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January 11, 2003 - February 11, 2003

News & Updates 2/11/03
And the Oscar Nominations are in...
2/11/03, 10:42 am EST -

The Oscar-nominations were announced just now and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers picked up a nomination for Best Film alongside 'The Hours', 'Chicago', 'Gangs of New York' and 'The Pianist'. Unfortunately no Best Director-nomination for PJ or Best Supporting Actor for Andy Serkis this year.

In the 'smaller' categories The Two Towers picked up nominations for:

Art Direction

Film Editing


Sound Editing

and Visual Effects!

Check out the entire list of nominations here!

What do you think of the TTT noms, or the Oscars in general? Post your feedback here!

News & Updates 2/08/03
Still Counting...
2/08/03, 3:29 pm EST -

Just as a small update to the ticket sales, I am still updating the database and doing the final count. There should be more information available before Wednesday. Sorry to all of those waiting to see if more tickets will be available!

News & Updates 1/30/03
Discounted Tux Rental!
1/30/03, 10:39 am EST -

Worried about getting a tux for the Two Towers - One Party...or paying out the nose for it? Well, no need to worry any more! Ringer Sarumann has our back! Gingiss Formalwear has provided a special group discount rate on rental tuxedos for people attending this year's Oscar Party! [More]

News & Updates 1/24/03
Sold Out! - But fear not!
1/24/03, 8:19 pm EST -

Well, the day has arrived. If you try and purchase a ticket today, you'll notice that you can't! The party is SOLD OUT! However, we fully expect some tickets to become available in the near future. We have some folks who are members of the military and might need to cancel their orders, as well as others who just couldn't pay the bill! Once we weed through the entire batch we'll come back an announce if there are anymore tickets available. Look for another announcement in a few days or so.

News & Updates 1/17/03
Hotel Accommodation Information
1/17/03, 9:40 pm EST -

We have compiled a list of local hotels in the area around Two Towers - One Party. As you know, TORn does not have cash (nor tries to get any!) and thus couldn't guarentee the hotels in the area that you would all be booking a room. BUT, thanks to the efforts of Ringer Garfiemao, we have arranged for some discounted rates! You can check the complete listing for yourself in our Hotel Area.

If you are interested in finding out where other fans are staying, or maybe you want to organize a little get-together before the event, we have set up a special thread on our messageboards. [Click here.]

News & Updates 1/15/03
Tickets and Other Details
1/15/03, 5:07 pm EST -

With tickets being on sale for little over a week, we have already sold through 600 out of a total 800 available!

There have been some questions raised in the past week, so hopefully I can address a few here:

- We are working with local hotel chains to get discount prices for out-of-towners attending the party. We hope to have details later this week

- Some of you may notice your credit card has not been processed yet. Do not be worried! We held off processing to account for any last minute mistakes or changes. Cards should be charged within 2 weeks of your date of purchase.

- Did you name your guest? If you purchased 2 or more tickets, you were required to provide names for the additional tickets. If you have not done so, please email chris@sideshowtoy.com immediately with your order number and the names to be associated with your order.

- We are sorry, but the 18 years and under rule is strictly enforced. We cannot allow anyone under the age of 18 into the party, even with parental guidance. If this affects your order, please email chris@sideshowtoy.com immediately with changes.

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to contact me at calisuri@theonering.net!

News & Updates 1/11/03
Ticket Update
1/11/03, 11:16 am EST -

As of Saturday, January 11th, we have sold 500 tickets to "Two Towers - One Party." That leaves only 300 to go! Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of the premiere Tolkien event of the year! Purchase Tickets

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