nexus gaming magazines; Francesco Nepitello and Marco Maggi have a rich catalogue of collaborations, including the award-winning X-Bugs (published in Italy, France, Germany and the U.S.), several card games for Dal Negro, Hector and Achilles for Phalanx Games, the Roman-fantasy Rpg Lex Arcana and others.

War of the Ring Boardgame Sublicensors for the various editions include Fantasy Flight Games (US), Esdevium Games (UK), Tilsit (France), Phalanx Games (Germany and Holland), Devir (Spain and Portugal, Fantasy Shop (Greece).

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

SHOP: Last Chance for Sauron's Helm and Mouth of Sauron - Celeborn @ 16:09 PST
Sideshow/Weta has informed their customers via their newsletter that the recently release Sauron's Helm and Mouth of Sauron Bust are about to sell out. If you were planning on picking up either of these pieces for your collection, act now! . [Sauron Helm] [Mouth of Sauron Bust]

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Shelob Goes Rock 'n' Roll - Xoanon @ 14:11 PST
Jeff writes: A while ago, I wrote to say I spotted Viggo/Aragorn's face on a metal album by a band called Dyonisus, well, today, I write to tell you that I spotted SHELOB on the cover of, you guessed it, another metal band. This time it's Italian band ARACHNES (quite fitting name), and you can see for yourself that not only is the image of Shelob simply plagiarized, it's also badly 'compressed'. Original art by John Howe & Arachnes Cover Art. [Order this Album Online]

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Elven Barbie and Ken Dolls - Xoanon @ 21:36 PST

The Elven Ken & BarbieThe Elven Ken & Barbie

It seems Mattel is at it again with their LOTR inspired Ken & Barbie dolls. This time they've victimized, er, chosen Legolas & Galadriel! Click on the images above if you dare.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

20 inch Aragorn & Legolas Figures Spotted in CA - Xoanon @ 11:33 PST
Lori in Los Angeles writes: I saw both Aragorn and Legolas 20" action figures for sale in Glendale Galleria (California) Suncoast Video store last thursday. I see on Amazon that they are supposed to be available July 15 and Aug 1. I was surprised to see these giant figures since I hadn't heard of these items before. [Lord of the Rings 20" Talking Aragorn Figure] [Lord of the Rings 20" Legolas Talking Figure]

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