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May 08, 2001 - May 31, 2001

Thursday, May 31, 2001

One Word BARGAIN - Xoanon @ 16:37 PST
I would like to inform British fan of Lord of The Rings that you dont have to shell out lots of money for the posters to be delivered over to the U.K. when http://www.gbposters.co.uk/ has the teaser poster 2 for just 3:99 one word BARGAIN.

LOTR Breaks Top Ten, Again! - Calisuri @ 08:40 PST

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Ringer Fan KDav sends in a heads up from Amazon.com. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Boxed Set is back on Amazon.com's 100 Hot Books list. It is great to see people buying the book in such great numbers again. [BUY IT]

Sunday, May 27, 2001

Arwen and Frodo Posters Available at ALA Online - Xoanon @ 16:34 PST
Check out these GREAT LOTR posters you can get from the American Library Association.

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Kids Version of LOTR....really needed? - Xoanon @ 17:45 PST
From: An insider at Scholastic

The company I work for Scholastic, a children publisher, won the auction for the juvenile world-wide book rights for the trilogy. When the Tolkien Estate viewed the sales pitch they shot the idea down in flames, as they felt it would devalue the book.

Personally, I agree with the Tolkien Estate. Scholastic, published the Tie-in book for The Phantom Menace and they were bad enough. I would hate to see what they would have produced for Lord of the Rings !

There is an article on this on www.thebookseller.com, but you need to be a premium subscriber to get at the article now. Here is what you see when you search the archive option with 'Scholastic'

Tolkien estate tie-in snub Score: 80%

Date: 20 April 2001 A children's publishing programme tied to the forthcoming film versions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy has been axed after protests from J R R Tolkien's estate, Joel Rickett writes.

I will try and find the original article for you for authenticity. I will keep my ear to the ground and see if I can find anything else out and keep you informed.

Fellowship Ornaments for X-Mas! - Xoanon @ 11:25 PST
From: Caradoc

Caradoc here, I was surprised to see these items by Dept. 56 (yes, the makers of the extremely popular "Dicken's Village" and other lighted Christmas villages). Looks like they'll have quite a few Fellowship ornaments for our trees this holiday season including THE RING! Gimli looks great! Here's the link:


Scroll down to the menu bar and choose FOTR. Check them out! they're cool!

Thursday, May 17, 2001

WETA/Sideshowtoy pics! - Xoanon @ 00:23 PST
Some truly amazing pics from the very cool folks at WETA/Sideshowtoys! Check these out!




Orc Helmets


Moria Orc

Orc Overseer


These are truly amazing, make sure to check here often for more info on these!

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Glass Hammer Update - Xoanon @ 20:54 PST
From the Glass Hammer folks.

While we're waiting for news of the release date of "The Middle-earth Album", we thought we'd share some silliness that leaked out of the Glass Hammer studio in the form of REALAUDIO files. In Part Two of the Glass Hammer interview (posted a while ago) interviewer Chris Murphy was promised a trip to Middle-earth. The newly posted Part Three reveals that Chris actually did make it to Middle-earth, where he interviewed both Hobbits and Dwarves about Glass Hammer's performance. All seemed to be going well, but in Part Four he was accosted just outside the village gates by no less than three Barrow-Wights!

They seem to be the very same Barrow-Wights who were first heard on Glass Hammer's "Journey of the Dunadan", and are certainly the same three who are mentioned in Steve Babb's new tale "A Halfling's Adventure In Bree".

"This is not serious reporting," says Steve Babb. "This is just for fun! But if you do ever happen to meet three Barrow-wights on the road at night, don't stay to chat like Chris did!"

One member of the staff at Sound Resources also noted, "There seem to be some negative comments about Glass Hammer in the interviews. Maybe the fans shouldn't be exposed to that!" But Steve responded by explaining that "While most Halflings, Dwarves, and Rangers seemed to enjoy our performance immensely, there were a few malcontents who couldn't be pleased no matter what we played.

Every bar has that element, and The Prancing Pony was no exception. On the whole though, I hear we're a big hit. As Chris discovered, the Barrow-wights don't like us at all. But that's understandable. We were offered huge sums to play a gig on The Barrow Downs, but we refused. You see, when Dwarves don't like what you're playing, they throw beer. That's bad enough. Barrow-wights throw huge swords and daggers, and frankly, that's just unacceptable.

Stay tuned for more, Glass Hammer fans! And keep checking the site at http://www.glasshammer.com/ for more information about the new album as its release date draws nearer!

High Quality LOTR pics - Xoanon @ 00:23 PST
Ringer Spy Geb sends along these great pics of those LOTR toys you all want to play with so badly!

Thursday, May 10, 2001

Christopher Lee Bio - Xoanon @ 16:08 PST
Yes, even you can learn more about Christopher Lee in his new biography 'The Authorized Screen History'. Saint tells us more:

Heres a pretty cool pic I found on the web of the cover and description of the new Christopher Lee (Saruman) biography that's about to come out.

Actually, I think this has been out for a while, I seem to remember Lee doing a book signing for it... [More]

Tuesday, May 08, 2001

Weekly Ebay Items - Xoanon @ 21:57 PST
Each week, I scour Ebay looking for the hot Tolkien items up for sale. I post the most interesting here for you to bid on. You can click on any item you wish, it does not mean you are bidding for the item. Have fun and keep checking back here every week! See something I've missed on another auction site? Drop me a line!

TheOneRing.net makes no money from these items.

Tolkien-Lord of the Rings-1st UK Edition Set! $1,000.00

Lord of the Rings - Glamdring the Foe Hammer $600.00

Tolkien UK Lord of the Rings Deluxe Leather $400.00

Tolkien Lord of the Rings Set 1st UK in DJs $338.00


Tolkien Lord of the Rings RotK Uk 1st 1955 $250.00

SPI Lord of the Rings - UNPUNCHED *BRITISH* $202.50

Lord of the Rings 1979 carded ARAGORN figure $200.00


Tolkien Lord of the Rings: Two Towers UK 1st $150.00

RARE!! LG. Lord of the Rings Chess Set LOOK! $127.50

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