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November 14, 2000 - November 30, 2000

Thursday, November 30, 2000

Yes, there is an Arwen Barbie...... - Tehanu @ 03:54 PST
Well not quite. I'm not sure how serious people were about this Tolkien Barbie Swap Meet thing. But for those that were, sort of, a TORN correspondent can offer real Tolkien dolls from the Franklin mint.

"I was wondering if you might include my new eBay auction in your auction watch. I have ALL THREE of the Hildebrandt/Franklin Mint Tolkien Dolls up for grabs as a single lot. (Just moved, no job yet, it's Very Cold in these Olympic Mountains and I need propane!!!!!!) The dolls are in excellent condition, have all access. Galadriel needs a leg tightened but there's no visible damage. Two are missing the boxes and Eowyn is missing her papers. Anyway the auction is under the name Quilbilly on eBay."

And the rest is up to you.

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Rare opportunity to see Ted Nasmith's work 'Live.' - Tehanu @ 17:18 PST
"ONE RING TO BRING THEM ALL" - The paintings of Ted Nasmith.

We got a press release from Chalk Farm Gallery in London about their Ted Nasmith exhibition which they're holding from the 8th Dec - 5th January

"As the Lord of the Rings is the most popular book in the world bar the bible, and was recently voted Book of the Century, it is hardly surprising that the first film in the trilogy, due for release next year, is being touted as the 'new Star Wars'. It is against this backdrop that we announce our third exhibition of the work of the celebrated Tolkien Artist Ted Nasmith.

Since 1972 when Nasmith first embarked on his career his imagination, passion and incredible eye for detail have helped him rise to the top in this fiercely competitive and highly specialised field. His work has been seen on Tolkien calendars all over the world and he was the sole illustrator of the much acclaimed recent publication of the Silmarillion, though perhaps his highest accolade was the approval of Tolkien himself before his death.

Much of the work to be included in this exhibition will be the original paintings used for the Silmarillon, along with older pieces of scenes from The Lord of the Rings, and some created specifically for this show. As Nasmith rarely exhibits his paintings it is one of the few chances for fans in this country to see his work, and though much of it will be pre-sold to private collectors it will remain in the gallery for the duration of the show."

There's more information on their website - where you can view some images - or you can phone them (UK) 0207 267 3300

Monday, November 27, 2000

New Product: TheOneRing.net™ Embroidered Hat - Calisuri @ 12:02 PST
Another week, another new holiday gift idea from Rapgear and Greek101!

This week we are proud to offer the official TheOneRing.net™ Embroidered Black Hat.

TheOneRing.net™ Embroidered Logo Hat

Jump on over to our Specials section for more TheOneRing.net™ official gear! [more]

Sunday, November 26, 2000

New Poster: The Nine Set Out - Calisuri @ 13:22 PST
Check out the latest offering from our affiliate AllPosters.com:

The Nine Set Out
The Nine Set Out

Check out all the Tolkien and Lord of the Rings related posters in our Poster Section.

Monday, November 20, 2000

Black Top Ten Sweatshirt - Calisuri @ 12:52 PST
The good folks at Rapgear are continuing to broaden TheOneRing.net™ product selection this week with the Top Ten Signs you are a Tolkien Fan Black Sweatshirt. []

Top Ten Black Sweatshirt

Check out this product and other TheOneRing.net™ products in Shop.TheOneRing.net Specials Section.

Sunday, November 19, 2000

Weekly Ebay Items - Xoanon @ 17:34 PST
Each week, I scour Ebay looking for the hot Tolkien items up for sale. I post the most interesting here for you to bid on. You can click on any item you wish, it does not mean you are bidding for the item. Have fun and keep checking back here every week! See something I've missed on another auction site? Drop me a line!

TheOneRing.net makes no money from these items.

Tolkien: LORD OF THE RINGS. First Edition! $1,001.00

Tolkien-beautiful LORD OF THE RINGS&HOBBIT!! $555.91

Hand Painted Lord of The Rings Chess Set/Bd. $255.00

Lord of the Rings-Samwise Royal Doulton Fig. $108.50

LORD OF THE RINGS,Tolkien,Easton Press,Sp.Ed. $103.50

Lord of The Rings Chess Set & Board /N/R $102.50

Tolkien "The Hobbit" Signed First Edition AU $4,617.00 (approx. $2,395.07)

Tolkien RETURN OF THE KING Amer 1st/1st in dj $332.82

J.R.R. Tolkien Lord Of The Rings LTD ED SLPCS $102.50

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

The news at Mithril - Xoanon @ 12:11 PST
From: The Mithril Folks

We are starting the next master figures auction for M135 Lake-town Guardsman check out details on http://www.mithril.ie/auction

Our despatch department is now in full swing and many of our mail order customers will have received the new release. For those who have not yet ordered please do so now to ensure christmas delivery and the same serial number as previous releases.

Most of the deliveries have been sent to the distributors so your local stockist should have the new releases any day now.

The names of our next release have been put up on the site on the page http://www.mithril.ie/next

We have now put our last postage dates for Christmas on

info@princeaugust.ie - General e-mail
mailorder@princeaugust.ie - Mail order enquiries
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Adam Dawson
Web Master Prince August

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