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September 23, 2000 - October 01, 2000

News for Oct. 01, 2000

McKellen interview update

10/01/00, 8:54 pm EST - Tehanu

Now we have a definite time for interview with Sir Ian on the Kim Hill show, thanks to Peter B:

"Kim Hill just mentioned, on her National Radio show this morning, her upcoming interview with Ian McKellan. I called Radio NZ, and they inform me that the interview is scheduled for Friday 6 October at 11 AM. So lock in your tuners!

By the way, most (all?) Radio NZ shows can be purchased after the fact on tape, in a scheme they call Replay Radio. Worth checking into."
OK, so for those of you outside of NZ, this interview can be heard live on the Radio New Zealand website. For those of you on EST, that's going to be THURSDAY at 6pm.

The webmaster has said he may be able to host a clip of the interview on the RNZ website for those that want to listen to it in subsequent days.

The replay radio clips are available for sale from the website too.

Weekly Tolkien on Ebay

10/01/00, 7:19 pm EST - Xoanon

More fun than watching your dog eat peanut butter! (well...maybe not) [More]

Weekly Cast Watch: Oct 1-7

10/01/00, 6:36 pm EST - Xoanon

Another chance to catch your favorite LOTR stars on the small screen! [More]

Friends, fans and countrymen, lend us your EARS!

10/01/00, 1:47 am EST - Tehanu

Strictly a call for the Kiwi fans here unless you're willing to put RadioNZ live through your modem for the next week from 6 to 9pm EST.

Kimi has been nagging Radio NZ to interview Sir Ian, and now it seems that her wishes have been answered.

"....this afternoon I heard a preview of Kim Hill's programs for the coming week, and they mentioned that she will be interviewing Ian McKellen. They didn't say which day, but keep your ears open, and I will too."

The Kim Hill nine-to-noon show is THE premiere current affairs/interview show for NZ's thinking radio listeners.

We'd LOVE to get a recording/transcript/copy/heads-up alert about when this is going to happen. So lend us your ears for the next week, Kiwis, and see if we can catch this interview.

Rest your little heads.

10/01/00, 1:28 am EST - Corvar

This just came in over the teletypes, and I thought it would allow everyone to catch up on the sleep which has been lost worrying about Eowyn the Elf.

Dear One Ring.Net Staff and Readers,

As you may have already noticed, this month's E! Online "On Location" article mistakenly describes Eowyn (played by Miranda Otto) as an Elf.

This was a typographical error which occurred during a last-minute re-edit of the article.

We apologise for any distress this may have caused your readers, and can assure that Eowyn will not be played as an Elf in Peter Jackson's film!

The offending "E" word will be removed hopefully by the end of the weekend, but at the latest on Tuesday (NZ time). Until then, we would be appreciative if you could post this email on your website.


John Forde

Now that this has been cleared up for us, I can rest soundly.

News for Sep. 29, 2000

The Funeral of Theoden?

9/30/00, 12:40 am EST - Calisuri

From the desks of Ringer staff members Gandalf and Jincey:

In recent reports it has been stated that a funeral procession was recently filmed, and it is speculated that the funeral could in fact be for that of King Theoden of Rohan. But after reading the recent E! Online update info: "In the grassy plains below, Peter Jackson walks Bernard Hill through the next shot, a close-up of King Théoden burying his son in the flower-covered tombs outside the city." Could this in fact be the funeral of Theoden's only son, Theodred, and not Theoden? The same article mentions that Ian Mckellen (Gandalf) is there to comfort the grieved Theoden. If this is true then they have changed the story a little. Theodred dies before Gandalf and the three hunters reach Edoras. The way the article is written, it seems that this would take place after Theoden's 'healing' by Gandalf. Since Gandalf wasn't on good terms with Theoden on his previous visit, this is just something to think about.

News for Sep. 29, 2000

Media Watch: E! Online Updates

9/29/00, 11:19 pm EST - Calisuri

E! Online has updated their "Force of the Hobbit" section for the month of October. Here are some of the highlights:

Check the E! Online site for all the update. [more]

And Grog for Everyone! Is this for real?

9/29/00, 8:48 pm EST - Calisuri

Many fans have noticed that the "thank you" note to Edoras extras from Barry Osbourne and company, has the date of October 25th 2000 (see the note here). As a result, questions of authenticity have surfaced. After further review...we still believe this is in fact authentic and the date was simply misprinted.

More Sticky Bits on DVD?

9/29/00, 5:29 pm EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Thorin sends in the following:

"I have a few friends who were part of a filming session as orcs down in the Ruapehu area a few months ago. Aparently there is 2 versions being filmed, one for cinema release, and a DVD release, the latter sounds to be somewhat more gory!

I am told that during the filming of a particular scene (a fairly serious battle) the make-up techs were busy spreading blood and KY jelly over the actors, and the action began... the filming was then stopped, and the scene "topped up" with somewhat what has been described as "buckets-full",of blood and KY... the latter they were told, for a DVD version."

If this is true, we could very well have a very cool DVD indeed!

Elven Cloaks?

9/29/00, 3:57 pm EST - Tehanu

Alert Ringer Kimi sent this in:
"I was just listening to a program on National Radio called "Country Life". They were interviewing two fibre farmers from Wairarapa (fairly near Wellington) when an unexpected mention of LOTR made me listen harder.
Their farm is called Stansborough Station, and they breed Gotland sheep (along with alpacas and some other types of sheep), and also weave fabric. Their Gotland sheep are grey in colour. They mentioned that early on in their venture they got a large order. The order was from Three Foot Six, and was for 900 metres of fabric from the grey Gotland sheep.
Elven cloaks from Lorien, perhaps?"
Cool. One day I'd love to compile a list of local cottage industries that got this kind of windfall out of the LOTR project. So far I've heard of glassmakers, woodworkers, silversmiths, potters and possum-skinners but I bet there's a whole lot more.

LOTR gets attention from....David Gardner?

9/29/00, 2:19 am EST - Tehanu

And who is he? He's the best-known stock market columnist in the US, and he's written an article on his website about Tolkien! Fascinating point of view too. Head on over to the Fool and check it out. [More]

Thanks to Dudalb of the message boards

And Grog for everyone!

9/29/00, 1:36 am EST - Calisuri

Just received a copy of an official thank you note given to the extras playing the Riders of Rohan.

\[ Click for larger version \]

We all know this is a class-A production, so it is no surprise that even the individuals with small roles are treated well. Heck, they even get som grog! [more]

News for Sep. 27, 2000

Using Mana Island as a background

9/27/00, 3:41 pm EST - Tehanu

Michael Martinez over at Xenite's Tolkien forum wrote us his thoughts about why the film might want to use Island as a backdrop, if indeed that's what was happening at Titahi Bay last week.

"Going by the literary story I would say there are only three possibilities:

1) Tol Brandir. I consider this unlikely.

2) Tolfalas. Possible, but nothing in the literary story occurs there.

3) Tol Eressea. Frodo sees it at the end, and in a dream in Bombadil's house.

My guess is they are using it for Tol Eressea, probably for the end of the third film."

News for Sep. 26, 2000

Granny Herald reports on the NZ film industry and trips over its own feet.

9/26/00, 4:27 pm EST - Tehanu

The NZ Herald carried a small report yesterday on the effect that LOTR and other huge productions like Vertical Limit have had on the local film industry. If you'll remember, Vertical Limit was being filmed in Queenstown last summer at the same time as LOTR, kick-starting a whole second economy in the area.

The Film Commission has noticed that now, overseas producers approach them with a much clearer idea of what NZ offers as a film location, and a realisation that the crews and equipment they need are here already.

To give make their article more interesting, the Herald paired it with a photo captioned "Lord of the Rings has shown NZ to be a good location for producing films." What a pity the actual picture appears to show one of the puppets or models for the local condensed version of Wagner's 'The Ring of the Nibelungs.' I think it's Alberich.

This potted Ring was made in Auckland this year for children's television, in collaboration with the BBC's Channel 4. On which more later, we hope.

UPDATE: So we're not perfect either. Robin from the BBC informs us that the BBC (or 'auntie') is a seperate entity from Channel 4.

Filming in Titahi Bay

9/26/00, 4:17 pm EST - Tehanu

The film crew's packed up and gone home from their work in Titahi Bay, just north of Wellington and a stone's throw from where Peter Jackson grew up. My correspondent Flick wrote:
"Unfortunately my camera was in Auckland at the time (and I was crook) otherwise I would have taken some shots for you. Titahi Bay over looks the sea and Mana Island is in the back ground, if that helps. Apparently they were after the sky line."
Mana Island is a small grass-covered flat-topped island, far enough out to sea that it usually appears a little hazy with distance. I wonder what they wanted it for?

Wherever I have been, I am back!

9/26/00, 4:08 pm EST - Tehanu

I've been away and had dodgy access to news and email. I couldn't open any attachments on mail I did get; nor did the mail I sent all get where it was going. So if anyone who's emailed me in the last 10 days thinks I'm ignoring them, try again.

Filming major scenes at Mt. Potts.

9/26/00, 4:01 pm EST - Tehanu

Reading between the lines, it looks like some of the great Rohan scenes are being filmed this week at Mt. Potts, where the Edoras set has been built. The Timaru Herald was able to bring the world an update. (more)

Weekly Cast Watch: September 26-30

9/26/00, 11:24 am EST - Xoanon

More of your LOTR cast members on the small screen. [More]

Cast Watch: Sean Bean attacked by Goblins!

9/26/00, 12:13 am EST - Xoanon


Ringer fans Slim and Pat send in notice that the UK has finally woken up to LOTR. Check out this article in the September 7th Edition of the Star. [more]

News for Sep. 24, 2000

Cast News: Tobeck Out?

9/24/00, 5:15 pm EST - Xoanon

Lori from the Joel Tobeck International Fanclub sends us rather interesting news concerning Joel Tobeck and his role as young Smeagol.

"Just a quick note to let you know that Joel is not in the LOTR movie. His agent told me that the role of Smeagol "changed in height and stature" and Joel lost out."

We will try to get confirmation as soon as possible.

Casting News: Steve Coogan

9/24/00, 12:29 pm EST - Xoanon


Rumors are circulating that English actor/comedian Steve Coogan is being considered for a role in the LOTR movies. We are not sure what part he is being considered for but hope to have more information for you this week.

News for Sep. 23, 2000

Hall of Fire Chats September 23 & 24

9/23/00, 1:47 pm EST - Tookish

The Hall of Fire hosts another round of live Tolkien chat this Saturday and Sunday. Our topic:

The Hobbit

This past week marks not only the birthday of Bilbo Baggins, Expert Treasure Hunter from the Shire, but also the anniversary of the publication of The Hobbit in 1937. To honor these occasions we will talk at length about this wonderful story and its effect on the world. More details here.

Saturday Chat: 5:30 p.m. EDT [10:30 GMT]
Sunday Chat: 6:00 p.m. GMT [1:00 EDT]
Place: #thehalloffire on theonering.net server; come to our chatroom Barliman's and then type /join #thehalloffire

Contest Winners Announced!!!

9/23/00, 1:33 am EST - Gamgee

Well, after delving though countless entries, I have at last found the winners of Gollum's Riddle Challenge! Click here to view a list of the winners!

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