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January 05, 2003 - January 09, 2003

News & Updates 1/09/03
Ticket Update
1/09/03, 1:31 pm EST -

So far we have sold half or the allotted 800 tickets for the party! Thank you to all the fans who ordered early!

If you have a question on your order please contact chris@sideshowtoy.com for information/updates. For example, if you ordered multiple tickets and did not specify a name for your guest(s), please immediately email him.

News & Updates 1/08/03
Tickets on Sale!
1/08/03, 4:00 pm EST -

Tickets are on sale now! Jump to our 'Two Towers - One Party' website to reserve your attendance at the most glamorous Tolkien event of the year! [More]

News & Updates 1/06/03
Two Towers - One Party
1/06/03, 2:08 pm EST -

Two Towers - One party

Join TheOneRing.net and hundreds of your closest Tolkien fans as we celebrate The Two Towers on Oscar Night 2003. Tickets for this year's party, appropriately named Two Towers - One Party, will go on sale this coming Wednesday, January 8th. Stay tuned for details and the opening of the party website.

News & Updates 1/05/03
Oscar Celebration 2003: Two Towers - One Party
1/05/03, 6:07 pm EST -

One of TORn's helpers, Josh Rubinstein, talked about TheOneRing.net Oscar Party in a recent CNN and Variety article on Tolkien's 111th Birthday. [Toast Event] Since then all morning we've been getting emails and phone calls from interested folks about the party.

We can tell you a few details however:

The official name is "Two Towers - One Party"
It WILL be held on Oscar Night (Sunday March 23rd, 2003)
It WILL be in Hollywood, California
It WILL be held at the Hollywood Athletic Club

As for the rest...more details to follow! For now, check out the links from last years event.

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