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August 26, 2005 - September 01, 2005

News for Sep. 01, 2005

Tolkien Artist Jef Murray in Atlanta!

9/01/05, 8:56 pm EST - Gamgee

Atlanta Art Show - “Saints, Serpents, and Sirens: Fairy Tales for a Skeptical World”. Come meet Tolkien artist Jef Murray at the Red Wall Gallery for an opening reception on Friday, September 9, from 7-9pm at 1428 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE, Atlanta. In addition to illustrations from Tolkien's works, Jef’s paintings explore mythological and sacred themes, and have a “fairy tale” quality that appeals to both adults and children. Note to hungry hobbits: the reception is entirely free, and light refreshments will be served. [More]

Elijah Wood Joins Emilio Estevez's Robert Kennedy Project

9/01/05, 5:26 pm EST - Xoanon

Elijah Wood's trademark blue eyes have glimpsed the wonders of Middle Earth (the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy), the destructive power of the universe ("Deep Impact") and the graphic manifestation of a comic book come to life ("Sin City"). Next he'll be focusing them on one of the most tragically memorable events in the history of U.S. politics. "It's a film called 'Bobby,' " Wood revealed of the project. "It's about the day that Robert Kennedy was shot at the Ambassador Hotel, and it takes place at the Ambassador. It's essentially about a cross-section of various people from all walks of life, at that hotel on that day, all leading up to his speech and him being assassinated." [More]

Jackson's Rings case may be nearer to settlement

9/01/05, 5:21 pm EST - Xoanon

New Line Cinema's decision to make a landmark payout to veteran Hollywood producer Saul Zaentz over claims against Lord of the Rings profits may boost the chances of settlement of a similar claim by New Zealand director Peter Jackson, an industry commentator says. Zaentz sued the studio last year for $US20 million ($NZ29.3 million) he said was owed from Lord of the Rings (LOTR) profits. Jackson separately sued the studio in March, and is thought to be claiming $US100 million. [More]

LOTR Auction in Austin for Katrina Victims

9/01/05, 5:18 pm EST - Xoanon

Megan writes: I am organizing a silent auction including some LOTR collectibles to benefit The American Red Cross disaster relief fund. At the Alamo Drafthouse, downtown (4th and Colorado), Austin, Texas. The event will be this Saturday, September 3rd at about 12 noon. All proceeds to go to the American Red Cross Disaster relief funds for aid for Katrina victims. Be prepared to pay that day. Make checks payable to American Red Cross. If anyone would like to donate something or help, please email me, Megan at mdhagins@onr.com Of course can also give a cash or check donation without bidding in the auction, to be given directly to the American Red Cross or donate directly online at

News for Aug. 31, 2005

ELF 2005: Art Award Winners!

8/31/05, 3:16 pm EST - Xoanon

Alyse writes: The following are the art awards from ELF: A Weekend of Wonder. A big thank you to all the artists who participated in the art show and made it such a success! [More]

QVC UK Goes Geek this Sunday

8/31/05, 3:01 pm EST - Xoanon

Darren from Cards Inc. writes: I wanted to report to you that The Lord of The Rings show is this Sunday 4th September on QVC UK. The show is from 7pm - 8pm Lots of new LOTR products that include the following :

Boromir Sword
Anduril Sword Letter Opener
Arwen Evenstar Pendant Display Case
The Siege of Isengard Lithograph
Gimli Signature Edition lithograph
Return of The King Masterworks
Army of The Dead lithograph
Gauntlet of the Dark Lord Sauron

3 Days Left to help a Tolkien fan fight leukemia!

8/31/05, 8:47 am EST - Gamgee

Want to help out a fellow Tolkien lover? Please check this out if you'd care to help! Thanks! [More]

News for Aug. 30, 2005

Live in Chicago? Wanna Watch 'Green Street'?

8/30/05, 10:42 pm EST - Xoanon

What? Screening benefit of 'Green Street' featuring Elijah Wood for Cease Fire. (Cease Fire is a partnership between community-based organizations, residents, clergy, law enforcement, business and civic leaders, and corporate and philanthropic organizations.)

Where? Museum of Contemporary Art (220 East Chicago Avenue)

When? Tuesday, September 6, 7:00PM

How Much? Donation of $25 per person is suggested

Reservations? By calling (312) 996-6427
Make reservations BY THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1

More ELF Orlando: 2005 Images and Report!

8/30/05, 10:14 pm EST - Xoanon

Mrcere writes: ORLANDO – Once again TheOneRing.net and Creation Entertainment joined forces to bring Lord of the Rings fans a fantastic Lord of the Rings convention. Calling the event the “ELF Weekend of Wonder”, it featured actors Elijah Wood, Sean Astin and John Rhys-Davies. (A little-known fact ELF stands for Eastern LOTR Fan gathering). Creation and TORn hosted the event on the East Coast to help fans who found travel to California for many past TORn events difficult. The weekend was a festival of stars, experts and fellow-fans. [More]

Thomas Robins Fan Poem

8/30/05, 9:53 pm EST - Xoanon

Bonnie writes: At The Fellowship Feast on Sunday evening during this past weekend's Fellowship Festival 2005 in Wembley, UK, Thomas Robins recited the following poem he wrote for the fans. My friends, "Indis and Elentari", and I asked if we could have a copy of it to post at the Decipher LOTR fan club and The LOTR Fan Messageboards. The next day we were thrilled to receive autographed copies of the poem that Mr. Robins had written out from his notes for us. I thought you might like to post it here as well so more people could read it. [More]

Sir Ian to Tighten Belt for Da Vinci Code Role

8/30/05, 9:44 pm EST - Xoanon

Lord of the Rings star Sir Ian McKellen is shedding extra pounds for his next film role. The former Bolton School pupil is starring in the film version of the hit novel the Da Vinci Code. And the actor has gone on a diet before filming begins. Actor Tom Hanks and director Ron Howard are reuniting for the movie, an adaptation of the international best-selling novel by Dan Brown. Sir Ian will play aristocrat Sir Leigh Teabing, while Hanks will play Robert Langdon, who is trying to solve the murder of a member of an ancient society that has protected dark secrets for centuries. [More]

BBC Talks Wood and Hooligans

8/30/05, 3:53 pm EST - Xoanon

There is a two minute BBC News feature on Elijah Wood's new film "Green Street". The link to the video is at the top right of the page, and you need RealPlayer. [More]

Filmmaker 'earns £94m from Rings'

8/30/05, 3:52 pm EST - Xoanon

A movie producer earned $168m (£94m) from The Lord of the Rings films even though he did not work on the trilogy, trade paper Variety has reported. Saul Zaentz got the payout from film studio New Line because he bought the rights to JRR Tolkien's books in 1976. The windfall is revealed in court papers after New Line settled a legal wrangle with Mr Zaentz, Variety said. He sued New Line for a further $20m (£11m), saying they miscalculated the box office royalties he was owed. [More]

Regular contributor REZ writes: On personal note. We got slammed by high winds for Katrina. Which suprised me since I live in Birmingham. The univeristy is going back to normal, most of the power is back.

DVD Tuesday: Monaghan's 'Purifiers'

8/30/05, 1:04 pm EST - Xoanon

Coming out today is a film that I've wanted to watch for a while, Dominic Monaghan's 'Purifiers'. This martial arts flick is now available on DVD. Take a look at our SHOP for more details. [More]

Wood's 'Illuminated' Premiere Tonight

8/30/05, 12:46 pm EST - Xoanon

Elijah Wood's latest film Everything is Illuminated is set to premiere tonight at the Laemmle Music Hall on Wilshire in LA tonight at 7:30. [More]

News for Aug. 29, 2005

ELF Orlando: 2005 Photos

8/29/05, 10:29 pm EST - Xoanon

ELF Orlando: 2005 TORN staffer Garfeimao sends along these great images from our recent convention ELF: Weekend of Wonder in association with Creation Entertainment. Take a look! [More]

The Long Expected Festival: A Party in the Shire

8/29/05, 8:46 pm EST - Xoanon

Members of the Ohio Ring Council Lord of the Rings fan club invite Tolkien fans everywhere to join us for The Long Expected Festival: A Party in the Shire. Scheduled from noon to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 24, the Party in the Shire will give fans a chance to celebrate all things Middle-earth in a truly breathtaking natural setting: Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark in Dayton, Ohio. [More]

MTV Music video Awards: 2005

8/29/05, 8:42 pm EST - Xoanon

MTV Music video Awards: 2005 Orlando Bloom was a presenter at the MTV Music video awards last night in Miami. Take a look at a few pictures from last night! [More]

KiKn, TORn schedule for DragonCon 2005

8/29/05, 8:30 pm EST - Xoanon

MrCere writes: Sister sites TheOneRing.net and KongIsKing.net are serving up a full plate for fans of science-fiction and fantasy at DragonCon 2005. Even with 27 tracks of programming, the enduring love of all things Tolkien and the building excitement over Peter Jackson's King Kong puts the fan-run and fan-owned websites right into the spotlight. [More]

ELF: Actor Elijah Wood of 'The Lord of the Rings' keeps fans in hobbit habit

8/29/05, 8:22 pm EST - Xoanon

A weekend convention of Lord of the Rings devotees offered analytical discussions about characters' roles and how author J.R.R. Tolkien has inspired creativity in others. And then there was Elijah Wood's guest appearance. On Sunday, Wood stole the spotlight from Tolkien, who wrote The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Intellectual discussion gave way to giddiness. [More]

Elijah Wood in Toronto Report

8/29/05, 8:19 pm EST - Xoanon

ScoutB writes: gramma and I attended the Canadian National Science Fiction Expo this past weekend and it was wonderful! I'm sure she is going to post an insanely detailed report any minute, but I'm feeling impatient. So, here is my little report, my little moments, and my favorite photo EVER. G took the pic and, yes, I owe her a million! [More]

News for Aug. 28, 2005

Dork of the Rings at Gen Con

8/28/05, 9:38 pm EST - Xoanon

Tim Richardson, Director "The Dork of the Rings" writes: We recently made a splash at Gen Con in Indianapolis this past weekend. Attached is a story from our co-director Jack Peterson. I've also included a few snaps. [More]

Bid for Astin Autograph to Fight Cancer

8/28/05, 9:19 pm EST - Xoanon

Lisa from lisawalks.com writes: I'm writing to you about an online auction I think would interest Tolkien fans... a stuffed breast cancer bear with an autograph by Sean Astin... the winer also gets a photo of Sean Astin with a bear. You can check it out here. This is part of my fundraising for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer; I'm actually doing all 8 walks around the country this year (that's 314 miles) and trying to raise $25,000. Winning bids are paid directly to the Avon Walk.

Bigger fish to fry

8/28/05, 9:14 pm EST - Xoanon

Cate Blanchett, Oscar winner and style icon, is set to call me to talk about her role as a former junkie in Little Fish. And when I say Blanchett is calling, she is phoning Sydney directly from her home in Britain. Refreshingly, there is a lack of PR people who usually invade every conversation surrounding movie stars. Blanchett's running a bit late on the phone call (which is nothing out of the ordinary for famous folk). Then suddenly her voice is at the other end of the line, sounding far removed from the assured, commanding presence from screen and stage. [More]

Weta to bring out the Beast

8/28/05, 9:11 pm EST - Xoanon

Oscar-winning special effects company Weta Workshop, best known for The Lord of the Rings and King Kong, has added another feather to its cap – a Walt Disney musical. Weta Workshop is to create the costumes for a new production of Beauty and the Beast to tour New Zealand next year. The $1 million-plus show, to open in Wellington in January, is a double coup for Wellington Musical Theatre. Not only did the company convince Richard Taylor and his crew at Weta to design the costumes, but it was the first time Disney had licensed the musical to another company outside the United States. [More]

LOTR Concert: Oslo, Norway Report

8/28/05, 10:18 am EST - Xoanon

Norwulf writes: As part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Norwegian industrial giant Norsk Hydro, a free-for-all concert was held yesterday in the world-famous Vigeland sculpture park in Oslo. Part of the programme was a short version of Howard Shore's LOTR symphony, featuring soprano Sissel Kyrkjebø and violinist Annbjørg Lien. The performance, by the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, was complete with big-screen movie clips for that Middle-earth atmosphere. No rave reviews I'm afraid, but an occasion for the fans nonetheless: check out dagsavisen.no for pictures of Norwegian Minister of Justice Odd Einar Døerum dressed as Bilbo Baggins. The evening was finished off with a rare live appearance by Norwegian pop group A-Ha.

LOTR Exhibit in Houston Closes Today

8/28/05, 10:10 am EST - Xoanon

Today is the last day to catch the LOTR exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. If you have been putting off going to see all the LOTR goodies in Houston...don't delay! [More]

TV Watch: MTV Awards

8/28/05, 10:07 am EST - Xoanon

The MTV Video Music Awards air tonight on MTV. Orlando Bloom is expected to present an award, keep an eye out! The MTV MVA's will start at 8PM EST live from Miami.

Happy Birthday Billy Boyd!

8/28/05, 10:03 am EST - Xoanon

Today is Billy Boyd's birthday! Billy was born on August 28th, 1968 in Glasgow, Scotland. That makes him 37 years old today! Happy Birthday Billy!

News for Aug. 27, 2005

Help wipe out leukemia for one Tolkien fan!

8/27/05, 8:41 pm EST - Gamgee

Want to help out a fellow Tolkien nut? Please check out this auction if you'd care to help![More]

Battle for Middle Earth Game Review

8/27/05, 12:11 pm EST - Xoanon

Erwin writes: This PC game is not for hardcore Tolkien fans. This action, real-time strategy game by Electronic Arts' Los Angeles studios does not only rewrite the whole history of Middle Earth, it also allows Evil to triumph over Good. In this version of Middle Earth's history, Boromir survives the assault by the Uruk-hai in the Breaking of the Fellowship episode. He goes on to fight more Orcs and Uruk-hai, killing its head, Lurtz, in the process. Or you can rewrite what was rewritten and have Lurtz deal a big blow to the Fellowship and send the Hobbits back to Shire. So if you're expecting to play another Lord of the Rings franchise game, this will definitely disappoint you, folks. [More]

Hot Solo Show 'One-Man Star Wars Trilogy' Will Not Be Paired With 'One-Man Lord of the Rings' in NYC

8/27/05, 12:07 pm EST - Xoanon

Actor-performer Charles Ross' One-Man Stars Wars Trilogy is doing such solid business at the Lamb's Theater that a plan to add One-Man Lord of the Rings to the mix has been nixed. "Due to the overwhelming success of One-Man Star Wars Trilogy and the heavy demand for tickets," the producers announced Aug. 25 the adventures of Luke, Leia, Han, 3P0 and Darth Vader - refracted through the lens, body and voice of limber Canadian actor Ross - will go it alone until Oct. 31. One-Man Lord of the Rings will begin in the new year on its own bill. Specifics will be announced shortly. [More]

Jackson's handprint wanted for 'Avenue of Stars'

8/27/05, 12:05 pm EST - Xoanon

An "Avenue of Stars" – complete with film director Peter Jackson's handprint – is one suggestion from Wellingtonians on how to spend a $1 million bequest to beautify the city. Wellington City Council has received 98 submissions on how to spend the money, funded by the Plimmer Bequest. The fund was last used for the award winning Oriental Bay beach development in 2003. The star-studded avenue, envisaged along the waterfront between Frank Kitts Park and Te Papa, would feature handprints of famous Kiwi personalities similar to the movie stars' walk of fame in Hollywood, the submitter said. [More]

LOTR Concert: Oslo, Norway

8/27/05, 11:32 am EST - Xoanon

Oslo, Norway will be the venu tonight (August 27th) for the LOTR symphony performed by the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. Be sure to click here for more concert dates and locations. [More]

Hammer blow

8/27/05, 11:28 am EST - Xoanon

Film makers have angered West Ham with a new football hooligan movie featuring Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood. The east London club gave access to its Upton Park home after being told the film had an anti-violence message. But the Hammers and local community are angry after learning the movie centres on a group of thugs, and is named Green Street after a nearby road. [More]

McKellen Article in the Times

8/27/05, 11:23 am EST - Xoanon

In a narrow street beside the great river called Thames lived a grey-bearded man from the North Country. His name was Sir Ian but his powers of transformation were so extraordinary that he was rumoured to be a wizard. Some swore that he was none other than Gandalf, from the highest reaches of the Council of Elrond. Others called him McKellen and claimed he was the best Macbeth they had seen. He had lived in Narrow Street for a quarter of a century, during a time of great change in the region known as Limehouse, dangerously close to the influence of the Dark Doctor, David Owen, and the inferior wizard Steven Berkoff. In the fifth year of the New Millennium there were sightings of him in a fabled street of the Industrial North, where he briefly went by the name of Mel Hutchwright. [More]

News for Aug. 26, 2005

Sean Astin Joins '24' Cast!

8/26/05, 8:56 am EST - Xoanon

Sean Astin has joined the cast of '24', a weekly Fox drama about a Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) starring Kiefer Sutherland. This already-awesome show will now featre Astin as (possibly) the new head of CTU. From AICN: The fifth season of “24” will kick off much the same as the fourth. We’ll get two hours on Jan. 8 and another two on Jan. 9.

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