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February 09, 2001 - February 28, 2001

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Mithril Renewes License - Xoanon @ 00:35 PST
Joe Mandala from 'The Guild Companion' sends in word that those sturdy little dwarves from Mithril Miniatures have renewed their Middle-earth license to produce miniatures. I've got a whole box full of them if anyone wants to play :)

Monday, February 26, 2001

The Orc's side of the story - new CD from Swedish band Za Frumi - Tehanu @ 05:29 PST
A while ago we may have mentioned the band Za Frumi and their project; now they've written to tell us their CD's finished:
I am writing to you to inform you of a new cd with Tolkien-inspired music from a dark fantasy setting. Unlike anything previously seen, this cd tells the tale of a wayward clan of orcs, and the many things they encounter during their journeys. Majestc orchestral choirs, pounding drums and melodious flutes combine with ambient sounds of their surroundings, and also the orcs themselves, with a dialogue spoken entirely in black speech, the language of the orcs. In the booklet there is also a complete translation of what they are saying, so even those who cannot speak the language can understand what is happening."

Wow, that's a treat for the linguists and the music lovers! This certainly sounds like a different approach and their website is very stylish. It seems to have been updated so it has more information on it. Plus you can order the Za Frumi CD there. (More)

Friday, February 23, 2001

Ebay: Gandorf the Stand-up - UPDATE - Calisuri @ 09:36 PST
Aesthetik wrote us with a link to a new ebay auction.

\[ Gandorf\? Heh...i bet its Saruman \]

"This is a full sized standee for the upcoming film 'Lord of the Rings'. It is about 6 feet tall. I believe the is Gandorf. The standee is not available to the public and is part of a studio collection of graphics. It is made of corrugated cardboard and folds nicley along a fold in the material...perfect for shipping. " [Ebay]

While the auction claims this is Gandorf (misspelling or Gandalf in another language?), this is in fact Christopher Lee as Saruman. But its cool none-the-less!


As for whether this is legit...SC sends us this info:

"...While i can't vouch for the integrity of the seller, the saruman stand-up is the real deal. i had a press pass at the international toy fair in new york city last week, and i vividly remember seeing a stand-up like this at the decipher card game booth in the javits convention center. if i recall correctly, there was a similar one for frodo. i wonder if that one will surface?"

And to add to that, the seller just wrote:

"Yes, its a legit standee...I just dont know my LOTR characters."

So all seems legit. Go and Bid!

Monday, February 19, 2001

New stuff at Fantasypewter.com! - Gamgee @ 00:05 PST
Check out Fantasypewter.com, makers of all kinds of cool Tolkien and fantasy items, ranging from jewelry boxes, to goblets, to a wicked Tolkien chess set!

Now they are proud to offer a new product: The Smeagol/Gollum Goblet!

\[ Click to buy! \]

I personally think everything these folks have for sale are masterpieces, I'm sure you will too! [More]

Monday, February 12, 2001

Hand-Made Maps II - Calisuri @ 15:19 PST
A few months ago, we brought you a link to a site that makes hand made LOTR maps. Because of the overwhelming response to that first post, Justin had to suspend taking orders. Well, now they are once again open for business. Get your 24x38 parchment hand drawn map today! [More]

Saturday, February 10, 2001

Lee Autographed Special Edition Hobbit - Jincey @ 12:38 PST
This won't last long, but it's such a great find, we had to share it with everyone! E-Bay is taking bids til 4pm ET today for a 1997 UK limited edition 60th anniversary Hobbit signed by the illustrator, Alan Lee!!! Even if you can't bid, just go look at this gorgeous book! [More]

Friday, February 09, 2001

Ebay: The Hobbit, Signed, 1st Edition! - Calisuri @ 18:20 PST
Well folks, Ebay.com has a signed first edition of The Hobbit. You will definitely need a large checkbook to bid on this one! But even if you can't buy it, check out the auction for some great images of this amazing Tolkien collectible. [More]

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